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STAT ALERT: South Africa improve their record in run-chases to 8 out of 9 since Jan 2019. Only Australia have a better record in run-chases in that period (7 out of 7)

PLAYER OF THE MATCH: Mignon du Preez (but she thinks Lara Goodall deserved it!).

Hotstar / Screengrab

Zenia D’Cunha: This is a South Africa batting lineup without Dane van Niekerk, Chloe Tryon (injured) and then lost Sune Luus, Trisha Chetty to illness / injury after 2 matches. All top 4 batters score fifties and they chase 267, their highest ever, to win an ODI series in India

Highest scores batting 2nd (in wins)

Team Score Overs Opposition Ground Start Date
AUS 289/6 46.4 v NZ  Sydney 14 Dec 2012
NZ 276/5 49.1 v AUS  Auckland 26 Feb 2017
AUS 273/5 49.2 v NZ  Mount Maunganui 5 Mar 2017
AUS 269/4 46.4 v ENG  Chennai 1 Mar 2007
AUS 269/6 49.3 v ENG  Hobart 26 Jan 2014
SA 269/3 48.4 v IND Lucknow 14 Mar 2021
via Statsguru

South Africa win the match and clinch the series: 269/3 after 48.4 overs. WHAT A STATEMENT!

WHAT AN OVER: Played, Goodall! A cracking reverse sweep...not once but twice. Two boundaries in the over from Deepti Sharma and the target is down to 6 runs from 12 balls

SA need 16 off 18 balls.

South Africa 251/3 after 47 overs: Kapp has come in and played a little gem of an innings. A punch through cover for a four off Gayakwad.

FIFTY for Lara Goodall! She is holding her end steady, with her half century coming off 60 balls. 24 runs needed from 24 balls. Could have been a better over for India had a misfield been averted.

Radha Yadav has not had a good ODI debut but she has the chance to make an impact here. 29 off 30 balls.

SA 238/3 after 45 overs: Is there another twist? Kapp is the new batter in. Goodall well set. Still SA’s game but a run-chase can do funny things. Top over from Gayakwad to give India a glimmer of hope.

Over 44.2, WICKET!! DU PREEZ GONE! Too late for India? MdP goes for a big shot down the ground and the catch is taken at long on by Harmanpreet Kaur. Gayakwad with the breakthrough, as the SA batter could not find the placement going against turn.

SA require 31 runs with 36 balls remaining

South Africa 236/2 after 44 overs: Another over with minimal risks and ideal rewards.

A century partnership between Goodall and du Preez! Off just 90 balls.

South Africa 230/2 after 43 overs: Another over, another boundary for MdP. A superb cover drive off Joshi.

STAT (via Star Sports): First ODI half century for du Preez in India.

HALF CENTURY: A 45-ball fifty for Mignon du Preez. And more importantly another boundary in that Harmanpreet Kaur over. A well-placed sweep. SA 220/2 after 42 overs.

SA require 55 runs with 54 balls remaining

South Africa 212/2 after 41 overs: Du Preez is on 44 off 42 balls. What an innings, what a partnership this has been. No risks taken, six runs in that over by Mansi Joshi.

Zenia D’Cunha: In case any one had forgotten just what a class player Mignon du Preez is, she is serving up quite the reminder.

India’s batting powerplay: 46/1 

South Africa’s batting powerplay: 36/0 

 Both teams making the most of the 36-40 phase but South Africa clearly ahead now after that 40th over with three overs.  

SA require 61 runs with 60 balls remaining

South Africa 206/2 after 40 overs: BIG OVER, SOUTH AFRICA ON THE CHARGE! Radha Yadav has struggled to contain the boundaries today. Three in that over as du Preez takes charge and brings the chase back under their control. Two cut shots, one pull. Tells you about the length.

Need 76 runs with 66 balls remaining

South Africa 191/2 after 39 overs: Oh that’s not good from Deepti. Perhaps she saw Goodall coming down the ground and wanted to fire it wide but it is a juicy full toss. Hit for four. Good over for SA.

