4.55 pm: Player of the match Lizelle Lee: “Very happy with my performance but we have to give credit to our bowlers who restricted India. Playing along the ground is something I’ve worked on. We used to struggle with partnerships earlier but got some good ones today and in the first match.”

4.53 pm: South Africa captain Laura Wolvaardt: “An incredible game to have as my first game as captain. Would like to congratulate Lizelle on a fine knock.”

4.50 pm: India captain Mithali Raj: “It was neck to neck, both teams were in it. We should’ve got a big partnership in the middle order but overall I think we did well after losing early wicket. We need to really work on our consistency in terms of bowling. Having a fielding coach is definitely a bonus. Feel we could do better on the boundary, be more athletic.”

Continuing the trend of a new record in terms of the result in each match of this series so far, 248/5 is now India’s highest ever first innings total in a home ODI that has resulted in a defeat.

4.31 pm: An unfortunate end to what was a thoroughly entertaining match. But it has to be said that SA are the deserved winners. Lizelle Lee the star of the show again with an unbeaten 132 off 131.


South Africa 223/4 after 46.3 overs: Oh dear, the umpires have finally decided to take the players off because of the rain and poor light. SA are six runs ahead of the par score.

South Africa 221/4 after 46 overs: Back-to-back fours for SA and Lee! Poor bowling from Harmanpreet as the right-hander finds the gaps behind square on the leg. SA need 28 off 24.

South Africa 211/4 after 45 overs: Another boundary for the visitors as the drizzle picks up in Lucknow. The groundsmen are ready but the covers aren’t coming on yet. SA Need 38 off 30.

0/34 (10), 0/30 (8), 0/51 (10)
For the first time in her ODI career Poonam Yadav has gone wicketless in three consecutive innings

South Africa 204/4 after 44 overs: SIX! What a batter Lee is! She breaks the shackles by stepping out and depositing one from Poonam over the deep mid-wicket fence. Sweet sound off the bat from that shot!

South Africa 196/4 after 43 overs: Maiden over from Deepti Sharma to Lizelle Lee! Would you believe it! India needed that, SA now need 53 off 42. The off-spinner was incredibly accurate outside off stump in that over.

South Africa 196/4 after 42 overs: Four! Poonam gives it air and Bosch steps out to lift it straight back. SA need 53 off 48. This match is hanging by a thread.

South Africa 182/4 after 40 overs: Just two runs from that Goswami over, superb bowling from the veteran. Lee has been kept off strike for the better part of the last four overs. South Africa need 67 off 60.

South Africa 178/4 after 37.3 overs: WICKET! One brings two! Marizanne Kapp is gone for a duck as Jhulan Goswami picks up her second. The right-hander hit it straight to mid-on. India are back in this! A LOT depends on Lee now. Anne Bosch is the new batter.

South Africa 178/3 after 36.3 overs: WICKET! Rajeshwari Gayakwad gets the breakthrough! Mignon du Preez attempts a slog but mistimes it, Poonam Yadav takes the running catch at cover. The right-hander departs for a fine 37 off 46.

South Africa 178/2 after 36 overs: SIX! This time du Preez attempts the big shot and gets the desired result. A slower ball from Goswami and the right-hander picked it early. South Africa are cruising at the moment.

South Africa 169/2 after 34.3 overs: CENTURY FOR LIZELLE LEE! And what a way to get there! She drives from from Harmanpreet over the long-off fence for six. Lee becomes the FIRST South African to hit three ODI centuries. Take a bow!

South Africa 155/2 after 33 overs: Two more fours from that Deepti over! First du Preez finds the gap behind square on the leg side before Lee plays a fine scoop. The two right-handers are putting on a brilliant, potentially match-winning stand.

South Africa 143/2 after 32 overs: South end that Poonam Yadav over with another four. They’re moving along nicely and seem set to level the series. India need quick wickets here. Time for a drinks break.

South Africa 135/2 after 31 overs: Superb shot from Lizelle Lee! She moves across and pierces the gap between short-fine and deep square-leg to get four. Seven runs come from that Rajeshwari Gayakwad over. Lee has moved on to 86 off 87, South Africa need 114 off 114.

South Africa 127/2 after 30 overs: DROPPED! Jhulan Goswami makes a meal of it at mid-on. Lizelle Lee attempted a slog sweep and mistimed it, the ball went to Goswami who moved to her right but couldn’t hold on. That should’ve been taken! Poonam Yadav so close to getting her first wicket.

South Africa 122/2 after 29 overs: Harmanpreet returns to bowl her second over and du Preez plays a fine scoop shot for three. A bit of a fumble at the boundary from Poonam but good work at the end.

