5.07 pm: Ishant Sharma (he got to 300 Test wickets today) – “Very happy to achieve this milestone. Have had many mentors in my life who I’d like to thank. The body is feeling a bit soar since I’d played just T20 games in recent weeks. I’m confident we can chase this total down if we get a good start tomorrow morning. This pitch felt like a road on the first day.”

IND 2nd inngs: 39/1 after 13 overs (Shubman Gill 15, Cheteshwar Pujara 12)
STUMPS ON DAY 4! The end of another intense day of Test cricket at the Chepauk. The star of the day was R Ashwin who picked his 28th five-wicket haul in the longest format. England, after setting India a target of 420 runs, will be happy to have the wicket of Rohit Sharma heading into day five. It promises to be another fascinating day of cricket on Tuesday as India will look to bat out 90 overs.

IND 2nd inngs: 37/1 after 12 overs (Shubman Gill 14, Cheteshwar Pujara 11)
Leach bowls five dot balls before dropping the last one short and getting cut for two runs by Pujara. We are going to have one last over. Bess has the ball.

IND 2nd inngs: 35/1 after 11 overs (Shubman Gill 14, Cheteshwar Pujara 9)
Off-spinner Dom Bess comes on to bowl and concedes just a single in his first over. India will hope there is just one more over to come.

Here’s the sensational delivery Jack Leach bowled to clean-up Rohit Sharma:

IND 2nd inngs: 34/1 after 10 overs (Shubman Gill 14, Cheteshwar Pujara 8)
Another maiden over. This time Leach bowls a tight line and length to Gill. The young opener defends it all with a straight bat.

IND 2nd inngs: 34/1 after 9 overs (Shubman Gill 14, Cheteshwar Pujara 8)
Maiden over from Anderson. He has fielders on the leg side for Pujara and is bowling a straight line. The Indian batsmen having some drinks now. Slow and steady.

IND 2nd inngs: 34/1 after 8 overs (Shubman Gill 14, Cheteshwar Pujara 8)
Another good over by Leach. He’s bowling a probing line and getting sharp turn. India need to survive about four over more overs today.

IND 2nd inngs: 31/1 after 7 overs (Shubman Gill 14, Cheteshwar Pujara 5)
James Anderson joins the attack and concedes two singles in his first over. Solid defense shown by Gill. There are about 20 minutes left today.

IND 2nd inngs: 25/1 after 5.3 overs
WICKET! An absolute peach from Jack Leach and Rohit Sharma is clean-bowled! It was angled in, there was a puff of dust, and it turned sharply to knock back the off-stump. Rohit walks back for 12 off 20 as Cheteshwar Pujara joins Shubman Gill at the crease.

IND 2nd inngs: 25/0 after 5 overs (Rohit Sharma 12, Shubman Gill 13)
SIX! First maximum of the Indian innings and it comes from Rohit’s bat. Trademark pull for six by the right-hander against Archer. Got lucky before that as he attempted a pull and the ball hit the toe-end of the bat and still went for four. Good over for India, 13 runs from it.

A superb six-wicket haul by R Ashwin:

IND 2nd inngs: 12/0 after 4 overs (Rohit Sharma 0, Shubman Gill 12)
Two more fours for Gill! The first one is exactly like the one he hit in the last over by Leach and the second one is a clip to fine-leg. Leach has started off on an expensive note again. Gill, meanwhile, is timing the ball beautifully.

IND 2nd inngs: 4/0 after 3 overs (Rohit Sharma 0, Shubman Gill 4)
Another maiden over by Archer to Rohit. The right-arm pacer bowling a number of deliveries outside off and the opener is happy to leave them alone.

IND 2nd inngs: 4/0 after 2 overs (Rohit Sharma 0, Shubman Gill 4)
Shot! Leach bowls five dot balls to Gill but the right-hander punches the last one through mid-wicket for four. Was quick to judge the length and relied on timing to send the ball to the rope.

IND 2nd inngs: 0/0 after 1 over (Rohit Sharma 0, Shubman Gill 0)
Jofra Archer starts with a maiden over to Rohit. The right-hander leaving and defending the ball well. Not much movement for the right-arm quick. Jack Leach to take the new ball from the other end.

4.10 am: We’re ready for the final innings of this match! Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill are at the crease. Jofra Archer has the new ball in hand. Here we go!

4.01 pm: R Ashwin raps things up with his sixth wicket by dismissing James Anderson. A simple caught-and-bowled. India have been set a target of 420. England need 10 wickets in 107 overs.


ENG 2nd inngs: 178/9 after 46.1 overs
WICKET! Fifth wicket for Ashwin! His 28th five-for in Test cricket. A wonderful delivery by the master off-spinner to castle Archer.

