10.35 pm: That’s all from us for the night. Join us on Saturday for two crucial games. First PAK v AFG and that is followed by the repeat of 2015 final: AUS V NZ. That should be a cracker!

Faf du Plessis: Long time coming, eh? It was a good game, we did ourselves justice. Dwaine was exceptional. We’ve been trying to get him into the XI, and Ngidi missed out today with him coming in. The nature of the wicket told me it needed to be straight lines with the ball, and that’s why I brought Dwaine and Andile on early. Feels bittersweet. It doesn’t feel like it means that much. It’s a little bit too late. We haven’t had guys batting through, and big partnerships, but that was the case today. One big partnership, and suddenly everything seems so much easier. Bangladesh was the one that really took the wind out of our sails. It sucker-punched us in the stomach. Can’t hide behind the early schedule.

Dimuth Karunaratne: I think all departments went wrong. We have two matches and we have to beat West Indies and India in both matches. They are tough teams and we have to try and do well in those matches.

10.20 pm: Updated points table here.

10.14 pm: Sri Lanka’s hopes take a serious hit because they are now eliminated if England win either of their remaining two matches. South Africa put in their most complete performance of the tournament, but all too late.

10.11 pm: Player of the match is Dwaine Pretorius for his 3/25. A good comeback into the side: “Hitting top of off was a very good ploy on this wicket. Guys are stoked with the win, I am a bit sad that it has come now [after elimination].”

SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 9 WICKETS: Skipper Faf du Plessis remains not-out on 96 with Hashim Amla unbeaten on 80. The Proteas get their second victory of this World Cup.

SA 206/1 after 37.2 overs: Proteas win by 9 wickets!

As Waka Waka plays in the background, something to celebrate for the South Africans in the tournament. Their second win. And a convincing win at that. This one’s for Africa!

After 37 overs, South Africa 201/1 - Amla 79, du Plessis 92

Five runs from that Udana over, all five to Amla. Faf does not have the strike otherwise he could have hit a two and six to get to a century. (We know it doesn’t matter, just trying to keep ourselves entertained)

10.02 pm: Oh Amla, you tease. Takes two doubles off the first two balls and that pretty much ends Faf’s quest for a century. 200 comes up for SA.

After 36 overs, South Africa 196/1 - Amla 74, du Plessis 92

Malinga’s nailed a fair few yorkers in his last few overs but the SA batsmen are seeing the ball so well that they are not just keeping it away but finding the gaps. Du Plessis digs one of them out and drives down the ground for another four. What a shot! Amla wanted to give the strike to Faf off the last ball to help his captain get to a century but that did not work out.

8 needed to win, 8 needed for Faf’s century.

After 35 overs, South Africa 191/1 - Amla 73, du Plessis 88

Less than 20 needed now as Udana comes back for another spell. He has been under-utilised today (not that it would have made a difference). After milking a few singles in the over, du Plessis finishes off with a wristy on-drive down the ground for a four. That sounded so sweet off the bat! 13 more needed to win, Faf needs 12 for a century.

After 34 overs, South Africa 185/1 - Amla 72, du Plessis 83

Malinga returns for a final spell with 26 runs needed. The SA captain bisects the two fielders in the deep behind square with a stylish flick. Good wrist work. 20 needed now in 16 overs.

The 150 partnership comes up in that over: it’s worth 154 off 183 balls now. Far and away SA’s best batting performance in the tournament.

After 33 overs, South Africa 178/1 - Amla 71, du Plessis 77

Four singles to start off the J Mendis over and then du Plessis square drives handsomely for a four behind point. Short and wide, punished. Nine runs from the over. The end is imminent to this match.

After 32 overs, South Africa 169/1 - Amla 69, du Plessis 70

DRINKS BREAK: Three runs come from the 32nd over. South Africa need 35 more runs to win. Seems a long way off. Sri Lanka simply can’t find a way to break this stand between Amla and Du Plessis.

After 31 overs, South Africa 166/1 - Amla 68, du Plessis 68

EVENTFUL OVER: Hashim Amla is given out LBW by Umpire Ravi and Faf forces him to review. Amla saw the replays of the LBW on the screen after reviewing and started walking off, then ball-tracker says ball is pitching outside.. he has to bat again now. Smiles all around! Amla must have wanted to rest... Earlier in the over a lovely paddle by Amla got him a three. Du Plessis then played a lovely pickup shot for just two.

After 30 overs, South Africa 159/1 - Amla 65, du Plessis 65

Thisara Perera returns to the attack and concedes 5 runs. 48 runs and no wickets in that 10-over block.

Seeing as this match is meandering... here’s a throwback to an epic SA-SL moment from 2003.


