10.23 pm: Well, what an incredible day. SO MUCH HAPPENED! It will take some time for us to digest everything that happened in that match. Here is the report in case you missed the madness. Thanks for tuning into our coverage today and the tournament as a whole. It was plenty fun, alright.

Winning captain, Akbar Ali: It’s all about the hard work we have done over the last two years. Cannot thank the staff enough for our win. Bowlers got emotional, some of the things should not have happened. Hopefully this is the start of something big for us. (Quotes not verbatim)

India captain Priyam Garg: Bad day for us, but our boys fought really well. We made it difficult for them, and I would like to thank my team for that. Toss was a big factor.

Player of the tournament: Yashasvi Jaiswal! 400 runs in the tournament (the most by any player), with four half centuries and a century. What a player India have on their hands!

Player of the match: Akbar Ali, for his super-composed effort at the end. Led from the front! 43 off 77 balls.

10.03 pm: India’s unbeaten streak at the U19 World Cup comes to an end. Did not have their best day today but class of 2020 were impressive overall with Yashasvi Jaiswal & Ravi Bishnoi leading the way. Credit to Priyam Garg and Co!

10.01 pm: Cricbuzz also reporting about the fracas at the end. More details might emerge, let’s see.

9.53 pm: Praise pouring in for Bangladesh. This is quite the day in their history!

9.49 pm: Well, I am sure we will hear more about the brawl that was seemingly unfold. For now, let’s reflect on what was a stunning game of cricket. Plenty of emotions! Bangladesh are on seventh heaven clearly. So much happiness for the players and fans.

9.46 pm: There seemed to be skirmishes unfolding at the end of the match between the two sets of players after what was a hotly contested match. The broadcasters, perhaps unsurprisingly, cut away to replays with voiceovers. Not sure we have heard the last of that.


BAN NEED 1 OFF 24 BALLS: Rakibul punches the air in delight as he guides one past point for four. Bangladesh need just 2 more now. They pinch a single too. SCENES OF JOY.

CONFIRMATION: Bangladesh need 7 to win.


Bangladesh 163/7 after 41 overs: Potential good news for India? Covers coming off. Maybe one last chance for India.

Bangladesh 163/7 after 41 overs (ahead by 16 on DLS method): The Bangladesh players ran off the pitch when the covers came on but rest assured they won’t be in any hurry to come back even if the rain relents. Is there another twist on the cards, maybe?

PLAY STOPPED BY RAIN: Bangladesh are ahead by 16 RUNS (DLS method) if play does not resume in Potchefstroom.

PLAY STOPPED BY RAIN: Covers are coming on in Potchefstroom and if this is anything more than a passing shower, the World Cup will go to Bangladesh.

After 41 overs, Bangladesh 163/7 (Akbar 42, Rakibul 3)

The umpires getting together now....

Even a wicket here will not affect Bangladesh on the DLS par charts...

After 40 overs, Bangladesh 162/7 (Akbar 41, Rakibul 3)

Oh, what temperament being shown by Akbar Ali. He slows things down with adjustments to helmet, gloves and what not as the rain starts to fall heavier. Defeat imminent for India as another wicket-less over goes by. Five runs also came from that Jaiswal over, and Bangladesh are 18 ahead on DLS now.

Rain starts to fall in Potchefstroom and that is more good news for Bangladesh...

Jaiswal comes on to bowl...another roll of the dice by Garg.

After 39 overs, Bangladesh 157/7 (Akbar 37, Rakibul 2)

Two more runs for Akbar Ali, as he dabs one to fine leg for a couple. Turn and bounce for Ankolekar in the over but nothing vicious. The left-arm spinner cannot keep Akbar away from strike as the captain takes a single off the last ball. MASTERCLASS FROM THE CAPTAIN.

The under-bowled Atharva Ankolekar comes on...

After 38 overs, Bangladesh 154/7 (Akbar 34, Rakibul 2)

All going Bangladesh’s way at the moment. FOUR BYES! The ball from Akash lands on something at the end of the pitch, close to the stumps and bounces over Jurel for four. Just 24 more needed now for a historic win.

After 37 overs, Bangladesh 149/7 (Akbar 33, Rakibul 2)

Massive cheers in the Bangladesh dressing room as Akbar Ali scores his first run after nearly 5 overs. Kartik Tyagi has also bowled out, not his best day but not the worst of Indian bowlers on display either. The pacer did alright and he has done his reputation plenty of good in this tournament. BAN ahead of DLS par score by 7 runs,.

After 36 overs, Bangladesh 147/7 (Akbar 32, Rakibul 1)

Extras count keeps rising (29 now!), the match slips away from India again with the threat of rain looming large. Poor over by Akash Singh. BAN need 31 more to win.

35.3: WIDES GALORE! Three balls into the 36th over and three wides bowled by Akash Singh. Imagine if India lose this by a few runs on DLS. The wides are going to be hard to digest.BAN 147/7.

It’s getting gloomier....Bangladesh are still ahead on DLS. India need a wicket!

