11.10 pm: Virat Kohli – “We didn’t have enough on the board. But we made a match of it. They put us under pressure in the first innings. We need to be more expressive with the bat. Just allowed bowlers to bowl where they wanted. It’s been a strange phase of 4-5 games for us. Couple of our players had good seasons, Devdutt Padikkal is definitely one of them. Very happy for him. This season shows the strength of the teams in the IPL. Just having three venues helped take away the home/away factor. This has probably been the most competitive IPL season ever. We want to thank our fans and everyone else who tuned in this season. Privileged to be a part of this.”

11.05 pm: Navdeep Saini pitched it full and wide and Jason Holder drove it past point for four to get SRH the win. Kane Williamson remains not-out on 50 off 44, Holder is unbeaten on 24 off 20. Simply outstanding from the international stars. A chase of the highest order from the two right-handers. Ice-cool under pressure. They never panicked and made sure they stayed till the end. A loud roar from SRH skipper David Warner at the end.


19.3: Four! Crunched past cover by Holder. Saini missed his spot there. SRH need 4 off 3.

19.2: Dot ball! Holder swings and missed. Good bowling by Saini. SRH need 8 off 4.

After 19.1 overs, SRH are 124/4 (Williamson 50, Holder 16)
FIFTY for Kane Williamson off 44 balls! This has been a classy, classy knock from the New Zealand right-hander. Can he take SRH over the line?

After 19 overs, SRH are 123/4 (Williamson 49, Holder 16)
Nine runs from that Siraj over! SRH need 9 off the last six balls. Holder gets a thick outside edge over short-third for four to give SRH the push in that over. This match has gone right down to the wire. Great effort by RCB but can they close this out? SRH definitely have the edge right now. A place in Qualifier 2 beckons!

After 18 overs, SRH are 114/4 (Williamson 45, Holder 11)
A brilliant late-cut from Kane Williamson and SRH get four more runs. Navdeep Saini concedes 10 runs in his third over. SRH need 18 off 12. Big, big over coming up!

After 17 overs, SRH are 104/4 (Williamson 37, Holder 9)
Class from Kane Williamson! The right-hander steps away and drives one stylishly past cover for four. Seven runs come from that Shivam Dube over. SRH need 28 off 18.

Interesting call by Virat Kohli. The RCB skipper has tossed the ball to Shivam Dube.

After 16 overs, SRH are 97/4 (Williamson 32, Holder 7)
Shot! Another slog-sweep by Kane Williamson and another six for the Kiwi star. Much needed push for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Yuzvendra Chahal finishes with 1/24. SRH need 35 off 24.

After 15 overs, SRH are 87/4 (Williamson 24, Holder 5)
Aussie leg-spinner Adam Zampa finishes with excellent figures of 1/12, with the important wicket of Manish Pandey. Will Zampa’s spell help RCB get the win? SRH need 45 off 30.

After 14 overs, SRH are 81/4 (Williamson 21, Holder 2)
Shot! First boundary in 25 balls for SRH. Sundar tosses it up and Williamson slog-sweeps it for six. Nine of the over. SRH need 51 off 36.

After 13 overs, SRH are 72/4 (Williamson 13, Holder 1)
Off-spinner Moeen Ali joins the attack and concedes four runs in his first over. Another wicket here and SRH will be in real trouble.

After 11.5 overs, SRH are 67/4 – Garg is gone!
OUT! Yuzvendra Chahal gets his first wicket! Poor cricket from young Priyam Garg, hits it in the air and gets caught in the deep. RCB keep chipping away!

After 11 overs, SRH are 64/3 (Williamson 7, Garg 6)
Adam Zampa has been brilliant so far, He has figures of 1/6 from his three overs. The Australian leg-spinner has used his variations with great accuracy.

David Warner’s controversial dismissal:

After 10 overs, SRH are 60/3 (Williamson 6, Garg 4)
The RCB leg-spinners are doing a solid job for their team in these middle overs. A couple of twos for Garg in that Chahal over. SRH need 72 off 60.

After 8.3 overs, SRH are 55/3 – Pandey is gone!
OUT! Adam Zampa gets the wicket of Manish Pandey! The right-hander tried to cut it but got an edge, good catch from AB de Villiers. RCB are fighting hard. This match is far from over. Young Priyam Garg is the new batter.

After 8 overs, SRH are 54/2 (Pandey 24, Williamson 4)
Leg-spin from both ends as Yuzvendra Chahal comes on to bowl. RCB need to keep taking wickets. The required rate is not an issue for SRH.

After 7 overs, SRH are 49/2 (Pandey 22, Williamson 1)
Adam Zampa joins the attack and bowls a superb first over, just a single from it. SRH need 83 of 78. It’s still very much their match to lose.

After 5.4 overs, SRH are 43/2 – Warner is gone!
OUT! Siraj gets the big wicket of Warner! Lots of drama there as the on-field umpire said not-out but the third umpire reckoned there was an edge. It was tough to say if the ball hit his glove or trouser. The SRH skipper is not happy but he has to walk back.

