5.14 pm – Australia captain Aaron Finch: “I thought we fought really well, just fell a little short. Obviously a fantastic partnership between Hardik and Jadeja to take the game away from us.”

5.12 pm – India captain Virat Kohli: “It’s particularly pleasing that we fought back after being put under the pump in both innings of this match. The chat was about that – show desire and give it your all. The pitch was more helpful for bowlers. Happy with the win, will like to take the momentum forward.”

5.09 pm – Player of the series Steve Smith: “Nice to have contributed in the two wins for us. Unfortunate to fall short tonight. I think the quicks from both teams bowled well upfront. I’ll take confidence out of hitting the ball well and try to carry forward the form.”

5.07 pm – Player of the match Hardik Pandya (92* off 76): “Happy to be playing for my country and contributing. You need to be on your toes at all times while playing against Australia.”

Jasprit Bumrah wraps up the game by trapping Adam Zampa in front. Australia opt for DRS but it shows three reds. India get the consolation win they were looking for as Australia take the series 2-1. The hosts were looking set at one point but Bumrah’s dismissal of Maxwell turned things around dramatically. The key phase in the game, of course, came in Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja’s sensational partnership.

After 49 overs, AUS are 288/9 (Zampa 4, Hazlewood 6)
Interesting move from Kohli to give the penultimate over to Thakur and not Bumrah. Thakur does well, though, to finish with figures of 3/51. The right-arm pacer can be proud of his performance today. Australia need 15 runs off the last six balls.

After 48 overs, AUS are 282/9 (Zampa 2, Hazlewood 2)
A brilliant finish to his spell by T Natarajan. He was expensive today in his debut game but got some key wickets for his team. The left-arm pacer finishes with figures 2/70 of from his 10 overs. Australia need 21 off 12.

After 47.1 overs, AUS are 278/9 – Agar is gone!
WICKET! T Natarajan removes the dangerous Ashton Agar! That’s the wicket India wanted. What a comeback this is turning out to be from the men in blue. Australia need 25 off 17.

After 47 overs, AUS are 278/8 – Abbott is gone!
WICKET! Shardul Thakur gets his third with a superb slower bouncer. Sean Abbott gets a top-edge and KL Rahul takes an easy catch. India have roared back in this contest!

After 46 overs, AUS are 274/7 (Agar 26, Abbott 2)
Superb over from Natarajan. The debutant shows courage by bouncing back from the beating he got in the last over to concede just four runs in this one. Australia need 29 off 24. Agar needs to take most of the strike for them. What a match this is turning out to be. Going right down to the wire! Shardul Thakur to bowl the 47th over.

After 44.3 overs, AUS are 268/7 – Maxwell is gone!
WICKET! What a ball from Bumrah! Kohli brought him on in search of a breakthrough and he has provided it in brilliant fashion. Maxwell steps away but is clean-bowled by the yorker. The right-hander has played a potentially match-winning innings for his team, though. He walks back for 59 off 58. Sean Abbott is the new batsman.

After 44 overs, AUS are 264/6 (Maxwell 58, Agar 21)
Massive over for Australia! T Natarajan a bit all over the place there. Agar picks up a boundary too. The Aussies are running away with this, they need 39 off 36. It’s now or never for India.

FIFTY for Glenn Maxwell! The right-hander gets there in just 33 balls and with another big six! Follows that up with a drive through cover and mid-off for four. He’s playing a special innings for his team. Australia need 47 off 40.

After 43 overs, AUS are 246/6 (Maxwell 46, Agar 16)
What a shot from Glenn Maxwell! Gets into position early and plays a powerful switch hit for six. The timing on that shot! Kuldeep Yadav finishes with figures of 1/57 from his 10 overs. Australia need 57 off 42.

After 42 overs, AUS are 234/6 (Maxwell 38, Agar 12)
A couple of good overs for India. Bumrah concedes just four from his eighth. Australia now need 69 off 48. Glenn Maxwell holds the key for the hosts. Will India be able to close it out?

