05.34 pm: India skipper Virat Kohli – We were completely outplayed. With the ball we were not very effective. We didn’t hit the areas we wanted. They have a strong batting line-up, they know the conditions and the angles well. The chase felt steep, and one or two wickets would take the RRR up so we had to keep hitting. They took the chances that they created in the field, which was the difference.

05.24 pm: Smith is trying not to slog – “I am batting with more finesse now and that’s worked. Tried to slog the balls hard a couple of weeks ago.”

India 338/9 (50 overs): Australia have won by 51 runs. India have now lost 5 ODIs in a row. A comprehensive win for the hosts. The batsmen set it up and then the bowlers did what they needed to. Easy does it. The series is lost.

India 328/9 (48.3 overs): Zampa’s googly traps Bumrah lbw. Aussies rushing to finish this off. Bumrah lbw b Zampa 0(2)

India 326/8 (47.3 overs): Maxwell takes a good catch off his own bowling to send Shami back. He doesn’t even celebrate. Shami c and b Maxwell 1(4)

India 321/7 (46.2 overs): Two wickets in two balls. Hardik and Jadeja are back in the hut and so are India’s chances. Hardik Pandya c Smith b Cummins 28(31)

India 321/6 (46.1 overs): Jadeja falls. He goes for another big shot, it goes nowhere. Get some height on it but that is about it. Jadeja c Maxwell b Cummins 24(11)

India 321/5 (46 overs): Good over for India! Hardik Pandya was caught at deep mid-wicket but Mitchell Starc had overstepped. Ravindra Jadeja then hit the left-arm quick for two sixes. 18 runs came from that over. India need 69 off 24.

India 303/5 (45 overs): Ravindra Jadeja gets going with a boundary but a good over for Australia by Pat Cummins. India need 87 off 30. Hardik Pandya will need to deliver something special if India are to draw level in the series.

WICKET! India 288/5 (43.4 overs): KL Rahul attempts a slog but mistimes it. Adam Zampa strikes as Rahul walks back for 76 off 66. The right-hander got a six earlier in the over but he had to keep going. Australia are inching closer to a series win.

India 279/4 (43 overs): Another good over for Australia, this time by Pat Cummins. Hardik Pandya manages to pull one for four but India get just nine runs from the over. They need 111 off 42.

India 270/4 (42 overs): This has been a strange effort by India. Rahul looks like he is good touch but clearly not at his best. Despite all his big shots, he still has 66 off 61 balls. Lots of dot balls have been faced as well.

India 259/4 (40 overs): One four, one single. India are not going enough here. Australia aren’t making it easy for them but still... a bit sub-par.

India 254/4 (39 overs): Another over, another six for Rahul. Required run-rate is not 12.36. Rahul and Pandya are both capable of scoring at that rate but for how long can they do that?

India 244/4 (38 overs): One six and one single. That was the over. KL Rahul is striking them well but the runs have just not come quickly enough. Not enough intent in a run-chase such as this?

India 237/4 (37 overs): Pandya ends the over with a six but India still need 153 runs from 78 balls. A tall task if there ever was one.

India 225/4 (34.5 overs): WHAT A CATCH!!! Stunning by Henriques to send back the well-set Kohli. He dived full length to his left, got both hands to it and held on. Wicket is in Hazlewood’s name but that belonged to Henriques. Stunning. Big blow to India. Kohli c Henriques b Hazlewood 89(87)

India 221/3 (34 overs): India have picked up the pace a bit in the last few overs and are doing well to keep the required RR at 10.5. A 169 more runs still to be got though.

India 214/3 (33 overs): Rahul is picking up the pace a bit now – a six off Henriques, two fours off Hazlewood. India need more of this. One of these two batsmen needs to go now.

India 192/3 (31 overs): This is a good period for Australia. The required rate is now 10.37. Rahul hasn’t quite managed to get away. He has 17 off 25 balls when the need is to score much quicker. Will it force Kohli to do something silly?