SA need 85 runs with 72 balls remaining. Fifty partnership comes up between Goodall and du Preez in the 39th over.

South Africa 182/2 after 38 overs: A good over for SA as the pendulum moves this way and that. Lovely shot through extra cover by Goodall for four off Gayakwad.

South Africa 174/2 after 37 overs: CHANCE! First Sushma Verma doesn’t collect cleanly to effect a stumping, as Goodall gets a reprieve. Then she misses a direct hit as the batters took off. The pressure builds again. What a delicious ebb and flow to this game.

South Africa 171/2 after 36 overs: Good over by Gayakwad, just a single. (Could have been one more had Goodall not stopped the a shot at the non-striker’s inadvertently). India made 46/1 in their powerplay, remember. If SA avoid losing a wicket and even score at run-a-ball it would be job well done, one could say.

Gayakwad comes on. Can India apply the pressure in the powerplay? Will SA up the ante?

DRINKS: SA require 97 runs with 90 balls remaining. Req RR: 6.46

South Africa 170/2 after 35 overs: Another good over for South Africa as Goodall hits a four through over off Deepti’s bowling. The pressure has been released ahead of the batting powerplay, where India might have hoped to tighten the screws a bit more.

South Africa 162/2 after 34 overs: BIG OVER! Required rate touches 7.00 RPO, South Africa under pressure. Poonam Yadav comes on. Mignon du Preez hits a six and a four off the first 2 balls. The struggle is real. Most expensive over of the innings so far.

South Africa 148/2 after 33 overs: Deepti Sharma back into the attack after a short spell for Joshi. Just 2 runs from that over as the required rate touches 7.

Correction: SA require 121 runs with 108 balls remaining. Req RR: 6.72

SA require 122 runs with 110 balls remaining. Req RR: 6.65

South Africa 146/2 after 32 overs: As far as pedigree goes, SA have their most prolific ODI batter in the middle in Mignon du Preez. She looked close to her best last match and has started well here with a boundary through midwicket off Radha’s over.

Zenia D’Cunha: Important phase with the in-form openers back and two new bats in India’s spinners can now build on the scoreboard pressure, unlike the last match where Lizelle Lee was set.

South Africa 136/2 after 30 overs: In case you hadn’t noticed the required rate is above 6 RPO now. Tidy over from Radha Yadav.

Over 28.4: WICKET!!! WOLVAARDT! India have dismissed the openers and the reaction of Mansi Joshi said it all. Big moment in the game (and in the series) potentially. Back into the attack, under pressure since the start of the last match, Joshi gets Wolvaardt driving. Sushma Verma takes the catch.

South Africa 132/1 after 28 overs: Since Lizelle Lee’s dismissal: 5 overs, 16 runs, no boundaries. A good phase for ths hosts. Radha Yadav back into the attack and finishes that over with an absolute peach that angled in to Wolvaardt and turned away to square her up. Can India make this count?

HALF CENTURY! Laura Wolvaardt, leading from the front. Another classy innings. What a delightful player to watch. SA 130/1 after 27 overs.

South Africa 122/1 after 25 overs: Lara Goodall also has been in good touch this series, mind you. India need to make sure they start applying the pressure here and get into the middle order quickly. Keep an eye on the required rate from here. Just getting closer to 6 again.

WICKET! Lizelle Lee gone! IS THAT INDIA’s WAY BACK INTO THE SERIES? Such an important wicket for India. She was just starting to offer half chances in the last few deliveries but kept missing the fielders. This time she misses the ball from Harmanpreet Kaur. : A mix-up averted in that Harmanpreet Kaur too and a good fielding effort that kept Lee on strike South Africa 116/1 after 23 overs

South Africa 103/0 after 20 overs: The 100 run opening stand (second of the series) for South Africa comes up in Poonam Yadav’s over but there were a couple of streaky shots from Lee’s bat. Just missing her timing on those occasions but evades the fielders both times. Harmanpreet Kaur came on to bowl the previous over.

