11:30 pm: Alright, that will be all from us. 14 wickets fell on what was another fantastic day of Test cricket.. Crucially for India, Kohli wasn’t one of those 14. They need 84 runs, England still in the hunt – they would tell themselves they are just one wicket away from winning this. That of Kohli. Thanks for joining us tonight, catch you all on Saturday afternoon.

STUMPS, DAY THREE: India 110/5 after 36 overs, 84 runs needed for a win.

Stokes goes for the short-ball strategy in the last over, both Kohli and DK negotiate it well. 32-run partnership between Karthik and Kohli sees India reach stumps with half the side dismissed. A decent recovery, the match still anybody’s!

11:21 pm: Alright, then. Kohli on strike for the last ball...

11:18 pm: Stokes steaming in for the last over of a gripping day...

After 35 overs, India 109/5

One attempted big shot – along the ground – by DK in that over as Rashid comes on for just one over at the end of the day. It’s fielded well by Root at mid-off. Four singles in that over as DK retains strike for the last over of the day.

11:15 pm: Rashid to have a bowl late on...

After 34 overs, India 105/5

Stokes continues... Kohli gets a single off the first ball and goes to the non-striker’s. Dinesh Karthik plays out the over. He’s seeing the ball well now, as you could tell by how early he’s getting into position on the front and back foot.

DK’s role right now might well be a night-watchman’s. It’s imperative that Kohli remains unbeaten overnight for India.

Elsewhere in England, this happened: Nepal won their first ever ODI (it was their second ODI...)

After 33 overs, India 104/5

Was that the fast leg-cutter from Broad? Sure looked like it as he draws Kohli out and beats his outside edge. The Indian captain lets the next ball go, despite it moving in late. Gets a single off the last ball.

10 mins of play left in the day... can England get a late wicket?

After 32 overs, India 103/5

After DK shows discomfort in playing a couple of short balls, Stokes brings in a couple of fielders on the leg side and tries to bounce him out. Given DK’s height and Stokes build, the effort balls sail way over the batsman’s head.

After 31 overs, India 103/5

This is a nice little partnership for India now. Steady over from Broad, nothing threatening. He is a bowler who thrives on seam movement but looks like there is only swing on offer right now, that Stokes is trying to exploit.

STAT ALERT: How about this for a stat eh?

After 30 overs, India 101/5

Stokes continues to get the ball to talk... loud appeal for LBW off the last ball against DK, who once again has a good stride forward. The impact was outside off as well.

By the way, what a massive effort it has been with the ball from Stokes in this Test match. That’s the worth of having an all-rounder in the side who is a true game-changer with the bat and ball. Always in the game.

100 up for India in the 30th over: And, yes, the target less than 100 as well.. Stokes continues.

After 29 overs, India 98/5 - Kohli 36*, DK 14*

Broad is back into the attack after that fantastic first spell. DK gets another boundary to his name, this one a thick outside edge as he goes hard at a good length ball outside off. Dangerous ploy there but well wide of third slip that time,

After 28 overs, India 94/5 - Kohli 36*, DK 10*

Target now 100 for India. Dinesh Karthik would be feeling a lot better after that cover drive for four against Stokes, striding forward and playing close to his body. Perfect. Nasser Hussain reminds us all DK was a vital cog of the series-winning side in 2007 under Rahul Dravid.

After 27 overs, India 89/5

A single each for Kohli and Karthik in that Anderson over... India won’t mind this period of quiet.

In case you were wondering.... Play can go on till 11:20 pm IST. If India can last that long, that is.

After 26 overs, India 87/5

Stokes finds Kohli’s outside edge once in that over but once again, it’s played with soft hands. Another loud appeal in that over against DK, but he’s well forward and that saves him.

After 25 overs, India 83/5

DK is beaten by a waft outside stump by Anderson first up but he gets off strike next ball and avoids a pair.

Meanwhile, Kohli continues to bat in an alternate universe, glances one to fine leg region for four. Rare poor ball from Anderson, but equally well played by Kohli.


