For many millions of his fans, Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement must feel like it happened yesterday. It’s been five years since he started a farewell speech with the words “Settle down, settle down!” and finished with “I want to thank my fans from the bottom of my heart. ‘Sachin, Sachin’ will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing.”

It was a day when tears were shed in copious amounts not just across India but across the cricket community in the globe.

Truly, the end of an era.

Tendulkar’s career is, arguably, one of the most scrutinised in cricket. His fans pride themselves on knowing as many details about their favourite cricketer. There have been instances of Tendulkar meeting with fans who knew by heart how many runs he scored in a particular match.

Well, we don’t expect you to know (or remember) that much, but here’s a refresher of sorts to see how well you followed Tendulkar’s storied career.

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