HALF CENTURY FOR LIZELLE LEE: The South Africa’s stunning run of form in the series continues as she gets her another half century. Her third 50-plus score of the series. Has she even stopped batting from Friday?

South Africa 88/0 after 18 overs: Poonam Yadav going around the wicket after the drinks break, plan C or D at the moment it looks like.

South Africa 87/0 after 17 overs: Drinks break. South Africa are cruising towards a series win at the moment.

Highlights of Harmanpreet Kaur’s superb innings today. #INDvSA

South Africa 83/0 after 16 overs: Poonam Yadav has been wicketless in this series so far (the first time in her career that she has gone three ODIs without a wicket). Can she find her mojo back today? Not the best of first overs, a bit erratic.

South Africa 79/0 after 15 overs: Another boundary in that over, for Lee off Deepti’s bowling.

STAT ALERT: Since January 2019, South Africa have won 7 out of the 8 matches in which they have chased (identical as India). Only Australia have a better chasing record in that period (100% of course).

South Africa 74/0 after 14 overs: Couple of quite overs for India but SA won’t mind that here. Radha seems to have settled a bit more, bowls a fuller length in that over.

South Africa 68/0 after 12 overs: Not a good sign for India, Smriti Mandhana seems to have hurt herself diving to try and prevent a boundary. Her shoulder, it seems. She is off the field now, Jemimah Rodrigues comes on.

A change of ends for Radha Yadav

South Africa 60/0 after 11 overs: Just as the commentators observed that India are bowling too straight / leg-sidish and conceding boundaries, Deepti Sharma comes on and bowls a good over in the outside-off channel. Just 1 from her first over.

South Africa 59/0 after 10 overs: India had one big over in the first 10 (42/1), South Africa have consistently kept the rate high in their first 10. Another boundary in that Gayakwad over, cut behind the wicket by Wolvaardt.

South Africa 53/0 after 9 overs: After a maiden over by Gayakwad, it is another over with a boundary for SA. The field seems to be moving around a bit too much, short fine in place and Lee sweeps fine for four. 50 partnership in no time.

South Africa 47/0 after 7 overs: Did Lizelle Lee keep batting since the end of the match on Friday evening? Two more boundaries in Radha Yadav’s first ODI over. The sweeps are working brilliantly for her.

South Africa 37/0 after 6 overs: What a start for South Africa. Two more boundaries for Wolvaardt, using the crease well against Gayakwad.

South Africa 29/0 after 5 overs: Jhulan Goswami’s absence is resulting in a lack of control for India in the powerplay. South Africa are going after pacer Mansi Joshi. 29 runs in the first 5 overs, 23 off Joshi. Two more boundaries in that over.

South Africa 19/0 after 4 overs: A tidy over by Gayakwad and one that India needed.

South Africa 17/0 after 3 overs: A boundary at least in each of the first 3 overs so far! First Lee pulls a short ball from Joshi and then Wolvaardt plays her trademark drive past point.

Zenia D’Cunha: No Jhulan Goswami and a four-pronged spin attack for India today A bit of a gamble given the spinners haven’t had much purchase in the last 3 matches and how well Lizelle Lee has played them... Let’s see how this goes.

South Africa 9/0 after 2 overs: So just the one pacer for India, and no surprise to see Rajeshwari Gayakwad come on from the other end. Might see Harmanpreet Kaur in the first 10 as well. A boundary for Wolvaardt in the over, a well-timed sweep.

South Africa 5/0 after 1 over: A boundary for Lee off Joshi in the first over as the SA opener looks to pick up from where she left off.

Time for the run-chase, India have four spinners today plus Harmanpreet Kaur. Can they improve their numbers so far in this series?

Indian spinners in the series so far

Player Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Strike rate
P Yadav 28 0 115 0 -
R Gayakwad 26.3 1 110 4 39.7
D Sharma 19 3 84 1 114
H Kaur 9.1 1 41 1 55
Via Statsguru

STAT: Today’s knock is Harmanpreet Kaur’s best in terms of strike rate when she has crossed 50-plus.