India 186/3 (30 overs): Just one run off the Henriques over – he has managed to bowl 6 overs for just 24 runs.

India 185/3 (29 overs): Starc has dropped his pace in a bid to find his line and length again. He struggled in the first ODI as well. Rust maybe but Australia need him at his best.

India 182/3 (28 overs): The first ball was hit for four but India still got only 6 runs from the Henriques over. His mix of slower balls is just the right thing on this pitch.

India 176/3 (27 overs): Starc comes in and his radar is still off. Bowls one on the legs and Kohli flicks it for six. Ooof! Then, off the last ball of the over, Rahul spanks one through the cover. Starc’s 4 overs today have gone for 42.

India 163/3 (26 overs): Another good over by Henriques – 3 runs off it. His medium pace bowling is proving to be pretty effective, just as Pandya’s was earlier in the day.

India 160/3 (25 overs): India trying to get a partnership going again. Just 7 runs off the last two overs. Australia will be feeling like they have this but as long as Kohli is there in the middle, they will never know for sure.

India 153/2 (23.1 overs): WICKET! Iyer departs after a fine 38 but India needed more from him. Slower ball banged into the pitch. Brilliant catch by Smith. Wicket to Henriques. Given how he has been dismissed in the ODIs, this is going to be the mode of attack to him all series long. Shreyas Iyer c Smith b Henriques 38(36)

India 153/2 (23 overs): Kohli sweeps one away to the boundary line and gets to 50 off 53 balls. He is starting to believe. He is also starting to find the gaps. If Kohli can get stuck in, India will have a chance.

India 131/2 (21 overs): Almost feels like Kohli and Iyer have decided to try and take this to the 35th over without losing any wickets and then go crazy. They will still look for the boundaries but not try to take any undue risks.

India 126/2 (20 overs): India are going at over 6 runs an over. But their required run-rate is 8.8 and they need to do that for 30 more overs. This is not a T20 game.

David Warner has gone for scans for an adductor injury, as per CA. Was limping quite heavily as he got into the car.

India 116/2 (19 overs): A few quiet overs and the required run-rate has almost climbed to 9. That is all it takes. Kohli will need to produce something truly special if India are going to make a run at this total.

India 101/2 (16 overs): Kohli and Iyer keeping it real. They are clearly more comfortable against Zampa.

100 comes up in 15.4 overs for India...

India 98/2 (15 overs): Two boundaries for Kohli in that Cummins over, in two opposite directions. First, a sensational straight drive past mid-on. And almost exactly 180 degrees apart, an outside edge that trickles down past third man. (Might have been guided too, you know)

Oof, a Virat Kohli special straight drive for four!

India 89/2 (14 overs): A well-placed cut shot by Shreyas as Zampa drops one short. The Mumbai batsman is class against spinners.

India 84/2 (13 overs): EVENTFUL OVER! First a short ball from Cummins is uncomfortably pulled over fine leg for a six by Virat Kohil. Then he is given out LBW off a full ball but the Indian captain knew it straight away that there was an inside edge. REVIEWED AND NOT OUT.

India 77/2 (11): Adam Zampa into the attack and Iyer puts away the short ball for four as we get to see some stunning visuals of the sunset in Sydney.

India 70/2 (11): Oh, close! Bouncer from Cummins to Kohli and the Indian captain awkwardly defends one that lands safely.

Cummins will continue as we see Warner limping badly, getting in a car presumably for a scan.

India 67/2 (10): Hazlewood has fielders around Shreyas and the bouncer comes early. Then the batsman backed off and hit a four over point. It’s followed by a full ball, that is flicked away, and then another backing-away shot that is missed. Words from Hazlewood, whose Josh is high at the moment.