After 41 overs, AUS are 230/6 (Maxwell 37, Agar 10)
Superb over from Kuldeep! The left-arm spinner mixes things up smartly to concede just three runs in his ninth over. Australia need 73 off 54. This is still Australia’s game to lose if India don’t get wickets.

After 40 overs, AUS are 227/6 (Maxwell 36, Agar 8)
Big over for Australia! Natarajan didn’t really bowl badly but he ends up conceding two fours. Agar survives a brilliant yorker and gets an inside edge for four, before Maxwell plays a fine cut to the third man fence. Australia need 76 off 60.

After 39 overs, AUS are 213/6 (Maxwell 28, Agar 2)
Another good over by Thakur. He has figures of 2/41 from 8 overs at the moment. Australia need 90 off 66. This match could still go either way!

After 37.4 overs, AUS are 210/6 – Carey is gone!
WICKET! India get the breakthrough after a terrible mix-up between Maxwell and Carey. The duo was looking dangerous together but Carey has to walk back for 38 off 42. Ashton Agar is the new batsman.

After 37 overs, AUS are 205/5 (Carey 38 , Maxwell 22)
Shardul Thakur returns to the attack and does well to not concede a boundary. But the Aussies manage to pick eight runs in the over with singles and doubles. India need to break this partnership!

After 36 overs, AUS are 197/5 (Carey 34, Maxwell 19)
Back-to-back sixes! Jadeja tosses it up and Maxwell connects the slog sweep to send it way back. The next one is dropped short and the right-hander pulls it for a huge maximum. That’s out of the stadium! Poor bowling from Jadeja. The required rate has dropped, Australia need 106 off 84.

After 35 overs, AUS are 183/5 (Carey 33, Maxwell 6)
Four! Bumrah bowls a sharp bouncer but Carey swivels to pull it away and find the gap. A boundary each over along with singles is good enough for the Aussies. India need wickets.

After 34 overs, AUS are 176/5 (Carey 28, Maxwell 5)
A welcome boundary for Australia as Carey chips one from Jadeja straight back for four. The asking rate isn’t too high at the moment. A partnership here and the Indian team will be under real pressure.

After 33 overs, AUS are 168/5 (Carey 22, Maxwell 3)
Jasprit Bumrah returns to the attack and delivers a fiery over. Unlucky to not get a wicket as the Australian batsmen get a couple of edges going their way.

After 32 overs, AUS are 162/5 (Carey 19, Maxwell 1)
Brilliant bowling from T Natarajan. The left-arm pacer has been so impressive in his debut game. Using all his variations with great accuracy. Australia need 141 off 108.

After 30.4 overs, AUS are 158/4 (Green 15, Carey 16)
WICKET! Green was looking to play a few more shots and earlier in the over, he had played a brilliant cover drive. But this time, he tried to sweep and Jadeja in the deep took a superb catch to give Kuldeep a wicket. Green c Jadeja b Kuldeep Yadav 21 (27)

After 30 overs, AUS are 151/4 (Green 15, Carey 16)
Natarajan comes back into the attack and Kohli missed an opportunity to send back Carey. Drive off the backfoot but Kohli didn’t react quickly enough and in the end only managed to get his fingertips to the ball.

After 29 overs, AUS are 145/4 (Green 14, Carey 11)
Welcome runs for Australia as Carey lifts one over the infield for four. Kuldeep wouldn’t mind that, though. Another wicket here and the hosts will be in real trouble.

After 28 overs, AUS are 139/4 (Green 14, Carey 5)
Another good over for India as Jadeja gives away just two singles. Australia need 164 off 132. One of these batsmen will need to up the ante soon.

After 27 overs, AUS are 137/4 (Green 13, Carey 4)
Smart variations from Kuldeep Yadav as he concedes just four runs in his sixth over. The left-arm wrist has done a decent job so far in his comeback match.