Harmanpreet Kaur's strike rate

Runs SR Opposition Ground Match date
54 154.28 v SA Lucknow 14 Mar 2021
171* 148.69 v AUS Derby 20 Jul 2017
103 103.00 v Bdesh Ahmedabad 10 Apr 2013
via ESPNCricinfo

Innings break: Here are some reactions to the Indian innings.

Bat Runs Balls SR 4s 6s
Priya Punia c Ayabonga Khaka b Nondumiso Shangase 32 51 62.74 5 0
Smriti Mandhana  c Lizelle Lee b Shabnim Ismail 10 16 62.50 2 0
Punam Raut* NOT OUT 104 123 84.55 10 0
Mithali Raj  c Shabnim Ismail b Tumi Sekhukhune 45 71 63.38 4 0
Harmanpreet Kaur b Tumi Sekhukhune 54 35 154.28 7 1
Deepti Sharma* NOT OUT  8 4 200.00 1 0

India 266/4 after 50 overs: That’s one of the batting performances for India in recent times in ODIs, especially considering Smriti Mandhana was out so early. A few big hits attempted in the final over but the boundary was not found.

India 259/4 after 49 overs: Deepti Sharma makes it a good over for India with a boundary off the last ball.

CENTURY FOR PUNAM RAUT: A brilliant knock from the No 3 bat, building her ton off 119 balls. What a series this has been for. Has gotten better with every match. Gets there with a single, cheers from the coach and captain in the dressing room, a hug from Deepti Sharma and finally a kiss to the turf.

END OF A SUPER INNINGS: BOWLED! Sekhukhune strikes. Harmanpreet is dismissed soon after her fifty as Sekhukhune knocks down her stumps She walks back on a 35-ball 54, taking India over 250 runs. India 252/4 after 48 overs.

HALF CENTURY AFTER A SIX: The first six of India’s innings comes from Harmanpreet Kaur and the very next ball, she gets the half-century off just 33 balls! She hits a boundary next ball too.

India 239/3 after 47 overs: No boundaries in that over either. Bosch has done well under pressure but India do alright with rotating the strike.

India 234/3 after 46 overs: A good over by Kapp as just three come from it. She has been expensive today but that was a tidy over in difficult circumstances.

India 230/3 after 45 overs: What was turning into a good over by Ismail is spoiled a bit by a boundary off the last ball. She plays that shot so well, does Raut. Guided past the keeper for four. She is on to 91.

India 223/3 after 44 overs: A boundary for Raut as she gets an outside edge that runs fine. She is getting closer to her century (85 now) and striking at 80-plus now.

The 50-run stand between Punam Raut and Harmanpreet Kaur: 52 runs off just 37 balls

India 216/3 after 43 overs: Six runs in that over as Bosch comes on to bowl. She did well to not concede a boundary. The 50-run partnership came up in that over.

India 210/3 after 42 overs: Kapp continues and HK picks up another boundary, pulled past the fielder at short fine. The run-rate is now at 5.

India 203/3 after 41 overs: The 200 comes up for India as Harmanpreet Kaur continues to find the boundary. A square drive off Ismail for four. The veteran then strays down the leg side, perhaps under pressure. Four wides.

India 190/3 after 40 overs: Two more boundaries for Harmanpreet Kaur, she is in the zone today nice and early. Has raced to 20 off 9 balls as India go from 144/2 to 190/3 in the 35-40 phase. Sekhukhune the bowler. That is an excellent batting powerplay for India.

India 174/2 after 38 overs: HARMANPREET KAUR IN THE HOUSE. Usually, she likes to start slow but the Indian VC has hit two majestic boundaries off the first three balls she has faced. First behind point, and the next a majestic cover drive.

37.1 overs, WICKET! The batting powerplay, as it usually does, results in a wicket. Sekhukhune is into the attack and Mithali Raj cant make the most of the chance she got in the earlier over. India 164/3. The Indian captain out for 45 off 71 balls, c Shabnim Ismail b Tumi Sekhukhune.

