11.48 pm: That’s all from us for the night, a superb win for India to wrap up the group stages.

Post-match: Meg Lanning says this defeat tells her Australia still have a lot to work on, gracious in defeat as ever, full of praise for Kaur and Mandhana. Says Healy should be fine for rest of the tournament. And would you look at that, a performance that actually made Harmanpreet Kaur smile in the post-match chat

Player of the Match is Smriti Mandhana: “Whenever the ball hits my pads, I always think it’s out, don’t know why (laughs) but she (Veda) told me to take the review. Thanks to her, we got 20-30 runs extra.”

INDIA WIN BY 48 RUNS! India beat three-time champions Australia by 48 runs and finish on top Group B! Anuja Patil finishes with two wickets in that over. Caught Bhatia, stumped Bhatia. And without Healy, that will be all for Australia.

Australia 118/7 after 19 overs

Ellyse Perry fighting a lone battle there on 38 off 27 — a massive six in that over midwicket off Deepti Sharma — but India are a few balls away from a massive win...

Australia 108/7 after 18 overs (60 runs required from 12 balls)

WHAT A STUNNING CATCH RADHA YADHAV! Not your ordinary caught & bowled this, as she runs & dives full length to mid-off to take the catch. Kimmince the batter dismissed. Radha lets out a huge cry after that as well. She enjoyed that.

Australia 103/6 (65 runs required from 18 balls)

Veda Krishnamurthy takes her fourth catch as Molineux is the sixth Aussie wicket to fall. Anuja Patil with the wicket.

After 16 overs, Australia 99/5 - WICKET!

Poonam Yadav outfoxes Haynes with a wrong ‘un! Quick Gloves Taniya Bhatia does the rest. The 9th time the Indian duo combine for a stumping. 9 runs from that over only because of an attempted catch at the boundary by Reddy going for four.

69 runs needed from 24 balls.

Poonam Yadav: 4 overs, 7 dots , 2/28

After 15 overs, Australia 90/4

Just when you thought this game is out of reach for Australia, Ellyse Perry responds with three boundaries in Kaur’s over. That’s what superheroes do, you know. They fightback, always. 14 runs from that over, thrice Perry using her bottom hand to go effect.

78 needed off 30 balls.

After 14 overs, Australia 76/4

7 runs from Poonam Yadav’s over. The required rate is above 15 now.

After 13 overs, Australia 69/4

India choking the Australians with an absolute lack of pace. This is strategic precision. Three runs from Poonam’s over and 5 from Captain Kaur who comes on to bowl for the second match in a row.

Aussies need 99 runs from 42 balls. Tough, very tough. But not improbable for this champion side.

After 11 overs, Australia 61/4 - INDIA ON TOP!

ANOTHER WICKET FOR INDIA! Gardner falls thanks to the lack of pace from Poonam Yadav! She had connected in the previous over for six but Yadav is behind the crease now and it’s still slower through the air and the skier is taken by Veda! Top catching by her — third of the innings.

After 10 overs, Australia 57/3

Australia lose Meg Lanning — captain & best player of spin — off 16. Veda Krishnamurthy takes a great, running catch in the deep off Radha Yadav. Lanning never quite got going, 10 off 16 balls and one boundary that came off a misfield.

After 9 overs, Australia 56/2

A good first over from Radha Yadav, giving away only 4 runs. She was bowling well behind the bowling the crease, with her foot in line with the stumps. Ploy to not offer any pace and bounce for the batters. Seems to be working.

Poonam Yadav from the other end and Gardner hits the first SIX of the innings.

UPDATE: Confirmation came a while back that Alyssa Healy won’t be batting this innings as he had suffered a mild concussion.

After 7 overs, Australia 45/2

One misfield by Radha Yadav for four and that’s followed by an angry Radha Yadhav diving to save a boundary. Brilliant attitude! India lose their review in that over as well, that was a poor one. It was turning from Deepti past legstump.

After 6 overs, Australia 39/2 - end of powerplay

Reddy comes back and bowls a couple of bad deliveries, truth be told. Punished by Gardner.

