END OF DAY’S PLAY, INDIA 233/6: What a day of twists and turns. First over of the day, a wicket for Starc. And then, two sessions of old-fashioned, attritional cricket. And then, when another century beckoned at Adelaide Oval, Kohli was run out. That triggered a collapse for India. And finally, was a handy little stand at the end by Saha and Ashwin. All said and done, both teams had positives to take but having lost the toss, Australia would be the happier side perhaps. That will be all for day one.

INDIA 233/6: STUMPS! A crucial little partnership between Saha and Ashwin to ensure India did not fold up after a collapse. India finish on 233/6 after 89 overs. Final session: 34 overs. 126 runs. 3 wickets.

Last over of the day coming up as we are done with the 30 extra minutes.

India 229/6 after 88 overs: FOUR! Bouncer from Hazlewood, pulled away by Ashwin for six. A top edge, but had enough on it. Evaded the fielder at long leg.

India 223/6 after 87 overs: A good looking straight drive in that over by Ashwin. He is looking in decent touch. Saha too helps himself to three with a square drive.

India: 216/6 after 86 overs: It would be a massive boost for India if Saha and Ashwin can add a few runs here. Saha is off the mark, Ashwin is looking decently comfortable in the middle.

Correction in the blog earlier: For the Kohli runout, the throw came from Hazlewood.

India 212/6 after 85 overs: Starc finishes that over with banana swing! Saha, who is yet to get off the mark, had no answer.

That Virat Kohli runout has triggered a collapse, folks. India 207/6 after 84 overs.

WICKET! Ind 206-6. Vihari stuck on the crease, trapped LBW... didn’t even bother reviewing. Great stuff from Australia but India are just going to regret that run out even more. Last 3 wickets for 19 runs.

REVIEW LOST: Australia go for an optimistic review against Vihari off Starc’s bowling, missing leg stump.

India 201/5 after 82 overs: How much will India regret this?

Over 80.4: WICKET! Wicket in the first over after second new ball is taken. Rahane has had a forgettable few minutes in this match. Caught plumb in front, review doesn’t help. Rahane out for 42 off 92 balls.

India 193/4 after 80 overs: After a superb over by Cameron Green, the second new ball is taken. Here we go, make or break.

India 192/4: 80th over coming up, the second new ball is coming. Vihari is off to a bit of a nervy start at the moment.

Virat Kohli in Adelaide Tests (Update)

Runs SR Pos Dismissal Inns Start Date
116 54.46 6 lbw 2 24 Jan 2012
22 35.48 6 run out 4 24 Jan 2012
115 62.5 4 caught 2 9 Dec 2014
141 80.57 4 caught 4 9 Dec 2014
3 18.75 4 caught 1 6 Dec 2018
34 32.69 4 caught 3 6 Dec 2018
74 41.11 4 run out 1 17 Dec 2020
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MASSIVE MOMENT: OH DEAR! What was that?! Virat Kohli has been run out at Adelaide Oval after a horror mix-up with Ajinkya Rahane. The Indian captain is out on 74. The wait for an international century in 2020 continues. Kohli cannot believe it, Rahane immediately puts his hand up. Cummins and Lyon combine to effect that run out.

India 178/3 after 75 overs: Just a delightful cover drive by Kohli off Lyon to move into the 70s with a four. 20 overs into this session, India have scored 71 runs. Best phase of run-scoring of the day for the visitors.

India 171/3 after 74 overs: We are getting close to the second new ball as Cummins continues. (Perhaps it will be Starc and Hazlewood again with the new ball and Australia’s best bowler of the day). Rahane moves into the 30s with a four down to third man. Educated outside edge, you could say.

India 166/3 after 73 overs: A drinks break called at Adelaide Oval. We are entering the final hour or so of the day.

This was given one short:

India 163/3 after 72 overs: Reminder: Virat Kohli’s last century in international cricket came in November 2019... in the pink-ball Test at Eden Gardens. He’s on 67* at the moment.

India 158/3 after 71 overs: Lyon has been terrific and it is a top over again as he comes back into the attack. Gets one to bounce and zip through Rahane.

India 154/3 after 70 overs: Starc and Hazlewood beating the bat now. It is getting trickier.

Fifty partnership between the captain and vice-captain of this Indian team.