After 26 overs, AUS are 133/4 – Finch is gone!
WICKET! India get the man they wanted as Ravindra Jadeja strikes. And it’s Shikhar Dhawan who takes the catch (after a fumble ). The end of a fine innings by the Australian skipper. He walks back for 75 off 82. Cameron Green then breaks the shackles with a solid strike for six. An eventful over from Jaddu. Alex Carey is the new man at the crease.

After 25 overs, AUS are 122/3 (Finch 75, Green 3)
Another fine over by Shardul Thakur, just three runs from it. The right-arm quick is getting wonderful away movement to the right-handers off the pitch. We’re halfway through the Australian innings now, which team has the edge?

After 24 overs, AUS are 119/3 (Finch 73, Green 2)
Jadeja follows up the good work by Thakur and concedes just two runs in his fifth over. The asking rate has shot up for Australia. India need to keep chipping away, though.

After 22.2 overs, AUS are 117/3 – Henriques is gone!
WICKET! Shardul Thakur strikes again and India get a much-needed breakthrough. Moises Henriques pulls it straight to mid-wicket and this time Shikhar Dhawan holds on to the catch. Henriques departs for 22 off 31 as the debutant Cameron Green comes to the crease.

After 22 overs, AUS are 116/2 (Finch 72, Henriques 22)
Shot! Jadeja pitches it full and Finch hoicks it over mid-on for four. The runs are flowing for the Aussies. India need a wicket or two.

After 21 overs, AUS are 111/2 (Finch 67, Henriques 22)
Shardul Thakur returns to the attack, drops it short twice and gets pulled for four both times. Aaron Finch and Moises Henriques pick up a boundary each. Australia need 192 off 174.

After 20 overs, AUS are 98/2 (Finch 59, Henriques 17)
A sizzling delivery from Jadeja to beat Finch’s bat. It was angled in and turned to beat the outside edge. India need wickets, the required rate isn’t an issue for Australia.

After 18 overs, AUS are 93/2 (Finch 56, Henriques 15)
FIFTY for Aaron Finch! The Australia captain gets to his half-century off 61 balls with a superb sweep for six. He has had luck on his side but has played some fine strokes too. India would want to see his back soon. Ten runs came from that Ravindra Jadeja over.

After 17 overs, AUS are 83/2 (Finch 47, Henriques 14)
A welcome boundary for Australia. Kuldeep Yadav bowls it quick and down the leg side, Aaron Finch sweeps it hard for four. Good over for the hosts, eight runs from it.

After 16 overs, AUS are 74/2 (Finch 14, Henriques 37)
Spin from both ends for India. Ravindra Jadeja joins the attack and delivers a rapid over. Australia will be keen to push a bit now.

After 15 overs, AUS are 72/2 (Finch 13, Henriques 37)
Brilliant from Shardul Thakur as he bowls a maiden over to Moises Henriques. The right-arm pacer has found his range and is hitting good lengths. Kuldeep Yadav follows that up with another top over. This is a promising passage of play for India.

After 13 overs, AUS are 66/2 (Finch 35, Henriques 9)
Finch survives, again. The Aussie skipper got the review right earlier in the game to get rid of Kohli but the India skipper couldn’t get one back this time around. Kuldeep struck Finch on the pads and Kohli took DRS but the ball was missing the stumps. India lose the review. A good over from Kuldeep, though.

After 11.2 overs, AUS are 56/2 – Smith in gone!
WICKET! Massive moment in the game as Shardul Thakur removes Steve Smith! The Aussie run machine gets a faint edge down the leg side and KL Rahul takes a simple catch. That’s the wicket India wanted! Smith departs for 7 off 15 as Moises Henriques walks out to bat.

After 11 overs, AUS are 56/1 (Smith 7, Finch 34)
Decent first over from Kuldeep Yadav, who is making his comeback to the team. Drops a few balls short but doesn’t concede a boundary. Australia’s spinners were brilliant in the middle overs. India will need a similar performance from their spinners.