Hate to say ‘I told you so’ but I did tell you so. After getting a four to third man with an outside edge, Ashwin once again is trying to do too much against Anderson. Walking forward, getting a feather as Anderson gets one to move away brilliantly! What a ball, what a bowler. “Anderson could get on a roll here,” warns Nasser Hussain.

After 24 overs, India 73/4 - Kohli 29*, Ashwin 9*

Stokes back into the attack now and Ashwin plays another good-looking shot for four, this time a square-drive. England won’t be, one thinks, worried by Ashwin going for his shots right now. A massive inswinger off the last ball, raps Ashwin on the pads but the movement was too exaggerated and not given by Umpire Gaffney.

After 23 overs, India 69/4 - Kohli 29*, Ashwin 5*

Probing over from Anderson to Ashwin. Beaten by a couple of lovely away swingers. One wonders if this is going to end well for India...

10:20 pm: The pendulum has swung, you guys.

After 22 overs, India 68/4 - Ashwin gets promoted

Wow, Ashwin ahead of DK and Pandya. Experimentation was promised by Shastri, experimentation is what we have got. He starts with a lovely cover drive off Curran.


He looked fairly comfortable out there but Rahane’s poor form continues as well. Curran cuts Rahane in half, gets an inside edge that almost dies on Bairstow but the England ‘keeper goes down low and takes a clean catch. Third umpire confirms it. India are in trouble now, alright.

After 20 overs, India 63/3

Another lovely over there by Curran. Despite Kohli looking to stay positive against him, he’s continued to attack the stumps. Almost had his reward in that over. Kohli, to his credit, is saved by the fact that he is batting quite far forward from the crease, forcing the bowler to shorten his length.

That was a close shave alright...

ENGLAND REVIEW: Loud appeal for LBW against Kohli by Curran... Root goes for the review. Kohli looks confident here, let’s see. Could be a massive moment. There’s no bat... this looks close. Impact in line... but it’s going over the stumps! WOW. That was close. England lose their review, but that was worth a punt.

After 19 overs, India 62/3 - Kohli 27*, Rahane 2*

Anderson is back into the attack, and Kohli welcomes him with a cover drive as well, this time for three runs. Confident batting. Rahane is very watchful, as you’d expect.

If India are to win, this, you think, is the pair that can do it.

After 18 over, India 59/3

Oh, get outta here Virat! (Not literally, no...) That was an absolutely gorgeous cover drive to resume play after drinks. Angled away by Curran, he reads it early, gets his front foot across and plays a flowing drive. Stunning shot.

After 17 overs, India 54/3 - DRINKS

There was only one winner in the Stokes-Rahane battle in the first innings. Rahane looks alright here so far. Time for drinks as he plays a rock-solid defensive shot. Phew. Another breathtaking phase of play.

After 16 overs, India 51/3 - fifty up for India

An engrossing battle between Kohli and Curran. The youngster surprises Kohli a bit with one that angles away and there is a huge appeal for caught behind. Bairstow says it was bat hitting pad and he was right. Good call. Kohli then comes back with an exquisite cover drive for four – a lovely stride forward. Curran then finds the inside edge of Kohli’s bat off the last ball...


Stokes strikes and England break the partnership (if it could be called that). India lose their top three cheaply yet again. To be fair to Rahul though, this is an absolute beauty! Good length ball, moves away late– Rahul has to play at it. Outside edge goes to the keeper.

Meanwhile, in England...

After 14 overs, India 45/2

Curran into the attack and he bowls a steady first over. No exaggerated movement yet, but a solid shape into the right-handers.

After 13 overs, India 43/2

Stokes with a solid first over, troubling Kohli early on with some extra bounce. A mix-up off the first ball between the two batsmen but Rahul is safe. A lovely cover drive by Kohli is fielded brilliantly by Buttler, chasing from his cover position. Saves a run for his side.

Ashish Magotra: “This is a fantastic absorbing session of play. The runs are coming for India and England are creating chances too. How and why does Test cricket not have a bigger audience?”

Fair to say, England is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to consistent crowds for Test cricket.