After 35 overs, Bangladesh 143/7 (Akbar 32, Rakibul 0)

Third maiden over on the trot! Good lines from Tyagi here but even better concentration from Akbar who is leading the run-chase. Bangladesh are still 2 runs ahead of par score on DLS so there is no reason to panic at all.

(The over-count has been corrected, please refresh the blog for the correct updates)


10 overs.
3 maidens.
30 runs.
4 wickets.

Leading wicket-taker of the tournament. Irrespective of how the match ends, India (and KXIP) have a real gem on their hands. 

After 34 overs, Bangladesh 143/7 (Akbar 32, Rakibul 0)

Dot ball first, googly. Dot ball again, googly. Down the leg side, not given a wide. Googly, beaten, appeal again and nothing doing. Outside edge, falls short of slip. Round the wicket off the last ball and played away. RAKIBUL SURVIVES! It’s a maiden and Ravi Bishnoi finishes off with 4/30 in his 10 overs. Huge relief for Bangladesh.

Rakibul on strike....Bishnoi’s last over! Two slips in place....big, big moment in the match.

After 33 overs, Bangladesh 143/7 (Akbar 32, Rakibul)

That is a lovely over by Tyagi, probably the most steady he has bowled all match. Akbar plays and misses a couple of times but ultimately, plays the over out. It is a maiden over, but for all the effort from Tyagi, not the wicket that India want desperately. Rain stays away for now.

Gamesmanship from Bangladesh...they are slowing things down. They are ahead by a couple of runs on DLS. Rain now would add more drama.

Bishnoi won’t bowl out...Tyagi comes back. Correct call? Who knows, really.

31.6: WICKET! JAISWAL STRIKES! IS THERE ANOTHER TWIST? Emon has thrown it away here with a rash shot. Jaiswal tossed one up and the left-hander drives one uppishly. Akash takes the catch. Emon limps off the field but he might have just done enough for Bangladesh here. BAN 143/7 and there is no love lost between the two sides.

After 31 overs, Bangladesh 141/6 (Akbar 31, Emon 46)

Bishnoi bowls his 9th over and Emon continues to win this mini-battle. All that talking in the previous over and this time around the outside edge goes past third man for four. Akbar then almost plays one on to the stumps, playing back in the crease. Hands on heads from Indians. Match has slipped away from them, you feel.

After 30 overs, Bangladesh 136/6 (Akbar 31, Emon 41)

Jaiswal comes on to bowl. He might well be the player of the tournament but that over is not going to win him any awards. An overthrow in that over and an outside edge for four down the third man region. Bangladesh need 42 off 20 overs. Rain still looms in the distance.

As if there is not enough drama, there is a storm coming towards the ground by the looks of it. Bangladesh are ahead on DLS by six runs after 29 overs....

After 29 overs, Bangladesh 128/6 (Akbar 26, Emon 38)

WHAT AN OVER: Huge appeal from Bishnoi off the first ball and it is turned down. Not even close to the bat! Bishnoi keeps beating Emon’s bat through the over and India keep appealing and Emon keeps laughing and Bishnoi keeps sledging...... JUST MORE DRAMA! And after the last ball, Bishnoi gives more coaching to Emon who taps the pitch with some real purpose to turn Bishnoi away. A maiden over but a win for Emon, really. The Bangladesh fans do their bit with the booing too.

Bishnoi back into the attack... make or break for India.

After 28 overs, Bangladesh 128/6 (Akbar 26, Emon 38)

The extras have bothered Tyagi and India right through the tournament and it has come back to haunt them on the big day. Another wide in that over (a tight call, to be fair) while Emon steals a single. You just get a sense the next two three overs could decide where this game goes.

After 27 overs, Bangladesh 126/6 (Akbar 26, Emon 37)

BIG OVER! Akash Singh releases the pressure on Bangladesh. Two more wides in that over (been a massive problem area for India) and two boundaries through the offside by Emon. Bangladesh fans are dancing again. The momentum has shifted again. Bangladesh back on track. Big time.

After 26 overs, Bangladesh 113/6 (Akbar 25, Emon 27)

Bangladesh fans and staff are cheering every single run. It really comes down to that, really. Run by run. Tyagi gets the outside edge off Akbar but it flies past the fielder at wide slip. Akbar is beaten off the last ball. Good over from Tyagi. India desperately need a second bowler to step up here.

Tyagi returns to the attack...care to make a prediction of the result?

8.00 pm: Bangladesh need 68 off 25 overs. India need four more wickets. It will take a brave human to predict correctly how this is going to unfold from here...

After 25 overs, Bangladesh 110/6 (Akbar 23, Emon 26)

Sushant continues and he bowls two more wides in the over! The extras count is up to 23 now. Much like a football game where both teams forget how to defend, this has been an error-filled, mad-cap U19 World Cup final. Both teams contributing to a sensational thriller with a fair few mistakes. Such drama. There is absolutely no telling where the next momentum shift is coming from.

After 24 overs, Bangladesh 107/6 (Akbar 23, Emon 26)

Ankolekar replaces Bishnoi and he has still not settled down today. Known for his accuracy, he has let himself down so far. A gift on Akbar’s pads, swept away for four.

The opener Emon (25 off 43 balls) is back in the middle after being retired hurt earlier...a proper batsman in the middle but it will be interesting to see how he moves.

