How things stand:

What a day of Test cricket, folks:

STUMPS: As is always the case, Jasprit Bumrah has a smile on his face. Job done as the night-watchman. Eleven balls faced and done so with great assurance. What a character.

India 9/1 after 5 overs: Bumrah will be on strike for perhaps the last over of the day. Would have done his job.

India’s newest No 3 in Test cricket: JASPRIT BUMRAH! Negotiates the over well from Cummins, and as he does, with a smile on the face.

SHAW GONE: WICKET! Oh dear. It was Mitch Starc in the first innings, now it is Pat Cummins’ turn. The Aussie pacer breaches Prithv Shaw’s defence and he is bowled through the gate, AGAIN.

India 7/0 after 3 overs: Nervy moments for Mayank again. Almost lobs one up to cover.

India 7/0 after 2 overs: DROPPED! Edged and down! Mayank Agarwal plays a push tentatively, Tim Paine dives to his right but cannot hold on. Asks the fielder at first slip if it would have carried, and you know what, it might have.

Well, well. Pat Cummins gets the new ball with Mitch Starc.

Off ther mark: Starc comes steaming in and Shaw must be a relieved man to get off the mark with a bit of a gift on the leg side. Tucked around, gets off strike. Gavaskar would be proud of that.

Here we go. Tough time to bat, but hope Prithvi Shaw sees this as a massive opportunity.

INNINGS BREAK: How about that, Australia bowled out in a day after all. Frustrations with the catching and the last couple of partnerships apart, that’s another bowling achievement to be proud of for India. Good collective effort to take a 53-run lead.

AUSTRALIA ALL OUT FOR 191! Relief for India after a Paine’s brilliant innings. Umesh dismisses Hazlewood as India take a 53-run lead. Superb catch by Pujara too.

AUS 191/9 after 72 overs: Paine hits a four off Bumrah, but crucially that keeps him off strike.

AUS 183/9 after 71 overs: Oh, what a shot. Nice and early in the Ashwin over, Tim Paine brings out a reverse sweep for four. Takes a single off the last ball too.

AUS 178/9 after 70 overs: Hazlewood has to just face one ball from Bumrah, job done.

AUS 177/9 after 69 overs: After facing two balls in the Shami over, Hazlewood has some against Ashwin as Paine trusts him with the strike. Two brilliant fours down the ground, one driven and one lofted elegantly...

Shami continues, Paine might start to farm the strike now...

AUS 167/9: WICKET! Ashwin with his fourth of the innings, as Lyon gives a catch to Kohli who heaves a sigh of relief. End of another useful partnership. We would say it’s a “simple catch” but given how India’s catching has been so far, not sure there is such a thing.

AUS 165/8 after 66 overs: India have lost another review after a very hopeful appeal from Ashwin for a LBW against Lyon.

Stat update via broadcasters: India have dropped four catches off Bumrah and two off Shami.

AUS 156/8 after 64 overs: Gentle reminder that India have already dropped Paine too.

HALF CENTURY! The scoring rate has been slow for Australia but Tim Paine has just hit a 68-ball 50. What an innings by the Aussie captain. Hits another boundary off Shami in that over.

GOOD REVIEW: Lyon given out LBW but there’s a massive inside edge.

AUS 146/8 after 62 overs: Steadily, this is turning into a solid innings by Paine. Has moved on to 45. Shami and Ashwin bowling in tandem. Lyon can bat too, remember, against India.

WICKET! Well, Mitch Starc’s eventful outing in the middle comes to an end, as he is run out going for a second run. Was that necessary, one wonders. And credit to Shaw for that throw. He has had a horror match so far, maybe this will be a turning out.

Aus 1387/7 after 60 overs: Ashwin comes on....

AUS 136/7 after 59 overs: ANOTHER CHANCE! A tough one alright as Wriddhiman Saha chases a high ball over his head. Just couldn’t get underneath it, a late dive is not sufficient. Starc survives, Bumrah the unlucky bowler again.

AUS 132/7 after 38 overs: Starc continuing to go hard at it. Gets hit on the biceps in that over by Umesh but nails the pull next ball. But India have fielders in the deep. A bit too defensive already?


AUS 126/7 after 57 overs: Starc is showing some intent to play his shots. Some good running between the wickets too.

