It’s been a weekend of some spectacularly poor misses in the world of football.

Aster Vranckx in the Belgian Pro League caught the world’s eye with a miss when it seemed inevitable to score rather than put the ball into the back of a gaping net.

Everton’s Richarlison came close to rivaling Vranckx with a poor miss of his own in the Toffees’ 1-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

However, in France’s Ligue 1, Brest’s Irvin Cardona almost made it up for the misfiring strikers around the world by scoring a physic-defying volley.

Standing free at the far post, Cardona jumped almost 2-3 feet in the air to fire an outrageous volley with his right foot. With an effort that would not be out of place in a Shaolin Soccer movie, Cardona thumped one in while seemingly levitating.

Cardona’s goal in the dying minutes of the match capped off a 2-0 win for Brest over Dijon that helped the club post their first win of the season after two defeats in the first two matches.

Here’s the incredible finish from Brest’s Irvin Cardona:

You can also watch the goal on Youtube here.