22.6: WICKET! Oh, Avishek what have you done. He has been offered chance after chance and yet, instead of steadying himself he throws it away. Rush of blood. Rash pull shot and Sushant is overjoyed. Tyagi makes no mistake. BAN: 102/6 after 23 overs.

22.5: CHANCES! OH DEAR! India not taking the half chances at the moment. Ravi Bishnoi does well to anticipate a catch at point but he cannot get his fingers under a chance offered by Avishek. Then, the batsman hits a four. This is free stuff for Bangladesh at the moment, he should be back in the dressing room now. Next ball, TILAK PUTS DOWN A SITTER AT FIRST SLIP! Unlucky Sushant. Avishek Das, you better go buy a lottery young man. Today’s your day, perhaps.

After 21 overs, Bangladesh 97/5 (Akbar 18, Avishek 1)

CHANCE! OH DEAR! Ravi Bishnoi is brought back into the attack, perhaps to have a go at Avishek and off the first ball, a golden chance missed by the bowler. An easy direct hit (if ever there is one) missed on his follow through with Avishek trying to take a non-existent single. Akbar comes back on strike and hits a couple of boundaries! Just madness, this is. All happening. Avishek Das survives a couple of googlies later in the over. ALL HAPPENING!

After 21 overs, Bangladesh 87/5 (Akbar 9, Avishek 0)

What an odd, odd over from Sushant. A short ball that resulted in a gift of a wicket, a couple of wides and then a few harmless deliveries going with the angle. Quite incredible has figures of 1/12 in 4 overs.

20.1: WICKET!! AND JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT BANGLADESH ARE BACK! Sushant Mishra has had a horror evening with the ball so far and this is not the best delivery he has bowled in this tournament either. Shamim with a rush of blood and hits it to Jaiswal at deep point. BAN: 85/5

After 20 overs, Bangladesh 85/4 (Shamim 7, Akbar 9)

BIG OVER! Erratic from the usually accurate Ankolekar. A quicker ball darted down the leg side and it goes for five wides. And captain Akbar Ali finishes the over with a big hit over mdiwicket for a six. And just like that, the momentum swings back in Bangladesh’s over. Headaches for Garg now!

Atharva Ankolekar is into the attack now...can he reproduce his Youth Asia Cup heroics?

After 19 overs, Bangladesh 73/4 (Shamim 6, Akbar 3)

The left-handed Shamim shows good technique to play out the Bishnoi over. Bangladesh just need to play smart cricket from here on. Still well within their control. 105 needed off 31 overs.

After 18 overs, Bangladesh 70/4 (Shamim 4, Akbar 2)

Problem for India at the moment is that this has been a one-man show so far. For a team that did so well as a unit against Pakistan, there has been very little support for Bishnoi from the other end. Except maybe Akash to an extent. Tyagi with another wayward over on his return to the attack.

After 17 overs, Bangladesh 67/4 (Shamim 1, Akbar 2)

Bangladesh captain Akbar has not had a great tournament with the bat but what a time for him to step up. For Bangladesh, this is now about just playing out Bishnoi’s over somehow. He has FIVE left. The leg-spinner’s current bowling figures: 5-1-12-4.

7.17 pm: Ravi Bishnoi, has just been sensational. Leading wicket-taker in the tournament now.

12.5: Mahmudul falls to a googly (62/2)
14.1: Hridoy falls to a googly (62/3)
16.1: Shahadat falls to a googly - brilliance from Jurel (65/4)

16.1: WICKET! WHAT A BOWLER! WHAT A TURNAROUND! The wicket will go in the name of Bishnoi but this is all down to Jurel. Sensational from the keeper as he pounces on a moment of misjudgement by Shahadat. The ball trickles to the keeper and the backfoot has dragged out. STUMPING! Bishnoi has his fourth. Bangladesh 65/4

After 15 overs, Bangladesh 64/3 (Shahadat 0, Akbar 2)

Mahmudul Hasan Joy and Towhid Hridoy have NINE centuries between them in U19 cricket. Ravi Bishnoi has sent them both back in the space of two overs. This has been a stunning spell from the right arm googly bowler! There were more appeals in that over too, couple of them looked close. Umpire asking India to calm down. This game has swung around in no time!

14.1: WICKET! RAVI BISHNOI AGAIN! The leg-spinner has brought India back into the match big time. India’s leading wicket taker at this tournament for a reason. It’s the massive wicket of Hridoy. LBW! Don’t be surprised, it is a googly again. BANGLADESH IN TROUBLE!

After 14 overs, Bangladesh 62/2 (Hridoy 0, Shahadat 0)

A maiden over from Akash Singh. And what a good over too! Almost had the wicket of Shahadat. A peach of a in-swinging delivery that just misses the stumps.

After 13 overs, Bangladesh 62/2 (Hridoy 0, Shahadat 0)

End of potentially a game-changing over. Akash Singh comes into the attack from the other end. India need to build pressure now.

RETIRED HURT: Emon walks back. Well, well. Is this a momentum shift in the match? Soon after Mahmudul is out, opener Emon limps off the field and now suddenly Bangladesh have two new batsmen in the middle.