OH DEAR: Not surprisingly, a bouncer at Tim Paine and it’s another painful moment on the field for India. Mayank Agarwal drops one at deep square leg. And for Mayank Agarwal, the Paine was real as the ball trickled to the fence.

Correction: AUS 111/7 after 54 overs:

AUS 111/6 after 54 overs: UMESH YADAV HAS TWO IN THE OVER! A nasty delivery to dismiss Cummins, it raises from the length and an easy catch to gully.

AUS 111/6 after 53.3 overs: WICKET!! Labuschagne trapped LBW after making 47. Umesh Yadav strikes a big blow. They took a review only because they had one. Review lost. Labuschagne lbw b U Yadav 47(119)

AUS 103/5 after 52 overs: Runs coming a little easier now. Australia will want to make this period count for them. Score the runs, cut the deficit.

AUS 97/5 after 50 overs: Yes, 50 overs. Who would’ve thought we would see Australia bat like this in Australia… Umesh has not been at his best but he has still not cracked. He hasn’t let Australia off the hook. Australia trail by 147 runs.

A lengthy huddle led by Kohli, Ashwin has the ball in hand and off we go...

Glenn McGrath: It was tough to watch Australia play that way.

END OF SECOND SESSION: Australia make it through the break without losing another wicket after half the side is back in the pavilion. It was a bit of a wasted Bumrah over at the end there but he and Ashwin have been at the center of this Indian revival.

29 overs, 57 runs and 3 wickets in that session! A run-rate of 1.97.

STAT (via Sony): As things stand, this is the second slowest innings by Australia in Tests in the last 20 years (RR 1.83) at the moment.

If you needed a reminder...

AUS 86/5 after 47 overs: Ashwin continues and bowls another tight over, not long left for an innings break now.

GOOD REVIEW: Marnus Labuschagne is given out caught behind but it is immediately reviewed. He is right of course, the ball hit the back pad. Delayed check for LBW, that is not out as well.

Australia 83/5 after 45 overs

Australia 79/5 after 42 overs: What an incredible line we have just typed.

WICKET! It’s Ashwin’s wicket but it is also Virat Kohli’s wicket! A brilliant catch, diving to his right, by the Indian captain. And he takes his hat off to acknowledge that effort.

Short burst for Bumrah, Shami comes back.

Australia 78/4 after 39 overs: Surely India must be attacking Green more? Just a slip and short-leg at the moment from what we can see. Shocking. The youngster gets away with a boundary and a few more easy runs in that over.

Australia 69/4 after 37 overs: Ashwin is testing the batsmen with every ball in this spell, it feels like. But cannot help but wonder if Labuschagne is in the middle of the match-defining innings. He is starting to see the ball like a football.

Australia 66/4 after 36 overs: Solid over from Bumrah, solid defending by Green.

Bumrah back into the attack. What a moment this is for Cameron Green. He looked brilliant in the warm-up match at Drummoyne Oval. Can he show his class today?

AUS 66/4 after 35 overs: WICKET! ASHWIN STRIKES AGAIN! Travis Head hits one straight back and the catch is taken by the bowler himself. Australia in a real spot of bother.

Ashwin to continue after drinks break...

Australia 64/3 after 34 overs: Time for a drinks break. What a breathless couple of hours we have had.

Australia 62/3 after 33 overs: A maiden over by Ashwin to Labuschagne. Things are quiet here.

Australia 61/3 after 31 overs: Ashwin comes close to having another and this time UMPIRE’S CALL goes the other way for India, who retain the review. Head survives that over.

Australia 59/3 after 30 overs: Umesh back into the attack, and already Labuschagne is starting to look more solid. A well controlled pull shot for four in front of square and a brilliant straight drive.

Australia 51/3 after 29 overs: Another nice over by Ashwin, almost got the outside edge of Head.

Australia 47/3 after 28 overs: Ashwin is off to the races. He has got the big wicket. He has got Steve Smith. This bowling attack gives India hope in all situations.

BIG WICKET! STOP THE PRESS, INDIA HAVE TAKEN A CATCH! Rahane makes no mistake and it’s the prized wicket of Steve Smith. This is breathless Test cricket! Ashwin has provided India a massive breakthrough.

WHAT A DIVE! Steve Smith gives it absolutely everything to make sure he returns to the crease. Indians were celebrating a runout, but Smith’s back in.

Time for R Ashwin... can he replicate what Lyon did for Australia?