Virat Kohli's Test innings at Adelaide Oval

Runs 4s 6s SR Pos Dismissal Inns Start Date
116 11 1 54.46 6 lbw 2 24 Jan 2012
22 2 0 35.48 6 run out 4 24 Jan 2012
115 12 0 62.5 4 caught 2 9 Dec 2014
141 16 1 80.57 4 caught 4 9 Dec 2014
3 0 0 18.75 4 caught 1 6 Dec 2018
34 3 0 32.69 4 caught 3 6 Dec 2018
66* 7 0 40.99 4 not out 1 17 Dec 2020
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India 152/3 after 68 overs: A knuckleball from Hazlewood beats Kohli after moving around in the air. And that is followed by a bouncer that is pulled with authority by the Indian captain. Brilliant moments of Test cricket there.

Starc and Hazlewood bowling in tandem now, the sun is setting. This is the battle.

India 148/3 after 67 overs: A close call for Rahane! A full-length dive just saves him as Travis Head pulls off a direct hit.

India 136/3 after 64 overs: India keeping it steady for now. Kohli seems to have simply reset and moved on. Rahane is playing a few more shots but together they are looking solid.

India 133/3 after 62 overs: Fourth 50-plus score at Adelaide Oval for Virat Kohli, and he has gone on to make a century the previous three times. Acknowledged the crowd, but immediately back to work. Rahane helps himself to a four off Lyon’s over with a lofted sweep. Wasn’t in control there.

HALF CENTURY! Virat Kohli loves batting at Adelaide Oval. It’s been a gritty knock by the Indian captain, has had his struggles but has fought through it. 50* off 123 balls.

India 124/3 after 60 overs: Kohli moves on to 49, with a streaky outside edge towards third man for three runs.

India 119/3 after 58 overs: Couple of boundaries in that Lyon over. Both through cover, one for Rahane and one for Kohli. Tossed up by Lyon, enticing the batsman go for that shot and hoping to spin one through the gate but it was too full both times and there was not enough room for the ball to turn.

India 109/3 after 57 overs: Lyon from one end, Cummins from the other. Australia starting the session with two of their best bowlers on the day. Kohli moves into the 40s now.

Here we go. Massive session coming up.

Session break:

Session break: It’s been the kind of cricket you can soak in. Slow, gripping, intense, different.

Session 1: 25 overs, 41 runs, 2 wickets

Session 2: 30 overs, 66 runs, 1 wickets

END OF SESSION TWO, India 107/3 after 55 overs: 66 runs, 30 overs and a wicket in that session. Who has the edge at this stage?

Marnus Labuschagne to bowl, end of the session and all that...

The fascinating dynamics of day-night Test. After a 163-ball innings by Pujara, with 50-plus overs done, normally you’d think the batting lineup can cash in afterwards till the next new ball is taken. But here, we are entering the session under lights.

India 103/3 after 53 overs: Lyon continues from one end but interesting to see Green from the other end and not a strike bowler, with Rahane in.

India 101/3 after 51 overs: Massive test for Rahane here. He needs to start well because the twilight period is not far away.

Over 49.4, INDIA 100/2: WICKET! And it’s a big one for Australia! Lyon strikes after so many close calls for bat-pad catches. This one turns sharply again, takes the inside edge of Pujara’s bat and lopps up to the fielder at leg slip. Umpire says not out, but Pujara, the nice guy he is, started to walk. Australia duly review and it is out. Pujara out for 43 off 160 balls.

India 97/2 after 47 overs: After facing 147 deliveries, Cheteshwar Pujara hits his first boundary! And makes it two in a row for good measure. More intent against Lyon, more use of the feet to negate turn. There was a close bat-pad shout off the last ball too, but the ball was wide of the fielder at silly point.

India 88/2 after 47 overs: Kohli leans into a drive off Green but the outside edge trickles through the slip cordon for four. Would not have carried even if there was another slip fielder.

India 83/2 after 46 overs: CLOSE CALL! Extra turn from overspin for Lyon and Pujara turns it behind fine, finer than he wanted. Falls just short of Labuschagne at leg slip. 50 partnership between Kohli and Pujara. Has taken 163 balls.

India 79/2 after 44 overs: Another tight over by Lyon. Back comes Green for another spell. Will India look to up the ante now?