12.5: WICKET! RAVI BISHNOI STRIKES! That is a big one for India. It is the googly again from the leg-spinner, no surprises. Cramps Mahmudul for room and he is bowled. A send off from Bishnoi too, who has his 2nd of the match. As Mahmudul walks back, Emon is on the ground by what looks like cramps too. Is this a sign of momentum changing? IND: 62/2

After 12 overs, Bangladesh 59/1 (Emon 22, Joy 8)

Poor ball from Sushant as he goes around the stumps to Mahmudul. It was an absolute gift of a full toss, and was put away by the right-hander behind point for four. Another full toss to end the over. He needs to be careful with those: not far away from another beamer and being taken off the attack.

Sushant Mishra is back into the attack...

After 11 overs, Bangladesh 55/1 (Emon 22, Joy 4)

Maiden over by Bishnoi, with a couple of caught behind appeals against Emon. The umpire is not interested. The second one was especially desperate but did not look like there was any edge on that.

After 10 overs, Bangladesh 55/1 (Emon 22, Joy 4)

No joy for Mahmudul as he gets hit on the box by Akash and he is in pain. But he gets back on his feet and plays one of the shots of the match. Extra cover drive for four and there is plenty of joy for the Bangladesh fans.

STAT: Hero of the semi-final for Bangladesh, Mahmudul Hasan Joy is in the middle. He and Tanmay Hridoy (expected to bat at No 4) share 9 U19 centuries between them.

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8.5: WICKET! Ravi Bishnoi strikes back! India finally have the breakthrough. Bit daft from Tamim Tanzid Hasan, going for the big shot after hitting the six. Tyagi takes the catch and looks to the Indian fans behind him for some adrenaline. It was a wrong ‘un and Tamim went for a slog again. Not sensible cricket. BAN: 50/1

8.2: SIX! What a way to welcome the opposition’s best bowler to the bowling crease. Tamim sweeps one brilliantly off Ravi Bishnoi for a six over midwicket. The 50 partnership comes up for the opening pair. BAN: 50/0

After 8 overs, Bangladesh 44/0 (Emon 21, Tamim 11)

This is classy batting. Sensible. Not worried about playing out dot balls and the moment there is room to free arms, Emon does it so. He has moved on to 21 and India’s situation gets more desperate. Slaps one over point off Akash.

After 7 overs, Bangladesh 39/0 (Emon 17, Tamim 10)

Ah, lovely cover drive by Emon off Tyagi. He has a unique technique, as he stands well ahead of the crease and then moves back into the crease by a couple of feet at the time of the bowler’s delivery stride.

After 6 overs, Bangladesh 33/0 (Emon 13, Tamim 9)

Akash Singh had words exchanged with Emon (including a finger-wag from the batsman asking the bowler to go back to his mark) and the Bangladesh opener hits a lofted four over midwicket to have the final say in that mini-battle. And that too with a cracked bat! The bat needs changing but that over again belonged to Bangladesh.

Akash Singh replaces Sushant Mishra

After 5 overs, Bangladesh 29/0 (Emon 9, Tamim 9)

Tyagi is cranking up the pace now! Good stuff from the right-arm pacer as Emon has a tough time negotiating the speed at which Tyagi is going. But the situation of the game is such that Bangladesh can happily play out dot balls early on here.

H2H at U19 WC as of now: India 3-1 Bangladesh

After 4 overs, Bangladesh 27/0 (Emon 8, Tamim 8)

More indiscipline from India. No run off the bat but still 7 runs come from that 4th over. Sushant Mishra is a lucky man to be still bowling. The beamer in the first over was not considered dangerous and he bowls another in his 2nd over to get his first warning. The no-ball also resulted in four byes. Mishra does well off the free hit again though.

After 3 overs, Bangladesh 20/0 (Emon 8, Tamim 8)

Better from Tyagi. A short ball takes the edge of the bat when Emon was ducking but fell in no man’s land and there was a massive LBW appeal turned down against Tamim. (Just about rightly so perhaps).

After 2 overs, Bangladesh 18/0 (Emon 7, Tamim 8)

Another over, another boundary for Bangladesh. This time Emon, finishes off what was otherwise a good over by Sushant with a powerful off-drive for four. Authority there! Sushant had bowled a beamer in that over but the free hit was wasted by Emon, who made up for it at the end of the over.

After 1 over, Bangladesh 13/0 (Emon 3, Tamim 8)

Definitely not the start India wanted. Two boundaries for Tamim and Bangladesh are off to a rapid start. First is a classy extra cover drive and then a well-timed flick past midwicket to end the over. Tyagi, like he has shown the tendency to do, bowls a couple of wides early in the over. The first ball was, in fact, destined to go for 5 wides but Jurel did well.

5.35 pm: The Indian huddle is done. Kartik Tyagi has the ball in hand. Bangladesh need 178 runs to create history. India need early wickets. Here we go!

INNINGS BREAK: A couple of pointers to cheer Indian fans up. India have bowled out every team in the ongoing World Cup. And India won a low-scoring thriller against Bangladesh in the Youth Asia Cup.