After 12 overs, India 39/2

Kohli and Rahul rotate well in that over, as four runs come off it. These singles and twos are going to be mighty crucial for India. Four in that over.

First change for England, Stokes comes into the attack.

After 11 overs, India 35/2

Kohli continues to walk forward and across to Anderson whenever he could, gets a couple of runs through square leg. Before that a lovely, gentle push down the ground for another two. India need more of that – sensible cricket. Too bad they have only one Kohli.

Quick non-cricket update: PV Sindhu is assured of yet another World Championship medal!

After 10 overs, India 31/2 - another lovely over by Broad

KL Rahul is living dangerously! Wow. A beauty from Broad off the fifth ball, pitching it on good length and jagging back in. Rahul just hangs his bat away from his body, takes a thick inside edge that goes INCHES over the stumps and races to the boundary line. There was an LBW appeal early in the over as well, but Rahul got an inside edge that saved him there.

Living on the edge, quite literally, is KLR...

After 9 overs, India 27/2 - Kohli v Anderson is back on!

And the battle resumes between two stalwarts. Anderson probes Kohli with a few outside off early on in the over and then goes to the stumps and beats Kohli fair and square. Kohli then goes back to leaving outside off.

After 8 overs, India 27/2

Take nothing away from Broad and England, but this is just mindless batting by the Indian openers. And Kohli is under pressure once again.


Dhawan, who has been leaving well against Anderson, doesn’t against Broad. A ball shaping away and he goes for the expansive drive. Broad is delighted, India rattled.

After 7 overs, India 22/1

Rahul sets off for a quick single and Curran produces a direct-hit (can he do anything wrong?) but Rahul is well in, despite taking the scenic route. Dhawan continues to leave the ball well against Anderson.

Joe Root is now egging the crowd on...

After 6 overs, India 19/1 - the crowd is buzzing now

Malan will be a relieve man for sure as Broad strikes, and provides England the first breakthrough. KL Rahul is back in at No 3 and is beaten by an away swinger first up. Edgbaston has found its voice!


Unlike Kohli in the first innings, Vijay doesn’t make the most of his dropped catch. He is shouldering arms to a ball that pitched on the good length outside off, the ball jags back in and perhaps didn’t bounce as much as Vijay thought? No, on replays it looked like he under-estimated the seam movement. Either way, he is given out. And he doesn’t review, rightly so.

After 5 overs, India 16/0 - LIFE FOR VIJAY!

DROPPED! Oh dear, Malan is going to remember this Test for all the wrong reasons. Anderson tempts Vijay into a cover drive, it’s a thick outside edge and it flies to second slip but at a catchable height but Malan, off balance moving to his right, drops another. Poor technique, it must be said. He looks down at the turf, as if wanting it to swallow him whole.

7 runs from that over, that started with a lovely off drive by Dhawan past mid-off for three and with Vijay getting beaten outside his off-stump once again. Anderson cannot be a happy man right now.

After 4 overs, India 9/0

Dhawan is leaving the ball well early on, with Broad opting for a fifth-stump line. Just a bye in that over as Bairstow gets done in by a late wobble. Vijay leaves well outside off stump too. Broad is working up some good pace in this innings. But might want to tighten his line.

After 3 overs, India 8/0

Just a single off that over as Dhawan got off strike against Anderson off the first ball. Vijay sees out the over. England have a short cover in position, would they be better off having that fielder in the slips and encourage Vijay to go for the cover drive? There’s a bouncer in the over from Anderson as well, but it’s down the leg-side and well left.

After 2 overs, India 7/0

There’s the Dhawan cover drive. Broad goes around the wicket to the left-hander, but he picks up the good length ball early and plays an elegant shot for his first boundary. England will need more from Broad in this innings.

India's successful run-chases in England

Fourth Innings target Margin of victory Ground Start Date
172 4 wickets The Oval 19 Aug 1971
133 5 wickets Lord's 5 Jun 1986
72 7 wickets Nottingham 27 Jul 2007

After 1 over, India 2/0

A loud appeal for LBW against Dhawan by Anderson, but it looked like it was missing leg stump. Dhawan was going across and trying to flick, missed it. He will have to be careful with not falling over. Couple of singles in that over.