India 60/2: WICKET! One brings two for Australia and this time it’s Mayank Agarwal. Top delivery from Cummins, finds the outside edge and carries comfortably to Carey. The delivery before the last one was a peach that beat the outside edge. Proper new ball bowling this. India lose both openers in quick succession. 60/2.

Virat Kohli in the middle...

India 58/1 (8 overs): WICKET! Much like the first ODI, Josh Hazlewood provides the first breakthrough for Australia after a quick start. This time though, it is the in-form Dhawan instead of Mayank. A leading edge goes high up and taken safely by Starc at mid on.

Watch this space:

India 56/0 (7): Not quite as helter-skelter as in the first ODI but this is another quickfire 50-run opening stand between Dhawan and Agarwal. Couple of brilliant off-drives from the right-hander in Cummins’ first over. He really plays that shot well, a bit different from textbook technique too as his front foot is on the move when he gets the shot away.

Cummins into the attack...

India 47/0 (6 overs): Another good over for India. An authoritative pull shot (The Nataraja shot!) by Dhawan as Hazlewood drops one short. Races away for four.

Correction: That was Dhawan who skied one in the previous over that fell away from the fielders.

India 37/0 (5 overs): More happening in that Starc over. Agarwal skies one, but it evades the fielder. Dhawan then just about manages to dig out two superb yorkers for four either side of a cut over point.

India 21/0 (4 overs) correction to the score.

India 21/0 (4 overs): Disciplined bowling, but that Warner injury is potentially very bad news for Australia. Bigger than just this match, and they’ll hope he is alright.

David Warner seems to have done some damage to himself while diving to stop the ball at mid off. He is limping off the field.

India 17/0 (3 overs): Seems like the all-out-attack strategy of the first ODI has been binned by India. This is more in line with what we see from them, typically taking a bit of time at the top of the order.

India 12/0 (2 overs): Dhawan gets off the mark with a glorious cover drive for four but Hazlewood bounces back with a series of dot balls. Agarkar, on air, notes that Hazlewood also shortened his lengths early. Seems to be the way to go.

India 8/0 (1 over): A couple of boundaries for Mayank in the first over, making the most of a couple of full deliveries from Starc. The pacer shortens his length and gets his line right though, that’s a good sign for Australia. At least his radar seems better today.

Here comes Mitch Starc. India opening with Mayank Agarwal and Shikhar Dhawan...

Innings break: Here’s a stat for you. Australia’s top 5 have all scored fifty or more today. The last (and only other) time it happened, it was in Jaipur 2013 where India chased down 360 with 39 balls to spare! Centuries for Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, and India won by 9 wickets.

Innings break: In the final over of the innings, Shami dropped a catch off Maxwell early on. And then Maxwell went on punish Saini. Reminder that India’s fielding has been ordinary for a while now. Think back to the Bangladesh series at home, for instance. Both Rohit and Virat have been speaking about the fielding in their post-match interviews for quite some time, so let’s not kid ourselves this is rustiness.

Aus 389/4 (after 50 overs): Australia finish with a massive 389/4. Not a scoreboard India will want to look at. Only the second instance in which the top 5 batsmen have all scored a fifty.

Warner 83

Finch 60

Smith 104

Labuschagne 70

Maxwell 63*

Henriques 2*

Aus 372/4 (48.5 overs): WICKET! Labuschagne hits that straight to the fielder. Walking back after making 70 off 61 balls. Finally, a wicket for Bumrah. Labuschagne c Agarwal b Bumrah 70(61)

Aus 364/3 (48 overs): Maxwell bringing out some truly inventive strokes today. Two reverse scoops off the last two balls got him and Australia two fours. Superb batting. He has 47 off just 22 balls here.

Aus 351/3 (47 overs): Maxwell started the over off with a stunning six and then, without much ado, the Aussies scored 12 runs off the over. This is easy, far too easy.

Aus 339/3 (46 overs): Maxwell is bringing out the big shots now. Huge six off Shami in the last over. These last 4 overs are crucial or is this match already lost?