After 10 overs, AUS 51/1 (Smith 3, Finch 33): Shardul into the attack and he might be the bowler Kohli will hope can provide some breakthroughs in the middle overs. Decent first over to start as Aussies go past 50. Kuldeep from the other end.

Did everything but take a wicket today. Good first spell.

After 9 overs, AUS 45/1 (Smith 2, Finch 28): DROPPED! Aaron Finch is living a charmed life. The Aussie captain chips one back, and Bumrah gets a hand to it on the followthrough. Can only parry it though. Should he have done better? Harsha Bhogle says Finch should buy the lottery today, might just win the whole thing. Superb over by Bumrah, nothing to show for it.

Correction: After 8 overs, AUS 44/1 (Smith 2, Finch 27)

After 7 overs, AUS 44/1 (Smith 2, Finch 27): Sloppy from India. Hardik misses a direct hit when Finch had given up. A no ball, two wides and a boundary too, in that Natarajan over. They have kept things tight but indiscipline could come back to haunt them again.

After 7overs, AUS 33/1 Smith 0, Finch 22): Shocker from Dhawan. A sitter put down at first slip and Finch survives after Bumrah got him driving. Poor fielding costing India once again?

WICKET! NATARAJAN STRIKES! What a moment. He is quietly delighted, his teammates surround him in celebrations. Labuschagne plays on to the stumps. After five ODIs without a wicket in the first PP, India finally have one. And it’s a wicket maiden for the left-arm pacer too. AUS 25/1.

After 5 overs, AUS 25/0 (Labuschagne 7, Finch 18): Bumrah, in the middle of a good opening spell, bowls a perfectly fine length ball on the off-stump. Finch just lofts it over deep point for six. It’s a great little battle at the moment between Bumrah and the Aussie openers. Labuschagne not quite comfortable facing the late movement that Bumrah seems to be getting. Kohli getting chirpy too.

After 4 overs, AUS 18/0 (Labuschagne 6, Finch 12): Another over where Natarajan concedes a boundary, but keeps it tight otherwise. Finch once again picked up length early on a short ball and pulled this through midwicket for four. Not a bad ball, just a top shot in the powerplay.

After 3 overs, AUS 14/0 (Labuschagne 6, Finch 8): More oohs and aahs from the Indian fielders as Bumrah beats Finch’s outside edge with one that straightens from good length. Brett Lee however reckons Bumrah should be fuller. Labuschagne hits his first four through point.

After 2 overs, AUS 9/0 (Labuschagne 2, Finch 7) Welcome to international cricket, says Aaron Finch to Natarajan. Picks up the length of a shortish delivery, pulls it over square leg for a six. Brilliant shot. Seven from that over.

After 1 over, AUS 2/0 (Labuschagne 2, Finch 0): A top first over from Bumrah. Starts off with a beaut to beat the outside edge of Labuschagne. Brett Lee apparently saw Bumrah get some swing during the warm-ups and it was seen in that first over too. Might not last long, but can India strike early?

Right, here we go. Marnus Labuschagne is opening with Aaron Finch today in the absence of David Warner. Jasprit Bumrah starts off for India.

Innings break: Like Mumbai Indians tend to, Hardik helped India overshoot the target they were hoping for, with help from Jadeja. But he hinted he might not bowl. Mind games?

Innings break throwback: Sachin Tendulkar’s SCG century in 2008 was the end of a long wait in ODIs.

Innings break: Is this score enough for India to defend and get off the mark on the tour?

Innings break: A superb partnership between Hardik and Jadeja. Remember the run-out in Champions Trophy final? They have come a long way since then.

