Player of the match Joe Root: “It was a crucial toss but we had to make the most of the pitch, and I think we did that well. Our bowlers delivered in what are very alien conditions for us. Guys made contributions at different stages. If we want to win the series here, someone will have to bat long in each innings. The idea was to get to 400 and then speed up a bit (on England not declaring in the second innings). It didn’t quite go that way. But we wanted to make sure an Indian win was out of the equation. We, as a bowling unit, didn’t want to worry about the scoring rate and stuff. I’m glad things worked out well for us.”

Virat Kohli: “I don’t think we were good enough collectively as a bowling unit in the first innings. Our body language and attitude wasn’t up to the mark. Credit to England, though, they outplayed us. England was far more professional and consistent than us. Even in the batting there are a few things we need to address, in terms of our shot selection and decisions. We don’t want to give any excuse (on toss being a factor). We just want to give it our all in the remaining Tests. We are a side that’s always looking to improve. Rishabh Pant likes to have fun on the field. His personality keeps everyone relaxed. We want him to keep it up.”

Here’s how Kohli was dismissed:

Here are highlights from Kohli’s innings:

James Anderson: “It came out well. The pitch was deteriorating and was getting some reverse. Movement in the air helps seamers a lot. Had a good tour of Sri Lanka and was delighted to get the nod this week. Happy to carry the form in this match. We had to work really hard to get this win. Root does lead this team from the front and by example.”

Jack Leach: “Knew the pressure that comes with playing in India. Thought I was playing in the IPL (when Pant went after him in the first innings). It was a tough evening and the boys helped me out. I had a long time without any cricket so was important to bowl long spells. Just glad we got the win, it was a total team effort.”

1.34 pm: A memorable victory for Joe Root and his men. Jasprit Bumrah the last man to fall as he edges it to the keeper and Jofra Archer gets his first wicket. Sixth win away from home in a row for England. They were superb in all departments in this match.


IND 2nd inngs: 188/9 after 57 overs (Ishant Sharma 1, Jssprit Bumrah 4)
Ishant survives! The bail fell off itself and England thought Ishant was out hit-wicket. But the third-umpire was referred to and the right decision was made.

IND 2nd inngs: 179/9 after 55.3 overs
WICKET! Leach has his fourth as Nadeem departs for a duck. England are ending this in a hurry. Bumrah the last man in.

IND 2nd inngs: 179/8 after 54.3 overs
WICKET! Kohli is gone! Stokes bowled it straight and the ball hardly bounced before rattling the stumps. Kohli is shaking his head, he was batting so well. England, of course, are elated. Kohli walks back for 72 off 104 as Ishant Sharma joins Nadeem at the crease.

IND 2nd inngs: 175/7 after 53 overs (Virat Kohli 68, Shahbaz Nadeem 0)
Shot! Stokes bangs it in and Kohli pulls it hard to pierce the gap in the deep and get four. The India captain is trying to farm the strike and protect Nadeem. Couldn’t get a single and retain strike at the end of that over.

IND 2nd inngs: 171/7 after 51.2 overs
WICKET! Oh dear, Ashwin is gone! And it’s that man Leach again, he has his third wicket. The ball was short and slightly wide but it kicked-on, Ashwin attempted a cut but edged it to Buttler. Kohli is expressionless. This partnership was looking good. Ashwin walks back for 9 off 46 as Shahbaz Nadeem joins Kohli at the crease.

IND 2nd inngs: 170/6 after 51 overs (Virat Kohli 63, R Ashwin 9)
Stunning shot from Kohli! Stokes bowls it short and wide, the India captain gets on his toes and punches it past cover for four. He had that from right under his eyes and held the pose.

IND 2nd inngs: 162/6 after 49 overs (Virat Kohli 55, R Ashwin 9)
Stokes comes on to have a bowl. He bowled just six overs in the first innings. Starts off with a maiden this time... nice and accurate.

IND 2nd inngs: 162/6 after 48 overs (Virat Kohli 55, R Ashwin 9)
Eventful over from Leach! England lose a review after Ashwin steps out and is struck in front and the umpire says not-out. Replay shows the ball going over. Kohli then gets an outside edge that bounces ahead of Stokes at slip and goes through his legs.

IND 2nd inngs: 159/6 after 47 overs (Virat Kohli 53, R Ashwin 9)
Classy punch from Kohli to pick up two. Rare instance of Anderson missing his mark. It isn’t reversing as much as it was earlier.

IND 2nd inngs: 156/6 after 45 overs (Virat Kohli 50, R Ashwin 9)
FIFTY FOR VIRAT KOHLI! His 24th in Test cricket and he doesn’t even raise his bat. He knows his team needs a lot more from him today.

