Dropped from the Target Olympic Podium Scheme, Asian Games gold medal winning athlete Swapna Barman says she remains hopeful of her re-inclusion in the programme for financial support, PTI reported.

With her performance in the Asian Games (6026 points) much lower than the Olympic standards, Swapna was excluded from TOP scheme, which was revised keeping in mind of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “I’ve nothing to comment on it (omission from TOPS). It’s the decision from the sports ministry. I will just have to keep performing. I was in TOPS because of my performance. I’m sure to be back again if I start performing again,” she said.

Swapna said she has been inspired by Mary Kom’s sixth world championship title. “It’s amazing to see what she’s achieving at the age of 36. I’m just 22 now. I will also want to become like her. I don’t know whether I would become like her, but there’s no harm in trying,” Swapna said.

She is aiming to get into 6200-plus points bracket at the Asian Championships in Doha next year.Swapna said she’s waiting for her customised shoes to be delivered so she resumes training.

“We have given the measurements in Germany. I’ve heard, it’s already arrived in New Delhi. I’m just waiting for the shoes to get it delivered here so we start practicing.”