ENG 2nd inngs: 178/8 after 46 overs (Jofra Archer 5, Jack Leach 8)
And now Washington joins the attack and slips in a quiet over. Absolutely no urgency from England. Captain Root and his teammates are still sitting in their training kit in the dressing room.

ENG 2nd inngs: 167/7 after 42.1 overs
WICKET! Ashwin has his fourth! Bess sees thread reds after reviewing as India’s on-field umpires get another decision right. England have Jofra Archer and Jack Leach at the crease now.

ENG 2nd inngs: 165/7 after 41.2 overs
WICKET! Nadeem gets another one as Buttler attempts a wild slog and is stumped. Nothing shot that from Buttler to end a strange innings (24 off 40). Time for a drinks break.

ENG 2nd inngs: 160/6 after 40 overs (Jos Buttler 23, Dominic Bess 21)
Two fours for Bess in that Nadeem over. One with a cut and the other with an aerial sweep. England’s lead is 401 now.

Oh dear, Ashwin hit Bess on the front pad but India didn’t take the review. Replay shows three reds.

ENG 2nd inngs: 147/6 after 38 overs (Jos Buttler 19, Dominic Bess 13)
Bess survives! Nadeem gets sharp bounce to beat the right-hander but the ball goes past Pant too. Tough, tough stumping chance.

ENG 2nd inngs: 146/6 after 36 overs (Jos Buttler 19, Dominic Bess 12)
Another over bowled, another couple of runs added to England’s total. Their lead is 387 now. Root seems relaxed in the dressing room, sitting in his training kit. India are taking their time between overs. Ashwin is back in the attack.

ENG 2nd inngs: 137/6 after 33 overs (Jos Buttler 17, Dominic Bess 5)
Two singles from that Nadeem over. Still no sign of urgency from England, their lead is 378 now.

Here’s how Shahbaz Nadeem dismissed Ollie Pope:

ENG 2nd inngs: 134/6 after 30 overs (Jos Buttler 15, Dominic Bess 4)
Another tidy over by Bumrah, he’s getting late movement both ways. Will be interesting to see if Buttler ups the ante soon.

ENG 2nd inngs: 130/6 after 28.4 overs (Jos Buttler 15)
WICKET! Pope’s reverse sweep went straight to Rohit Sharma. Nadeem gets a wicket. He made 28. England lead by 371 runs.

ENG 2nd inngs: 123/5 after 28 overs (Ollie Pope 22, Jos Buttler 14)
This session is all about when England want to declare. They will already have a number in mind in terms of the numbers of overs they think they need to dismiss India. The runs are a bonus. Anything over 400 should be enough. The visitors have to back themselves.

The players are back on the field for the final session on Day 4. Here we go!

ENG 2nd inngs: 119/5 after 27 overs (Ollie Pope 18, Jos Buttler 14)
TEA ON DAY 4! England get to the break with a lead of 360 runs. They will be thinking of a declaration soon. Not a bad afternoon session for India, though. They kept pegging England back with wickets.

Here’s how Jasprit Bumrah dismissed Joe Root:

ENG 2nd inngs: 115/5 after 25 overs (Ollie Pope 16, Jos Buttler 12)
SIX! First maximum of England’s second innings and it comes from Jos Buttler’s bat. The right-hander steps out and whacks one from Shahbaz Nadeem straight back. The left-arm spinner has, meanwhile, bowled three no-balls in this innings. He bowled six no-balls in the first innings.

ENG 2nd inngs: 101/5 after 23.5 overs
WICKET! Bumrah gets Root! It came back in and struck the England captain right in front. England waste a review too. Root walks back for 40 off 32 as Jos Buttler joins Ollie Pope at the crease.

ENG 2nd inngs: 95/4 after 22 overs (Joe Root 36, Ollie Pope 13)
Action-packed over from Bumrah! He starts with a no-ball before striking Root on the pad. The umpire says not-out and India end up wasting another review. Root then hits a glorious punch for four before Bumrah beats him twice to end the over.

A moment Ishant Sharma will never forget:

Jasprit Bumrah is finally brought into the attack.

Here’s how Ashwin dismissed Stokes:

Here’s how Ishant Sharma got to 300 Test wickets:

ENG 2nd inngs: 71/4 after 18.1 overs
WICKET! Ashwin has his third! Stokes gets a faint edge and Pant takes a good catch. The left-hander departs for 7 off 12 as Ollie Pope comes to the crease. England lead by 312.

ENG 2nd inngs: 71/3 after 18 overs (Joe Root 27, Ben Stokes 7)
Shot! Stokes picks up his first four by lifting one from Ishant over mid-on. No sign of reverse yet for the right-arm quick. Kohli might also want to try Bumrah soon.

ENG 2nd inngs: 64/3 after 17 overs (Joe Root 26, Ben Stokes 1)
England have their two best batsmen at the crease now and India will be keen to separate them quickly. Time for a drinks break.