08:29 pm: The players are out in the middle... Vijay and Dhawan opening the batting.

Ashish Magotra: “India should win by most estimates but are we being blinded by Kohli’s knock in the first innings? He will hope he doesn’t have to do this on his own again.”

08:22 pm: Here’s a quick poll for you. How do you think this one’s headed?

Reminder: India will be looking for their first ever win at Edgbaston and it’ll have to be their highest successful run-chase in a Test in England as well.

Screengrab: Sony Network

INNINGS BREAK: TARGET 194 for India to win their first ever Test at Edgbaston.


End of a fabulous innings from young Sam Curran, who is the last man to be dismissed for 63, comfortably the top-scorer of the innings. He tries to guide one to third man to steal a single off the last ball but edges it to DK instead. Umesh gets his second wicket.

After 52 overs, England 176/9 - ISHANT GETS HIS FIFTH!

BROAD DISMISSED! Oh, look. Bowling full and at the stumps of the tail-ender will lead to a wicket! Who would’ve thought, eh? Lovely ball from Ishant, angling in from around the wicket and shaping away from Broad. The edge is taken well by Dhawan at first slip.

A deserved five-for, Ishant. Well bowled.

After 51 overs, England 174/8 - lead by 187 runs

India are leaking runs now. Umesh is bowling short of good length with no protection in the point region – Curran and Broad tap and rotate strike. The ball doesn’t seem to be moving a whole lot as well. Funny how a counterattack changes things in cricket.

After 50 overs, England 168/8 - lead by 181 runs

Ashwin might be a bit miffed with being taken off the attack after just one expensive over as Ishant comes along and England continue to frustrate the Indians. Do the hosts already have a match-winning lead? Curran has played a blinder and the crowd is loving it.

FIFTY FOR CURRAN! And what a way to get to your maiden Test fifty... Dances down the track to Ishant Sharma and smacks one over extra cover for SIX!

After 49 overs, England 160/8 - lead by 173 runs

Good over by Umesh Yadav to stem the flow of runs. Beats Curran’s outside edge repeatedly with the angle from over the wicket. Maiden over, filled with plays-and-misses.

Curran has now moved on to 48 off 53 balls. What an innings. What a match he is having!

After 48 overs, England 160/8 - lead by 173 runs

Ashwin comes under attack from Curran!

47.4: Curran dances down the track and hits the best shot of the innings by a mile... smacked over long-on, a long, long way for a six.
47.5: Clears his front foot, and smacks one through long-on for four.

(Clarification: Score errors in the previous updates have been updated)

After 47 overs, England 148/8 - lead by 161 runs

Expensive over. Umesh wants to test Broad with the bouncers, has a leg slip in place and bangs one in short... it flies over DK and four byes. Curran then guides one past slips for a four to the right of Shami at wide third-man. Precious runs for England.

After 46 overs, England 139/8 - lead by 152 runs

Lead goes 150 for England as Broad sweeps Ashwin to square leg for a couple. You’d think Ashwin will continue from one end now with just left-handers left in the fray.

WICKET - Umesh Yadav strikes!

That’s a nice set-up by Umesh. Started the over with a wide one outside offstump for Rashid, then came closer the stumps and beat his outside edge with another away swinger. From a similar length, he then brings one back into Rashid and the stumps are rattled! Rashid walks back for an useful 40-ball 16.

After 44 overs, England 134/7 - lead by 147 runs

The crowd are booing.... the security staff for taking away the beach ball that fans in one of the stands were playing with. Boo, indeed. Curran takes a single off the last ball to retain strike.

After 43 overs, England 133/7

Umesh a bit all over the place in that over... a couple of deliveries too wide, and then on the pads that Rashid flicks for an easy single. Another single for Curran to end the over.

Ashwin from the other end...

07:20 pm: Umesh Yadav starts proceedings...