Aus 326/3 (45 overs): The runs continue to flow for Australia and Bumrah is still wicket-less. This will worry India no end. 8 overs, 58 runs for Bumrah today.

Aus 314/3 (44 overs): Labuschagne gets to 50 off 46 balls. But India are not helping themselves here. He was dropped earlier in the Pandya over by Jadeja, who is normally a superb fielder. Another poor day in the field – despite that superb throw by Iyer.

Aus 307/3 (43 overs): Two fours off the last two balls on Jadeja’s spell today. Maxwell laying into him there. The left-arm spinner finishes with figures of 10-0-60-0. Quite good considering the Aussie total.

Aus 292/3 (41.2 overs): WICKET! A wide ball from Pandya gets Smith out. Edges it to short third man. He made 104 off 64. What a knock! Who saw this coming at the start of the series... Smith c Shami b Hardik Pandya 104(64).

Aus 288/2 (41 overs): What a 100! Smith is just destroying the Indian bowling attack. He is making a mockery of the field and the bowlers. Just 62 balls. 13 fours. 2 sixes.

Aus 275/2 (40 overs): Smith playing with the field now. Bumrah didn’t do too much wrong but still got hit for three boundaries in the over – one square, one in the fine third man region and then one in the backward square leg region. Brilliant.

Aus 262/2 (39 overs): Smith is finding the gaps with ease at the moment. He has 74 off 50 balls and is making batting look easy. India don’t know how to stop him.

Aus 250/2 (38 overs): Another good over by Pandya. He is mixing his deliveries well.

Aus 246/2 (37 overs): Chahal into the attack and means runs. 11 runs off the over. The leg-spinner is not having a good day. He has already conceded 58 runs in his 8 overs. Smith has 64 off 44 and he is making it look easy.

Aus 235/2 (36 overs): After Mayank, we have Hardik Pandya into the attack. First over since last September. A decent enough over – just 5 runs off it – but the pace was really down and the action clearly has been tweaked. A work in progress.

Aus 230/2 (35 overs): India have a sixth bowler. Mayank Agarwal into the attack. It doesn’t go to plan though but it shows how desperate India are. 10 runs off the over – two fours, both coming off Smith’s bat.

Aus 220/2 (34 overs): Fifty for Smith! It has taken him just 38 balls. Wonderful batting. He has found his hands and the runs are flowing too. It took his 36 balls in the first ODI to reach 50, just two balls more today. Rather effortless.

Aus 209/2 (33 overs): Another fifty run stand for Australia. Labuschagne hasn’t had to do much. But Smith has been all class. Wickets have been a big problem for India. Who can get a few for Kohli?

Aus 203/2 (32 overs): Labuschagne can take his time and get set here. Smith is looking in fabulous touch and the bowlers are posing enough questions on a good batting wicket. Tough for India.

Aus 197/2 (31 overs): Smith is playing with the bowling now. Two lovely fours off Saini. One straight down the ground, beating the fielder at mid-on and then, he shuffles across the stumps and play it fine. Great batting. Australia are motoring again.

11.24 am: Smith’s ODI average against India is 65.31. In 17 innings, he has scored 1045 runs with 4 hundreds.

Aus 187/2 (30 overs): Smith has come in and has settled into a nice rhythm already. The four and sixes are starting to flow again. Smith has 33 off 25. He clearly has found his hands now.

Aus 173/2 (29 overs): 6 overs, 33 runs. Bumrah not getting any movement. Nothing in the air and nothing off the pitch. And he hasn’t got that right from the start. Still working his way to his best form.

Aus 168/2 (28 overs): The wickets will give India some breathing room as the new batsmen settle in. That said, Smith is already starting to look good.

Aus 164/2 (27 overs): Kohli brings Bumrah back into the attack in the hope of getting another wicket. The right move, the only way back for India is to get wickets. India have to be aggressive here against an Australian team that bats deep.

