5.01 pm: Joe Root – “The pitch looks unusual but it played well. I was just trying to get used to the bounce and found it easier to bat on gradually. This century is really special but it will mean a lot more if we win this game. There was a nice breeze blowing throughout but I don’t think I had enough fluids.”

4.57 pm: ENG 263/3 (89.3 overs) at stumps
A dramatic finish to what was a day of attrition. Dom Sibley batted through the entire day but was dismissed off the last ball by Jasprit Bumrah for 87 off 286. His partnership of 200 runs has set the game up for England. The skipper, meanwhile, remains not-out on 128 off 197.

ENG 1st inngs: 263/3 after 89.3 overs
WICKET! What a moment in the match! Jasprit Bumrah has done it for India, he has removed Dom Sibley. Top effort from the pacer as he traps Sibley in front with a sharp yorker. England take DRS but it shows three reds, they lose the review.

ENG 1st inngs: 263/2 after 89 overs (Dom Sibley 87, Joe Root 128)
Root and Sibley bring up their 200-run partnership. They are setting the game up nicely for England. Final over of the day coming up. India would like a wicket here.

ENG 1st inngs: 261/2 after 87 overs (Dom Sibley 86, Joe Root 127)
SIX! First maximum of the innings and it has come from Root’s bat. A perfectly-timed slog-sweep off Ashwin. Root’s cramping big-time but there’s no stopping him.

ENG 1st inngs: 251/2 after 86 overs (Dom Sibley 85, Joe Root 118)
Just the single from that Ishant over. We have four more overs left in the day. Four more overs for the English batsmen to survive and close out a fantastic day for their team.

ENG 1st inngs: 249/2 after 83 overs (Dom Sibley 85, Joe Root 116)
Two runs from that Bumrah over. He beat Root’s bat with one that shaped away after pitching. India need their strike bowler to strike.

ENG 1st inngs: 247/2 after 82 overs (Dom Sibley 85, Joe Root 114)
Another glorious front-foot drive past covers for four by Root. There’s no stopping him at the moment. Hardly any movement again for the new ball.

ENG 1st inngs: 242/2 after 81 overs (Dom Sibley 85, Joe Root 109)
India were wanting to change the ball since a long time but now that they had the second new ball available, they decided to give Ashwin another over with the old ball. Ishant does have the second new ball now. India will be eager to strike now. For England, if they can survive this last phase of the day, it’ll put them well on top in the contest.

What a sublime knock this has been from the England captain. He has looked in complete control throughout. He has taken 164 balls to get there, with 12 fours. A hundred in his 100th Test, his third in three consecutive matches, and his 20th overall in Test cricket. The Indian players applaud too. This has been a masterclass from Root.

ENG 1st inngs: 214/2 after 76 overs (Dom Sibley 72, Joe Root 98)
That’s the 150-run partnership between Sibley and Root as the former picks up his 10th four. Five runs from that Washington over. India must be desperate to get the second new ball.

ENG 1st inngs: 205/2 after 74 overs (Dom Sibley 67, Joe Root 94)
Sensational strokeplay from Joe Root. Washington Sundar has three fielders in front on the leg side but Root still manages to find the gap and pick four. He’s into the 90s!

ENG 1st inngs: 185/2 after 71 overs (Dom Sibley 64, Joe Root 78)
Root is really bossing it at the moment. Mis-times a sweep and gets a top-edge but the ball falls safely. That, however, doesn’t deter him from attempting another sweep but he absolutely nails it this time for four. Another boundary conceded by Nadeem.

ENG 1st inngs: 177/2 after 68 overs (Dom Sibley 64, Joe Root 70)
Washington Sundar returns to the attack and Joe Root picks runs immediately. Sweeps it fine this time for four. That’s been the hallmark of Root’s innings, he hasn’t missed out on scoring opportunities.

ENG 1st inngs: 167/2 after 65 overs (Dom Sibley 64, Joe Root 60)
Another boundary for Sibley through mid-wicket and mid-on. He’s got plenty of runs in that region today. Nadeem has struggled to find answers today and released pressure consistently.

ENG 1st inngs: 163/2 after 64 overs (Dom Sibley 60, Joe Root 60)
Joe Root brings up the 100-run partnership with a glorious cover-drive for four off Jasprit Bumrah. That was picture-perfect. Follows that up with a rock solid defense. It’s Root’s wicket to lose at the moment.