Australia 42/2 after 26 overs: One simply does not give these many reprieves to a batsman of Labuschagne’s talent. Will India’s sloppiness (the Kohli runout and the catching) cost them this match?

Australia 41/2 after 24 overs: There was another edge that fell just short in that Bumrah over too. India are going to kick themselves if they end up losing this match because of a Labuschagne masterclass from here on.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? Marnus Labuschagne has been handed ANOTHER life. This time Prithvi Shaw puts down a catch at square leg and Bumrah is the bowler.

Australia 42/2 after 22 overs: Kohli said India had plans for Smith and the Plan A seems to be to keep the ball on the stumps, off and middle all the time and protect the field either side of the pitch. Intriguing chess match this.

Australia 40/2 after 21 overs: Bumrah too keeps the ball on the stumps. A streaky outside for Labuschagne in that over, sneaks through the slip cordon.

(correction) Australia 36/2 after 20 overs:Shami on target in the first over. Staying on the stumps, making the Aussie batsmen play. That’s crucial for India. This is, for all intents and purposes, the partnership that could decide the match.

Australia 35/2 after 19 overs: Shami on target in the first over. Staying on the stumps, making the Aussie batsmen play. That’s crucial for India. This is, for all intents and purposes, the partnership that could decide the match.

Here we go, Shami to Labuschagne...

Innings break:

Innings break: Australia were looking to survive. No runs scored and India eventually made them pay. India’s bowlers were a bit too wide to start off the day but then, they got closer to the stumps and it paid off.

Bumrah’s two spells today:
First spell: 4-2-4-0
Second spell: 4-3-4-2

Australia 35/2 after 19 overs: And that is the end of the session. 23.1 overs, 46 runs, 6 wickets. 4 wickets lost by India. 2 by Australia. Dominated by the ball no doubt. Labuschgane 16* and Smith 1* are in the middle for Australia. Bumrah took both the wickets to fall and dropped one catch.

Australia 35/2 after 18 overs: DROPPED!!! Bumrah drops one on the boundary line. Simple catch. But he jumped up and somehow, dropped in. Australia could have / should have been three down here. Labuschagne, on 16, survives. Could be a big moment in the game. Unlucky for Shami and India.

Australia 29/2 after 17 overs: WICKET! Bumrah strikes again. LBW. Another review and another umpire’s call. It was angled in and Burns (8 off 41) is walking back, shaking his head.

Bumrah is his last 2 overs: W, 0, 0, 4, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, W. He is switched on.

Australia 29/1 after 16 overs: Labuschagne is pumped. India are attacking the stumps and using a few bouncers too. But the right-hander is using the pace well. Two fours in the Shami over.

Australia 20/1 after 15 overs: Marnus Labuschagne is in. He has been in terrific form in Test cricket but India’s bowlers are now attacking the stumps. They are attacking the danger zones a lot more now.

India were 25/1 after 15 overs on Day 1
Australia are 20/1 after 15 overs on Day 2

It has been an engrossing watch.

Australia 16/1 after 14.1 overs: WICKET!!! Bumrah traps Wade LBW. After going wide for so long, he attacked the stumps and got the breakthrough. Review showed it was umpire’s call. Wade lbw b Bumrah 8 (51)

Australia 14/0 after 13 overs: India have controlled the run-rate well. A few short balls are hitting Wade but no real alarms for Australia yet. Kohli and Co need a wicket.

Australia 12/0 after 10 overs: Shami attacking the stumps a lot more. This is a big first innings for Australia – they get out of this and suddenly, the game opens up. India will be desperate for a breakthrough. Anyone missing Ishant Sharma?

Shami finally comes into the attack.

Australia 10/0 after 9 overs: Umesh’s fifth over – still no wickets. Australia being cautious but India’s bowlers have been a bit too wide as well. They perhaps needed to attack the stumps a bit more. The batsmen have not had to play at enough balls.

Australia 8/0 after 7 overs: Yadav has three maidens in his four overs. He hasn’t done anything majorly wrong but maybe India need to look at Shami now.

Australia 8/0 after 6 overs: Australia’s openers doing it right. Get the new ball out of the way first and then build from there. Still some troublesome moments for them – like this wicked short ball from Bumrah, followed the batsman. He just about managed to avoid getting his bat or gloves on it. Burns survives.