After 29 overs, South Africa 154/1 - Amla 62, du Plessis 63

Five runs off Jeevan’s over. 150 comes up for Proteas in the 29th over. 50 runs needed off 21 overs.

9.23 pm: The 100-run partnership came up a little while back as well.

After 28 overs, South Africa 149/1 - Amla 60, du Plessis 61

BIG OVER FOR SA! Faf du Plessis on the charge! Well, is the SA skipper looking for an early nap? Gets the strike back from Amla after reaching his fifty and he dances down the track, lofts an overpitched delivery from Lakmal all the way for the first six of the innings. Break in play as we need a replacement ball. Play resumes and Faf pulls a short ball in front of square for a four. He has caught up with Amla now.

Fifty for captain Faf du Plessis: With a single to square leg off Lakmal, the SA skipper reaches his 35th ODI fifty. Took him 70 balls. Muted celebrations, of course.

After 27 overs, South Africa 136/1 - Amla 59, du Plessis 49

Inspired by Malinga at the other end, even de Silva sends in a yorker with his off-spin! Du Plessis keeps it out somehow and has a smile on his face. SL trying everything but nothing working at the moment. Just South Africa’s days. Five runs from that over including a wide as the two batsmen continue to milk the runs.

After 26 overs, South Africa 131/1 - Amla 58, du Plessis 47

Lasith Malinga is bowling well in this spell but he’s unlikely to get a wicket as Faf du Plessis and Hashim Amla aren’t taking any risks. He has conceded just five runs in three overs in this spell. His overall figures at the moment are 1/35 from 8 overs.

After 25 overs, South Africa 130/1 - Amla 57, du Plessis 47

Dhananjaya de Silva comes back into the attack, Hashim Amla and Faf du Plessis milk him for two singles each. All too easy.

After 24 overs, South Africa 126/1 - Amla 55, du Plessis 45

Maiden over! Lasith Malinga bowls six dot balls to Hashim Amla. Fascinating to see these two legends go at it against each other. This is the Sri Lankan pacer’s 100th maiden in One-Day Internationals. That’s some achievement.

After 23 overs, South Africa 126/1 - Amla 55, du Plessis 45

Faf du Plessis slashes hard at a wide-ish delivery from Isuru Udana, the ball takes a thick outside edge and flies past second slip for four. It’s all going South Africa’s way at the moment. Seven runs come from that over.

After 22 overs, South Africa 119/1 - Amla 53, du Plessis 40

Sri Lankan skipper Dimuth Karunaratne brings his main man Lasith Malinga back into the attack in what is possibly one last desperate attempt to make a match out of this. The veteran pacer doesn’t get any movement and concedes four runs in his sixth over.

After 21 overs, South Africa 115/1 - Amla 52, du Plessis 37

Isuru Udana comes back to bowl his second over and concedes four runs. South Africa need 89 runs from 174 deliveries with nine wickets in hand. Will take a collapse of epic proportions to lose it from here.

8.48 pm: This match doesn’t have much meaning for the South Africans but they’ll be happy to see one their greats get back to form.

After 20 overs, South Africa 111/1 - Amla 51, du Plessis 35

Fifty for Hashim Amla! Second half century of the tournament for the legend but nothing like that scratchy innings earlier in the tournament. He has looked in great control. 58 runs came in that 10-over spell for Proteas. Six easy runs off that Mendis over.

After 19 overs, South Africa 105/1 - Amla 49, du Plessis 31

100 comes up for Proteas as Mark Nicholas tries telling Sangakkara who Grace Jones is, after seeing Udana’s hairdo. A wild wide and six singles off the legal deliveries in that over as SA continue to cruise.

After 18 overs, South Africa 98/1 - Amla 46, du Plessis 28

Half an appeal for LBW as Jeevan Mendis continues. Amla almost pays the price for playing too deep in the crease to a full ball that turns. Outside edge saves the veteran. Two singles each for the batsmen.

Time for Isuru Udana...

After 17 overs, South Africa 94/1 - Amla 44, du Plessis 26

BIG OVER! Indiscipline from Lakmal to restart after the drinks break... actually, on second viewing that’s bad wicket-keeping. A wide down the leg side but Perera dives past it and lets it slip through his gloves for four. Mark Nicholas talks to Sangakkara on air about the Gilcrhist-squash-ball innings in 2007. We are not sure Sanga needs more heartburn at the moment... as du Plessis hits a powerful pull for four in front of square. Pressure mounts on Sri Lanka.

After 16 overs, South Africa 81/1 - Amla 43, du Plessis 19

Good over from Jeevan Mendis. Amla misses out on a juicy half volley down the leg side in that over.

Time for DRINKS in Durham with South Africa looking in complete control.