Play set to resume: Alright, ignore that previous comment. The umpires are out in the middle. India are in a huddle. “Just be patient, bowl in the right areas, aaram se wicket milega”, says Kohli.

PLAY STOPPED: It doesn’t look too good, at the moment. The covers are on the ready.

PLAY STOPPED, ENGLAND LEAD BY 144: India have been sloppy since Buttler’s wicket. The occasion getting to them? Are they thinking too far ahead of themselves? The bowlers have sprayed a bit all over the place, the tactics were a bit bizarre – trying to bounce Rashid out early on – and the catching has been ordinary too. Dhawan twice under the scanner – one a tough low catch, one a sitter. Kohli might have a few stern words, you’d think.

The commentators reckon this shouldn’t be a long break, let’s see.

After 42 overs, England 131/7: Curran 30*, Rashid 13* - PLAY STOPPED

A couple of lovely sliders from Ashwin in that over to Rashid as it gets dark at Edgbaston... the floodlights were on for a while. But now the umpires think it’s a bit too dark. Good break for India? They need to regroup.

After 41 overs, England 130/7: Curran 30*, Rashid 13*

DROPPED! KOHLI IS FUMING! Umesh Yadav into the attack, bowls one full outside offstump. Rashid edged a cover drive, it flew at a good height but Dhawan dropped it. So poor. Was he put off by the keeper? Karthik moved towards it but he left it alone.

India’s slip catching was good for a session... it was good while it lasted.

After 40 overs, England 129/7: Curran 30*, Rashid 13*

Has Curran been England’s second batsman in this match? There cannot be too many arguments there. He is playing another vital hand here. Ashwin back into the attack, he rocks back and punches him through square leg for four.

The boundaries keep coming for England...

After 39 overs, England 125/7: Curran 26*, Rashid 13*

A boundary each for Curran and Rashid in that Ishant over. And mirror images, pretty much. Full outside their respective offstumps, slashed hard to the third man region. Lead is now 138 and the partnership is close to 40 between these two.

Kohli needs to change things up... the Edgbaston crowd are having a grand old time now, thanks to the tail wagging.

After 38 overs, England 115/7: Curran 21*, Rashid 8*

Chance! But a mighty tough one. Shami from around the wicket, it’s short and wide. Curran slashes, slashes hard (Hello, Mr. Shastri!) and the under-edge sneaks beneath Dhawan at first slip. It carried, technically but very low. Curran gets another outside edge which rolls along the ground between slip and gully. Two boundaries in that over and this partnership is entering “frustrating” category for India now.

After 37 overs, England 106/7: Curran 13*, Rashid 7*

OK, not sure this is quite the right approach by India. They are targetting Rashid with the short balls, when there was enough assistance until recently for swing bowling. There is a leg-gully in place, along with fine leg and deep square leg and Ishant is targetting Rashid’s rib-cage. Bit too early for that, surely?

After 36 overs, England 103/7: Curran 13*, Rashid 4*

Shami getting into his rhythm now, working good pace. Beats Curran for pace off the last ball of that over.

After 35 overs, England 100/7 - lead by 113 runs

Ishant once again struggling with his direction all of a sudden. Strays well down the leg-side to Curran early in the over. Finishes the over with a half-volley, which is driven through point for four by Curran. He has bowled nine overs on the trot now, and despite the lunch break in between, might be time for a break for him.

After 34 overs, England 96/7 - lead by 109 runs

Shami time now as Ashwin is out of the attack for the first time today. He has done his bit. Remarkable figures of 16-4-38-3. Decent over by the pacer, but a bit on the shorter side. One full ball at Rashid almost squared him up.

After 33 overs, England 93/7 - lead by 106 runs

Ishant did not quite get his radar right in that over, spraying too wide for Rashid. India, who have long had issues with removing the tail-enders, would do well to not lt England get away here. India have not chased a 100-plus total outside Asia since Adelaide 2003.

After 32 overs, England 91/7

Ashwin from the other end, Curran gets a boundary in that over, with a lovely on drive as England’s lead crosses 100. Runs on board... every run from here is valuable for the hosts.