Australia 5/0 after 5 overs: Four! Wade and Australia get off the mark. Slow and steady for now. Australia know that of they get a good start, it will put immense pressure on India.

Australia 0/0 after 4 overs: Four overs gone, still no runs on that classic scoreboard at the Adelaide Oval. No wickets either. Burns, who has had a horrid run of late, is still there in the middle and in a way, he has already done more for Australia than Shaw did for India.

Australia 0/0 after 2 overs: Steady over by Bumrah. Beating the batsmen. Getting some movement and bounce. Good signs. But India needs to make the most of the pink ball while it is new.

Time for Bumrah...

Australia 0/0 after 1 over: Good first over from Umesh to Wade, working the angle. India REALLY need to dismiss the openers early to have a chance of coming back into this match. Given the form Burns has been in and that Wade has never opened before in first-class cricket....

Interesting: Umesh Yadav has been given the new ball. Maybe what he did in the warm-up against Burns?

Ashish Magotra: The real worry though is what happens when you take Virat Kohli out of this batting line-up…

Innings break:

INDIA 244 ALL OUT: Sure, India’s lower order is not that great but surely that is below par even for their low standards? Shocking. Lost four wickets for 11 runs. Bumrah left stranded.

Overs 93.1, India 244 all out: WHAT A COLLAPSE. Terrible application from India’s lower order (to be expected, we suppose) and fantastic bowling effort by Australia to wrap things up nice and early.

India 244/9 after 93 overs: So much anticipation about how many runs the Indian lower-order can add but it’s been poor. And Bumrah, hits a square drive for four, showing how it’s done.

WICKET! Mitchell Starc, like he does, is cleaning up the tail. Another hoick by Umesh Yadav, it goes high and not very handsome at all. Wade takes a good catch.

India 240/8 after 92 overs: A massive hit over mid-on by Umesh (for a four) and the field has been spread.

India 235/8 after 91 overs: India can sure use even half of these runs from Bumrah here.


OH DEAR: WICKET! Australia are in a hurry to bat today and India are in a hurry to let them. Poor from Saha as he goes chasing at a wide-ball and Starc has another wicket. India 235/8.

India 234/7 after 90 overs: And that didn’t take long. Ashwin walking back. Cummins strikes. What is it with India and first overs in this Test?

Day 1 morning, first over: Shaw

Day 1 second new ball, first over: Rahane

Day 2 morning, first over: Ashwin

Over 89.3, India 233/7: WICKET! Another day, another first-over wicket. Pat Cummins, who has been sensational in this match already with his line and length, strikes with the third ball of the day to dismiss Ashwin. Peach.

INDIA 233/6: Here we go, Pat Cummins checks if R Ashwin is awake with a bouncer first up. Negotiated well.

Ashish Magotra: You just don’t feel this kind of anticipation for T20 or ODI cricket. This kind of tension (reserved for when two good sides play Test cricket) is so different. Can’t wait for Day 2 to begin.

9.24 pm: Ricky Ponting has had words of praise for the super impressive Nathan Lyon. Will Ashwin have a similar impact?

“He’s had as much success as any spinner, I think, against India over the years. He’s got Virat Kohli out (in Tests) more than anybody in the history of the game, he looked like he troubled Pujara a lot [on daye one].

“The right-handers now that come out to bat against him - he gets so much over-spin on the ball when you’ve got fielders around the bat - they must feel like they’re going to get out every ball. 

“He builds pressure, he bowls very few bad balls so he’ll be a massive threat for them.”

— via

9.14 am: For the sheer hard work he put in, it was shaping up into one of Virat Kohli’s more impressive Test innings...

Day one highlights:


09.01 am: Not sure about you but we are excited to watch Jasprit Bumrah bat.

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of day two in the first Test between Australia and India at Adelaide Oval.

What a day it was to welcome back Test cricket for both sides after a long break. The thrills and (literal) spills of the white-ball formats were great over six matches, but in classic Test cricket fashion, the first day packed enough twists and turns by itself.

First over of the day, there was a wicket for Starc. And then, two sessions of old-fashioned, attritional cricket. And then, when another century beckoned at Adelaide Oval, Kohli was run out. That triggered a collapse for India. Finally, a crucial little partnership between Saha and Ashwin to ensure India did not fold up after a collapse. India finished on 233/6 after 89 overs.

What’s in store on day 2?