After 37 overs, India 164/2: EVENTFUL OVER. The 100-run partnership comes up with a lofted straight drive by Mithali Raj. Before that, she played a hoick on the leg side that fell away from the fielders an immediately after she is dropped at midwicket by Shangase. But the intention is clear, to go aggressive in the powerplay. Bosch was the bowler.

After 36 overs, India 155/2: BIG OVER FOR INDIA! That is a lovely over for India, two pull shots by the well-set Punam Raut. The second was an attempted bouncer that was pulled fine, the first was in front of square. Superb from the Indian No 3 off SA’s star pacer Kapp.

Kapp to start off the batting powerplay...

After 35 overs, India 144/2: Time for the batting powerplay. Two set batters in, can India cash in?

India 141/2 after 34 overs: Punam Raut’s shifting gears, a boundary over the top for her off Kapp. Brilliant to see that intent now. Her good form has been a positive for India from this series, irrespective of the end result. Three half centuries on the trot, and she has made her starts count. Partnership is now 80 (113), time for a drinks break.

FIFTY FOR PUNAM RAUT: The third consecutive half century for Punam Raut, who is having a fine series at No 3. She gets there with a couple of boundaries in the 32nd over off Kapp. She is once again making her start count, which is good to see.

India 119/2 after 30 overs: 7000 ODI runs for Mithali Raj came up with the boundary down the ground off Shangase, she becomes the first woman to reach the landmark. She is already the highest run-getter in ODIs.

MILESTONE FOR MITHALI RAJ: Another day, another record. The first woman to reach 7000 ODI runs.

India 112/2 after 29 overs: A 51-run partnership at the moment between Raj and Raut now, off 83 balls. The camera pans to Harmanpreet Kaur in the dugout.

India 104/2 after 27 overs: The scoring rate is starting to pick up a tad bit as the rotation of strike improves. The 100 comes up in the 27th over.

India 93/2 after 25 overs: Better from Raut, as Ismail comes on for another spell. An overpitched delivery is lofted wide of the mid-on fielder for a much-needed four.

India 87/2 after 24 overs: Wolvaardt would be delighted with this phase of play and this is frustrating from the Indian batters. At least one of Raut or Raj should be taking up the responsibility of upping the ante but it is not happening. Sekhukhune and Shangase have ran through some quiet overs. Partnership is 26 (53) at the moment.

India 79/2 after 22 overs: Sekhukhune and Shangase concede just three runs between them as the scoring rate dips again.

India 76/2 after 20 overs: Just one run from Sekhukhune’s over. Shangase continues with her spin from the other end for now. She offers a full toss to Mithali and it is a gift that makes the Indian captain smile, with a boundary through square leg.

India 70/2 after 18 overs: Mithali Raj hits her first four, punched behind point for four. Unfortunate timing to get out for Priya Punia, but she played a good hand at the top. And once again India have to rebuild. Set batters getting out is an issue Mithali Raj mentioned, India still looking for that decisive partnership.

India 61/2 after 16 overs: Mithali Raj joins Punam Raut in the middle.

Over 15.1, WICKET! Oh dear! Just when she was starting to look in superb touch, Punia is out caught at short-fine while playing the sweep that she could not keep down. A sharp high catch by Khaka as spinner Shangase gets the wicket. Punia out for 32 (51). DRINKS.

India 60/1 after 14 overs: Two more boundaries for the Indian opener. Priya Punia has played some delightful shots on the off-side in the last few overs. Her timing is almost always good, but she is getting the placement going now. Helped by a misfield in that 13th over too. 8 from Khaka’s over, 2 from Shangase. India going at a good rate now.

India 50/1 after 12 overs: Lovely drive through cover for four by Raut to finish what was turning into a tidy first over from spinner Shangase.

India 44/1 after 11 overs: Time to build from here, India need a partnership as well as to keep the rate steady. Two runs from Khaka’s over.

India 42/1 after 10 overs: 15 runs from the 10th over, with three boundaries. That came out of nowhere! Much needed for India. Starts off with a boundary for Raut, followed by two for Punia through the offside. The first was a super square drive, well-placed. The last one was the shot of the morning as she drove on the up. She’s timing well now, but placing better. Expensive first over by Sekhukhune.