Jasprit Bumrah has replaced Ishant Sharma in the attack.

ENG 1st inngs: 159/2 after 62 overs (Dom Sibley 60, Joe Root 56)
Two singles from that Ishant Sharma over. He’s getting some movement but there simply isn’t any pace off the pitch.

ENG 1st inngs: 157/2 after 61 overs (Dom Sibley 59, Joe Root 55)
Eighth four for Sibley. Poor stuff from Nadeem as he bowls it short and wide, the right-hander cuts it with ease to the fence. Interesting move by Kohli to start with Nadeem after tea.

ENG 1st inngs: 147/2 after 59 overs (Dom Sibley 54, Joe Root 51)

Root gets to his fifty off just 101 balls as Washington messes up the chase to the boundary line. The England skipper continues his brilliant run of form. 50 fifties, 19 hundreds in his Test career so far.

ENG 1st inngs: 141/2 after 58 overs (Dom Sibley 53, Joe Root 46)
Ishant got a genuine edge in the first over back after the break but it fell just short of Pant. Taken on the bounce. He has been getting the ball to do something and looks most likely to get the breakthrough for Kohli.

And the players are back on the field for the final session on Day 1.

ENG 1st inngs: 140/2 after 57 overs (Dom Sibley 53, Joe Root 45)
TEA on day one in Chennai! A session dominated by England. They added 73 runs without losing a wicket. Both Dom Sibley and Joe Root have played some fine strokes and paced their partnership to perfection so far.

ENG 1st inngs: 139/2 after 56 overs (Dom Sibley 53, Joe Root 44)
The seam of the ball is in tatters at one part but Murali Kartik in commentary has informed that a ball can be replaced only if it is out of shape. Good over from Ishant Sharma. Now it’s time for the last over before tea, which will be bowled by Ashwin.

ENG 1st inngs: 134/2 after 55 overs (Dom Sibley 53, Joe Root 44)
Back-to-back fours for Root! Ashwin drops it short both times and Root hits it to both sides of the wicket to pick up boundaries. As Sunil Gavaskar says in commentary, perhaps Ashwin is getting tired.

ENG 1st inngs: 129/2 after 54 overs (Dom Sibley 52, Joe Root 36)
Root walks across and gets hit on the pad, Bumrah goes up in appeal but Pant advises Kohli to not take a review. Bumrah is trying hard at the moment but the conditions are tough. England would want to go to tea without losing a wicket here.

A wonderful moment a little earlier...

ENG 1st inngs: 126/2 after 52 overs (Dom Sibley 51, Joe Root 34)
Sibley gets an edge but again, the ball doesn’t carry. Not even close. Bumrah follows that up with a sizzling yorker and the right-hander just about keeps that out. The seam position in that delivery!

Dom Sibley brings up a classy fifty. Scored one against Sri Lanka at Galle and gets another one here. 51* off 159.

Sportzpics for BCCI / Saikat Das

India need a wicket and Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack.

ENG 1st inngs: 119/2 after 48 overs (Dom Sibley 48, Joe Root 44)
Superb sweep for four by Joe Root! He plays that shot so well, went in front of square that time. Shahbaz Nadeem follows that up with his third no-ball and the extra ball is clipped away by Dom Sibley for four. It’s all England at the moment. This partnership is worth 56 runs now.

ENG 1st inngs: 109/2 after 47 overs (Dom Sibley 44, Joe Root 26)
Plenty of aggression from Sibley. Plays almost a slog sweep off Washington for four. England have dominated this session so far. Kohli’s decision to use two inexperienced spinners together seems to have not worked.

ENG 1st inngs: 100/2 after 44 overs (Dom Sibley 39, Joe Root 22)
Another boundary for England, this time Sibley steps out confidently against Nadeem and drives it between mid-wicket and mid-on for four. The visitors are doing well to up the ante against the two inexperienced Indian spinners.

ENG 1st inngs: 96/2 after 43 overs (Dom Sibley 35, Joe Root 22)
Root shows Burns how it’s done! A perfect reverse sweep for four from the England captain. Washington came from around the wicket and Root used the pace, angle and lack of spin to find the middle of the bat.

ENG 1st inngs: 90/2 after 41 overs (Dom Sibley 35, Joe Root 17)
Class from Root. Washington pitches it full and wide, the England captain leans in and plays a glorious drive for four. Five runs from that over. Time for a drinks break.

Washington Sundar is finally into the attack. First home Test for him too.