South Africa 116/2 after 27 overs: Big over for South Africa! Mansi Joshi returns to the attack and bowls FOUR wides in her fifth over. Lizelle Lee also picks up two more fours - the first one with an outside edge and the next one with a drive over mid-off. This was the most expensive over of the innings so far.

South Africa 100/2 after 26 overs: The 100 comes up for South Africa! They need 149 off 144. Poonam Yadav returns to the attack and concedes four singles in her fifth over.

South Africa 96/2 after 25 overs: Lee is looking to attack Deepti at any given opportunity but she failed to get a boundary in that over. Meanwhile, Mignon du Preez has moved on to 2 off 10.

South Africa 92/2 after 24 overs: Lee survives! Goswami mixes things up and bowls a slightly shorter ball, Lee miscues it but the top edge lands safely. Goswami is bowling a fine spell.

South Africa 90/2 after 23 overs: Back-to-back fours for Lizelle Lee! There’s no stopping her. Deepti Sharma drops it short and the right-hander takes full toll to cut it in the gap both times.

South Africa 81/2 after 21.2 overs: WICKET! India get the breakthrough as Jhulan Goswami returns to the attack and strikes. Lara Goodall tried to hit it over the in-field but found Harmanpreet Kaur at mid-on. Great bowling change by skipper Mithali Raj.

South Africa 81/1 after 21 overs: Harmanpreet Kaur comes on to bowl and gives away just two singles in her first over. Captain Mithali Raj had praised her contribution with the ball after the last game. India need the offie to strike again.

South Africa 79/1 after 20 overs: FIFTY for Lizelle Lee! The right-hander brings up her second half-century of the series off 56 balls. As long as she’s at the crease, South Africa will know they have a chance. Four singles come from that Rajeshwari Gayakwad over.

South Africa 75/1 after 19 overs: Four! Poonam tosses it right up and Lee lifts it on the leg side to pick up her seventh boundary. The right-hander has moved to 49 off 55.

What a stat!

South Africa 69/1 after 18 overs: Rajeshwari Gayakwad returns to the attack and concedes two runs in her third over. The South African batsmen seem to be in no real rush.

South Africa 67/1 after 17 overs: Three runs from that Poonam Yadav over. South Africa need 182 off 198.

South Africa 64/1 after 16 overs: Deepti Sharma is getting considerable turn and bowling a tight line. India would want to get another wicket soon, though.

South Africa 60/1 after 15 overs: Better from Poonam Yadav, the leg-spinner concedes just three runs in her second over. Time for a drinks break.

South Africa 55/1 after 13 overs: Poonam Yadav joins the attack and bowls a juicy full-toss, Lizelle Lee whacks it on the leg side for four with ease. The right-hander has raced to 40 off 42. Lara Goodall is the other batter at the crease.

South Africa 41/1 after 10 overs: WICKET! Sensational bowling from Deepti Sharma! She joins the attack and bowls a dream ball for an off-spinner to end her first over. It was tossed up and turned back in sharply, Laura Wolvaardt attempted a drive but the ball went through to rattle the stumps. The South Africa captain walks back for 12 off 29.

South Africa 40/0 after 9 overs: Mithali Raj introduces spin with Rajeshwari Gayakwad and the left-arm spinner drops it short. Laura Wolvaardt rocks back and cuts it past backward point for four.

South Africa 34/0 after 8 overs: Big over for South Africa! Lee hoiks one over mid-wicket for four, India then concede four overthrows, before Wolvaardt clips one past square-leg to pick up her first boundary. Joshi was a bit all over the place in that over as the visitors added 14 runs.

South Africa 20/0 after 7 overs: Shot! Goswami pitches it full and Lee lifts it over mid-off for four. She made that look easy. South Africa are moving along well.

South Africa 15/0 after 6 overs: Good over for South Africa as Lizelle Lee picks up her second boundary. Mansi Joshi drifted down leg and the right-hander clipped it comfortably to the fine-leg fence.

South Africa 8/0 after 5 overs: Maiden over from Jhulan Goswami! The senior right-arm quick, who was the player of the match in the previous game, is keeping it outside the off-stump and not giving any loose deliveries. Laura Wolvaardt is hitting some firm drives but is being unable to find the gaps.

South Africa 8/0 after 4 overs: The South African openers are timing the ball well but finding the fielders. Not much movement for the Indian new ball bowlers so far. Two singles come from that Mansi Joshi over.

South Africa 6/0 after 3 overs: Wolvaardt hits one straight to cover, but sadly for India it was off a free hit after Goswami had overstepped. Just a run from that over.

Zenia D’Cunha: South Africa are depleted yes, but their chances will depend on how the dangerous openers fare on a pitch that looks good for batting. Laura Wolvaardt, also the captain, and Lizelle Lee are the key for both sides.