India 27/1 after 9 overs: Oh dear. Twice now Punam Raut has survived run out chances. A single in that Khaka over (her first) and she would have been short if the throw had hit the stumps. As such runs are not coming easily, and these singles are not being judged well. Not a good start for India.

India 26/1 after 8 overs: DROPPED! Punia gets a life. Lee, usually so good behind the wickets, puts a sharp chance down at gully. Had to dive to her left, but could not hold on.

India 23/1 after 7 overs: Oh dear, almost a costly mix-up. Raut taps to mid-off and takes off for a single while Punia had already turned her back towards the fielder. Raut ran halfway down the pitch and then back.

Correction: India 22/1 after 6 overs

India 22/1 after 5 overs: A boundary off the first ball for Punia against Kapp but the pacer keeps it tight after that.

STAT ALERT: 150 wickets for Shabnim Ismail. What a player.

Over 4.6: WICKET!!! WHAT A START FOR SA! Smriti Mandhana held the key early on for India but she is walking back at the end of the fifth over. Angled at a length from Ismail, Mandhana goes for the punch again but she is not fully back for this one. The hand comes off the bat left as the outside edge goes to the well-placed wide first slip. Lizelle Lee makes no mistake. India 17/1.

AT THE TOSS: Mithali Raj confirmed an injury for Jhulan Goswami but sounded like the plan would have been 4 spinners anyway today. No explanation mentioned for Jemimah Rodrigues as such.

India 14/0 after 4 overs: Another boundary for Mandhana off Ismail, as she plays another lovely backfoot punch past point. Kapp then bowls a steady over, she is not giving much away.

Here’s the toss interview from earlier on. Video.

India 9/0 after 2 overs: Rotation of strike in the second over as Kapp joins Ismail from the other end. As the tweet says below, Punia is also not the quickest of starters. Mandhana, and Raut (given she is in form), will have to keep the scoring rate up when they bat. Harmanpreet Kaur is due a big score too.

India 5/0 after 1 over: Punia gets off the mark with a single towards the third. Mandhana, as she does, scores a boundary nice and early through the off-side. A brilliantly timed punch off the backfoot. Good morning to us all.

Priya Punia walks out to the middle with Smriti Mandhana. What a time to come into the XI, with the series on the line. Shabnim Ismail starts off for the visitors.

Playing XIs:

India: Mithali Raj (captain), Smriti Mandhana, Punam Raut, Priya Punia, Harmanpreet Kaur, Deepti Sharma, Sushma Verma (wicket-keeper), Radha Yadav, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Mansi Joshi, Poonam Yadav.

South Africa: Ayabonga Khaka, Shabnim Ismail, Laura Wolvaardt (captain), Sinalo Jafta, Marizanne Kapp, Nondumiso Shangase, Lizelle Lee, Anneke Bosch, Mignon du Preez, Lara Goodall, Tumi Sekhukhune.

8.50 am: For starters, we know that South Africa are unchanged from the third ODI. Awaiting confirmation about the Indian XI.

TOSS UPDATE: South Africa have won the toss and have opted to bowl first, as has been the trend this series. The visitors are being led by Laura Wolvaardt again, in Sune Luus’ absence. (via Cricket South Africa)

08.25 am: Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of the fourth One Day International between India and South Africa. The venue is Lucknow again. The series has swung one way and then the other, again. Today, it is a must-win for Mithali Raj and Co as they look to stay alive in the series, which is now 2-1 in favour of the Proteas.

Opener Lizelle Lee almost single-handedly took South Africa home with a career-best unbeaten 132 as India lost by six runs via the DLS method in the rain-marred third One-day International on Friday in Lucknow.

Chasing a competitive 249, Lee ensured her team kept up with the required rate, which eventually proved crucial after rain came in with the visitors at 223/4 in 46.3 overs, six ahead of India via the DLS method. It was anyone’s game till the covers came in after a sudden change in weather.