India (46/1) beating Australia when it comes to the batting powerplay — that’s worth a point, you know.

TWO WICKETS IN TWO BALLS! Australia 31/2 after 5 overs

4.1: Deepti Sharma to Villani, who falls into the trap. Down the track to one that turns in, and cannot get any distance. Finds the fielder at the deep midwicket.

4.2: Deepti Sharma to Mooney, bowled round the legs! Dream dismissal, really. Turns just enough, bounces a bit extra and beats Mooney’s attempt to sweep it.

Meg Lanning plays out the hat-trick ball.

FOOTBALL FANS: India v Jordan live blog is here.

After 4 overs, Australia 27/0 - Mooney 19, Villani 6

A good over from Anuja Patil spoiled (that’s a poor word to use actually) by a wonderful shot by Mooney. A delightful lofted cover drive. Seven runs from it.

After 3 overs, Australia 20/0 - Mooney 14, Villani 4

Reddy replaced by Deepti Sharma after that big first over. Couple of wides from the offspinner but no boundaries conceded, good fielding on display. Healy, meanwile, has not padded up from what was shown on TV.

After 2 overs, Australia 14/0 - Mooney 13, Villani 1

Anuja Patil to share the new ball and she bowls a much better over to give away only 3.

After 1 over, Australia 11/0 - Mooney 11, Villani 0

No Healy but Australia still have a star in Mooney to open the batting who starts off so well with two boundaries in the first over either side of the wicket off Reddy.

SECOND INNINGS: Elyse Villani opening the batting with Beth Mooney. Reddy with the ball for India.

Smriti Mandhana, who made her best T20I score: “Was disappointed with how I was getting out in earlier games, wanted to make it count today and I was timing the ball well. I always enjoy batting with Harry di. She makes it so easy, I just have to take singles and go to the other end to watch her hit sixes. Disappointed a bit that I got out before 20 overs, will work on that”


India’ 167/8 is their highest T20I total against Australia. Mandhana (83) & Kaur (43) led the way, while the Australians have concerns over star batter-keeper Alyssa Healy. Would be a surprise to see her bat. She has been in sensational form and will be a shame if she couldn’t play her part here.

END OF INDIA’S INNINGS: India 167/8 after 20 overs

It’s almost as if Australia are afraid to fully use Ellyse Perry sometimes because they are worried she will be too awesome. Bats low down the order and now bowls only three overs in a high-scoring innings, taking 3/16. Two wickets in that final over for her, dismissing Reddy and Sharma. Reddy did manage to score a four as well. A good total for India all in all.

Our thoughts are with Healy. The game will be worse off if she can’t be a part of it. Star for Australia so far here without a doubt.

After 19 overs, India 159/9 - EVENTFUL OVER

And one with big consequence for this match.

First things first - Smriti Mandhana’s dismissed off the first ball. Finding PErry in the deep off a mistimed shot with Schutt taking the pace off the ball. End of a fine innings.

And then, a nasty collision between Healy and Schutt. Results in a dropped catch. But more importantly, Healy has hurt herself & walks off the field.

After 18 overs, India 154/5 -BIG OVER!

SEVENTEEN RUNS FROM KIMMINCE’s OVER! 1000 runs for Smriti in T20Is. A superb six in that over, moving across and smacking one over square leg.

After 17 overs, India 137/4 - Mandhana 70, Deepti 1

WICKET! Ellyse Perry gets a wicket in her 100th T20I, Hemalatha bowled after chopping one on to the stumps. Poor shot. And what an over by Perry too. Just one run.

India 137/5 with 3 overs to, Mandhana batting on 70 off 50.

After 16 overs, India 136/4 - Mandhana 70, Hemalatha 1

WOW. WHAT A CATCH! Tayla Vlaeminck, take a bow! Veda Krishnamurthy falls to a stunner from debutant Vlaeminck as Gardner gets her second. MAndhana finishes that over with a four too. All happening...

ALSO: The #WorldT20 theme song — #WatchThis — was made for this match. Such clean hitting by Harmanpreet Kaur & Smriti Mandhana, and then *THIS* catch by Vlaeminck. Fantastic cricket! THIS IS JUST STUNNING!

