Australian leg spin legend Shane Warne admitted that he has committed some horrible mistakes but insisted he still took pride in the fact that he remained true to himself.

The 50-year-old was involved in many controversies on and off the field during his playing career that included a fixing probe, a doping ban and run in with fellow players.

“I’m not proud of all of my decisions,” Warne said on Fox Cricket show ‘A Week with Warnie’. “I made some horrible mistakes and choices with things. But I was always true to myself and that’s what I’m proud of today.”

Warne, who took over 1000 international wickets, was considered to be a colourful personality off the field as well and that led to his divorce from wife Simone Callahan in 2005. “I let my family down, I embarrassed my children ... but that’s something I have to live with,” he added.

The leg-spinner, however, insisted that while his transgressions were correctly reported, there were quite a few things that appeared in the media were false and even his good deeds were not highlighted.

“But for all of those bad choices I’ve also been very proud of all the good things I’ve done. I’ve done a lot of good things but sometimes people like to harp on about the bad things because it’s a better headline,” he said.