South Africa 5/0 after 2 overs: Dropped short by Mansi Joshi, Lee hits the first over of the run-chase. The length was key for the pacer in her impressive performance in the previous match. She beats the outside edge later with one that shapes away. Good finish to the over.

South Africa 1/0 after 1 over: Steady as ever from the veteran Indian pacer. Just a single, one that inadvertently hit Lee’s bat when she was trying to leave.

Jhulan Goswami has the new ball in her hand, Lizelle Lee and captain Laura Wolvaardt in the middle. They had a superb partnership in the first ODI, SA need them to do something similar here.

Players are out in the middle for the run-chase.

India's highest totals batting first at home

Score Result Opposition Ground Start Date
298/2 won v WI Women Dhanbad 26 Feb 2004
284/6 won v WI Women Mumbai (BS) 31 Jan 2013
256/4 won v WI Women Gurgaon 12 Mar 2004
256/6 won v Bdesh Wmn Ahmedabad 10 Apr 2013
248/5 TBD v SA Women Lucknow 12 Mar 2021
245/6 won v SL Women Ranchi 15 Feb 2016
244/7 won v PAK Women Jaipur 19 Dec 2006
243/4 won v ENG Women Kolkata 9 Dec 2005
239/9 won v PAK Women Jaipur 13 Dec 2006
236/3 won v WI Women Lucknow 6 Mar 2004
231/6 won v ENG Women Chennai 21 Feb 2007
230/9 lost v AUS Women Chennai 3 Mar 2007
via ESPNCricinfo

INNINGS BREAK: This is India’s 5th highest total while batting first at home and they have never lost when crossing 230.

INNINGS BREAK: India reach 248/5 in 50 overs. Just one boundary in the last six overs, during which 27 runs were scored. On the plus side, no batting collpase. All in all, a good total to set after losing the toss. But the bowlers will need to strike early, the SA openers especially will be crucial.

India 248/5 after 50 overs: No boundaries in the final over Khaka, who finishes with 0/39 in her 10. Superb final over, even if she finishes wicketless. India would be pleased with getting close to 250 but a better finish would have been handy too.

CORRECTION: India 242/5 after 49 overs:

India 247/5 after 49 overs: Last 5 overs 27 runs and wicket. Here is a decent example of how to avoid a collapse by the Indians. They are dealing in singles here, and are heading towards 250. A few boundaries along the way would have helped for sure, but this is still better than losing the last 4-5 wickets in no time.

STAT ALERT: According to @_hypocaust this is the first time that India women’s #3-6 batters have all scored 30+ runs in the same ODI innings. Link here.

India 232/5 after 47 overs: A good couple of overs for India. For starters, Kaur’s wicket has not resulted in a flurry. And then, Deepti plays a lovely pull shot for four off Khaka. A 5-run over followed by a no-risk six-run over.

Here’s a look at the catch, running back by Sekhukhune:

Hotstar Screengrab

44.6 WICKET!!! SUPERB CATCH! Harmanpreet Kaur gone. Sekhukhune has now been involved in both Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur’s dismissals. A great catch, and a great time to dismiss the Indian vice captain who was looking in great touch for the death overs. Ismail with the wicket. India 221/1 after 45 overs

India 215/4 after 44 overs: Well that’s more like it. A 13-run over with two boundaries for Harmanpreet Kaur off Kapp. Crucial to regain some momentum and the Indian VC does just that.

India 202/4 after 43 overs: A mix-up not for the first time between Harmanpreet and Deepti. They have this tendency, unfortunately (mind goes back to the AUS-IND match at WWC 2017). 200 comes up for India but the scoring rate has dipped at an inopportune time. That over had to be targetted, but Deepti is struggling to get her timing right.

India 199/4 after 42 overs: Ismail, Kapp and Khaka have two overs left each now. India would want to target the other for sure. Sekhukhune comes on, as we speak. Crucial over.

Zenia D’Cunha: A bloodless Batting Powerplay and Harmanpreet with her eye in at the crease surely means a big score? A real chance for 250+ I’d hope. India 195/4 after 41 overs.

India 193/4 after 40 overs: A good powerplay for India all said and done. As pointed out on commentary, they made SA use four different bowlers (Khaka with the last) and also made sure they did not lose a wicket. The batting Powerplay is done as India make 30 runs with no loss of wickets 10 overs to go with Harmanpreet on 21 off 33.

India 190/4 after 39 overs: Ismail comes into the attack and stems the run-flow. Just two runs from that over.

India 188/4 after 38 overs: ANOTHER BIG OVER! Two boundaries for Kaur, both on the leg side off Bosch’s bowling. The 30 over mark is a great time for Harmanpreet Kaur to come in to bat. Can take her time to get set as she likes and then use the batting powerplay to get going. This is another good start from her.

