India cricketer Mayank Agarwal has said that the current lockdown due to the coronavirus is strange for him as he is not used to staying away from the game for this long.

In an interview with The Times of India, the 29-year-old said that he is using this time to learn new skills while also maintaining his physical and mental health.

“Fitness for me is not just about working on the physical aspect. It is also a lot of mental discipline, because there are times during training or working out when you feel like stopping,” said Agarwal.

“You just don’t feel like pushing beyond the limits. As sportsmen, we know often the mind gives up before the body. So, having a mind-set to be fit helps in breaking that mental indiscipline.”

Agarwal, who had a brilliant home Test season last year before making his One-Day International debut in New Zealand earlier this year, said he is working hard to not let the current stagnation affect him.

“This is probably the longest I haven’t been able to bat in the nets,” he said. “For most of us who are used to having a busy schedule and routine, it is tough not to be doing what we are used to.

“The break is nice, yes. But not having something to look forward to, and not knowing when this is all going to get over and we can get back to the routine, is a little strange. As much as we are hard-working, we also have to be flexible in understanding the situation and respond accordingly.”