After 15 overs, South Africa 79/1 - Amla 42, du Plessis 18

Lakmal continues...a couple of good deliveries from the pacer to Faf. Drops his length when he sees the SA skipper down the ground, to beat his outside edge. And then a bouncer catches him by surprise. And then Amla plays a classy cut behind point for another boundary. “This is the old Amla, this is the best of Amla,” says Nicholas on air. And we agree! That was a superb shot! Amla is into the 40s.

After 14 overs, South Africa 72/1 - Amla 36, du Plessis 17

Time for Jeevan Mendis and his leg spin...he tosses the ball up nicely in that over but the SA batsmen work the gaps well. A slip in place through the over as SL continue to search for wickets.... actually scratch that, the slip comes off with two balls to go. No spin on offer in that over.

After 13 overs, South Africa 69/1 - Amla 35, du Plessis 16

Lovely shot from Faf as he dances down the track to Lakmal and lofts one over extra cover for four. Made a difficult shot look easy. A single each after that in the over. And then a tight single off the last ball as Faf cracks one to mid-off and sets off, might have timed it too well for his own good but the direct hit is missed anyway.

After 12 overs, South Africa 62/1 - Amla 34, du Plessis 10

Lovely lofted off-drive by Amla as he holds his pose, admires the shot after hitting Perera over mid-off, but the ball ends up plugging into the turf close to the boundary. Amla completes a double with a sheepish smile on his face. Four runs from that over.

After 11 overs, South Africa 58/1 - Amla 31, du Plessis 9

More sensible batting from Amla as he picks up a couple of doubles: one through midwicket and one past point, Lakmal erring in line on both occasions. Five risk-free runs in that over as Proteas cruise.

After 10 overs, South Africa 53/1 - Amla 26, du Plessis 9

This is arguably the best Amla has looked all tournament (even though he has a couple of 40-plus scores to his name). Hint of width from Perera and Amla pounces on it with a superb cut through point for four. He’s striking at run-a-ball at the moment. And then Faf gets a boundary to his name with an uppish drive through point! That would have carried to a fielder on another day. Big over for SA to finish the first powerplay.

After 9 overs, South Africa 42/1 - Amla 19, du Plessis 5

Malinga continues... starts with one on Amla’s pads again which is flicked away for a double. Another attempted bouncer, but this is well wide. Faf continues to look a bit tentative but plays a good late cut past the slips but more good fielding by Lakmal in the deep to keep the SA captain to two. He’s on 5 off 16 at the moment.

After 8 overs, South Africa 36/1 - Amla 16, du Plessis 3

The one bowler who has a better record than Malinga against du Plessis is Thisara and he comes on from the other end. And right away, du Plessis look a bit tentative. Good pressure being applied by the Lankans with the ball and on the field. Amla keeps his bat inside the crease at the non-striker’s to avoid a runout off a straight drive by Faf. It’s a maiden over!

After 7 overs, South Africa 36/1 - Amla 16, du Plessis 3

An attempted bouncer at Amla from Malinga, but the veteran batsman rolls his wrists over that nicely and picks up a single. Du Plessis, who has been dismissed by Amla thrice in his career, gets off strike right away with a dab to third man. Amla is then beaten in a ball that gave us flashbacks of the the Sachin dismissal in 2011 World Cup final. Ditto, this delivery but no outside edge followed by pin-drop silence. Good over by Malinga, just two off it.

After 6 overs, South Africa 34/1 - Amla 15, du Plessis 2

Lakmal, who has been missing the last few matches, starts off with a leg bye to Amla. Du Plessis should have had a boundary to his name as he plays a crunching drive on the up but it’s fielded brilliantly by Avishka at short cover. Lakmal is getting seam movement here early on... Faf avoids a maiden with a clip to square leg for a double.

After 5 overs, South Africa 31/1 - MALINGA STRIKES!

Take that Qdk! What a ball from Slinga Malinga! It’s full, it’s fast and it shapes back in to the left-hander and clips the leg stump on its way to racing to the boundary. QdK caught bringing his bat down late. Brilliant comeback from Malinga after going for runs in his first two overs. Game on?

After 4 overs, South Africa 28/0 - QdK 15, Amla 12

The flurry of boundaries continue for Proteas! This time, two in an over for QdK off de Silva. The first is a delightful cover drive for four. The next is a late cut for four through the third man region but QdK almost left it too late. Well played at the end. SA off to a flying start.

After 3 overs, South Africa 20/0 - QdK 7, Amla 12

QdK’s turn to turn on the style against Malinga as he starts the third over with a lovely straight drive for four. Much like the last ball of the first over, Amla, back on strike, is beaten outside offstump by one that shapes away. He then shoulders arms to a similar delivery. Better off doing that. Packed off-side field for Amla and then Malinga bowls a length ball on his pads! Poor from the veteran, put away for four.