Meanwhile, just a reminder that it was a three-wicket over for Ishant! What a turnaround.


Goodness gracious, what a spell this is by Ishant Sharma. First ball to Jos Buttler after lunch and he gets him to inside edge one to Dinesh Karthik! This is incredible. Oh wait... has he overstepped?! That’s very tight, but Ishant is saved by a whisker there.

06:08 pm: Nasser Hussain made a pertinent remark about Ishant Sharma being a rhythm bowler... goes for long spells without looking like taking a wicket, but when he gets into the groove, he can be a handful.

Alright then, time for the second session. To think India were staring down the barrel at this time yesterday and now England are essentially 99/6... Ishant will finish his over, with Sam Curran the new batsman.

05:55 pm: This is a very interesting stat... and to think Kohli dropped Ashwin in his first Test as captain in favour of Karn Sharma! To be fair, Ashwin has mentioned that to be a turning point of his career.

LUNCH-TIME READING: A look at that masterful Virat Kohli innings on day two...


Ganguly: “Except for Joe Root during the 15-20 runs he scored, none of the England batsmen have looked settled. I don’t know whether it is bad batsmanship or good bowling.”

Perhaps a combination of both, Dada.

Lunch, day three: Ashish Magotra brings up a good point. India have taken their catches in the slips today morning. Just goes to show what a difference that can make. The dangerous English middle order has almost been taken care of.


FIVE WICKETS! Wow. That’s a dream session for India to start day three. Ishant bowls a dream spell at the end, getting Bairstow and Stokes in the last 10 minutes. Three wickets for Ashwin, three for Ishant and only three bowlers used by India so far on day three.


Ben Stokes is gone and it’s a lovely catch by Virat Kohli, who brought himself on to an extra slip position. Typical Ishant dismissal, getting the ball to angle to in and straighten to the left-hander from around the wicket. Lovely catch by Kohli.



Jonny Bairstow gone and, whisper it if you’re an Indian fan, the visitors are now in the driving seat! Just like the end of the last over, Ishant gets the outside edge of Bairstow – which is weird, with Ishant bringing almost every ball back into him. That’s some skill by Bairstow. A wonderful low catch by Dhawan, diving low to his right.

After 29 overs, England 84/4

Stokes won the battle in that over with Ashwin. Looks like he has decided to play him off the pitch, much like Root did. Plays off the back-foot, gets a couple of twos and a single down the square leg region. Ashwin didn’t get his line quite right either.

After 28 overs, England 79/4

Not too far away from lunch now. Good over from Ishant. Bairstow gets a streaky boundary, playing a shot similar to the one that dismissed him in the first innings – almost chops on, but the under-edge bounces past a diving DK for four this time. Off the last ball, Ishant gets the outside edge of Bairstow but it’s short of Dhawan at first slip.

After 28 overs, England 75/4

Bairstow sweeps Ashwin and the ball loops over the slips, with Rahane interested there briefly. But it came off the forearm anyway. Stokes plays out four balls in that over, safely enough.

After 27 overs, England 72/4

End of a good over from Ishant.... and Ashwin, who might have been rested otherwise, will now get a go with Stokes in the middle.


Well, well. Did I call that or what? Bairstow gets a single off the first ball and Ishant has a crack after a while at Malan... he is squared up by a ball that angles in and straightens! Rahane takes the catch at gully.

And in walks another left-hander... Ben Stokes.

After 26 overs, England 69/3

After nearly five overs, Malan finally gets a run! A rare Ashwin mistake, as he strays on to Malan’s pads, clipped to deep midwicket for two. Ishant continues from the other end... might want a crack at Malan for a change.

After 24 overs, England 65/3

Third consecutive maiden from Ashwin to Malan. But Malan now looks quite comfortable playing out Ashwin, he is leaving the ball, and playing well within himself when defending.

After 23 overs, England 65/3

“I have seen him bowl for so long, but he has only bowled that one ball that moves into the right-hander,” says Harbhajan on air as Ishant Sharma continues to bowl the one that swings into the right-hander. Two boundaries in that over as Bairstow smashes a couple of short and wide balls for four.