After 5 overs, SRH are 35/1 (Warner 9, Pandey 22)
A four each for David Warner and Manish Pandey! The SRH chase is moving along nicely. Washington Sundar concedes 12 runs in his first over.

After 4 overs, SRH are 23/1 (Warner 3, Pandey 17)
Two fours for Manish Pandey! The right-hander is timing the ball well. Ten runs come from Navdeep Saini’s second over.

After 3 overs, SRH are 13/1 (Warner 2, Pandey 8)
Shot! Mohammed Siraj pitches it short and Manish Pandey pulls it handsomely for six. Nine came from that over.

After 2 overs, SRH 4/1 (Warner 2, Pandey 1): Saini from the other end and the pacer bowls a tidy over, to keep Warner quiet. Nice little start for RCB here.

After 1 over, SRH 2/1 (Warner 1, Pandey 0): Manish Pandey is the new man in.

Over 0.4: WICKET! Well, well. What do we have here. Goswami cannot create any impact tonight. Siraj strikes in the first over as the SRH wicketkeeper is out for 0. Good start for RCB. There was a hint of away movement, the outside is taken after a wobble by ABD.

Siraj to start off...

Watch the Natarajan yorker to de Villiers here:

Navdeep Saini and Mohammed Siraj get a four each in the last over bowled by T Natarajan, who finishes with figures of 2/33. A superb bowling performance by Sunrisers hyderabad! SRH are on top at the halfway stage of this all-important match. Can RCB turn this around?

After 19 overs, RCB are 118/7 (Saini 4, Siraj 2)
Four overs, 25 runs, three wickets. Simply outstanding from Jason Holder. Big game and a big performance from the West Indies all-rounder.

After 17.5 overs, RCB are 113/7 – ABD is gone!
OUT! What. A. Ball! One of the balls of the tournament from T Natarajan! A perfect yorker and AB de Villiers is clean bowled. Big moment in the game! De Villiers departs for 56 off 43.

After 17.1 overs, RCB are 111/6 – Sundar is gone!
OUT! Nothing’s going RCB’s way. Washington Sundar times it well but the ball goes straight to the fielder in the deep. T Natarajan gets his first wicket. RCB are 111/6 in 17.1 overs. How much will they finish with?

After 17 overs, RCB are 111/5 (ABD 55, Sundar 5)
The end of a superb spell by Sandeep Sharma: 0/21 in his four overs. There are 18 balls remaining in this innings. RCB would want AB de Villiers to face most of them and hopefully finish close to a total of 150.

After 16 overs, RCB are 104/5 (ABD 52, Sundar 1)
FIFTY FOR AB DE VILLIERS! The South African superstar gets to his half-century in 39 balls. As far as RCB are concerned, it’s ALL on de Villiers now.

After 15.4 overs, RCB are 99/5 – Dube is gone!
OUT! RCB have lost half their side with less than 100 on the board. Shivam Dube is the latest to depart. The left-hander tries to work the ball on the leg side but gets a leading edge to mid-off. Jason Holder gets his third wicket! He has been sensational for SRH in a crunch game.

After 15 overs, RCB are 93/4 (ABD 45, Dube 6)
Another four for ABD, this time with a superbly-placed sweep. Rashid Khan finishes with fine figures of 0/22 in his four overs.

After 14 overs, RCB are 85/4 (ABD 38, Dube 5)
T Natarajan returns to the attack and AB de Villiers gets a much-needed boundary. The star right-hander has won games single-handedly for RCB this season. His team needs another special effort from him tonight.

After 13 overs, RCB are 76/4 (ABD 31, Dube 3)
A welcome boundary for RCB and ABD as Holder misfields at the boundary. Nadeem finishes with figures of 1/30 in his four overs.

After 12 overs, RCB are 68/4 (ABD 25, Dube 1)
Rashid Khan bowls three consecutive dot balls to Shivam Dube as SRH enjoy another good over. RCB have 48 balls remaining. How much can ABD get?

After 10.4 overs, RCB are 62/4 – Moeen is gone!
OUT! What just happened?! Moeen Ali is out off a free-hit! He drives it straight to cover and gets run-out as Rashid Khan gets the direct hit! RCB DID NOT need that! It’s all SRH at the moment. Moeen departs for a first-ball duck as Shivam Dube walks out to bat.

After 10.2 overs, RCB are 56/3 – Finch is gone!
OUT! Aaron Finch was starting to look dangerous but Shahbaz Nadeem has got his wicket. Finch departs for 32 off 30. Moeen Ali is the new batter.

After 10 overs, RCB are 54/2 (Finch 32, ABD 14)
Shot! The first six of the night and it comes from Aaron Finch’s bat. Rashid Khan tosses it up and the right-hander whacks it over mid-wicket for a maximum. Nine runs come from that over.

