DC 147/7 (20 overs; Rabada 15, Nortje 3)

SRH have beaten DC by 15 runs. They have their first win of IPL 2020. Brilliant bowling by Rashid and Bhuvneshwar but let us not forget the batsmen who judged the wicket well. Williamson’s cameo might have been the difference.

DC 138/7 (19.3 overs; Rabada 9)

Another wicket. All over now for DC. Khaleel sends back Axar, who played on.

Axar b Khaleel Ahmed 5(6)

DC 135/6 (19 overs; Axar 5, Rabada 6)

Delhi Capitals need 28 runs in 6 balls. Another solid over by Bhuvi. DC need a miracle here.

DC 126/6 (18 overs; Axar 3)

WICKET! Superb yorker by Natarajan, traps Stoinis bang in front. The DRS doesn’t help his case. Big wicket this.

Stoinis lbw b T Natarajan 11(9)

DC 117/5 (16.4 overs; Stoinis 6)

WICKET! That man Rashid strikes again. He has been so good today. This time, Pant made some space and tried to smash him to the leg side but only found Garg in the deep.

Pant c Priyam Garg b Rashid Khan 28(27)

DC 114/4 (16 overs; Pant 27, Stoinis 4)

Delhi Capitals need 49 runs in 24 balls. Stoinis and Pant are both more than capable of hitting the big shots.

DC 104/4 (15.1 overs; Pant 22)

WICKET! Bhuvi back into the attack and he gets the wicket of the dangerous-looking Hetmyer. No substitute for experience.

Hetmyer c Manish Pandey b Bhuvneshwar 21(12)

DC 104/3 (15 overs; Pant 22, Hetmyer 21)

Poor bowling by Khaleel. Two poor balls and Hetmyer hit them both for six. Last 5 overs, DC have scored 50 runs. SRH still have one over from Rashid and that could be a gamechanger.

DC 88/3 (14 overs; Pant 22, Hetmyer 6)

Delhi Capitals need 75 runs in 36 balls. It will start to get tense now but as we have seen over the last two days, T20 matches can change very quickly.

DC 78/3 (13 overs; Pant 20, Hetmyer 3)

Pant was dropped by Abhishek off the fourth ball. A difficult chance, it was smashed back really hard. But then Pant responded by smashing the fifth and sixth balls for six.

DC 62/3 (11.3 overs; Pant 6)

SRH get their DRS review right and Dhawan is walking back. Wicket to Rashid. SRH edge ahead. The pressure is all on DC now.

Dhawan c Bairstow b Rashid Khan 34(31)

DC 60/2 (11 overs; Dhawan 33, Pant 6)

Slow and steady. Will SRH be missing Nabi? Or will they be happy they had Williamson to score those vital runs? Asking run-rate is up to 11.5 now.

DC 54/2 (10 overs; Dhawan 29, Pant 4)

One poor ball (on the legs) got Dhawan four runs. But otherwise, Rashid is giving nothing away. He is getting the ball to turn and DC might just want to play him out.

DC 48/2 (9 overs; Dhawan 24, Pant 3)

Two Delhi boys in the middle for DC but it isn’t easy for them. Playing shots isn’t easy on this wicket, so will they try and keep wickets in hand for the death overs?

DC 42/2 (7.2 overs; Dhawan 21)

WICKET! Rashid Khan into the attack and he strikes. He beat Iyer with the first ball and off the second, the DC skipper went for a big shot and found the fielder in the deep. The breakthrough SRH wanted is here.

Shreyas Iyer c Abdul Samad b Rashid Khan 17(21)

DC 42/1 (7 overs; Dhawan 21, Iyer 17)

SRH need a few wicket to put pressure on DC now. Dhawan and Iyer are starting to settle in.

DC 34/1 (6 overs; Dhawan 18, Iyer 14)

The Powerplay overs are done. DC know what they need to do from this point and that could help them pace their innings better.

DC 27/1 (5 overs; Dhawan 17, Iyer 5)

Ahmed got his line wrong and was punished. This will let off the pressure for a bit. SRH will need to start over again – a wicket or two will help.

DC 15/1 (4 overs; Dhawan 12, Iyer 1)

SRH are keeping things tight here. There will be some scoreboard pressure too.

DC 10/1 (3 overs; Dhawan 7, Iyer 1)

Lovely four in the last over. Dhawan dancing down the track and hitting Bhuvi straight over his head. He didn’t try to hit it hard, lovely timing and placement.

DC 5/1 (2 overs; Dhawan 2, Iyer 1)

A great start by Ahmed and a great start by SRH. This makes things very interesting. What will DC’s approach be? Will they try and bat like SRH and not lose too many wickets?

DC 2/1 (0.5 overs; Dhawan 0)

WICKET! Lovely outswinger and Bhuvneshwar has Shaw walking back. Here we go. A thriller of a different kind today?

Prithvi Shaw c Bairstow b Bhuvneshwar 2(5)

DC innings

Shaw and Dhawan are out in the middle for SC. It will interesting to see how they cope with the slow wicket.

SRH 162/4 (20 overs; Samad 12, Abhishek 1)

A par total. SRH never quite managed to get any momentum in their innings but this is the kind of wicket and total that SRH have traditionally defended well.

SRH 160/4 (19.4 overs; Williamson 41, Samad 12)

WICKET! Williamson caught in the deep off Rabada after a 26-ball 41. Brilliant knock.

Williamson c Axar b Rabada 41 (26)

SRH 158/3 (19 overs; Williamson 41, Samad 11)

Samad announces himself to the world with a huge, huge six off the fourth ball he faced. Wow. Nortje sent that down at 145 clicks but the youngster clearly didn’t care.

