Big Bash League, Australia’s Twenty20 competition, has decided to do away with the pre-match coin toss for the upcoming season. A bat-flip will replace that tradition.

It will be a decision between ‘hills’ and ‘flats’ - or ‘roofs’ and ‘flats’ - when a specially manufactured bat is flipped, to replace the traditional method when the eighth edition of the Twenty20 competition starts on December 19.

“For me it’s a great moment which reflects what BBL is about,” Cricket Australia’s head of the Big Bash League, Kim McConnie, was quoted as saying by

“Some people don’t like change but I’d also challenge people to say when was the last time anyone watched the coin toss or really focused on it to a great extent? Now we are making it much more relevant to families, we are creating a moment which is much more fitting with kids,” McConnie said.

Here’s how the process will look like:

Seen as “a concept that will stir childhood memories of cricket in the backyard, schoolyard or on the beach,” Kookaburra was tasked with the job of coming up with a bat that was of symmetrical weight so that the process is not biased.