INNINGS BREAK: Bangladesh make their way out of the field with their heads held high. It was a performance to be proud of but the job is only half done. Indian bowlers have been impressive so far in the tournament. Can they pull this off? Join us in a bit for the second innings.

End of India’s innings: Everything went pear-shaped for India from the 40th over.

Overs 1-10: 23/1 

Overs 11-20: 40/0 

Overs 21-30: 44/1  

Overs 31-40: 49/3 

Overs 41-48: 21/5

47.2: WICKET! Sakib gets the final wicket of the Indian innings and fittingly, it ends with a superb catch. What a fielding performance! Mishra is out, as Shoriful takes a superb catch at deep third man. India 177 all out in 47.2 overs.

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After 47 overs, India 174/9 (Akash 1, Sushant 1)

India just looking to play out the 50 overs now. As good as Rakibul is, even he wouldn’t have dreamed bowling a maiden over in the 48th over of the innings.

After 46 overs, India 174/9 (Akash 1, Sushant 1)

Shoriful, arguably the leader of the pace-attack, finishes with figures of 2/31 after his 10 overs. And those two wickets in the one over (Jaiswal and Veer) are the prime reasons for this collapse.

44.6: WICKET! A slightly erratic over by Avishek but he gets the wicket to cap it off. Kartik Tyagi guides one down the leg side into the hands of the keeper-captain Akbar Ali. More joy for Bangladesh. The procession continues. INDIA: 172/9 after 45 overs.

43.5: WICKET! Oh dear. India are unravelling in Potchefstroom. Ankolekar is involved in another runout. This time Bishnoi pays the price. Disastrous running by India, sensational fielding by Bangladesh. Shoriful did well in his followthrough to produce the direct hit. IND: 170/7 at the end of 44 overs.

INCREDIBLE: This is not a moment to remember for India at this World Cup. India 169/6 after 43 overs.

42.1: WICKET! One of the most incredible runouts you will EVER see. India have outdone Pakistan, honestly. Both Jurel and Ankolekar reach the crease at the same time. Literally nothing to choose between the two! Lengthy replays, no decision yet. And it is Jurel, the striker, who has to walk back. Madness. Utter madness. IND: 168/6

After 42 overs, India 168/5 (Jurel 22, Ankolekar 3)

Jurel getting into a good hitting rhythm now. Short ball from Shoriful was pulled away with disdain in that over for a four. India need more of that from the vice-captain.

After 41 overs, India 161/5 (Jurel 16, Ankolekar 3)

The complexion of the innings has changed completely for India. What can Jurel and Ankolekar do from here? Tidy over by Avishek.

4.28 pm: India in trouble now, folks:

Overs 1-10: 23/1 

Overs 11-20: 40/0 

Overs 21-30: 44/1  

Overs 31-40: 49/3 

39.6: WICKET! Two in two for Shoriful. India would have wanted to start the last 10 overs strongly, instead Bangladesh pick up two quick wickets as Veer is gone for a duck. An LBW appeal, massive one at that and the umpire obliges. Shoriful will be on a hat-trick at the start of his next over. IND: 156/5 at the end of 40 overs.

39.5: WICKET! A MASSIVE MOMENT! Jaiswal’s sensational innings comes to an end on 88 as Shoriful picks up the big wicket for Bangladesh. More shushing from Bangladesh. India lose their main wicket at a critical time. Went for a hard pull shot but ended up lobbing it to midwicket. IND: 156/4

39.3: A superb yorker, brilliantly kept out by Jaiswal, sharp fielding at point, good throw, good awareness by Jurel, good backing up. That one ball was high quality cricket all around!

After 39 overs, India 151/3 (Jaiswal 84, Jurel 13)

FOUR! Once again, the moment he sees a ball in his hitting zone, he puts it away. Lofted cover drive for four as Jaiswal moves on to 84*. The 150 comes up for India.

STAT: India have not conceded 230-plus in an innings even once since the end of 2016 World Cup. That will be the first target for the Indian batsmen here.

After 38 overs, India 145/3 (Jaiswal 80, Jurel 12)

Shoriful is back into the attack and Jurel continues to struggle with his timing. Jaiswal too gets away with a mishit pull off a bouncer.

After 37 overs, India 140/3 (Jaiswal 77, Jurel 10)

Shamim gets through another fairly tidy over. Five runs off it without a risk for India but at this stage Bangladesh might not mind that.

After 36 overs, India 135/3 (Jaiswal 76, Jurel 6)

FOUR! Rakibul has been getting the ball to turn and he tries to tempt Jaiswal to go against the spin with no fielder in the deep on the offside. And what does Jaiswal do? Plays a superb cover drive anyway, to help himself to a boundary! Fantastic cricket, all around to be honest.

After 35 overs, India 128/3 (Jaiswal 71, Jurel 4)

Shamim has been the bowler India have looked to target but he offers up a couple of dollies in that over that Jurel cannot make the most of. Not good batting there by the Indian vice-captain.

After 34 overs, India 124/3 (Jaiswal 69, Jurel 2)

FOUR! Jaiswal has been the best batsman in the tournament for a reason. In his hitting zone, driven powerfully through cover off Rakibul. What a shot and that too against a bowler as miserly as Rakibul. Retains the strike too.