After 9 overs, RCB are 45/2 (Finch 25, ABD 12)
RCB aren’t taking any risks at the moment but they will need to pick the odd boundary. Just six singles from that Nadeem over. Time for a strategic timeout.

After 8 overs, RCB are 39/2 (Finch 22, ABD 9)
And now Rashid Khan comes on to bowl and does his thing – just two singles come from his first over. Will be fascinating to see how Finch and ABD tackle the Afghan star tonight.

After 7 overs, RCB are 37/2 (Finch 21, ABD 8)
Left-arm spinner Shahbaz Nadeem joins the attack and does well to concede just five singles in his first over. The RCB batsmen aren’t taking any risk at the moment. They can’t afford to lose another wicket.

After 6 overs, RCB are 32/2 (Finch 19, ABD 5)
RCB are 32/2 at the end of the powerplay. What a start this has been for SRH Finch and ABD are at the crease. RCB need their overseas stars to come up with something special.

After 5 overs, RCB are 23/2 (Finch 13, ABD 2)
A welcome boundary for RCB! Sandeep pitches it slightly short and Finch punches it past cover for four. Sandeep has figures of 0/14 from his three overs so far.

After 4 overs, RCB are 15/2 (Finch 7, ABD 0)
A swing and a miss for AB de Villiers! He HAS TO fire for RCB. But what a start this has been by Jason Holder. He has shown why he’s considered one of the finest all-rounders in the world with consistent performances for SRH this season.

After 3.3 overs, RCB are 15/2 – Padikkal is gone!
OUT! Jason Holder has his second wicket! This is a terrible start for RCB. The in-form Devdutt Padikkal has pulled on straight to mid-wicket. SRH are on fire!

After 3 overs, RCB are 10/1 (Padikkal 1, Finch 2)
Three overs and still no boundary for RCB. This is a brilliant start with the ball by SRH. Another fine over by Sandeep. He’s just relentless with his accuracy.

After 1.2 overs, RCB are 7/1 – Kohli is gone!
OUT! Oh dear, Virat Kohli edges one to the ‘keeper and Jason Holder strikes for SRH with his second ball. A soft dismissal but a MASSIVE moment in the match. The move to open hasn’t worked for Kohli. Aaron Finch is the new man at the crease.

After 1 over, RCB are 5/0 (Kohli 4, Padikkal 1)
A solid start yet again by Sandeep Sharma. The right-arm swing bowler has been mighty impressive for SRH this season. Kohli and Padikkal content playing with a straight bat.

Virat Kohli is opening the batting for the first time this season and facing the first ball against a bowler who has dismissed him 7 times in the IPL. Talk about intent!

7.30 pm: We’re ready for the start of this cracking knockout game in Abu Dhabi! Big news is that Virat Kohli and Devdutt Padikkal are opening the batting for RCB. Sandeep Sharma has the new ball for SRH. Let’s play!

7.16 pm: Virat Kohli and Co enter the knockouts despite four defeats in a row. It’s a different ball-game now, though. Relive RCB’s road to the playoffs here.

7.14 pm: After a shocking collapse against KXIP, David Warner and Co have been on a sensational run. Relive Sunrisers Hyderabad’s road to the playoffs here.

7.08 pm: Playing XIs
RCB: Aaron Finch, Devdutt Padikkal, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (w), Moeen Ali, Washington Sundar, Shivam Dube, Navdeep Saini, Adam Zampa, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal
SRH: David Warner (c), Shreevats Goswami (w), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Priyam Garg, Jason Holder, Abdul Samad, Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan.

7.07 pm: Big blow for SRH as the in-form Wriddiman Saha misses tonight’s game. Just the one change for Sunrisers Hyderabad. FOUR changes for RCB: Adam Zampa, Aaron Finch, Moeen Ali and Navdeep Saini come in for Josh Philippe, Chris Morris, Isuru Udana and Shahbaz Ahmed.

7.02 pm: TOSS – David Warner has won the toss and SRH will BOWL first in Abu Dhabi.

6.55 pm: We’re minutes away from the toss now. Interestingly, the last eight matches in Abu Dhabi have seen the team batting second win each time.

6.49 pm: Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore have done well to reach the playoffs. But in order to win their first IPL title, they will need to dig deep and turn things around. Read more about it here:
IPL 2020: Kohli’s RCB have sneaked into the playoffs but face uphill task in quest for elusive title

6.44 pm: The two teams have faced each other 16 times, with SRH leading the head-to-head 9-7. In their two league stage clashes this season, both teams won one game each.

6.30 pm: Hello all and welcome the first official knockout match of Indian Premier League 2020.

(We had a couple of knockout games in the group stage but this is the real deal now). After beating Sunrisers Hyderabad in their tournament-opener, Virat Kohli had called it a “comeback and a half”. Royal Challengers Bangalore need that and some tonight after four defeats in a row. For SRH, more of the same will do. What a run they are on, winning three in a row against teams in the top four to reach the post-season yet again.

Read the match preview here.