ENG 1st inngs: 85/2 after 39 overs (Dom Sibley 35, Joe Root 11)
Super shot from Sibley. The right-hander steps out to Ashwin and finds the gap between mid-wicket and mid-on for four. Nadeem is returning to the attack.

ENG 1st inngs: 81/2 after 38 overs (Dom Sibley 31, Joe Root 11)
Ishant gets Root’s edge but the ball falls short of Rohit at second slip! The senior pacer is in the middle of an impressive spell. Interesting field change as Rohit wears a helmet and comes a few steps forward in the slip cordon. Maiden over.

ENG 1st inngs: 81/2 after 37 overs (Dom Sibley 31, Joe Root 11)
The pressure is building on Sibley. Ashwin bowls a tight line to the him from both around and over the wicket. The right-hander would want to reset.

ENG 1st inngs: 81/2 after 36 overs (Dom Sibley 31, Joe Root 11)
Root survives a shout! Ishant gets one to cut in and the ball hits Root on his front pad. But Kohli, on the advice of Pant, decides to not take the review. Looked like it was going over. Eventful over that.

ENG 1st inngs: 79/2 after 35 overs (Dom Sibley 30, Joe Root 11)
Ashwin with perhaps the ball of the day so far! Comes from around the wicket and beats Sibley’s bat with a stunning delivery. The drift on that ball was simply outstanding. Just a single from that over.

ENG 1st inngs: 78/2 after 34 overs (Dom Sibley 29, Joe Root 11)
England get a single after two maiden overs. Ishant Sharma returns to the attack and gets a hint of reverse swing but Sibley is watchful.

ENG 1st inngs: 77/2 after 33 overs (Dom Sibley 28, Joe Root 11)
Cat-and-mouse game going on between Ashwin and Root. The right-hander is keen to use his feet but Ashwin is varying his pace and length wonderfully. Top cricket!

ENG 1st inngs: 77/2 after 32 overs (Dom Sibley 28, Joe Root 11)
Root is looking solid at the crease. Bumrah gets a hint of reverse but the England captain stays low and keeps a watchful eye. He then clips one wonderfully for three.

ENG 1st inngs: 72/2 after 31 overs (Dom Sibley 28, Joe Root 6)
Ashwin bowls his overs so quickly, can’t be easy for Bumrah to bowl with him in this afternoon heat. Two runs come from the off-spinner’s 12th over.

ENG 1st inngs: 70/2 after 30 overs (Dom Sibley 26, Joe Root 6)
Bumrah bowls five dot balls to Root and then attempts a bouncer but ends up bowling a wide, which is eventually also called a no-ball. No harm done to either team off the extra ball.

ENG 1st inngs: 69/2 after 29 overs (Dom Sibley 26, Joe Root 6)
Just a single from that Ashwin over. Root unafraid to use his feet against the off-spinner.

ENG 1st inngs: 68/2 after 28 overs (Dom Sibley 26, Joe Root 5)
Quiet start to the second session as Bumrah concedes just a single in that over. This is an exciting battle – Bumrah vs Root. The England captain is coming in on the back of a massive series in Sri Lanka. He remains the key batsman for his team.

12.14 pm: We’re ready for the start of the second session in Chennai. Dom Sibley and Joe Root will want to give their team a big partnership. Virat Kohli and Co, of course, will have more wickets on their mind. Jasprit Bumrah to resume proceedings. Here we go!

12.05 pm: Aakash Chopra – “Pacers bowling full and straight, swinging it in, could be a good plan for Joe Root. He doesn’t move his front foot much. Secondly, spinners making Root drive off the front foot could also be a good option. Make him reach the ball.”

ENG 1st inngs: 67/2 after 27 overs (Dom Sibley 26, Joe Root 4)
LUNCH on day one in Chennai. England were the happier team for most of that session but India will be confident after getting those two late strikes. The pitch in Chennai is slow and there is hardly anything on offer for the bowlers. England would want to make the most of winning the toss and getting a good start. Crucial session coming up!

ENG 1st inngs: 63/2 after 25.4 overs
WICKET! India have another one! Smart move by Kohli to bring Bumrah back into the attack and the right-arm quick gets his first Test wicket at home. Daniel Lawrnece is out for a duck as he is struck plumb in front. No review taken by England. Skipper Joe Root, playing his 100th Test, is out in the middle.