After 33 overs, India 117/3 (Jaiswal 63, Jurel 1)

The vice-captain has replaced the captain in the middle and India will be looking to rebuild again. Sakib and Rakibul have provided to crucial breakthroughs here. Bangladesh fans making all the noise from the stands at the moment.

31.3: WICKET! Well, well. Priyam Garg gone! India’s middle order has barely spent time in the middle in this tournament. And now there is potential trouble. Priyam Garg chips one straight to cover. Rakibul gets the wicket, celebrates by shushing. Not for the first time today, mind you. Bangladesh have been quite intent on keeping things very quiet from an Indian perspective. IND: 114/3

After 31 overs, India 112/2 (Jaiswal 61, Garg 5)

Bangladesh looking for a wicket here as they could potentially expose India’s middle order. Sakib continues. Good over for India, five runs off it as Garg gets going with a couple of edgy shots.

After 30 overs, India 107/2 (Jaiswal 59, Garg 2)

End of 30 overs and India would ideally want to score 120-plus in the last 20 overs, minimum.

Overs 1-10: 23/1 

Overs 11-20: 40/0 

Overs 21-30: 44/1  

After 29 overs, India 103/2 (Jaiswal 57)

WICKET! Sakib strikes as Tilak looks to accelerate. Timed that cut shot well but the ball was hit straight to the fielder in the deep. Breakthrough for Bangladesh. Tilak might have wanted to up the tempo by himself instead of Jaiswal. Good idea, bad execution.

28.2: SIX! Jaiswal launches into Sakib, who has been chirpy a fair bit today. Is he looking to accelerate here? India would want him not to lose his wicket. Loses his shape off the next ball. Couple of times in the tournament Yashasvi has given his wicket away after getting to the fifty so it is great to see Tilak Varma go up to him and calm him down after the opener was losing his shape. India cannot afford to lose his wicket now.

After 28 overs, India 95/1 (Jaiswal 50, Tilak 38)

FIFTY! Yashasvi Jaiswal has NOT been dismissed EVEN ONCE in this tournament below fifty and in the final, he notches up his fourth half century of this World Cup. What a player! One of the #FutureStars, indeed.

After 27 overs, India 91/1 (Jaiswal 48, Tilak 35)

Shamim is probably the over India have decided to target today. Strays one on the pads for Tilak, who stumbles but still sweeps fine for four. Good over for India. 8 runs conceded by Shamim.

After 26 overs, India 83/1 (Jaiswal 45, Tilak 30)

Another tidy over by Hridoy who is slipping in a few too many quiet overs for India’s liking.

After 25 overs, India 80/1 (Jaiswal 44, Tilak 28)

FOUR! Just when you thought India needed a change of gear, Tilak Varma breaks the shackles with a four over point off Avishek Das. India need more of that now. At the halfway stage of the innings, the 100 is still 20 runs away.

After *24 overs, India 74/1 (Jaiswal 43, Tilak 23)

Bangladesh are doing the right think in this phase by not giving any easy runs to India. Every over is on the money. The pressure starting to show perhaps on the Indian batters. Tilak, then, frees his arms to a short ball and sends it over point for four.

After 23 overs, India 74/1 (Jaiswal 43, Tilak 23)

Signs of restlessness for India? A couple of attempted shots but no timing for both Jaiswal and Tilak as Hridoy concedes just one run. Something’s gotta give here, you’d think. India cannot let Bangladesh’s sixth bowler get away with tight overs.

After 22 overs, India 73/1 (Jaiswal 42, Tilak 23)

Akbar Ali has shuffled his bowlers around a fair bit today. Avishek Das is back into the attack to replace Shoriful. India still content to work the gaps in the field and take the singles on offer.

After 22 overs, India 70/1 (Jaiswal 40, Tilak 22)

Hridoy comes on to bowl his off-spinners. Four singles in that over, India won’t mind that again.

After 21 overs, India 66/1 (Jaiswal 38, Tilak 20)

Shoriful does it again: beats Jaiswal outside his offstump. Rarely seen throughout the tournament, seen regularly today. More aggression from the pacer, more smiles from Jaiswal.

After 20 overs, India 63/1 (Jaiswal 37, Tilak 18)

Four overs bowled, 2 runs conceded in each! There is a reason by Rakibul has been Bangladesh’s best bowler in the tournament. Superb control, bowling to his field. Great stuff from the left-arm spinner.

After 19 overs, India 61/1 (Jaiswal 36, Tilak 17)

Shoriful, the left-arm seamer, comes back in to the attack and concedes just two singles in the over. He had walked away from the field earlier.

STAT: Fifty partnership comes up between Tilak Varma and Yashasvi Jaiswal

After 18 overs, India 59/1 (Jaiswal 35, Tilak 16)

Rakibul continues to keep it tight. Another over with just two singles in it.

After 17 overs, India 57/1 (Jaiswal 34, Tilak 15)

Couple of boundaries in the over for India as Shamim continues. First, Jaiswal. Top placement. Perfectly lofted into the empty area of the field by Jaiswal as he picks up a boundary through the midwicket region. Fifty comes up for India with that. He cleverly takes a single off the next ball. Then, Tilak hits his first four with a lovely extra cover drive.