After 22 overs, England 57/3

Another maiden from Ashwin and Malan...

A brief flutter in the stands and a break in play as this happens in the stands... yes, a grown human being dressed up as Kim Jong Un walks in to watch the cricket with an array of bodyguards...

After 21 overs, England 57/3: Malan 18*, Bairstow 9*

Just a single in that over as Ashwin tries a short ball at Malan, and he mishits a pull. The over once again started with Ishant beating the outside edge of Malan. #UnluckyIshant should be trending anytime soon.

Interestingly, Sangakkara and Harbhajan think that catch that went against Dhawan might actually be out. Sanga doesn’t understand the concept of “soft signal” if the third umpire is in a better position to make the call anyway...

After 20 overs, England 56/3: Malan 17*, Bairstow 9*

Ashwin continues after drinks and there’s an ouch moment for Vijay in that over as Bairstow sweeps it straight at him. Jonny B gets a boundary in that over by picking a slider and cutting it hard through the vacant cover-point region. Off the last ball, goes for the sweep going, realises the ball is too close to him, and plays an awkward defensive shot.

After 19 overs, England 52/3 - Malan survives

Eventful over from Ishant Sharma. Starts with a no-ball, a big one at that. Goes around the wicket to Malan and beats his outside edge with a couple of lovely away swingers, but Nasser Hussain says he is too short on length – Malan would happily be beaten from that length where he won’t be edging them. He then goes full off the last ball, gets the outside edge. Did it carry to Dhawan? He is not sure, umpires decide to refer and it looks like he didn’t catch it quite cleanly. Malan survives.

After 18 overs, England 50/3

A maiden over from Ashwin as Malan is tested by a variety of deliveries in one over. The slow dipping off-spinner, the quicker one that slides on, the over-spinning delivery that bounces extra – wonderful to watch from Ashwin and well negotiated by Malan.

Ishant to come in to the attack from the other end...

After 17 overs, England 50/3

The last we have seen of Shami this morning? That was a tired over. A bouncer at Malan that barely rose up, and a half volley to Bairstow – both hit to the fence.

After 16 overs, England 40/3

It was an underwhelming reaction from Holding, on air, for what was quite a lovely dismissal. He seemed to be as clueless as to what was happening as England batsmen are against Ashwin at the moment. For some reason, Bairstow continues to play in the direction of leg-slip when he could very easily avoid the shot altogether, lucky to get away with one early,

This Test match is now fascinatingly poised.


WOW, what a massive breakthrough for India. The only batsman who has looked completely at ease against Ashwin, is now back in the hut. Root cannot believe what has happened. Ashwin gets the ball to turn sharply from outside offstump, Root tries to turn it behind square and Rahul takes a wonderful catch. – he did that earlier in the day as well, when we remarked he should be careful. Root has his hands on his helmet! He is gutted. Walks off slowly.

After 14 overs, England 37/2

Probing over from Shami to Root for the most part, but strays on the pads off the last ball – luckily for Shami, Root finds Ashwin at long leg.

Ashwin continues from the other end – interestingly, around the wicket for Root and over the wicket for Malan. Bit too much experimentation early on? Holding, on air. is not too pleased with that strategy. Goes back over the wicket to Root, who now cuts through point for four. Even over the wicket, Ashwin is a bit too straight to Root.

After 12 overs, England 30/2

Just a couple of singles in that over as Ashwin continues. After starting the over around the wicket to Malan, he finishes it by going over the wicket, to try an alternate angle. Beats the batsman outside off stump.

Shami continues...

After 11 overs, England 28/2

Shami gets a couple of balls to rise sharply at Malan from around the wicket. Only Stokes has been able to generate any sort of steep bounce on this pitch so far. Malan not in control of the pull shot, but gets a single for it. Root continues to play the ball late, spin or pace.

