11.15 pm: That will be all for Indian shuttlers today. A memorable win for Prannoy over Lin Dan on a day that also Akane Yamaguchi, the world No 1, ousted! Join us on Wednesday when PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal get their campaign underway.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 21-14, 21-16 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

An entertaining doubles match comes to an end as Arjun MR / Shlok Ramachandran win 21-14, 21-16 against the wildcard entry of Kuenzi / Schaller in 32 minutes. And interestingly enough. Shlok finished it off with two smashes after struggling through the match. The Indian pair progress, as they would have expected to.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 21-14, 19-15 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

After figuratively being a one-man army of sorts, Arjun is left literally as one-man on India’s side as Shlok runs to get his racket fixed for broken strings. The Swiss duo make the advantage count in that rally. The Indians are only two points away though.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 21-14, 17-14 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

Once again, Arjun makes the big plays. Three straight points for the Indain duo now, helped by errors from the home duo.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 21-14, 14-14 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

The longest rally of the match so far, 34 shots, ends with a bizarre leave from Shlok. Wiow. That was well in and he just let the shuttle drop on his inside. Bizarre.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 21-14, 12-12 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

An uber-aggressive rally from the Swiss duo ends with a booming smash from Schaller. And the gap is down to 1. Arjun, then, with a rare error and we are back level.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 21-14, 11-9 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

The Swiss pair are having success every time they target Shlok who has not had a good match at all. Arjun continues to be a one-man army of sorts. The Indian pair take a 11-9 lead into the interval.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 21-14, 7-6 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

More entertainment on the TV court. And the drama being enhanced by the glitch in Hawkeye that is causing delays. A superb challenge by the Swiss pair helps them level things at 5-5. The Indian duo have the serve back at 7-6.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 21-14, 4-3 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

The Indian pair start with 3 straight points and then a lengthy wait for a challenge eventually ends in favour of the Swiss duo. The latter have closed the gap to a point at 3-4.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 21-14 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

Well, that was entertaining alright. Arjun had to do the heavylifting and its enough for the Indian pair to cross the line in the opening game. The Swiss wildcard pair having a good time staying in the game, but cannot make their early lead count.

MR Arjun / Shlok R 16-12 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

Arjun has taken over the proceedings and Shlok is just having to keep the serves is. Arjun has played some sensational shots in the last few rallies!

MR Arjun / Shlok R 10-11 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

The Indian pair are in the lead now, then at 10-8. Did not take them long to find a footing. But the home crowd are still having a good time and so are the players, seemingly. Playing with a smile on their faces. They level it up 10-10! And even take the lead into the interval. Shlok is all over the place at the moment.

MR Arjun / Shlok Ramachandran 4-7 Tobias Kuenzi / Oliver Schaller

Well, well. Dream start for the home pair. They are playing a high tempo and caught the Indians on the backfoot. Errors not helping the Indian pair either.

10.39 pm: The Swiss pair are a wildcard entry. They have had higher ranks (in the 100s, that is) with other partners but as a pair, they are currently ranked 1431.

10.37 pm: MR Arjun / Shlok Ramachandran are in action next. The Indian duo take on Tobias Kuenzi and Oliver Schaller from Switzerland, who are welcomed with a cheer from the home crowd.

9.37 pm: HUGE UPSET! The World No 1 has been knocked out at the World Championships in the round of 32! Singapore’s Yeo Jia Min (20 years old) has stunned Akane Yamaguchi 14-21, 18-21 in just 40 minutes. This is a massive, massive result. Yamaguchi did not look fully fit but this is still a stunning result for the youngster.

9.27 pm: Remember Mulyo Handoyo? The man who helped Indian badminton enjoy a tremendous 2017 season, is the man behind Singapore’s quiet revolution. And he is watching his ward bring down the No 1 seed! Yamaguchi does not seem fully fit but this is still going to be a massive result.