IND 2nd inngs: 153/6 after 43 overs (Virat Kohli 49, R Ashwin 7)
Another tight over from Anderson, just a single from it. Both Kohli and Ashwin have a sound defense, they’ll need to make great use of it today.

IND 2nd inngs: 152/6 after 42 overs (Virat Kohli 49, R Ashwin 6)
Shot! Leach tosses it up and Kohli drives it straight back for four. Plenty of bottom hand used by the right-hander. He is one run away from a half-century.

IND 2nd inngs: 148/6 after 41 overs (Virat Kohli 45, R Ashwin 6)
Four! Welcome boundary for India as Ashwin pokes at one from Anderson and gets the edge past the only fielder in the slip cordon. The right-hander took another blow before that, this time on his shoulder.

IND 2nd inngs: 144/6 after 40 overs (Virat Kohli 45, R Ashwin 2)
Leach starts the session with a maiden to Kohli. The left-arm spinner is on the money immediately. This is going to be a tough, tough grind for India.

12.12 pm: We’re ready for the second session on day five! Kohli and Ashwin to resume the battle as Root and Co aim to seal a famous win. Here we go!

Kohli has looked good so far:

IND 2nd inngs: 144/6 after 39 overs (Virat Kohli 45, R Ashwin 2)
LUNCH ON DAY 5! What an absolutely sensational session for England. They have killed the contest on the back of a memorable spell from the great James Anderson. This is the last recognised pair for India. It will take a miracle of sorts for Kohli and Co to deny England a win today.

IND 2nd inngs: 140/6 after 38.4 overs (Virat Kohli 45, R Ashwin 2)
Oh dear, now Ashwin is struck flush on the helmet. The physio is out yet again to check for a concussion. Good to see Ashwin smiling but this is nasty bowling from Archer. Within the rules of the game, of course.

IND 2nd inngs: 140/6 after 38.3 overs (Virat Kohli 45, R Ashwin 2)
And another blow from Archer to Ashwin, this time on the right wrist. An injury to their premier spinner is the last thing India need at this point. The physio is out on the field again. Ashwin looks in pain and Kohli seems concerned.

IND 2nd inngs: 140/6 after 38 overs (Virat Kohli 45, R Ashwin 2)
Two fours for Kohli in that Bess over. The off-spinner has struggled with full-tosses in this match and the India captain makes the most of it. We’re inching closer to lunch.

IND 2nd inngs: 126/6 after 36.4 overs (Virat Kohli 32, R Ashwin 1)
Lucky boundary for Kohli. The ball didn’t come to him as quickly as he expected but his check-drive went over Archer for four. Ashwin then fends off a nasty bouncer and the trainer is called out to check his fingers, on his bowling hand.

Here’s how Washington was dismissed:

Here are highlights of Gill’s half-century:

Here’s how Pant was dismissed:

IND 2nd inngs: 117/6 after 33.5 overs
WICKET! Bess removes Washington! The left-hander gets a faint edge and Buttler takes a good catch. The umpire said not-out but England review successfully. Washington walks back for a five-ball duck as R Ashwin joins Kohli at the crease.

Here are the wickets of Gill and Rahane in *that* spectacular Anderson over:

IND 2nd inngs: 110/5 after 32.3 overs
WICKET! And now Rishabh Pant is gone! There’s no stopping Anderson. Pant hits it straight to Root and India lose half their side. Washington Sundar is the new batsman.

IND 2nd inngs: 104/4 after 31 overs (Virat Kohli 16, Rishabh Pant 6)
Maiden over from Anderson to Pant. The senior pro is applying relentless pressure. India’s first target has to be to get to lunch without losing another wicket.

IND 2nd inngs: 98/4 after 29 overs (Virat Kohli 12, Rishabh Pant 4)
Shot! Rishabh Pant gets off the mark with a stylish cover-drive for four. The left-hander will go for his shots, we all know that, but it remains to be seen just how hard he goes. He has his skipper for company at the crease.

IND 2nd inngs: 92/4 after 26.4 overs
WICKET! Rahane is gone too! Anderson is on fire! This is reverse swing bowling of the highest caliber! The veteran right-arm quick just about got Rahane LBW off the previous ball as DRS said umpire’s call on impact, but the next ball was a stunning in-swinger that beat the right-hander all ends up and rattled the stumps. This is turning into a nightmare for India. Anderson is showing why he’s a legend of the game. Time for a drinks break. Rahane walks back for a three-ball duck as Rishabh Pant joins Kohli at the crease.

IND 2nd inngs: 92.3 after 26.2 overs
WICKET! Oh dear, Shubman Gill is gone too! James Anderson returns to the attack and produces a peach of a delivery to castle the right-hander. England are chipping away and India are in deep trouble now. Gill walks back for 50 off 83 as Ajinkya Rahane joins Virat Kohli at the crease.