After 16 overs, India 46/1 (Jaiswal 28, Tilak 10)

Rakibul’s economy rate has been sensational in this tournament and he has started off with a tight couple of overs. Just two singles.

After 15 overs, India 44/1 (Jaiswal 27, Tilak 9)

Just as we said a few overs back, these are the kind of overs India will be delighted with at the moment. Six balls, six singles off Shamim’s over.

A change of ends for Shamim and we might have spin from both ends for a while now...

After 14 overs, India 38/1 (Jaiswal 24, Tilak 6)

Jaiswal has started to keep the scoreboard ticking and India will be hoping he carries on deep into this innings. Time for a drinks break after an absorbing first hour in Potchefstroom.

Looked like Bangladesh kept Rakibul out of the attack with two left-handers in the middle but it was just one over from Shamim. The left-arm spinner is now into the attack...

After 13 overs, India 36/1 (Jaiswal 23, Tilak 5)

Avishek continues. These are the sort of overs India will be delighted with at the moment. Singles and twos, a wide or two, and six runs without a risk being taken. For the next 10 overs or so, India would be more than happy with such risk-free overs with 4-5 runs off it but for all we know, Jaiswal might now choose go after the spinners.

After 12 overs, India 30/1 (Jaiswal 20, Tilak 3)

Just 2 runs from that over by offie Shamim but you could immediately see the two Indian left-handers are adept at handling at spin. Confident batting, tight bowling.

Spin for the first time...Shamim comes in to the attack.

After 11 overs, India 28/1 (Jaiswal 19, Tilak 2)

Now, on the offside by Jaiswal. First sign of his elegant cover drive today as he finds the gap off a length ball from Avishek.

After 10 overs, India 23/1 (Jaiswal 14, Tilak 2)

End of the first powerplay: Another tight over by Sakib as the first 10 overs come to a close. Just a couple of singles there. Jaiswal is starting to find his timing and rhythm but the first 10 overs belonged to Bangladesh without a doubt. A superb start to this final. India’s lowest score at the end of 10 overs in this tournament so far.

After 9 overs, India 21/1 (Jaiswal 13, Tilak 1)

FOUR! Perfect balance, perfect balance of the head, perfect timing, perfect placement. “Poetry,” says Tom Moody as he Jaiswal flicks one through midwicket for four.

Play resumes...

OUCH: Tilak Verma, the new batsman in, gets hit on the knee from a throw from mid-on as he completes a quick single. It seems to have hit him flush on the knee behind the pad. That will hurt. It is a break in play. IND 16/1 (8.3)

After 8 overs, India 15/1 (Jaiswal 9, Tilak 0)

FOUR! The first boundary of the final, at long last. Short from Sakib, Jaiswal rocks back and pulls it away with authority. He will now look to shift gears, you’d think. Picks up a couple off the last ball. Jaiswal moves on to 9 off 29 balls. Shoriful, meanwhile, seems to have walked off the pitch.

6.4: WICKET! BREAKTHROUGH! Bowling change for Bangladesh and the first wicket. The pressure pays! Avishek Das strikes in his first over as Saxena has a rush of blood. Sees a full ball and perhaps thinks that he needs to get a move on. Slices the shot and it is an easy catch for backward point. Out for 2 off 17. Good start gets better for Bangladesh. IND: 9/1

After 6 overs, India 8/0 (Jaiswal 3, Saxena 2)

The talking is back. Sakib is back at it after one quiet over. He has a few exchanges with Jaiswal. Well, not quite an exchange because Jaiswal is not exactly giving him anything back other than the odd smile and nod. After 17 dot balls, Sakib finally concedes a run... it’s a wide. And finishes the over with more words. He has kept Jaiswal quiet, but Jaiswal has kept his composure (and wicket) in tact. Hard to say who is winning this battle.

After 5 overs, India 7/0 (Jaiswal 3, Saxena 2)

Another good over by Shoriful where the Bangladesh fielders put in a couple of top efforts. With the sledging dying down after the first couple of overs, Bangladesh continue to bowl fantastic lines and lengths. The fielding has been superb as well to keep Indian openers quiet. Very quiet.

STAT: India have lost a wicket in the first powerplay only once in the tournament so far: with two balls to go in the 10th over against Australia.

After 4 overs, India 4/0 (Jaiswal 2, Saxena 1)

Fewer words being exchanged by the teams now and I think the game is better off for that. The quality of cricket is already at a high enough level without these shenanigans. It is another maiden over by Sakib! Holding a superb angle to Jaiswal from over the wicket. The Indian opener, interestingly, did not even look at the bowler after facing the ball. Focus.

After 3 overs, India 4/0 (Jaiswal 2, Saxena 1)

Jaiswal is again beaten in the over by Shoriful but India do get off the mark in that over. Both openers pick up their first runs. A bouncer goes over Saxena’s head for the first extra of the game.