After 15 overs, India 128/3 - Mandhana 64, Veda 2

Great review from India after she was given out LBW off Molineaux. Commentators call it the “toothpaste review” looking at the smiles in the Indian dug out! Well done from the other end by Veda as Smriti walked away.

After 13 overs, India 109/2 - Mandhana 56, Kaur 35

FOUR. FOUR. OUR! Harmanpreet Kaur smashes two boundaries off the first two balls (a lovely lofted off drive followed by a cheeky paddle) and then falls to Kimmince after miscuing a slower ball. She goes for 43 off 27 — a solid knock!

After 13 overs, India 109/2 - Mandhana 56, Kaur 35

Phew. One over to catch our breath! Schutt comes back and bowls a tight over, just four from it.

MILESTONES: 100 came up for India fittingly with that massive six from Harmanpreet Kaur. That’s also the 50-run partnership between the two.

After 12 overs, India 105/2 - Mandhana 55, Kaur 33

HARD-KAUR HITTING - says the screen at the stadium. And that’s hard to argue with. The commentator thought the Indian captain mishit this but it clears the boundary down the ground with some ease! Molinuex is all over the place, there was five wides as well in that over as she fired one down the leg to Kaur.

Aussies are rattled.

After 11 overs, India 91/2 - Mandhana 54, Kaur 25

The scoreboard keeps ticking along as Harmanpreet throws her bat at a wide, full ball from Kimmince and finds the backward point boundary. Almost a mixup in that over but Mandhana dives to ensure safety.

After 10 overs, India 83/2 - Mandhana 53, Kaur 19

FIFTY FOR SMRITI: Fastest for India in World T20s! Comes up with a four through fine leg, swept well when Molinuex strayed on the pads.

SIX NO 11 OF THE TOURNAMENT FOR HARMAN: This is so clever. There is a breeze blowing across the ground through the cover region and Kaur just lofts this over that area for another six.

After 9 overs, India 69/2 - Mandhana 46, Kaur 12

SIX! First six of the tournament by Kaur. 50th six of the tournament by Kaur. Fitting. Finishes off Molineux’s over with a brilliant hit over midwicket. Down the ground, swung high over midwicket and into the stands.

After 8 overs, India 59/2 - Mandhana 44, Kaur 4

Ellyse Perry into the attack. Another over, another lofted shot down the ground by Mandhana. She moves on to 44 off 27 balls. This should help Harmanpreet Kaur get her eye in without worrying about the strike rate in the short term.

After 7 overs, India 52/2 - Mandhana 39, Kaur 2

WICKET! Kimmince comes in & breaks the burgeoning 44-run partnership. Rodrigues gets an edge which carries to short third region and Villani takes a superb, low catch. It might not look it, but that was a useful hand from Jemimah that ensured a good start for India.

50 comes up and India’s two best T20I batters in the middle no a Kaur comes in at No 4.

After 6 overs, India 46/1 - Mandhana 37, Rodrigues 4

SUPERB BATTING! Top finish powerplay for India and it’s Smriti Mandhana looking in fine form. Another SIX-FOUR combo. Another lofted shot over long on, followed by a cut through point. Schutt the bowler this time, which makes it all the more impressive.

India’s best powerplay of the tournament so far.

Rodrigues (importantly) has taken a single each in the last 4 overs. Don’t underestimate that.

After 5 overs, India 33/1 - Mandhana 25, Rodrigues 3

SMRITI ON SONG! This is what we have come to expect from Mandhana. Molineux into the attack and Mandhana welcomes her with a lofted six over long on. Such class, such timing. And follows that up with a delicate late cut for four.

Almost an almighty mixup in that over too that almost ended Rodrigues’ innings.

Eventful stuff.

After 4 overs, India 20/1 - Mandhana 14, Rodrigues 2

Megan Schutt, the leader of this Bowling attack is in now, and Mandhana plays a couple of fearless strokes as if to show she is confident to take on the best. One well-timed, over mid off for four. One not so well-timed, but still in the gap for a couple.