After 2 overs, South Africa 10/0 - QdK 2, Amla 8

Spin from the other end... Dhananjaya de Silva comes on. Qdk does have a weakness against finger-spin early on. And he does look tentative in that over. Gets off strike with an uppish cover drive. Amla survives a leading edge off the last ball.

After 1 over, South Africa 9/0 - QdK 1, Amla 8

Hint of a shape back into QdK first ball and the same to Amla off the second ball (away, that is, for the right-hander). Not much carry though. Off the fourth ball, Amla plays one of the shots of the day (there weren’t too many in SL’s innings to be honest). On the up, superbly timed through the vacant cover region. One of the slips come out immediately. Next ball, a superb flick through square leg. Two gorgeous shots for fours. And Malinga comes back well, play-and-miss by Amla.

7.15 pm: Hashim Amla (strike rate less than 60 this tournament) and QdK are out in the middle. Malinga has the ball in his hand... can he produce another magical spell? Here we go.

7.13 pm: Can the Proteas reach 204 in Durham and dent Sri Lanka’s playoff hopes? Or will see the #LionsRoar once again in the 2nd half of the match and defend a modest score? They stopped England, now they need to stop SA... the pitch is slow for sure, but one got the feeling Lankan made a mess of it, more than anything.

7.07 pm: Meanwhile, Team India have arrived in Birmingham...

INNINGS BREAK: After his three-wicket haul, Pretorius reckons this is the most complete South African bowling performance of the tournament. As for Sri Lanka, they need to bowl out of their skins to stand a chance here. Even a struggling SA batting lineup should get 204 with sensible batting. Can Malinga produce another special performance? Join us in a bit for the run-chase.

After 49.3 overs, Sri Lanka 203 all out - end of the innings: There it is, Malinga skies one to mid-off after taking his side past 200. Three wickets and 40 runs in the final 9.3 overs. It was all South Africa from the 10th over mark. Sri Lanka never got any momentum going once Fernando was dismissed.

49.2: What a shot Malinga! Batsmen, take a note. He sits back in the crease and plays a superb square cut past third man for four, 200 comes up for Sri Lanka in the final over.

After 49 overs Sri Lanka: 198/9 - Rabada strikes!

Wicket for Rabada in his final over as Udana’s useful little innings comes to an end. Singles off the first two balls and then Udana went for a big hoick, Rabada takes the catch in his follow through. The innings should have ended off the next ball but Faf drops a sitter at mid-on. Rabada’s 10-over spell is done, he has figures of 2/36.

6.39: BEEing Careful! (Screenshot: Fox Cricket / Twitter)

After 48 overs Sri Lanka: 195/8 - Udana 16 , Lakmal 2

Morris starts off with three dot balls and Udana retakes his guard. Nasser quips on air, “Yes, that’s the issue. Watch out Morris!” Udana takes a single, so it worked we suppose. And a break in that over.... players lie down on the field... as a swarm of bees enter the ground! South Africa and bees! A sweet love story.

After 47 overs Sri Lanka: 192/8 - Udana 14 , Lakmal 1

Fiery over from Rabada with a mix of bouncers and full balls. Udana lofts one over mid-off in that over and by the end of it, moves to 14. Useful cameo from the tailender. Can SL push past 200 here? Morris to bowl the 48th...

6.27 pm: Here’s a look at that Rabada catch

After 46 overs Sri Lanka: 188/8 - PERERA DISMISSED!

Oh dear, we put the jinx on good old Thisara. He goes for the big shot when Phehlukwayo drops it short (cutter, perhaps?) and the big square boundary means the ball falls well short. Rabada misjudged the flight for a second but puts in a superb late dive to complete a stunner. Replays confirm its a clean catch! Great take from a proper athlete. Udana drives one through extra cover for four to finish that over.

Perera c Rabada b Phehlukwayo 21 (25)

After 45 overs Sri Lanka: 182/7 - Perera 20, Udana 6

That’s that from the veteran leg-spinner for the day. Three runs from his last over. Imran Tahir’s penultimate ODI bowling figures: 10-0-36-2. No running around the Durham outfield today! But a good spell nonetheless. Cricket will miss him when he’s done.

After 44 overs Sri Lanka: 179/7 - Perera 18, Udana 5

No boundaries conceded by Phehlukwayo, five runs from that over. Perera is playing a steady innings here. Not throwing his wicket away, yet not getting too bogged down.