List of Hardik-Jadeja ODI stands

Wkt Runs In Out Inns Opposition Ground Match date
7 27 6/291 7/318 2 v England Pune 15 Jan 2017
7 23* 6/358 6/381 1 v England Cuttack 19 Jan 2017
7 80 6/72 7/152 2 v Pakistan The Oval 18 Jun 2017
6 18 5/229 6/247 2 v Australia Sydney 27 Nov 2020
6 33 5/288 6/321 2 v Australia Sydney 29 Nov 2020
6 150* 5/152 5/302 1 v Australia Canberra 2 Dec 2020
via ESPNCricinfo

The visitors were 152/5 after 32 overs when Kohli got out. But a sensational, unbeaten partnership between Hardik Pandya (92 off 76) & Ravindra Jadeja (66 off 50) has powered the team to a fighting total. India got 110 runs in the last 10 overs. A tremendous recovery from the men in blue.

After 49 overs, IND are 289/5 (Pandya 58, Jadeja 88)
Good comeback by Josh Hazlewood. He was hit for two sixes in his previous over but does well to not concede a boundary in the penultimate over of the innings. He finishes with figures of 1/66. How much will India finish with? Can Hardik Pandya get a century?

After 48 overs, IND are 279/5 (Pandya 79, Jadeja 57)
FIFTY for Ravindra Jadeja! The left-hander is on fire at the moment! Gets to his half-century with a hat-trick of fours and follows that up with a huge six (his third of the innings). Sensational batting!

After 47 overs, IND are 260/5 (Pandya 78, Jadeja 39)
Another big over for India! Ravindra Jadeja hits Josh Hazlewood for two sixes as India pick up 17 runs in that over. 100-run partnership between Hardik Pandya and Jadeja! India needed this desperately. Both batsmen are striking the ball wonderfully at the moment.

After 46 overs, IND are 243/5 (Pandya 75, Jadeja 26)
BIG OVER FOR INDIA! Two fours and a six from Hardik Pandya’s bat. The right-hander is hitting shots to all parts of the ground. Sean Abbott has struggled with his line and length today.

After 45 overs, IND are 226/5 (Pandya 59, Jadeja 25)
Superb shot from Hardik! Hazlewood bowls a low, wide full-toss and the right-hander manages to beat deep extra-cover for four. 10 runs from that over. India will now hope to get past 280.

After 44 overs, IND are 216/5 (Pandya 51, Jadeja 23)
FIFTY for Hardik Pandya! The right-hander has taken 55 balls to get to his half-century. An uncharacteristic but much-needed knock from Hardik. India need to him to go hard in the death overs now. Seven runs came from that over by Moises Henriques as Ravindra Jadeja cut the last ball away for four.

After 43 overs, IND are 209/5 (Pandya 49, Jadeja 18)
The end of a terrific spell by Adam Zampa. He finishes with figures of 1/45 from his 10 overs. Third straight over without a boundary for India.

After 42 overs, IND are 204/5 (Pandya 46, Jadeja 16)
Another good over (without a boundary) for Australia, this time by Sean Abbott. Jadeja has played 28 balls and is yet to hit a boundary.

After 41 overs, IND are 198/5 (Pandya 41, Jadeja 15)
Another good over from Adam Zampa, just six from it. The leg-spinner has used his variations wonderfully today.

After 40 overs, IND are 192/5 (Pandya 39, Jadeja 11)
Another boundary for Pandya, this time off Maxwell. The right-hander is looking more confident with each over. Eight runs from that over? How many will India add in the last 10? They’d want to get close to 270.

After 39 overs, IND are 184/5 (Pandya 32, Jadeja 10)
Four! Pandya pulls it hard again and this time Green can’t stop it at the fence. India needed that boundary.

After 37 overs, IND are 173/5 (Pandya 24, Jadeja 7)
A well-placed pull by Hardik Pandya but a superb dive by Cameron Green at the boundary saves three runs for Australia. Pandya is starting to throw his bat around a bit now. Six runs come from that Sean Abbott over.

After 35 overs, IND are 164/5 (Pandya 19, Jadeja 3)
Hardik Pandya gets an under-edge to the fine-leg fence to give India a much-needed boundary. Ashton Agar finishes with fine figures of 2/44 from his 10 overs. The left-arm spinner got the important wickets of Shubman Gill and KL Rahul.