IND 2nd inngs: 92/2 after 26 overs (Shubman Gill 50, Virat Kohli 10)
FIFTY FOR GILL! A third Test match half-century for the right-hander in eight innings. He has been so, so impressive once again. Looks assured in attack as well as defense. But India need him to do a lot, lot more today.

IND 2nd inngs: 87/2 after 25 overs (Shubman Gill 45, Virat Kohli 10)
Root decides to keep mid-on slightly behind and the Indian batsmen say thank you very much. Four easy singles picked from that Bess over.

IND 2nd inngs: 83/2 after 24 overs (Shubman Gill 43, Virat Kohli 8)
Kohli is at the crease and the quick singles are flowing. The India captain always looks to be busy at the crease and he’s doing well to rotate the strike for now. Five runs from that Leach over.

IND 2nd inngs: 78/2 after 23 overs (Shubman Gill 42, Virat Kohli 4)
SIX! What a shot from Gill! Bess tosses it up and the right-hander steps out to send it way over the long-on boundary. The young right-hander isn’t holding back!

IND 2nd inngs: 69/2 after 22 overs (Shubman Gill 35, Virat Kohli 2)
Just a single from that Leach over as Kohli taps one to the off side. Should India have sent a left-hander instead? Leach has settled in against right-handers and is looking increasingly dangerous.

IND 2nd inngs: 68/2 after 21 overs (Shubman Gill 35, Virat Kohli 1)
Dominic Bess joins the attack and Gill hits him for two fours! The second one was a rather strange one – it was a full-toss and Gill came down the track to give it a solid whack. The right-hander didn’t connect properly, though, and the ball landed just ahead of the fielder at long-on.

IND 2nd inngs: 58/2 after 19.3 overs
WICKET! Pujara is gone! This is a dream start for Leach and England and a huge, huge blow to India. Brilliant ball from the left-arm spinner. It was angled in and turned just the right amount to take the edge and go to the safe hands of Stokes. Pujara walks back for 15 off 38 as skipper Kohli comes to the crease.

IND 2nd inngs: 57/1 after 19 overs (Shubman Gill 25, Cheteshwar Pujara 15)
First maiden over of the day. Archer keeps it straight against Pujara and even slips in a slower-ball. The India No 3 is being as watchful as ever. Not much movement for the right-arm quick.

IND 2nd inngs: 57/1 after 18 overs (Shubman Gill 25, Cheteshwar Pujara 15)
Leach has found his rhythm! The left-arm spinner is bowling a probing line now and mixing his length up well. He gets one to turn and bounce sharply, beating Gill’s outside edge and the keeper too. India get four byes.

IND 2nd inngs: 53/1 after 17 overs (Shubman Gill 25, Cheteshwar Pujara 15)
Archer gets one to skid-on too. Gill is watching the ball closely and staying low. He picks up two with a backfoot push through the vacant cover region before flicking one past square-leg for one.

IND 2nd inngs: 50/1 after 16 overs (Shubman Gill 22, Cheteshwar Pujara 15)
Leach gets one to stay low and skid-on. Close call for Gill but he does well to get the bat down in time. A single each for him and Pujara in that over.

IND 2nd inngs: 48/1 after 15 overs (Shubman Gill 21, Cheteshwar Pujara 14)
Jofra Archer starts proceedings from the other end. Just a single from that over as Pujara is solid in defense. England need their quickest bowler to make an impact early on.

IND 2nd inngs: 47/1 after 14 overs (Shubman Gill 21, Cheteshwar Pujara 13)
Good start for India, eight runs come from that Leach over. Gill gets the first boundary of the day by pouncing on a short ball and pulling it for four.

9.30 am: The players have taken the field. India have Shubman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara at the crease. Jack has the ball in hand for England. We’re in for a cracking day of Test cricket. Here we go!

9.27 am: We’re minutes away from the start of day five! Both teams have all to play for today. England, though, are definitely in the driver’s seat and India will need a special effort to even draw this match.

9.20 am: A must-watch chat between Ashwin Ravichandran and Ishant Sharma:

Watch: R Ashwin welcomes Ishant Sharma to the 300-wicket club in Test cricket

9.16 am: ‘What a wonderful second wind’ – Twitter reacts to Ishant Sharma joining the 300-Test-wickets club

9.04 am: Here’s James Anderson talking ahead of day five:

9.03 am: Here’s Washington Sundar talking ahead of day five:

9.00 am: Here’s the pitch report by Deep Dasgupta and Nick Knight ahead of day five:

8.50 am: Hello everyone and welcome to live updates from day five of the first Test between India and England at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.

India begin day five needing 381 runs to win, with Shubman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara at the crease. England got the wicket of Rohit Sharma late on day four and they’re surely the favourites to win the game heading into the final day.