India 77/2 after 43 overs: Classic Kohli. Couple of deliveries after getting hit on the glove by a short one and needing treatment on his fingers, Kohli plays a pull shot for four off a bouncer from Starc. The man loves a challenge. Memories of the Mitch Johnson battle.

Overs 42.3 India 73/2: OUCH! Australia do not have a forward short leg in place for Kohli now and he gloves one in the air off Starc in that direction. And it has hurt him too, the Indian captain needs medical attention on his fingers. That’s another chance offered by Kohli, but he resets and is ready to go.

India 72/2 after 41 overs: Starc goes round the wicket to Pujara with leg slip still in place. More solid defending by the Indian No 3.

Starc continues after the drinks break...

India 71/2 after 40 overs: Another spell of three straight maiden overs. Two from Lyon and one from Starc. The last Lyon over was full off “catch it” and oohs and aahs as Pujara keeps using his feet to pad the balls away. There was one that might have taken the glove though, fell short of Wade.

India 71/2 after 37 overs: Both the Indian batsmen starting to look more comfortable now. Kohli welcomes Starc into the attack with a sensational on drive through midwicket.

Another close one for Kohli:

India 67/2 after 36 overs: More intent clearly against Lyon but it is not easy to put him away either. Bowling to the field. An appeal for caught behind against Kohli but not referred. That was mighty close to the glove.

India 64/2 after 34 overs: Down the track comes Kohli and smashes Lyon straight back. Trying to unsettle Lyon early here, clearly. How will this pan out?

Pat Cummins bowling figures at the moment: 10-6-10-1

Ashish Magotra: Australia fighting patience with patience. The pacers have been accurate and stuck to their line. The onus to play shots, at some point, has to be on the batsmen.

India 60/2 after 32 overs: Constant use of the feet by Pujara against Lyon! Interesting battle already in that first over.

India 55/2 after 31 overs: Time for Nathan Lyon, folks!

India 51/2 after 30 overs: Bit of a gift to Kohli on his pads at the end of the over, there have not been too many of those. He picks up three with a leg glance as 50 comes up for India.

India 45/2 after 29 overs: A century for Pujara! He moves on 19 off 101 balls. Kohli put under pressure by another bouncer, not played comfortably.

India 42/2 after 28 overs: Huzzah, a run! Pujara gets a single.

India 41/2 after 27 overs: CLOSE CALL! Kohli survives. Extra bounce from Cummins, the ball lands JUST short of Wade at short leg.

India 41/2 after 26 overs: A maiden over to start the second session with by Hazlewood. Surprise, surprise!

Time for the second session in Adelaide. What’s in store?

Ind 41/2 after 25 overs (Pujara 17, Kohli 5): Time for the tea break. Australia have given nothing away in the first session. Shaw and Agarwal are back in the dressing room. And a big question for India in the second session will be how they will find some momentum. They have to.

Ind 38/2 after 23 overs (Pujara 17, Kohli 2): Pujara will do his own thing but Kohli will want to get a move on soon. Fascinating battle in the middle. Green into the attack now.

11.14 am: Some extreme number crunching here. How can the Aussies get Kohli out?

11.09 am: That Cummins delivery to Agarwal was just perfect.

Ind 32/2 after 18.1 overs (Pujara 14): WICKET! Cummins strikes to send back Agarwal! What a ball! Hit the top of off-middle, came back just a bit. At the other end, Pujara has faced 23 dot balls in a row. A complete shutdown of sorts. That may have contributed to the wicket too. Superb ball by Cummins though. Just perfect. Agarwal b Cummins 17(40)

Ind 25/1 after 15 overs (Agarwal 10, Pujara 14): Three maidens in a row. 4 runs in the last five overs. Historically, the best scoring sessions in day/night matches is the middle session. India trying to ensure they lose no wicket before that. Very steady stuff by Australia – this has already become a battle of patience.

Ind 21/1 after 10 overs (Agarwal 10, Pujara 10): Agarwal and Pujara are just starting to settle in after the early loss of Shaw set India back. Testing start to the match. Australia’s bowlers have given nothing away. They have been accurate and stuck to their plan. Change in the attack, Pat Cummins comes in.

Ind 16/1 after 9 overs (Agarwal 6, Pujara 9): Australia trying a few things with the field settings when bowling to Pujara and it almost worked. They put in a short fine leg and Pujara almost hit it straight to him. The trap was sprung and it almost worked. Slightly iffy from the right-hander today – a few edges and now this. Still early days though.