Stat alert: This is just the second calendar year, after 2008, in which Virat Kohli hasn’t got an ODI ton.

After 32 overs, IND are 152/5 – Kohli is gone!
WICKET! Huge blow for India as Virat Kohli departs. Josh Hazlewood bowls a wonderful delivery and DRS shows a tiny spike as the ball crossed the bat. Smart review by Aaron Finch. This is a big moment in the game. Kohli walks back for 63 off 78 as Ravindra Jadeja joins Hardik Pandya at the crease.

After 31 overs, IND are 149/4 (Kohli 61, Pandya 9)
Ashton Agar and Adam Zampa have done an incredible job for Australia in these middle overs. The left-arm spinner and leg-spinner have kept things tight and hardly offered any loose deliveries. Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya seem content in just rotating the strike at the moment.

After 28 overs, IND are 133/4 (Kohli 50, Pandya 4)
FIFTY for Virat Kohli! The India captain gets to his 60th ODI half-century off 64 balls. He seems to be fighting a lone battle at the moment. His team needs him to get a big one today.

After 25.3 overs, IND are 123/4 –Rahul is gone!
WICKET! Poor shot from KL Rahul and he is out LBW to Ashton Agar. Was in no position to play that sweep. Goes on to waste a review too. India are in trouble now. Rahul departs for 5 off 11 as Hardik Pandya joins skipper Virat Kohli at the crease.

After 25 overs, IND are 122/3 (Kohli 43, Rahul 5)
We’re halfway through the Indian innings. The Aussies have had a strong passage of play. Virat Kohli and Co will need to up the ante soon.

After 22.4 overs, IND are 114/3 – Iyer is gone!
WICKET! Another cheap dismissal for Shreyas Iyer. This time he mishits a drive straight to point. Adam Zampa gets his first. Iyer walks back for 19 off 21 as KL Rahul joins Virat Kohli at the crease.

After 22 overs, IND are 111/2 (Kohli 38, Iyer 18)
The Indian batsmen have looked good at the crease but Australia have done well to not let the run-rate get out of hand. Zampa and Agar bowling well in tandem now.

After 20 overs, IND are 104/2 (Kohli 36, Iyer 14)
Four! Green bangs it in and Iyer pulls it away. The right-hander wasn’t really in control of the shot but managed to find the gap. He has been troubled by the short ball so far this series.

After 19 overs, IND are 96/2 (Kohli 35, Iyer 8)
Zampa bowls it short and wide and Iyer cuts it fine for four. Not much turn in the pitch so far.

After 18 overs, IND are 88/2 (Kohli 33, Iyer 2)
Cameron Green returns to the attack and bowls a good over, just a single off it and five dot balls to Virat Kohli. Time for a drinks break.

After 17 overs, IND are 87/2 (Kohli 32, Iyer 2)
India would want to get another partnership here. Iyer is due a big score and will be happy to face spinners first up.

After 15.4 overs, IND are 82/2 – Gill is gone!
WICKET! Australia get the breakthrough as Ashton Agar strikes. Shubman Gill attempts a sweep and is out LBW. India retain the review. The young opener was looking good but has to walk back for 33 off 39. Shreyas Iyer is the new man at the crease.

After 15 overs, IND are 81/1 (Gill 33, Kohli 28)
The 50-run stand between Gill and Kohli is up. They’ve been in complete control so far. Adam Zampa joins the attack and slips in a quiet over.

Milestone alert: 12,000 ODI runs for Virat Kohli! A staggering record for the 32-year-old. He is the fastest to get to this mark (242 innings). He has 43 centuries to his name at an average of 59.41. Take a bow, king Kohli!

After 12 overs, IND are 68/1 (Gill 26, Kohli 22)
The runs are starting to flow for India. Ashton Agar joins the attack and Virat Kohlu cuts one for four. Kohli and Shubman Gill have added 42 runs for the second wicket.