After 2 overs, India 0/0 (Jaiswal 0, Saxena 0)

Back-to-back maiden overs: It is, not surprisingly, a very aggressive start by Bangladesh. (Perhaps a tad too much, if anything). Sakib has a few words exchanged with Divyaansh in the 2nd over. The Indian opener was very unhappy with a throw that came back at him, close to the helmet. The bowler not even a tiny bit apologetic. Umpire gets involved. And that does not calm Sakib down..a bouncer followed by more words. It is just a bit too fiery early on from Bangladesh. Signs they are getting a bit carried away? Or signs that they are going to give India a run for the money?

After 1 over, India 0/0 (Jaiswal 0, Saxena 0)

If you thought at the U19 level, India vs Bangladesh could be less intense....well, the first over would have proven you wrong. A very chirpy (and a very good) first over by Shoriful and we are off a drama-filled start in the final! Jaiswal has shown great temperament in the powerplay through the event but he was rarely beaten by bowlers: he was twice in that over! So, irrespective of what you thought about the attempted sledging, it was a superb over.

1.31 pm: Yashasvi Jaiswal and Divyaansh Saxena have been solid at the top for India. Shoriful has the new ball in his hand. Ladies and gentlemen, we are underway in Potchefstroom!

1.27 pm: National anthems time! So here’s a mandatory reminder....

1.23 pm: India unchanged while Bangladesh have strengthened their bowling, hoping to make use of any assistance in the pitch. Avishek Das comes in.

Which team looks stronger on paper?

1.20 pm: Bangladesh, on a nine-match unbeaten streak....

Bangladesh have gone one step further than their run to the 2016 semi-finals, as Mahmudul Hasan Joy’s hundred against New Zealand laid the basis for a six-wicket win.

Bangladesh’s triumph set up a third all-Asian final in the U19 World Cup, but this is the first to be played outside the sub-continent.

“We will play it as a normal game. We can’t take the pressure of thinking that this is our first final,” said Bangladesh skipper Akbar.

“India is a very good side, and we have to play our ‘A’ game. We have to do the best in all three departments. Bangladeshi cricket fans are crazy, and I hope we will continue to get the same support that we’ve been getting.”

Their group stage started in scintillating fashion, overcoming Zimbabwe and Scotland by nine wickets (DLS) and seven wickets respectively to secure their place in the Super League.

The Tigers’ Group C decider against Pakistan was unfortunately washed out but their impressive start to the competition saw them finish as group winners.

Since then they haven’t looked back, comprehensively beating hosts South Africa in the Super League Quarter-Final before getting the better of New Zealand in the last four.

1.17 pm: Are you excited for this match? India vs Bangladesh has turned into a fascinating rivalry across formats in recent times. Will today be another chapter?

1.13 pm: Jaiswal’s century against Pakistan, achieved with a match-clinching six, powered India into a seventh final and third on the trot. But the foundation for the win was laid by the bowlers, who Priyam Garg believes is best in the tournament. For good reasons.

Jaiswal was superb but India’s bowlers were true architects of win against Pakistan

1.05 pm: India are unchanged in the final. Bangladesh have made one change. Confirmed playing XIs coming up shortly.

1.02 pm: Bangladesh win the toss and opt to bowl first in the final! There was rain last night and Akbar Ali says his side wants to exploit any early help on the surface.

1.00 pm: Time for the toss.

12.58 pm:

12.48 pm: In the final, India run into Bangladesh, a team which too has reaped the benefits of meticulous planning since their quarterfinal loss at the 2018 edition.

Though the Priyam Garg-led Indian side got the better of them in the tri-series in England and Asia Cup last year, Bangladesh have always come up with a fight and India’s fielding coach Sharma expects it would be no different on Sunday.

“They are a very good side. There is a lot of mutual respect. I can tell you that,” he said.

Considering it is their maiden final, it is a bigger game for Bangladesh. If they win, it will be sweet revenge against the sub-continental giants, who have found a way to tame Bangladesh at the senior level in close knockout matches including the 2018 Nidahas Trophy and 2016 World T20.

12.45 pm: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the U19 World Cup final! We are ready for a cracking final between India and Bangladesh.

India start favourites

Defending champions India are favourites to win a record fifth U-19 World Cup title in Bloemfontein on Sunday but a tough fight is expected from first-timers Bangladesh in an all-Asian final.

If the India squad for the 2018 edition had the likes of Prithvi Shaw and Shubman Gill, who have expectedly gone on to play for the senior team, the exploits of opener Yashasvi Jaiswal, spinner Ravi Bishnoi and pacer Kartik Tyagi in the current edition have made them stars to watch out for.

Irrespective of what happens in Sunday’s final, India have reinforced the fact that they are a force to be reckoned with at the under-19 level.

India, who walloped arch-rivals Pakistan by 10 wickets in the semifinal on Tuesday, will be playing their seventh final since 2000 when they lifted the trophy for the first time.

Having said that, success at the U-19 level doesn’t guarantee success at the highest level as not all players have the ability to go on and play for India.

Only the exceptionally talented like Shaw and Gill get to realise their dream as the competition is only getting tougher in the ever-improving Indian cricket.

And facing the Indian side, in their first ever ICC event final at any level, is Bangladesh: also unbeaten at the tournament.