Ind 9/1 after 8 overs (Agarwal 5, Pujara 4): Edged and it doesn’t carry! Pujara still there. Testing spell by Hazlewood. The fourth ball of the over was the one that induced the edge and even though it hit pretty high on the bat, it still didn’t carry. The pitch should get a little quicker tomorrow.

Ind 7/1 after 5 overs (Agarwal 5, Pujara 2): Very good start by Australia but the batsmen look a little calmer now. The feet are moving that little bit better. There is some extra bounce on offer for the bowlers.

Ind 1/1 after 2 overs (Agarwal 0, Pujara 1): Hazlewood follows up Starc’s over with a maiden. Starc is getting good shape as well. This will be a testing period for India. They have to play it out without any further loss of wickets.

Ind 0/1 after 0.2 balls (Agarwal 0): WICKET! Starc sends Shaw back. Played on. The left-armer got that to move a little. Shaw is gone for a duck – just moved a little late. Pujara walks out to bat.

09.23 am: India will want to get around 300 in their first innings to set the match and the series up. Early wickets will give Australia a boost and Kohli’s team will want to avoid that at all costs.

09.19 am: Mitchell Starc, the left-arm pacer, has the best bowling returns in pink-ball matches with 42 wickets at an average of 19.23 in from seven day-night Tests.


09.17 am: Some pretty good memories for India at Adelaide – Dravid’s double century, Agarkar’s spell, Kohli’s centuries and this...

09.14 am: Big debut for Green. We’ve already seen how well he can bat in the warm-up game but here’s a little more about him.

09.10 am: Allan Border believes it is a very good toss to win.

“A good toss to win. Slightly overcast in Adelaide but the conditions are good for batting,” said Border. “Less grass on the pitch than I have seen previously.”

09.09 am: At the toss, Kohli said, “Looks like a nice wicket, nice and hard. Runs on the board are priceless, especially away from home.”

09.05 am: And here’s India’s playing XI in case you missed the announcement yesterday.

India XI: P Shaw, M Agarwal, C Pujara, V Kohli, A Rahane, H Vihari, W Saha, R Ashwin, U Yadav, M Shami, J Bumrah

09.03 am: Paine said he is happy to bowl first but they would have liked to bat first too. And we finally know Australia’s playing XI.

Australia XI: Joe Burns, Matthew Wade, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, Travis Head, Cameron Green, Tim Paine (c, wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood

09.01 am: India have won the toss and they are going to bat first.

08.59 am: Glenn McGrath feels like this is a pretty good pitch but the toss will be crucial given that it is a day/night game.

08.57 am: And here’s what the Adelaide pitch looks like! What do you think...

08.56 am: Allrounder Cameron Green has cleared the concussion test. He will be making his Australia Test debut today.

08.52 am: Before we look forward, a 6-minute recap of the last Border Gavaskar Trophy:

08.50 am: Hello all and welcome to our live coverage of the first Test between Australia and India. It’s a historic occasion for India, as they get ready for a pink-ball Test away from home. It means, for an Adelaide Test, fans in India do not have to wake up too early. It’s a nice and easy 9.30 am start, but it’s not going to be nice and easy for the Indian team this around you’d think. A Test series in Australia is as tough as international cricket gets, and it is a test India will look to ace once again.

We. Cannot. Wait.

Big news: India announced XI

India have kept faith with opener Prithvi Shaw while opting for Wriddhiman Saha ahead of Rishabh Pant as wicketkeeper for the opening day-night Test against Australia in Adelaide starting Thursday.

Selectors also confirmed Umesh Yadav as the third seamer alongside Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah in the absence of the injured Ishant Sharma, while Ravi Ashwin won the race to be their frontline spinner ahead of Kuldeep Yadav.

The flamboyant Shaw was under pressure from another young talent – Shubman Gill, also 21 – to open the innings alongside Mayank Agarwal after just one decent knock in four warm-up innings.

But he will take the field for his fifth cap on Thursday while Gill continues his wait to earn a first.

India won their maiden series 2-1 in Australia in 2018-19 – including victory in Adelaide, although that game was not a day-night Test.

India: Mayank Agarwal, Prithvi Shaw, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (capt), Ajinkya Rahane, Hanuma Vihari, Wriddhiman Saha, Ravi Ashwin, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

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