Aus 156/2 (25.3 overs): WICKET! Warner wanted the quick second run but a direct hit from the deep caught him out. Brilliant throw by Shreyas Iyer. Just what India needed and wanted so badly. He attacked the ball, picked it up with one hand and threw down the stumps. Great fielding. Warner run out (Shreyas Iyer) 83(77)

Aus 153/1 (25 overs): One lovely straight drive by Smith in the over. A bit too full by Shami and Smith gave it the full treatment. Classy shot.

Aus 145/1 (24 overs): Steve Smith is in next. The great start gives him all the time he needs to settle down. Jadeja has done a good job for India so far – his consistent line is helping.

Aus 142/1 (22.5 overs): Finally, a wicket!!! Leading edge and caught by Kohli. Wicket for Shami! Finch closed the bat a bit too early and India can finally take a crack at another batsman. Finch c Kohli b Shami 60(69)

Aus 136/0 (22 overs): More of the same now. Australia are batting themselves into a position of great strength and India are already looking very flat in the middle. The body language isn’t good.

10.47 am: This jersey is bringing back memories of the wrong kind...

Aus 130/0 (21 overs): Finch gets to his fifty with a six. It has taken him just 60 balls. No respite in sight for India.

Aus 117/0 (20 overs): Jadeja runs through another over in quick time. A few quiet overs.

Aus 115/0 (19 overs): Steady over. Can India build some scoreboard pressure? Can they force a mistake?

Aus 113/0 (18 overs): Jadeja is bowling well. As he had in the first ODI too. But India need wickets, can he get them?

Aus 109/0 (17 overs): Another six for Warner – his third of the innings. Just cleared the fielder on the boundary-line. Chahal is struggling too. He has conceded 26 off his four overs.

Aus 101/0 (16 overs): Aussies are cruising and India don’t quite know how to stop that. Problems galore for Kohli. A test for his captaincy too. Can he conjure up a wicket? Can he make the batsmen do something different? Right now, a bit too easy for the Aussie openers.

Aus 95/0 (15 overs): Warner survives a run-out opportunity!! It looked like India had the wicket they needed. He was half-way down the wicket when he had to turn back. Somehow managed the quick turn and dive to get back in time. This is starting to feel like the old Aussie tours where they would start hammering India during the tour games and the team would then be dead by the time the Tests began. India need a wicket or two here.

Aus 93/0 (14 overs): Australia just going on and on. How will they get a wicket? A run out?

Agarkar during commentary: Just a bit too friendly from KL Rahul. Smiling and joking when the team is 85/0.

Agree with him?

Aus 81/0 (13 overs): The Aussies have just continued to roll on. Who is going to get India the breakthrough? Kohli has a big problem on his hand and he has no option but to turn to Bumrah again.

Aus 77/0 (12 overs): Saini has conceded 34 runs in his 4 overs. Australia just haven’t let him settle. This is truly a trial by fire for him. 36 runs have been scored in the last 5 as the Aussies press the accelerator.

Aus 70/0 (11 overs): Chahal into the attack and Warner smashes him for a six. What a welcome! A little later in the over, Warner gets to his 50 off just 39 balls. He looks in superb touch today.

Aus 59/0 (10 overs): The perfect start for Australia. Runs on the board and no wickets for India. Warner and Finch have settled in well. Warning signs for Kohli and Co.

Warner-Finch are rather unstoppable vs India in ODIs: A look at their last nine stands – 70, 231, 66, 61, 258*, 20, 18, 156, 51*

Aus 52/0 (9 overs): Bumrah and Shami are still asking the right questions but the Aussies know they have other bowlers they can exploit. That adds to the pressure.

Aus 50/0 (8 overs): Warner and Finch are just playing it smart. No risk, just picking the gaps with ease. This isn’t looking good for India.

