The ICC World Cup 2019 goes back to a round-robin format [in which each team plays against all other teams in turn] – last used in the 1992 World Cup – with 10 teams taking part.

Every team plays each other once before the top four teams advance to the semi-finals. The net run-rate might play a crucial role in deciding which teams make it to the knock-out round.

The Sri Lanka-Pakistan game at Bristol was washed out without a ball being bowled. The same ground witnessed another abandoned game when Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were scheduled to take on each other. England thrashed Bangladesh by 106 runs but later that evening, New Zealand cruised to a seven-wicket win over Afghanistan to make it three wins from three. Meanwhile, India made it two wins from two after defeating Australia at The Oval. The defending champions then bounced back by defeating an error-prone Pakistan side. In the meantime, South Africa had their first point when the match against South Africa was washed out.

And India vs New Zealand became the fourth match be to be washed out (third, without a ball being bowled) in the tournament, extending what is already a record.

In Southampton, England produced a clinical performance to thrash West Indies. On another double-header Saturday, Australia and South Africa posted comfortable wins, although one wonders if the latter missed a trick by not improving their run-rate.

Here’s how the table looks like after match No 21 of the World Cup.

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ICC World Cup 2019 Points Table

Team Matches-Wins-Losses  Net run-rate Points
Australia 5-4-1  +0.812 8
New Zealand  4 -3-0 (+1 NR) +2.163 7
England 4-3-1 +1.557 6
India 3-2-0 (+1 NR) +0.539 5
Sri Lanka 5-1-2 (+2NR)
-1.778 4
West Indies
3-1-1 (+1NR) +2.054 3
South Africa 5-1-3 (+1 NR) -0.208 3
Bangladesh  4-1-2 (+1NR) -0.714 3
Pakistan 3-1-2 -1.796 3
Afghanistan 3-0-3 -1.493 0