After 11 overs, IND are 59/1 (Gill 25, Kohli 14)
Two more fours off Green! The 21-year-old right-arm pacer is having a tough start to his ODI career. Top batting from Gill, though. Hits a classy straight-drive before thumping the last ball over mid-wicket.

After 10 overs, IND are 49/1 (Gill 16, Kohli 13)
A wild swing-and-miss from Gill. Strange shot selection that. Abbott concedes just a single in his third over as the powerplay comes to an end.

After 9 overs, IND are 48/1 (Gill 15, Kohli 13)
Cameron Green, making his debut, comes into the attack and errs in line and length against Virat Kohli. The India captain picks up two fours comfortably. This isn’t the most blazing start for India but a decent one nonetheless.

After 8 overs, IND are 40/1 (Gill 15, Kohli 5)
Virat Kohli gets off the mark with a sumptuous straight-drive for four. There won’t be too many better shots than that hit today. Sean Abbott a bit all over the place in his second over.

After 7 overs, IND are 35/1 (Gill 15, Kohli 0)
Six! First maximum of the game and it comes off Gill’s bat. Hazlewood bangs it in and the right-hander gets a top-edge over fine-leg. Top catch in the crowd. Good over for India, nine from it.

After 5.5 overs, IND are 26/1 – Dhawan is gone!
WICKET! Big blow for India as Shikhar Dhawan departs! Sean Abbott strikes in his first over with a fine slower ball. That was a soft dismissal and a simple catch at cover. Dhawan walks back for 16 off 27 as captain Virat Kohli comes to the crease.

After 5 overs, IND are 24/0 (Dhawan 15, Gill 6)
What a shot from Gill! The right-hander picks up his first boundary with a gorgeous flick past mid-wicket and mid-on. That will give him a lot of confidence. Six runs came from that Hazlewood over.

After 4 overs, IND are 18/0 (Dhawan 14, Gill )2
Dhawan has started well again. Sweeps one confidently for four off Maxwell. The off-spinner then bowls a couple of wides too. Dhawan keeps strike for the next over, Gill has faced just three balls in the first four overs.

After 3 overs, IND are 9/0 (Dhawan 7, Gill 2)
Shot! First boundary for India as Dhawan crunches one off the front foot past cover. Hazlewood does well to concede just a single off the other five balls.

After 2 overs, IND are 4/0 (Dhawan 2, Gill 2)
Interesting move by Australia as Glenn Maxwell takes the new ball from the other end. Young Gill surely wouldn’t mind facing the off-spinner first up. Four singles come from the over.

After 1 over, IND are 0/0 (Dhawan 0, Gill 0)
Superb start by Hazlewood! Gets movement in the air and off the pitch to bowl six dot balls to Dhawan. No risk taken by the left-hander.

9.10 am: Shikhar Dhawan and Shubman Gill are at the crease. Josh Hazlewood has the new ball. Here we go!

9.02 am: Plenty of changes for the Indian team as T Natarajan, Shubman Gill, Shardul Thakur and Kuldeep Yadav replace Navdeep Saini, Mayank Agarwal, Mohammed Shami and Yuzvendra Chahal. Virat Kohli will be hoping his team puts up a big total and gets the consolation win.

8.45 am: Playing XIs
Australia: Aaron Finch (c), Marnus Labuschagne, Steven Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Moises Henriques, Alex Carey (w), Cameron Green, Ashton Agar, Sean Abbott, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood.
India: Shikhar Dhawan, Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli (c), Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul (w), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, T Natarajan.

08.40 am: TOSS! Virat Kohli has won the toss. And India will be batting first in Canberra.

08.37 am: India have lost the series after defeats in the first two matches. But there will be plenty of interest in this match for sure, as is always the case when India play. And there is a memorable debut to look forward to. Congratulations to T Natarajan, who received his India’s cap!

08.35 am: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the third ODI between Australia and India.

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