ENG 1st inngs: 63/1 after 23.5 overs
WICKET! A breakthrough out of nowhere for India! Rory Burns has thrown his wicket away after a fine start. He played a top shot earlier in the over but then, for some reason, got tempted to play a reverse-sweep and only managed to hand Pant a simple catch. Ashwin has struck for India! Burns departs for 33 off 60 as Daniel Lawrence comes to the crease.

ENG 1st inngs: 57/0 after 22 overs (Rory Burns 29, Dom Sibley 26)
First four for Burns and it comes off a risky shot. The left-hander gets across and sweeps one from Ashwin from in front of the stumps. He manages to get some bat on it and the ball races away to the fine-leg fence.

ENG 1st inngs: 52/0 after 21 overs (Rory Burns 25, Dom Sibley 25)
Nadeem bowls five decent balls to Sibley before drifting to leg and conceding a single. The left-arm spinner isn’t getting much rip off the surface.

ENG 1st inngs: 51/0 after 20 overs (Rory Burns 25, Dom Sibley 24)
Fifty up for England in the 20th over. This is a fine start for the visitors. The openers are well set. India would want to keep up the pressure and have patience.

ENG 1st inngs: 49/0 after 19 overs (Rory Burns 23, Dom Sibley 24)
Better from Nadeem as he bowls a tight line to Sibley. The right-hander isn’t the most comfortable against left-arm spinners and India will hope to see his back soon.

ENG 1st inngs: 48/0 after 18 overs (Rory Burns 22, Dom Sibley 24)
Three runs from that Ashwin over. Burns and Sibley haven’t looked too uncomfortable against the senior off-spinner so far. This pitch is posing a challenge to Ashwin too.

ENG 1st inngs: 45/0 after 17 overs (Rory Burns 19, Dom Sibley 24)
Poor start from Nadeem, he concedes seven runs in his first over. The left-arm spinner pitches the last ball of the over short and wide, Sibley rocks back and cuts it for four comfortably.

Shahbaz Nadeem is into the attack. Huge opportunity for the left-arm spinner to make a mark.

ENG 1st inngs: 37/0 after 15 overs (Rory Burns 15, Dom Sibley 20)
Bumrah bowls his first no-ball but follows that up with a peach to beat Sibley’s outside edge. Three singles come from that over. It’s hard, hard work for Indian bowlers at the moment.

ENG 1st inngs: 33/0 after 14 overs (Rory Burns 13, Dom Sibley 19)
Second boundary for Sibley and England! Ashwin pitches it full and straight and the right-hander flicks it wonderfully to find the gap between the fielders on the leg side. Rohit chased it down to the rope but couldn’t pull it back at the end. Should’ve done better.

ENG 1st inngs: 29/0 after 13 overs (Rory Burns 13, Dom Sibley 15)
Three singles from that Bumrah over. England have got just the one boundary so far but the openers have done well with their running between the wickets.

ENG 1st inngs: 26/0 after 12 overs (Rory Burns 12, Dom Sibley 13)
Just a single from that Ashwin over. Time for a drinks break. England will be happy with their start as Kohli keeps an eye on the over-rate.

ENG 1st inngs: 25/0 after 11 overs (Rory Burns 12, Dom Sibley 12)
Risky fielding effort from Nadeem in the deep. Sibley clips it to the square-leg fence, Nadeem comes around from fine-leg and stops the ball just inside but ends up stepping on the ball as he tries to block it with his boot. He twists his ankle and looks in a bit of discomfort but no real damage done.

Bumrah has changed ends and is back into the attack.

ENG 1st inngs: 20/0 after 10 overs (Rory Burns 11, Dom Sibley 8)
Two runs from Ashwin’s second over. Burns clips it towards square-leg and picks up a couple. The senior off-spinner has plenty of men around the bat.

ENG 1st inngs: 18/0 after 9 overs (Rory Burns 9, Dom Sibley 8)
There really is nothing happening for pacers on this pitch so far. The ball is coming on to the bat nice and slow, with hardly any movement in the air or off the pitch. Ishant doing well to attack the stumps.

ENG 1st inngs: 16/0 after 8 overs (Rory Burns 8, Dom Sibley 7)
England get their first boundary! Ashwin bowls it short and wide, Sibley waits on it and cuts it to third-man for four. Just a hint of turn for the offie in his first over.

Kohli wasting little time to bring in spin. Ashwin is into the attack after just 7 overs.