9.11 pm: UPSET ALERT? Well, well, well. Akane Yamaguchi has been blown away in the opening game by Singapore youngster Yeo Jia Min. The world No 1 not looking at her best, drops the opener 14-21.

7.55 pm: Good news from doubles after a couple of defeats. Solid start for India’s men’s doubles pair of Manu Atri and B Sumeeth Reddy as they take just 26 minutes to beat French pair of Gicquel and Labar 21-13, 21-13 to reach the round of 32.

7.45 pm: Elsewhere, Sumeeth Reddy and Manu Attri are looking good for a win in their opening round match. A game and 11-6 up against French duo of Gicquel and Labar. The Indian pair won the opener 21-13.

7.22 pm: In case you missed, here’s what Prannoy had to say in the mixed zone after his superb win against Lin Dan.

7.17 pm: End of the road for Pooja Dandu / Sanjana Santosh as they lose against the higher-ranked pair from Taipei.

6.55 pm: Pooja Dandu / Sanjana Santosh, the third Indian women’s doubles pair, ranked 46, have started their campaign against Hsu Ya Ching and Hu Ling Fan of Chinese Taipei. The Indian duo have the opening game 15-21.

Second game stats: Sai Praneeth converts the first of the five points to wrap up the match 21-16, 21-15 in 57 minutes. He will now face the winner of the match between Antony Ginting and Toby Penty.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 21-15 Lee Dong Keun

One match point is all he needs! “Yessss!” says Sai Praneeth and a rare big smile from Gopichand caught on camera. The man does show his emotions some times! A good win for the sixteenth seed.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 20-15 Lee Dong Keun

A couple more roars either side of an error and Sai has five match points.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 18-14 Lee Dong Keun

A lovely *Chip* at the net followed by a big smash that pumps up Sai Praneeth as he takes a four-point lead. And now Lee seems to have injured himself while playing a smash at the net. Seems ok to continue. And another big roar by Sai as he reestablishes a four point lead. The Indian is looking good for the win now.

Abhijeet Kulkarni: The problem with Sai has always been his lack of consistency. He will mesmerise you with his quality of strokes but will then make such silly mistakes that you are left wondering what went wrong.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 15-12 Lee Dong Keun

A big yell from Sai as he sends down another big smash to open up a three-point lead. Lee seems to have lost the momentum he had built up either side of the mid-game interval.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 11-11 Lee Dong Keun

And see, this is the thing with Sai. Every time you think he has a handle of things, he lets the opponent back into it. Four straight points for Lee after the break and we are back level at 11-11. A couple of errors from Sai and a booming smash from Lee to level things up.

Abhijeet Kulkarni: Sai has raised the level of his game and looking to finish points early with quality strokes. He has been mostly successful in the game plan and has a 11-7 lead in the second game.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 11-7 Lee Dong Keun

Two errors from Sai and that gives Lee a way back in. But the Indian finishes the next rally with a powerful around-the-head smash and takes a four-point lead. Both players looking a bit jaded but Sai definitely the better shot-maker, and that’s helping him out big time.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 10-5 Lee Dong Keun

Lee struggles with the challenging yet again: this one is the worst of all as the shuttle lands within the line! Two inside-out smashes from Sai, same end result. He is on a roll at the moment.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 8-5 Lee Dong Keun

A serious looking Gopichand applauds as Sai kills another rally with a smash, pouncing on a short lift from Lee. Indecision from Sai in the next rally and Lee wins that point to take serve back at 5-7. Then a poor serve from Lee.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 6-3 Lee Dong Keun

And Sai opens up a two-point lead. And at 5-3, another longish rally that leaves Lee on the floor. Brilliant smash to kill the point from the Indian and four straight points for him.

Sai Praneeth 21-16, 3-3 Lee Dong Keun

Tight in the early exchanges here once again and Sai levels things up at 3-3 with a superb shot at the net. There was a long rally earlier that Sai did well to stay in as well: not his forte, but did alright.

First game stats: Sai stepped on the gas in the last few points and comfortably takes the opening game 21-16.