After 3 overs, India 12/1 - Mandhana 7, Rodrigues 1

FOUR! First boundary off the innings and this is now officially a two-way contest now after a couple of overs. Mandhana gives herself room and cuts one through extra cover for four. Vlaeminick the bowler. A decent over for India finally.

After 2 overs, India 5/1 - Mandhana 3, Rodrigues 0

WICKET! Lucky one, not so lucky twice. Taniya Bhatia goes for two ambitious lofted shots off Ashleigh Gardner, who tempts her well by tossing it up. The second time around, Lanning takes a lovely high catch, running back from midwicket.

Good start for Australia here.

After 1 over, India 2/0 - Bhatia 1, Mandhana 1

Interesting approach from Bhatia first up, standing outside the crease and outside the legstump. Aggressive intent but the line is too tight to score off. A single each. Hint of movement when the ball is full.

8.30 pm: Taniya Bhatia, Smriti Mandhana open the batting. Vlaeminick to bowl..

8.24 pm: National anthem time...

8.18 pm: Remember last year’s World Cup semifinal? And then Australia came roaring back...

“Yeah, look, there’s a little bit of revenge there, I won’t lie,” said Alyssa Healy in March after Australia’s 3-0 ODI series win against India. “They’ve got a really exciting group of players and they showed that at the World Cup… so for us to come out and play the way we did, play aggressively and put it back on them, I think the group is really proud of that.”

8.11 pm:

Playing XIs:


Smriti Mandhana, Taniya Bhatia (W), Jemimah Rodrigues, Dayalan Hemalatha, Harmanpreet Kaur (C), Deepti Sharma, Veda Krishnamurthy, Anuja Patil, Radha Yadav, Arundhati Reddy, Poonam Yadav


Beth Mooney, Alyssa Healy (W), Ashleigh Gardner, Meg Lanning (C), Elyse Villani, Rachael Haynes, Ellyse Perry, Sophie Molineux, Delissa Kimmince, Megan Schutt, Tayla Vlaeminck

8.07 pm: Meg Lanning says Australia would have bowled first anyway.

Here’s a quick video preview of the match, by the way. Confirmed Team XIs coming right up...

8.04 pm: India win the toss. Harmanpreet Kaur opts to bat first.

No Mithali Raj tonight,

8.02 pm: Mithali Raj might be MIA tonight after that knee injury. Toss time...

7.59 pm: Earlier today (IST) West Indies and England booked their places in the semifinals as well.

Report here.

7.52 pm:

India: Unbeaten in the last 7 T20Is — their longest run in history.

Australia: Beaten only once in 14 T20I matches in 2018.

7.45 pm: From the ICC preview, the forecast isn’t great for this game. We await more details.

“It’s Guyana, so the forecast is for dark clouds, rain, thunder and worse. Fans and players alike will hope most of the noise is from the field of play, where some of the best batters in the game will be in action, on a pitch where runs have been there for the scoring”

7.36 pm: Even before the Women’s World T20 began, three-time champions Australia were favourites for the title in the unpredictable, shortest format. They are the most successful team in the history of the tournament, they completed a hat-trick of wins 2010, 2012 and 2014 and finished as runners-up in 2016.

In their three matches at the 2018 edition so far, they have barely put a foot wrong, with three comprehensive wins – beating Pakistan by 52 runs, Ireland by nine wickets and New Zealand by 33 runs. They have already sealed their semi-final spot and will take on India on Saturday with aim to continue their terrific – and to the opponents, terrifying – winning streak.

Australia, as it ever was, are the team to beat at this year’s ICC Women’s World T20.

Read more from Zenia D’Cunha here.

7.30 pm: Hello all and welcome to The Field’s live blog of the ICC Women’s World T20 game between India and Australia. It’s a marquee fixture for sure, but one without pressure for both sides as qualification for semi-finals has been assured. Both India and Australia remain undefeated after three games and the winner tonight will top Group B. (And likely to avoid West Indies in the semifinal).

So strap in, this could be an exciting ride.