After 43 overs Sri Lanka: 174/7 - Perera 16, Udana 2

Four runs from Phehlukwayo’s over including one that was a massive wide that should have been called two runs according to Mark Nicholas on air. Tahir from the other end and he almost has his first wicket with a googly that Perera mistimes over midwicket. But it’s a large ground, Morris can’t get around to it. Three runs from that over.

After 41 overs Sri Lanka: 167/7 - Perera 11, Udana 1

In what is turning out to be a great bowling day for the Proteas, no wicket for Tahir yet. A small black mark, so far. Four runs from his 8th over, he has two more to go.

After 40 overs Sri Lanka: 163/7 - J MENDIS GONE!

WICKET! Just when Sri Lanka looked like they had some momentum. There was more intent from Sri Lanka in that Morris but the boundaries elude both Perera and Mendis, as they play front-foot pull shots towards midwicket. Good fielding in the deep by Phehlukwayo. Morris comes back with a good bouncer. Off the fifth ball, Mendis decides to play the pull again but Morris hurries the batsman and the ball goes to the fielder at fine leg. Simple catch.

J Mendis c Pretorius b Morris 18 (46)

After 39 overs Sri Lanka: 159/6 - J Mendis 16, Perera 7

14 runs! BIG OVER! Jeevan dances down the track and lofts one over mid-on (just about clearing the fielder). Duminy then strays down the leg side and concedes five wides. He again strays on Perera’s pads as he picks up three runs. 150 comes up and finally this innings has a spark of life after a couple of dreary hours.

After 38 overs Sri Lanka: 145/6 - J Mendis 11, Perera 3

SIX!! YES, A SIX! Jeevan was batting on 5 off 38 balls (!!!!!) and then, finally, decides to cut loose with a lovely pick-up shot over fine leg. This, after Thisara Perera almost ran himself out attempting a non-existent single. He was way short, had du Plessis managed a direct hit from mid-on. Mendis now moves on to 11 off 40 balls. Morris concedes 9 runs in that over.

After 37 overs Sri Lanka: 136/6 - DUMINY STRIKES!

Oh dear! Dhananjaya de Silva is out after attempting a shocker of a stroke. JP Duminy joins the attack and strikes with his first ball. This is turning into a nightmare for Sri Lanka.

After 36 overs Sri Lanka: 135/5 - De Silva 24, J Mendis 4

Forget it, false alarm about intent. Jeevan Mendis blocks, blocks and blocks... back-to-back maiden overs for Rabada.

After 35 overs Sri Lanka: 135/5 - De Silva 24, J Mendis 4

INTENT! There’s INTENT! Phehlukwayo bowls a short and wide delivery that is a gift to not just Sri Lanka but to as well as we get to describe something other than defensive strokes. De Silva pounces on that and cracks one through point. Even Mendis shows intent by going for a big shot in that over but finds the fielder in the deep.

After 34 overs Sri Lanka: 128/5 - De Silva 19, J Mendis 2

A maiden over from Rabada... de Silva did not even look interested in doing anything but defending with a dead bat in the over. The innings continues to crawl nowhere. As we do a live blog of this match, we hope your life choices are better than ours at the moment.

After 33 overs Sri Lanka: 128/5 - De Silva 19, J Mendis 2

Tahir concedes a single off the first ball, and then bowls five dot balls to Jeevan Mendis, who doesn’t seem to be picking his fellow spinner. Edges and tentative footwork through the over...

6-an over from here takes SL to 230. Can they get there? Here comes Rabada

After 32 overs Sri Lanka: 127/5 - De Silva 18, J Mendis 2 (DRINKS)

Believe it or not, more than 5 runs were scored in ONE OVER after what feels like ages. A boundary after nearly 10 overs as de Silva finishes the Tahir over with an elegant boundary through the offside. Was almost out off the first ball, but a leading edge fell short.

Pretorius comes on to bowl his 10th and bowls another tidy over. Finishes with 10-2-25-3. A day to remember for him!

After 30 overs Sri Lanka: 115/5 - De Silva 8, J Mendis 1

One run from that Pretorius over.

Another 10-over phase utterly dominated by the Proteas. If you were expecting a good contest after the first 10 overs, sadly that has not materialised at all. In the last 20 overs, SL have scored 48 runs (24 from the last 10).

After 29 overs Sri Lanka: 114/5 - De Silva 7, J Mendis 1

Tahir, bowling for the penultimate time in ODIs for SA, continues to keep things tight. There has not been much turn on offer for him and he’d probably be better off slowing his pace down. But all the same, no room to work with for SL. Three runs in that over.

After 28 overs Sri Lanka: 111/5 - Mendis gone!

