Any kid who starts to play cricket and wants to be a fast bowler, will start off with an action of his / her favourite player. And it seems that, in the current scenario, the Indian pace spearhead Jasprit Bumrah is inspiring bowlers around the world.

Bumrah’s action, which caught the world by surprise when he made his bow in the Indian Premier League, is now popular in Hong Kong too, going by a tweet from the country’s official account.

In the Under-13 league in Hong Kong, a young kid got the action nailed down quite perfectly.

After his stellar performances in Australia, his action was imitated by an Aussie kid too — and Bumrah acknowledged the video on Twitter.

From a time when Indian kids used to imitate actions of foreign fast bowlers, we are now in an era where an Indian pacer is inspiring kids around the world.

Bumrah has, in the past, given credit to his coaches, especially Bharat Arun (India’s current bowling coach), for not trying to change his action.

“The first time when I went to the NCA, he was there and he saw my action,” Bumrah said in Melbourne of his first interaction with Arun. “I have been lucky in that he saw my action and he didn’t want to change that. He always believed in this action, but he said I had to become stronger. ‘We won’t change your action, instead we will work on the consistency and everything else will follow’, is what he told me.”