ENG 1st inngs: 10/0 after 7 overs (Rory Burns 7, Dom Sibley 2)
Good toss to win for Root, this. The bounce so early in the game isn’t really inspiring. Patches of grass might make it a bit two-paced. Ishant has bowled a maiden over too.

ENG 1st inngs: 10/0 after 6 overs (Rory Burns 7, Dom Sibley 2)
First maiden over of the day and it comes from Bumrah. He comes from around the wicket and does well to keep a tight line against the left-handed Burns.

ENG 1st inngs: 10/0 after 5 overs (Rory Burns 7, Dom Sibley 2)
Ishant Sharma ends his third over with a beauty. It was pitched short of good length and moved away from Sibley after pitching. First time a batsman has been beaten today. Ishant rolled the wrist wonderfully there.

ENG 1st inngs: 9/0 after 4 overs (Rory Burns 7, Dom Sibley 2)
Good carry for Bumrah no real movement for him either. The England openers have done well so far. The visitors need to lay a good platform for themselves.

ENG 1st inngs: 6/0 after 3 overs (Rory Burns 5, Dom Sibley 1)
Burns picks it from middle-off and clips it past mid-wicket for three. Not much happening for Ishant at the moment, he’s hitting good areas but isn’t getting much movement. Sibley gets off the mark with a push wide of mid-off.

ENG 1st inngs: 2/0 after 2 overs (Rory Burns 2, Dom Sibley 0)
Tough, tough chance for Pant but Burns gets an early reprieve! Bumrah bowls his first ball down leg and gets a faint edge, Pant dives across and gets his hand to it but can’t hold on. Good, solid forward defence by Sibley later in the over. Just a single from that over.

ENG 1st inngs: 1/0 after 1 over (Rory Burns 1, Dom Sibley 0)
Ishant starts from around the wicket to Burns and concedes a single to fine-leg off the second ball. Follows that up with four dots to Sibley. Not much swing for the right-arm quick to start off.

9.30 am: We’re ready for live action from the Chepauk! Rory Burns and Dom Sibley are opening the batting for England. Ishant Sharma has the new ball in hand for India. Here we go!

9.26 am: The teams are out on the field and it’s time for the national anthems.

9.17 am: R Ashwin – “Was great to bring a smile to Indians’ faces (win in Australia). We have to keep moving forward. I though England played really well last time, even if the scoreline might not suggest that. We’re expecting a tough fight this time as well. England and Australia always come well prepared to India.”

9.05 am: Playing XIs
India: Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (w), Washington Sundar, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Shahbaz Nadeem.
England: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Daniel Lawrence, Joe Root(c), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler(w), Dominic Bess, Jofra Archer, Jack Leach, James Anderson.

9.04 am: A number of changes for India too. Virat Kohli and Ishant Sharma return, , Shahbaz Nadeem gets a game with Axar Patel injured, and both R Ashwin and Washington Sundar will play.

9.02 am: Root says he thinks the pitch could deteriorate. Four changes for England from the last Test in Sri Lanka. Kohli says India would have batted first too.

9.00 am: TOSS – England have won the toss and elected to bat first!

8.59 am: Pitch report by Nick Knight and Deep Dasgupta: “There hasn’t been a first-class match here since last January. It looks fresh, has grassy patches. Could be a little two-paced.”

8.55 am: India need 70 points to qualify for the World Test Championship final. All the scenarios are explained here.

8.53 am: We’re just minutes away from the toss at the Chepauk!

Sportzpics for BCCI / Pankaj Nangia

8.44 am: India have been dealt a blow ahead of the start of the game as Axar Patel has been ruled out because of a knee injury. “He complained of pain in his left knee during Team India’s optional training session on Thursday,” the BCCI stated.

8.40 am: Hello and welcome to live updates from day one of the first Test between India and England.

The first two Tests of the four-match series will be played in Chennai, before the action shifts to Chennai.

Virat Kohli returns to captain a buoyant India against England as they aim to build on their famous win over Australia by sealing a place in the World Test Championship final.

Next up is the much-anticipated four-game series against Joe Root’s England, who are also on a winning streak after beating Sri Lanka 2-0 on their first Test tour since the pandemic.

However, India start as strong favourites on their spin-friendly home pitches, where England haven’t won a Test since 2012.

India top the table followed by New Zealand, Australia and England. The Black Caps reached the final when Australia called off their tour of South Africa over coronavirus concerns.