Wicket-maiden! Pretorius strikes yet again! What a comeback into the side this has been for him. Short of length, there is a hint of width and then Mendis decides to go for an expansive shot... has not timing on it, finds Chris Morris at cover point. A good low catch completed. Solid from South Africa, bizarre from Sri Lanka.

K Mendis c Morris b Pretorius 23 (51)

After 27 overs Sri Lanka: 111/4 - Mendis 23, De Silva 5

What’s that?! Rotation of strike!? What sorcery is that, Sri Lanka... Five runs from that Tahir over, and this is better to see from the Sri Lankan batsmen.

After 26 overs Sri Lanka: 106/4 - Mendis 19, De Silva 4

Pretorius comes back into the attack and bowls a maiden over to de Silva. We are not sure if there has been a slower (or duller) phase of cricket in the World Cup so far.

Sri Lanka today: First 10 overs: 67/2, next 15 overs: 39/2

After 25 overs Sri Lanka: 106/4 - Mendis 19, De Silva 4

Proteas continue to keep things tight. Two runs from Morris’ over (off a double taken off the first ball, followed by five dot balls). And two singles off Tahir’s over.

In the last 15 overs, SL have scored 39 runs! This is a remarkable slow-down after that whirlwind powerplay.

After 23 overs Sri Lanka: 102/4 - Mendis 18, De Silva 1

Sangakkara understandably not too pleased with Mathews’ losing his wicket. Dhananjaya de Silva is the new man in. Just 2 runs off Tahir’s 2nd over.

After 22 overs Sri Lanka: 100/4 - Mathews gone!

CHRIS MORRIS STRIKES! He’s not always had luck on his side in the tournament but Morris has been South Africa’s best bowler and he gets the opponent’s big fish... Mathews shows some intent at the start of that over by lofting one over mid-on (mistimed). HE repeats that later in the over and this time Morris drops it short and Mathews plays it on to the stumps!

After 21 overs Sri Lanka: 96/3 - Mendis 17, Mathews 7

A boundary, huzzah! Imran Tahir starts his spell with two absolute rubbish short balls... (it ever was thus for leg-spinners!) Gets away with the first one, but Mendis puts it away for four off the 2nd ball. A top comeback from Tahir too, finishes the over with four dot balls. Gets his length right.

After 20 overs Sri Lanka: 91/3 - Mendis 13, Mathews 6

MASSIVE OVER FOR SRI LANKA! Four runs off it! (We kid, we kid.) Better from the two batsmen though, looking to rotate strike off Morris. 24 runs from the last 10 overs.

Time for Imran Tahir.

After 19 overs Sri Lanka: 87/3 - Mendis 10, Mathews 5

The Sri Lankan innings has been reduced a crawl at the moment. Another one-run over, this by Rabada. Mathews and Mendis are going into a shell.... might not be the best strategy. As tight as the bowling has been, there is no intent from the Lankans at the moment.

After 18 overs Sri Lanka: 86/3 - Mendis 9, Mathews 5

Morris also returns and just concedes one run. Mathews is almost out caught at wide slip but the outside edge falls short of Amla. The former SL captain has a change of bat.

After 17 overs Sri Lanka: 85/3 - Mendis 9, Mathews 5

Rabada comes back into the attack... he looked flat in his first spell after a first-ball wicket, struggling with his lengths. Can he strike now in his second spell with the pressure on Sri Lankans? Better from the SA pacer in that over, just two runs off it. Mathews is looking tentative at the moment, much like he did in Leeds against England.

Last 5 overs: 13/1

After 16 overs Sri Lanka: 83/3 - Mendis 8, Mathews 4

After a steady first few deliveries (more stump-to-stump), Pretorius cranks one up to 80-plus mph in the fourth stump channel and the ball carries head high to QdK. The pitch has some definite zip in it. Great lines and lengths once again, another one-run over.

After 15 overs Sri Lanka: 82/3 - Mendis 7, Mathews 4

Five runs from Phehlukwayo’s over. First confident attacking shot Mathews has played since coming in to bat... a punch through covers for three. Good placement, good urgency between wickets. Time for a drinks break in Durham.

After 14 overs Sri Lanka: 77/3 - Mendis 6, Mathews 1

Pretorius and Phehlukwayo are bowling well in tandem at the moment. Mendis and the experienced Matthews need to put on a partnership for Sri Lanka. The former bowls another tidy over, just a single off it. He is operating at a stump-to-stump line and in fact the only single in that over came when the ball was in the fifth stump channel, that squared up Mathews. An outside edge, the former captain is off the mark.

After 13 overs Sri Lanka: 76/3 - Mendis 6, Mathews 0

Mendis plays a delightful flick through square leg off Phehukwayo for his first boundary. He has not been among runs in this World Cup and the Lankans would be dearly hoping today’s the day he finds form.