Aus 41/0 (7 overs): Warner looking to pile on the pressure on Saini. He is the most inexperienced Indian bowler and the opener knows that if he successfully attacks the paceman, it will put Kohli in a spot. One lovely straight drive for four and another through the covers. Saini has conceded 21 in his 2 overs.

Aus 29/0 (6 overs): Stiff breeze blowing across the ground at the moment. That can be troublesome for pacers when they are running into it. Good over from Shami – who has looked like the best of India’s bowlers today. He is just hitting the right lengths more regularly.

Aus 27/0 (5 overs): Saini into the attack and the first ball is a little shot. Warner swivels around and helps it along for a six. Kohli will want Saini to attack but the inexperienced pacer will have to find his bearings quickly.

Aus 18/0 (4 overs): Australia are looking to keep it steady. Both batsmen can get going quickly when they want to so they won’t be too worried about this. But India need wickets to start feeling good about this. There is extra bounce in this wicket and it is throwing off the batsmen a bit.

Aus 10/0 (3 overs): Warner and Finch put on 156 runs for the first wicket in the first ODI. But this wicket seems to have a little bit more for the pacers. Shami induced two false strokes from Warner in the over – a top-edge that just cleared the infield and an edge that went past the slips.

Aus 4/0 (2 overs): Bumrah starts off with a maiden over. A better showing from him today? India sure needs it. He hasn’t taken a wicket with the new ball for quite a while in ODIs. Teams just tend to play him more carefully these days.

Aus 4/0 (1 over): One lovely four to star the over and little else. Shami started things off with a bouncer. India will need Bumrah to be at his best today.

09.10 am: Finch and Warner are out in the middle. Can India get an early breakthrough today? Shami with the new ball.

08.59 am: Both sides will hope to improve their fielding today. They were abysmal in the last game – misfields, dropped catches... the match had it all.

08.55 am: At the toss, Kohli said: “We were a bit rusty in the first game, no excuses. We have played enough 50 over cricket to pull up professionally. After the 30 over mark, the bodies started to stiffen up a little bit as we have not played a long game for a while. The guys have understood what we need to do right today.”

08.51 am: Stoinis is out today for Australia, a little bit of niggle in his side. They didn’t want to push him too hard. Moises Henriques replaces him.

08.49 am: No changes in the Indian XI. There was a suggestion that Kohli might look at Kuldeep, as the left-arm wrist-spinner spent a fair bit of time looking at the wicket but this is India’s best XI. The Indian skipper would have loved to have Rohit Sharma for a must-win game like this but then India aren’t Mumbai Indians.

08.45 am: The squads

Australia XI: Aaron Finch (c), David Warner, Steve Smith, Marnus Labuschagne, Moises Henriques, Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey (wk), Pat Cummins, Mitch Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood

India XI: Shikhar Dhawan, Mayank Agarwal, Virat Kohli (c), Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul (wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal, Navdeep Saini, Jasprit Bumrah

08.43 am: Australia have won the toss and have opted to bat.

08.41 am: There seems to be a decent covering of grass on the wicket. Could be quicker than what we saw in the last game. Then again, a lot of pressure on India’s bowling to come good – will Kohli find a sixth bowler today? Can he? Does he even have one?

08.25 am: Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of the second ODI between India and Australia. Just a 24-hour break after India’s 66-run defeat and we are back in action at Sydney Cricket Ground for a must-win match for Virat Kohli and Co.

Australia, fuelled by centuries from skipper Aaron Finch and Steve Smith, outplayed India in the opening one-day international in Sydney on Friday.

Finch hit 114 and Smith 105 in Australia’s powerful 374/6 and restricted the tourists to 308/8. Josh Hazlewood triggered a top-order collapse, among them the prized wicket of skipper Virat Kohli for 21 with Hardik Pandya topscoring with 90. Leg-spinner Adam Zampa took four for 54.

You can watch the first ODI highlights here and read our analysis here.