Sai Praneeth 21-16 Lee Dong Keun

A series of good points from Sai Praneeth and he closes up the first game in impressive fashion. Not the cleanest of game-play by Sai but in 29 minutes, the Indian has a 1-0 lead.

Sai Praneeth 18-15 Lee Dong Keun

Those errors hopefully wont come to haunt Sai. He is commanding the rallies and then making error on the finish shot. He opens up a three-point lead at 17-14 and Lee takes the serve back. All very tense at the moment. A booming smash from Sai gives him the serve back and the three-point lead.

Sai Praneeth 15-13 Lee Dong Keun

A drop-smash combo by Sai sets up a two-point lead at 15-13 for the Indian. If he is not making the errors, Sai is controlling the rallies well on his racket.

Sai Praneeth 13-12 Lee Dong Keun

Two unsuccessful challenges from Lee in the space of a few minutes and Sai is in the lead.

Sai Praneeth 12-12 Lee Dong Keun

Sai levels things up 11-11 and at 11-12, the two players play out a fabulous rally that ends with a lovely kiss-the-line smash by the Indian. A 46-shot rally! Longest of the match. Back level at 12-12.

Abhijeet Kulkarni: Not much to choose between the two players so far. Sai has been slightly erratic but the quality of his strokes is keeping the Korean on his toes. Important for Sai to maintain that pressure though

5.55 pm: Update from doubles. Arun George and Sanyam Shukla have been knocked out by No 21 pair from Japan.

Sai Praneeth 9-11 Lee Dong Keun

The South Korean has a two-point lead after 13 minutes. Some fascinating exchanges between the players, and Lee is playing more attacking than one would have expected. Sai seems to have been caught by surprise.

Sai Praneeth 9-10 Lee Dong Keun

Lee Dong Keun was relentless in his attack on that point. Sai did well to stay in the rally despite slipping on the forehand corner. But the Korean wins the point to take a 9-7 lead. A lovely backhand push by Sai, deceptive at that, to take back the serve at 8-10. Lee makes a careless error to help Sai close the lead to just one point.

Sai Praneeth 5-8 Lee Dong Keun

Some erratic strokeplay from Sai in the opening exchanges here, a couple of good smashes, interspersed with unforced errors. Lee is a strong player on the defence and he is showing it off right now. At 4-8, a superb rally between the two players, with both showing their strengths. Sai’s shot-making wins out, and he closes the gap to 5-8.

Sai Praneeth 2-5 Lee Dong Keun

The players start with a 37 stroke rally. This is probably going to be a long long encounter unless Sai grabs the initiative quickly. As things stand the Korean has opened up a good lead.

5.38 pm: Time for Sai Praneeth’s 2nd round!

The 16th seed Indian won his first round match in straight games despite an erratic performance against Canada’s Jason Anthony Ho-Sue. He notched a 21-17, 21-16 win in the morning session of day one. He will now take on experienced Korean shuttler Lee Dong Keun, the former world No 16. A familiar name for followers of Premier Badminton League, too.

Opponent’s rank: 39

Head-to-head: Sai Praneeth 2-2 Lee Dong Keun

Previous meetings:

5.37 pm: Right, then. Prannoy’s third round fixture is all set... against world No 1 and defending champ Kento Momota! The Japan star wins 21-7, 21-7 in just 33 minutes against Spain’s Penalver. Next up, it is Sai Praneeth in action!

5.25 pm: Some interesting quotes from Prannoy after the win against Lin Dan. Looks like recent events regarding the Arjuna Award have spurred him on. Stay tuned for more.

5.20 pm: Arun George and Sanyam Shukla putting up a good fight against Takuto Inoue and Yuki Kaneko but the Japanese pair take the opening game 21-18. Meanwhile, Momota is racing towards a spot in the the third round.

5.06 pm: Arun George and Sanyam Shukla are in action in the men’s doubles on court 4 at the moment.