After 12 overs Sri Lanka: 72/3 - Perera dismissed!

Pretorius strikes for Proteas again! (Now that’s a tongue twister...) Nothing complicated about this dismissal as Perera, who had got his eye in, just chops one on to the stumps. Scrambled seam, short of length, Perera’s bat comes down at an angle.... the inside edge takes the ball on to the pads and then the stumps. Soft, soft dismissal. A top over, two runs and a wicket. Angelo Mathews is the new man in.

After 11 overs Sri Lanka: 70/2 - Perera 29, Mendis 1

Phehlukwayo has his arms in the air and then palms around his mouth as Mendis gets his bat down just in time to one that nipped back in and kept a tad low... had Mendis missed that, he was a goner. Good tidy over from the all-rounder as SL look to rebuild again.

After 10 overs Sri Lanka: 67/2 - Perera 28, Mendis 0

They lost two wickets but Sri Lanka are the side who continue to set the pace in the first powerplay... they have been off to a fair few flying starts.

After 9.5 overs Sri Lanka: 67/2 - Fernando dismissed!

Pretorius strikes for SA! It was turning into a big over for the Lankans. Pretorius strays onto the pads of Perera and the ball is flicked away past short fine leg for four. And when the medium-pacer goes full on Fernando’s pads, the ball is flicked over midwicket for another boundary. And just when you thought this was turning into another brilliant start for Sri Lanka in the tournament, Fernando tries to pull a ball that is too full and du Plessis takes a tumbling high catch.

Fernando c du Plessis b Pretorius 30 (29)

After 9 overs Sri Lanka: 57/1 - Perera 23, Fernando 26

Smart batting from Fernando and Perera, managing to find the gaps to pick up five singles off Phehlukwayo’s over. This is turning into a fantastic partnership already.

3.42 pm: Wondering what the qualification scenarios are? Here’s the updated article after West Indies’ elimination.

After 8 overs Sri Lanka: 52/1 - Perera 20, Fernando 24

Fifty comes up in the eighth overas Fernando tucks one behind square leg for four... there is a half-hearted appeal for LBW to finish that over as the right-hander missed a flick. Too high, by the looks of things. Replays confirm that.

Phehlukwayo into the attack now...

After 7 overs Sri Lanka: 45/1 - Perera 19, Fernando 19

Rabada continues to struggle for rhythm... if you thought that the first-ball wicket was going to change his fortunes, it hasn’t exactly. His length is all over the place. Perera plays a delightful cover drive for four in that over.

After 6 overs Sri Lanka: 37/1 - Perera 13, Fernando 18

Dwaine Pretorius is into the attack early after Morris’ slightly expensive start. Bowls a tidy over, just a single for Perera in that over. Fernando continues to middle the ball but did not find the gaps.

After 5 overs Sri Lanka: 36/1 - Perera 12, Fernando 18

Ripper from Rabada off the third ball of the over as the ball nips back in and beats Fernando all ends up, continues to move and beats a diving QdK as well and goes for four. (Wow, that’s incidentally the first byes QdK has conceded in the tournament! Some stat that). And then Fernando plays the shot of the morning to finish the over! Length ball, driven down the ground with high elbows even as Nasser Hussain was just praising that aspect of his game. Stunning shot, he holds the pose and deservedly so.

After 4 overs Sri Lanka: 26/1 - Perera 13, Fernando 11

Full and angled away by Morris and Perera launches one over the infield... not great timing, but has enough to reach the boundary. Morris comes back decently enough to limit the damage to just six runs in the over. Despite the early wicket, it does feel like SA are a bit flat... a good partnership here for the Lankans could really deflate the Proteas.

After 3 overs Sri Lanka: 20/1 - Perera 12, Fernando 6

Another short ball from Rabada and the ball sticks on the surface... Fernando uppishly cuts one through cover for four. The batsman after being beaten outside off-stump off the next ball, bounces back with a lovely punch through point four his first four. Stand and deliver! Fernando’s picking up from where he left off against England. The early wicket has not changed the Lankans’ approach. Expect more fireworks from the two attacking batsmen.

After 2 overs Sri Lanka: 14/1 - Perera 6, Fernando 6

With Ngidi missing out today, Morris gets the new ball from the other end. Second scoring shot of the innings is a three as well for Avishkha Fernando, this time a flick through midiwcket. Perera then slaps Morris through point for the first four of the innings. Have we mentioned he reminds us of a certain Sanath? Well, there he did again. Morris comes back well to beat Perera’s outside edge.

After 1 over Sri Lanka: 6/1 - Perera 2, Fernando 3

Fernando gets off the mark with a lovely punch through point off a delivery not dissimilar to the one Rabada bowled first up. The No 3 batsman looked in fantastic touch in the brief cameo he played against England, can he make it a big one today?