ENG 2nd inngs: 58/3 after 15.3 overs
300TH WICKET FOR ISHANT SHARMA! He traps Lawrence in front and England waste a review. Ishant is the third Indian pacer after Kapil Dev and Zaheer Khan to take 300 wickets in Test cricket. Take a bow!

ENG 2nd inngs: 58/2 after 15 overs (Daniel Lawrence 18, Joe Root 21)
Class batting from Joe Root! He sweeps one in the air for four over mid-wicket, then punches one off the back-foot through the vacant cover region for four, and finally sweeps one fine for another four. Master at work. Ashwin will need to come up with a new plan.

Here’s the wicket of Dom Sibley:

Thirteen overs into the England innings and we have out first over of pace. Ishant Sharma into the attack.

ENG 2nd inngs: 41/2 after 12 overs (Daniel Lawrence 14, Joe Root 8)
Two fours for Root! He is carrying on from where he left off in the last innings. Brilliant sweep shots from the right-hander.

ENG 2nd inngs: 32/2 after 11 overs
WICKET! Champion stuff from Ashwin! He gets swept for a four but follows that up with a beauty to get Sibley caught at leg-slip by Pujara. The right-hander walks back for 16 off 37 as skipper Joe Root comes to the crease.

ENG 2nd inngs: 23/1 after 9 overs (Dom Sibley 11, Daniel Lawrence 10)
Three runs from that Ashwin over. England aren’t going hard at the moment, they’re content for now to deal in singles.

ENG 2nd inngs: 19/1 after 7 overs (Dom Sibley 11, Daniel Lawrence 6)
Lawrence survives a close LBW shout. India lose a review after a lengthy discussion on whether to go for DRS.

ENG 2nd inngs: 8/1 after 4 overs (Dom Sibley 2, Daniel Lawrence 5)
Tight over from Nadeem, three singles from it. The English batsmen looking to step out and smother the spin.

ENG 2nd inngs: 5/1 after 3 overs (Dom Sibley 0, Daniel Lawrence 4)
Lawrence starts with a confident boundary through mid-wicket but Ashwin comes back by striking his pad off the next ball. No review taken. There’s a lot happening for the spinners with the new ball. Nadeem to continue from the other end.

12.12 am: We’re ready for the start of the second session on day four. Dan Lawrence and Dom Sibley are at the crease. R Ashwin has the ball. This promises to be a fascinating period of play. Here we go!

ENG 2nd inngs: 1/1 after 2 overs (Dom Sibley 0, Daniel Lawrence 0)
LUNCH ON DAY 4! Shahbaz Nadeem bowls a tight over with the new ball from the other end as England take a 242-run lead to the break. India were pumped up with the ball in this brief spell but the visitors are still very much on top.

ENG 2nd inngs: 0/1 after 0.1 overs
WICKET! What a start for India! Kohli gets Ashwin to bowl the first over and the off-spinner removes Rory Burns off the first ball of the innings. Sharp catch by Rahane at slip.

11.14 am: James Anderson gets the final wicket of Jasprit Bumrah as Ben Stokes takes an absolutely sensational diving catch in the slip cordon. India trail by 241 runs. England are not enforcing the follow-on and will bat for about six minutes before lunch. Washington Sundar, meanwhile, remains not-out on a magnificent 85 off 138. He deserved a century but ran out of partners. Nonetheless, he has done a fabulous job for his team.

INDIA ALL-OUT FOR 337 (95.5)

IND 1st inngs: 336/9 after 95 overs (Washington Sundar 84, Jasprit Bumrah 0)
Shot! Joe Root brings himself on and tosses it up, Washington takes his front leg out and goes bang. Can he get to a hundred?

IND 1st inngs: 323/9 after 93.5 overs
WICKET! And another one bites the dust! James Anderson gets his first wicket with a sharp bouncer. Ishant Sharma has to walk back for 4 off 11 after getting caught at short-leg. Jasprit Bumrah is the last man at the crease.

IND 1st inngs: 312/8 after 90.5 overs
WICKET! Jack Leach has another one! This time Shahbaz Nadeem gives a bit of catching practice and Ben Stokes says thank you very much. The right-hander walks back for a 12-ball duck.

IND 1st inngs: 312/7 after 90 overs (Washington Sundar 64, Shahbaz Nadeem 0)
Highest Test score for Washington! The left-hander gets there with a four to third-man off Archer. He has been super impressive once again – solid defense, elegant strokeplay and a sound temperament.

IND 1st inngs: 308/7 after 89 overs (Washington Sundar 60, Shahbaz Nadeem 0)
Leach bowls the first over after the drinks break and concedes just a single. Nadeem looking comfortable in defense against the left-arm spinner.