After 10 overs, England 27/2

Interesting comparison to how Root and Jennings are (or were) tackling Ashwin. While Jennings played forward to a short of good length delivery, with his bat well in front of his pads and got dismissed, Root played off the backfoot to a ball that was pitched fuller. Shows how late Root plays and what sets him apart.

Malan, for now, is quite compact against Ashwin. Not leaving his bat hanging too far ahead of himself. Just a single from that over.

After 9 overs, England 26/2

Dawid Malan has a boundary to his name, as he plays a clever soft-handed dab to third man against Shami, who continues round the wicket. Remember, Malan would want to do well here given he is partly responsible for this match still being even-stevens.


Jennings is gone and Ashwin’s good match is getting better and better. Sixth wicket of the Test and boy does he bowling to the left-handers... this one is floated from around the wicket, lands on a good length on the offstump, turns just enough to take the outside edge. KL Rahul takes a sharp catch at second slip.

England 21/2 after 8 overs

After 7 overs, England 17/1

Shami continues. Couple of singles in that over. India, unlike the first innings, have started going around the wicket to Jennings early on in this innings.

After 6 overs, England 15/1: Jennings plays a paddle sweep off the first ball he faces from Ashwin on day three... will we see more of that? Root then plays out the remainder of the over, going forward and backward confidently. Good battle this.

After 5 overs, England 14/1: Shami bowled a few wild ones yesterday, but he gets his radar right here early on. A bit too straight on one occasion and Root flicks through midwicket for a couple. Four runs from that over.

Interesting: It would seem the match referee Jeff Crowe has had a word with Virat Kohli about his “celebration”... can we move past that, please? Do we want Test cricket to be played by monks who have taken vows of silence? Geez.

After 4 overs, England 10/1: Ashwin gets sharp turn off the last ball of that over... turned in from outside offstump, forcing Root to adjust at the last minute, and tap it behind square. Dangerous shot with a leg slip in.

Will be interesting to see if Kohli persists with Ashwin this morning... Shami continues.

03:30 pm: Right, here we go. Ashwin to bowl to Root, finishing off the incomplete over from last night..

03:25 pm: Kohli was booed as he walked in at number four at Edgbaston, but he walked out with 149 runs under his belt. The score was his fourth highest playing away from India and arguably one of his grittiest ever.

More data-crunching from Anand Katakam here.

03:20 pm: Will Joe Root go better than his first innings effort?

03:11 pm: Here’s a quick poll for you...

03:02 pm: Virat played an important innings for India but where were the rest of the batsmen? The numbers for the middle order are quite alarming since 2017. Surely Kohli can’t keep bailing the team out?

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02:55 pm: A look at Kohli’s performance against the England bowlers on day two. Respected Anderson, dominated everyone else.

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02:47 pm: There were plenty of highlights on day two at Edgbaston... but nothing could come quite close to the Anderson v Kohli battle. Not often an over-hyped contest lives up to the billing... but this one did. While Anderson might, arguably, have won that individual battle, Kohli finished the day with 149. The beauty of Test cricket, eh?

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02:45 pm: A total of 134 runs from 10 innings in 2014, and then a 149 on one day, in the first innings of 2018... day two saw Virat Kohli dominate the headlines, with England dominating everyone but Kohli.

Hello all and welcome to The Field’s live blog of the third day of the first Test at Edgbaston. This Test match has been breathtaking so far... does day three hold more of the same? Let’s find out.

Virat Kohli made Dawid Malan pay for dropping him twice with a maiden Test century in England as the tourists bounced back in the series opener at Edgbaston on Thursday.

India were in danger of conceding a first-innings lead of more than a hundred runs at 182 for eight.

But Kohli’s superb 149 took India to 274 all out, just 13 runs adrift of England’s 287.

Then with what became the last ball of the second day’s play, off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin bowled Alastair Cook for a duck with a brilliant delivery that drew the batsman forward, pitched on middle stump and turned to hit the left-hander’s off pole.

It was the second time in the match that Ashwin had dismissed Cook, England’s all-time leading Test run-scorer, this way.

England were nine for one at the close, a lead of 22 runs.

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