The young Indian pair, ranked 84 in the world, will have their tasks cut out against Takuto Inoue and Yuki Kaneko from Japan. The 21st-ranked pair are leading 11-8 in the first game at the moment.

4.58 pm: Kento Momota is in action against Spain’s Penalver. The winner of this match (that is, Momota) will be taking on Prannoy next.

4.35 pm: Ashwini Ponnappa and Sikki Reddy are through to the second round

The Indian pair progress in women’s doubles after receiving a walkover from their Chinese Taipei opponents. They have a tough second round fixture against Du Yue and Li Yin Hui of China, seeded 7th.

4.07 pm: A quick update on the Para Badminton World Championships, being held simultaneously with the main event for the first time. A mixed start for Indian shuttlers. Group stage will be followed by a knock out tournament.

3.58 pm: Here is a quick highlight-reel from Prannoy’s impressive win.

3.38 pm: Just found out about HS Prannoy’s superb win over Lin Dan? Missed the match? Don’t worry, here’s the report for you to catch up.

3.30 pm: While you are still celebrating Prannoy’s win over Lin Dan, here are the other results of the day on the other courts so far.

Women’s singles: 

Fitriani Fitriani bt Yvonne Li 21-14, 21-12

Soniia Cheah bt Yip Pui Yin 21-8, 21-18

Gregoria Mariska Tunjung bt Busanan Ongbamrungphan 21-14, 21-10

Kim Ga Eun bt Ksenia Polikarpova 21-18, 21-14

Lianne Tan bt Thuy Linh Nguyen 20-22, 22-20, 21-13

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 13-21, 21-7

Prannoy had too much in his tank for the decider and Lin Dan clearly failed to negotiate that. He hits a drop in the net to hand Prannoy the second round. Prannoy won 15 of the 17 points from 6-5 to canter to the third round where he is likely to face top seed and defending champion Kento Momota barring an upset later in the day.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 13-21, 17-6

It seems to be all over for Lin Dan and the Chinese legend seems to have given up. The shoulders have dropped and Prannoy is clearly the favourite from here on.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 13-21, 14-5

Prannoy has now won seven straight points and has a 9 point advantage over Lin Dan. The Chinese is looking tired and its important for the Indian to not concede an inch in the next few points.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 13-21, 11-5

Prannoy seemed to have been thinking the same as the line judges mopped the court. He went on all out attack mode to take two of the three points and then the Chinese misjudged the shuttle to give the Indian a six point advantage in the decider now.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 13-21, 8-5

There is no clear drift in the arena. But both players have struggled with the length of their tosses while playing from the end from which Lin Dan is playing from now. This means the Chinese will be in a position of advantage when the players change ends at the mid game interval. Important for Prannoy to widen the gap and win the next three points quickly.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 13-21, 4-3

Prannoy has rightly gone on the offensive in the decider here. But Lin Dan has the experience to control the rallies and frustrate his opponents. It’s important that Prannoy mixes things up and does not allow the Chinese to get under his skin.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 13-21

Lin Dan has forced his way into this match once Prannoy gave him an opening with a series of unforced errors early in the second game. The momentum has shifted towards the Chinese and the Indian will have to find a way to grap the initiative early in the third game.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 12-18

Lin Dan has made Prannoy pay every time the Indian makes a mistake with the length while playing to the Chinese backhand corner. The five-time former world champion has managed to go for the kill from that angle and it has worked well for him so far.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 8-14

Prannoy seems to have lost his rhthym in the second game. Has made a couple of errors while going for the down the line smashes. He is looking to play with patience and wait for his opportunities. But he needs to be aggressive and not allow Lin Dan to dictate terms in the rallies.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 8-11

Lin Dan has been a lot more proactive in the second game. Used the jump smash quite often to create an opening and then finish the point with a tap on the net. The real question is whether he has the physical fitness to play this high tempo game plan for long. For now, he has a three point advantage at the mid game interval.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 5-7