IND 1st inngs: 305/7 after 86.2 overs
WICKET! England get the breakthrough! Ashwin goes a bit hard at the forward defence and ends up giving a catch to Jos Buttler. The ball hit the top of his bat and ballooned up. Jack Leach gets his first wicket. Ashwin walks back for a well-compiled 31 off 91. He has done an important job for his team. Shahbaz Nadeem joins Washington Sundar at the crease.

Jack Leach has replaced James Anderson in the attack.

IND 1st inngs: 305/6 after 86 overs (Washington Sundar 58, R Ashwin 31)
Luck favouring India too! Archer opens up Ashwin but the right-hander gets a thick outside edge that flies past gully for four. India are now just 73 runs away from avoiding follow-on.

Ten overs, 41 runs in the morning session so far. Washington and Ashwin have looked very comfortable in the middle.

IND 1st inngs: 298/6 after 84 overs (Washington Sundar 58, R Ashwin 24)
And again! This time Archer pitches it on a length and Ashwin plays another gorgeous on-the-rise cover-drive for four. This is high class batting. England look rattled.

IND 1st inngs: 293/6 after 83 overs (Washington Sundar 57, R Ashwin 20)
Cracking shot from Ashwin! The right-hander drives one on the rise past cover for four. Anderson seemed confused after that shot. The Indian batsmen have put on a bit of a show this morning.

IND 1st inngs: 289/6 after 82 overs (Washington Sundar 57, R Ashwin 16)
What a shot from Washington! Jofra Archer pitches it up and the left-hander drives it straight back for four. Such elegance. That shot prompts England to take the second new ball.

England have taken the second new ball!

IND 1st inngs: 284/6 after 81 overs (Washington Sundar 53, R Ashwin 15)
Maiden over from James Anderson. A hint of movement there for the right-arm quick. Washington is looking solid at the crease.

The second new ball is now available but England aren’t taking it just yet. James Anderson is back in the attack.

Sportzpics for BCCI

IND 1st inngs: 284/6 after 80 overs (Washington Sundar 53, R Ashwin 15)
FIFTY FOR WASHINGTON! Another glorious stroke from the left-hander to bring up his half-century. Leach tosses it up and Washington drives it past cover for four. He has been so, so impressive since the Australia tour.

IND 1st inngs: 279/6 after 79 overs (Washington Sundar 48, R Ashwin 15)
Another four! Bess drops it short again and Washington cuts it past cover. The off-spinner’s confidence is being dented here. Five runs from that over.

IND 1st inngs: 274/6 after 78 overs (Washington Sundar 43, R Ashwin 15)
Another tight over from Leach, just a single from it. India trying to make the most of the overs before the second new ball, which is now two overs away.

IND 1st inngs: 273/6 after 77 overs (Washington Sundar 42, R Ashwin 15)
Another four for Washington! This time Bess bowls a friendly full-toss and the left-hander drives it straight back to the fence.
SIX! Ashwin goes big! That’s interesting – Ashwin decides to step out and thumps one over long-on. Super shot. Bess is being attacked early on as 11 runs come from that over.

IND 1st inngs: 262/6 after 76 overs (Washington Sundar 37, R Ashwin 9)
Jack Leach starts with a maiden over. Ashwin gets beaten with a couple of deliveries that stay low, but no harm done. Four more overs to the second new ball.

IND 1st inngs: 262/6 after 75 overs (Washington Sundar 37, R Ashwin 9)
Good start for India on day four! Ashwin gets going with a single to square-leg, before Washington punches one on the back-foot past cover for four. Five runs come from that Dominic Bess over.

9.30 am: We’re ready for live action from day four! Washington Sundar and R Ashwin are at the crease. England are six overs away from the second new ball. Here we go!

9.15 am: Rishabh Pant played a calculated counterattacking innings to keep India alive in the first Test against England.

Watch: Rishabh Pant scores counterattacking 91 to keep India alive in the first India-England Test

9.12 am: Dom Bess rated the wicket of Virat Kohli as one of the best of his career and said his team are in a “great seat” with the pitch expected to spin more.

Watch: England spinner Dom Bess on four-for, dismissing Virat Kohli and his team’s chances

9.02 am: Cheteshwar Pujara doesn’t want Rishabh Pant to curb his natural attacking instincts but would like the swashbuckling batsman to be more “sensible” with his shot selection while putting the team’s requirements above everything else.

Watch: Cheteshwar Pujara on partnership with Rishabh Pant, improving his shot selection and more

8.57 am: Rishabh Pant, Cheteshwar Pujara and Dominic Bess were the key performers on day three:

Watch highlights: Bess puts England in control as Pant, Pujara’s half centuries prop up India

8.45 am: Hello and welcome to live updates from day four of the first Test between India and England at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.

India will resume their first innings at 257/6, with Washington Sundar and Ashwin Ravichandran at the crease, trailing England by 321 runs.