Shakib Al Hasan was banned by International Cricket Council for two years after he was found guilty of breaching the ICC Anti-Corruption Code and was charged for not reporting approaches by a bookie.

The bookie, traced by ICC’s Anti Corruption Unit to India, is Deepak Aggarwal. He has been under ACU’s surveillance for some time now.

Hailing from Sonipat district of Haryana, Aggarwal asked Shakib Al Hasan for inside information, team information and even his bank account details.

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“Aggarwal came on Dubai’s ICC anti-corruption unit’s radar because of his suspicious movement during a game in Abu Dhabi,” The Indian Express quoted a source in its report on Thursday.

Aggarwal, now based in Dubai, also runs a cricket academy in the National Capital Region and claims to be a promoter of a planned T20 league.

“We understand he isn’t the kingpin of the match-fixing syndicate but works for a Gwalior-based bookie, who is also on the ICC radar,” the source said.

“Aggarwal is a runner of sorts... whose job is to get in touch with players and lure them into giving inside information about the games they are involved in.”

The approaches by Aggarwal were not an isolated incident but were instead made over several months. And it was Al Hasan’s failure to report not one but three approaches from Aggarwal to provide him with Inside Information for betting purposes.