A flurry of unforced errors from Prannoy has allowed Lin Dan to stage a comeback in the second game. He has now won five straight points and is now making Prannoy work harder.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11, 4-2

The sixth point of the second game was a clear indicator of the physical fitness advantage Prannoy has over Lin Dan. He could quickly convert a defensive position to attack and went for a tap on the net. What will be important for the Indian from here on is to keep things simple and not run too ahead of himself. He can’t afford to give Lin Dan an opening.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 21-11

Prannoy needs just one game point to take the opening game in 19 minutes. He was clinical with his game plan, patient while going for the kill and had the speed to hurt Lin Dan when he tried to play the toss and drop game to frustrate the Indian.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 20-11

Prannoy has been in complete control in this game barring a few points when Lin Dan could weave his magic and catch the Indian by surprise. But with nine game points in his kitty, this game in definitely in Prannoy’s pocket.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 16-8

The rallies have been shorter and Prannoy’s superior court coverage and powerplay has kept Lin Dan guessing. Will be interesting to see what suprise the Chinese has in his bag to find a way back in this match.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 11-5

Lin Dan pushes a cross court drop wide and the Indian has a six points lead going into the mid-game interval.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 9-3

Prannoy’s game plan is simple. He is willing to hang on in the rallies till he can get an opportunity to for the kill. Lin Dan on his part trying to use the half smash a lot. The Indian is having the better of the exchanges for now.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan 4-2

Lin Dan has started with his tried and tested game plan of playing the toss-drop game to build a point. The first point last 21 shots. But Prannoy has the booming smash to trouble the veteran Chinese and the speed to reach the shuttle early.

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan

Both Prannoy and Lin Dan struggled in the opening games of their first round encounters before registering resounding wins. Would be interesting to see who gets off the block better today.

2.10 pm: Here is how the earlier encounters between the two players have panned out

HS Prannoy vs Lin Dan

World No 30 Prannoy, who is on a comeback trail after recovering from a stomach problem, fought back to beat 93rd-ranked Eetu Heino of Finland 17-21, 21-10, 21-11. Having received a late call up to the tournament after the withdrawals of Viktor Axelsen and Shi Yu Qi, Prannoy now has the chance to pull off a confidence-boosting upset.

The former world No 8 will face Chinese legend Lin Dan, now seeded 11th and ranked 17th in the world. Prannoy, who has a reputation of producing big upsets when on song, had defeated Lin Dan at the 2018 Indonesia Open and 2015 French Open and the head-to-head is level 2-2.

2:05 pm: Pornpawee Chochuwong finishes the second game on a canter to beat Rachel Honderich of Canada 21-15, 21-5 to advance to the second round.

The result also means that India’s HS Prannoy will now take the court against Lin Dan.

1.50 pm: While we wait for 5-time world champion Lin Dan to take the court for the second round against Prannoy here are the highlights of his come from behind win over Tien Minh Nguyen in the first round.

1.30 pm: The wait for the match between HS Prannoy and Lin Dan has only become longer as the first match on the TV court stretched to 45 minutes with the Australian mixed doubles pair of Simon Leung and Gronya Somerville beating veteran Russian combination of Evgenij Dremin and Evgenia Dimova 21-12, 8-21, 21-12.

Hello everyone and welcome to live updates from day two of the Badminton World Championships 2019 in Basel.

Indian shuttlers had a good day in office on the opening day of the BWF World Championships with the men’s singles players Kidambi Srikanth, B Sai Praneeth and HS Prannoy advancing to the second round in Basel on Monday.

Two of those players will be in action on day two. Prannoy’s second round battle with the five-time champion Lin Dan is the match to watch out for, as far as the Indian contingent is concerned. Sai Praneeth takes on Korea’s Lee Dong Keun.

PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal have received a bye in the opening round and will start their campaign on Wednesday.

Many of the Indian doubles pairs, including women’s doubles combination of Ashwini Ponnappa and N Sikki Reddy, will begin their campaign on Tuesday as well.