Chris Morris from the other end...

After 0.1 over 0/1 - RABADA STRIKES FIRST BALL!

What a start. Rabada bowls one short of good length, Karunaratne seems to have been expecting a bouncer? The ball hits the glove and loops up, easy catch for the second slip fielder. South Africa are delighted.

3.01 pm: Dimuth Karunaratne and Kusal Perera are out in the middle... Rabada, who’s been in the news for reasons he might not be liking, has the new ball in his hand. We are all set...

2.57 pm: Sri Lanka coach Chandika Hathurusingha had warned that misfiring South Africa could still be dangerous after his side revived their World Cup hopes with a shock victory against England. Hathurusingha said South Africa still posed a threat in Friday’s match, even though they will be heading home after the group phase.

“When you have no pressure of qualifying, they can come and play without any pressure, fearless cricket and that can get them going, so at the same time they can turn up and just want to go home, so you never know,” he said.

2.53 pm: The players come out for the national anthems in Durham...

Meanwhile, from the Indian camp....

2.45 pm: Speaking of Duminy...

“It’s been pretty dismal from our part,” said Duminy, who will retire from the 50-over game after the tournament in England and Wales.

“We obviously want to apologise to the public and the South African fans for letting them down. You know when you represent your country it is always a proud moment and you understand that you represent 50, 60 million people, that is a proud moment in itself. And when you put in performances like that, you know, you in a way almost feel ashamed of that.”

2.40 pm: TEAM NEWS:- JP Duminy, set to retire after the World Cup, gets a game in the place of injured David Miller. For Sri Lanka, Suranga Lakmal comes back with Nuwan Pradeep unwell.

South Africa XI: Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock (w), Faf du Plessis (c), Aiden Markram, Rassie van der Dussen, Jean-Paul Duminy, Andile Phehlukwayo, Dwaine Pretorius, Chris Morris, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir.

Sri Lanka playing XI: Dimuth Karunaratne (c), Kusal Perera (w), Avishka Fernando, Kusal Mendis, Angelo Mathews, Dhananjaya de Silva, Thisara Perera, Jeevan Mendis, Isuru Udana, Lasith Malinga, Suranga Lakmal.

2.38 pm: Sri Lanka. South Africa. World Cup. Who can forget this?


2.33 pm: South Africa have won the toss and they will be bowling first.

2.31 pm: How Lasith Malinga helped Karunaratne live up to his word in Sri Lanka’s heist against England - READ HERE.

2,28 pm: Nasser Hussain at the pitch report:- The dimensions are large, so the spinners will like that. This pitch has provided the most seam in recent times in England. The white Kookaburra seam grips here. Sri Lanka have an inside man for information of this pitch (a coach who was with Durham). Reckon they will want to bowl first and defend like they did. Toss might not be the most important because the pitch should remain the same.

2.21 pm: Last edition’s semi-finalists, South Africa were knocked out of the World Cup following a 49-run loss to Pakistan. They have failed to learn from their mistakes in what has been a disappointing campaign and with nothing to lose now, the Proteas will hope for a consolation win.

“The way we played is borderline embarrassing,” South African captain Faf du Plessis had said after the defeat to Pakistan. “We are a mediocre team at the moment because we are making the same mistakes. One step forward and two steps back is not a good team. The guys are playing with low confidence and making the same mistakes. It just rolls on, it’s such a snowball effect.”

Can they find some motivation to finish with at least another win or two?

2.17 pm: Before we get started, here’s how the points table looks like.

2.10 pm: Hello all and welcome to our live coverage of the ICC World Cup 2019.

We are in Durham for the first time in the tournament and it will be Sri Lanka taking on South Africa! The Asian side are still very much alive in the tournament, but the #ProteaFire has been doused... the South Africans are already eliminated.

Sri Lanka will look to build on their impressive victory over hosts England and keep their semi-final hopes alive.

The 1996 champions’ surprise 20-run victory over England has suddenly thrown open the semi-final qualifications race, breathing new life into their inconsistent campaign.

South Africa on the other hand are playing for pride and will look to end their campaign on a high by winning the remaining two matches, starting from the Sri Lanka game.

The Proteas have only won one game so far in the 2019 World Cup and it came against bottom-side Afghanistan.

Sri Lanka would look to carry the momentum from the game against England and boost their semi-final hopes with a win. If the islanders manage to get the two points today, they will go level with England on eight points ahead of the hosts’ encounter with India on Sunday.

A defeat, however, will not knock Sri Lanka out of the reckoning but would severely dent their hopes of qualifying for the semi-finals.