SRH 140/3 (17.5 overs; Williamson 38)

WICKET! Bairstow falls while going for the big shot. Skies it and is caught. Rabada gets reward for some very good bowling. Not the typical Bairstow innings but let’s see how DC will bat on this.

Bairstow c Nortje b Rabada 53 (48)

SRH 140/2 (17 overs; Bairstow 49, Williamson 38)

Williamson’s innings has given SRH a huge boost. Suddenly, the runs are coming at a good rate.

SRH 128/2 (16 overs; Bairstow 47, Williamson 28)

But then again, Williamson isn’t going to stop himself from going after the bowling. He has raced away to 28 off 17 balls. Good stuff this!

SRH 117/2 (15 overs; Bairstow 46, Williamson 18)

Just 5 overs left but Williamson looks to have settled in well. He can hold up one end and the other batsmen should start to go for the big shots now.

SRH 108/2 (14 overs; Bairstow 44, Williamson 11)

This is usually the kind of wicket that SRH bowlers exploit very well but what is a good total here? 140? 150? What is the target? A few big overs from Bairstow could make a huge difference.

SRH 99/2 (13 overs; Bairstow 42, Williamson 4)

Just when it looked like SRH were building up some steam, the wickets have helped DC pull things back quickly.

SRH 92/2 (11.2 overs; Bairstow 39)

WICKET! Lovely bowling by Mishra and Pandey took the bait. Good catch by Rabada in the deep. The big ground is a factor too. Pandey was looking to clear the ropes, just didn’t hit it well enough.

Manish Pandey c Rabada b Mishra 3 (5)

SRH 91/1 (11 overs; Bairstow 38, Pandey 3)

SRH have found some momentum. Now, they need to keep this going. Maybe the Indian batsmen will adapt to this slow wicket better.

SRH 78/1 (9.3 overs, Bairstow 28)

WICKET! It was the tiniest of spikes but it was enough. Mishra has got the wicket of Warner, who tried to hit the reverse sweep but only gloved it to the keeper. The DRS review did the trick.

Warner c Pant b Mishra 45 (33)

SRH 73/0 (9 overs, Warner 41, Bairstow 28)

Ishant started the over off with a wide and then Warner hit a straight six that just crossed the line. It has not been easy to get the timing right.

SRH 59/0 (8 overs, Warner 33, Bairstow 24)

Warner and Bairstow have taken their time getting set now SRH will want one of them to bat through the innings. The brilliant running between the wickets is keeping them in the game for now.

SRH 52/0 (7 overs, Warner 32, Bairstow 18)

Mishra into the attack and Bairstow slog-swept him for a six. A change of pace might allow SRH batsmen to premeditate their shots a bit. Might just get them going. Strategic timeout.

SRH 38/0 (6 overs, Warner 27, Bairstow 9)

SRH have had the lowest RPO in the tournament so far and it has showed today. It could have been worse. But Warner got a six and a four off the fourth and fifth deliveries to help correct things a bit for SRH. The slow pitch isn’t helping but the Powerplay overs are now gone.

SRH 24/0 (5 overs, Warner 15, Bairstow 8)

Bishop thinks this pitch is slightly slower. So, playing shots isn’t very easy until you get a hang of the pace of the wicket. Stoinis into the attack and solid stuff from him too. DC took a review for an LBW decision off the last ball but it came down to umpire’s call.

SRH 20/0 (4 overs, Warner 13, Bairstow 7)

Nortje into the attack now. Another quiet over. Something’s gotta give soon.

SRH 17/0 (3 overs, Warner 10, Bairstow 6)

This is a good start by DC. They haven’t given SRH any four balls. Perhaps Warner and Bairstow are taking their time to get set today. Just three runs from Ishant’s second over.

SRH 14/0 (2 overs, Warner 9, Bairstow 5)

Good start by Rabada. It would have been even better had Warner not hit a four early on.

SRH 9/0 (1 over, Warner 4, Bairstow 5)

Steady over from Ishant but the SRH openers were up for it too. No fours but a couple of twos and a three have SRH up and running.

Ishant’s back

DC have been doing very well but they can get even better if the experienced Ishant hits the right lengths early. It won’t be easy though. Warner is due a good score and Bairstow isn’t one to hold back.

Saha gets a rest

At the toss, SRH skipper Warner said they had got in the 18-year-old Samad to strengthen the batting. But perhaps the thought also came from Saha’s inability to force the pace in the last game. SRH had looked top-heavy but having Williamson down the order should ease their worries a bit too.

Playing XIs:

Delhi Capitals Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant (w), Shreyas Iyer (c), Shimron Hetmyer, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Amit Mishra, Kagiso Rabada, Ishant Sharma, Anrich Nortje.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Playing XI: David Warner (c), Jonny Bairstow (w), Kane Williamson, Manish Pandey, Abhishek Sharma, Priyam Garg, Rashid Khan, Abdul Samad, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, K Khaleel Ahmed, T Natarajan

Toss: DC will bowl first

DC have won the toss and have elected to bowl first. Iyers reckons it is a good pitch and they would back themselves to chase here. Ishant Sharma comes into the team for DC.

Samad in for Saha and Kane Williamson comes in for Nabi. Changes that SRH probably needed to make.

Pitch: The match will be played on a used wicket and that could have an impact. But expect it to remain good for batting.

Hello everyone and welcome to live coverage of match No 11 of Indian Premier League 2020.

Tonight, the Delhi Capitals will take on the Sunrisers Hyderabad in Abu Dhabi.

Shreyas Iyer’s DC have won both their games so far and are at the top of the points table.

While David Warner’s SRH lost their opening two matches and are at the bottom of the table.