The Harmanpreet Kaur six down the ground:

India 177/4 after 37 overs: Big over for India! Deepti flicks one stylishly for four before Harmanpreet hits the first six of the innings. Sekhukhune pitched it on a length and the India vice-captain hoicked it over the long-on fence.

India 165/4 after 36 overs: Just a couple of singles from that Bosch over. South Arica pulled things back nicely. This is an important partnership for India, with both Harmanpreet and Deepti capable of finding the boundaries consistently.

India 161/4 after 34 overs: WICKET! Punam Raut is gone! Marizanne App removes the well-set batter as Nondumiso Shangase takes a fine catch running behind from cover. Raut got nowhere close to the pitch of the ball and went ahead with her drive, but miscued it and the ball went straight up. Good change of pace from the right-arm pacer. Raut walks back for a well-compiled 77 off 108 as Deepti Sharma comes to the crease.

India 159/3 after 33 overs: South Africa are rotating their bowlers constantly. Now Tumi Sekhukhune returns to the attack and concedes just a single in her sixth over.

India 158/3 after 32 overs: Shot! Kapp drops it slightly short and Raut plays a delightful back foot punch for four. That was pure timing. Good over for India, seven runs from it.

India 151/3 after 31 overs: Ayabonga Khaka returns for her sixth over and concedes five runs as the 150 comes up for India. Harmanpreet not quite finding the middle of the bat at the start of her innings.

India 146/3 after 30 overs: Anne Bosch bowls a maiden over as Harmanpreet Kaur starts off cautiously. Time for a drinks break. India need another good partnership here.

India 141/3 after 28 overs: WICKET! Mithali Raj is gone! The India captain chips a low full toss straight to mid-wicket. A soft dismissal and a big breakthrough for South Africa. Tumi Sekhukhune gets a memorable first wicket in international cricket as Mithali walks back for 36 off 50. Harmanpreet Kaur is the new batter.

India 132/2 after 27 overs: BIG OVER FOR INDIA!

India 120/2 after 26 overs: A lovely paddle sweep by Raut off the medium-pacer no less. Bosch, bowling her second over, offers a full toss. The Indian picked it up early and scooped it behind. Played that shot last match as well. It is a handy weapon to have. India are going at a solid rate now.

HALF CENTURY FOR PUNAM RAUT: That’s a good knock for the No 3 batter. Back-to-back half centuries for Punam Raut, this is her 15th fifty in ODIs. Has come off 80 balls. The 50-run partnershop comes up with that as well as India move to 115/2 after 25 overs.

India 104/2 after 22 overs: Shangase and Kapp bowling in tandem now for spin-pace. 100 comes up for the hosts in the 21st over.

India 99/2 after 20 overs: Kapp is back into the attack as Wolvaardt looks to break this partnership. Four runs from that over that almost saw Raut chop one on to the stumps.

(Correction to the scoreline in the past few updates, India have lost two wickets, not three).

India 95/2 after 19 overs: 48 dot balls in Punam Raut’s innings of 67 balls so far. This is really an area she needs to work on, even as she is playing a crucial hand here. Batting on 43, a boundary in that over.

India 90/2 after 18 overs: Mithali Raj started the day with 9965 international runs. She has moved on to 13 here after a couple of dabs past the keeper, one of them fine enough for four. 20/0 in the last 5 overs is actually not too bad for the hosts at the moment. They need these two to bat deep and give Harmanpreet Kaur a platform to play freely.

India 80/2 after 16 overs: The first four for Mithali Raj is a well-time flick through square leg.

India 76/2 after 15 overs: SA will feel they can apply the pressure here with Mithali and Raut in the middle. The scoring rate will dip here, you’d expect it to. In the last 5 overs, 19 runs and a wicket.

India 73/2 after 14 overs: Time for a drinks break. Both sides have something to be happy about. A huge breakthrough for South Africa after a good start for India. The visitors though, will know they are just a couple of wickets away here from having a go at India’s weak middle order.

Zenia D’Cunha: Mithali Raj and Punam Raut on crease in the 12th over, batting first The approach they take now is important... No Sune Luus, Nonkululeko Mlaba, Nadine de Klerk for South Africa today.

11.6: WICKETTT!! AND IT IS THE BIG ONE! Smriti Mandhana is walking back. On her pads. she went for a sweep that was aimed at clearing the fence but looks like she got it finer than she was hoping for because she went at the shot early. She is caught by Nondumiso Shangase at long leg off the bowling off Tumi Sekhukhune. India 64/2.

India 61/1 after 11 overs: A steady over from Khaka. Four runs from it.

After losing Jemimah Rodrigues in the first over, this is a quite solid recovery by India to reach 57/1 at the end of 10 overs. Another 50 partnership between Smriti Mandhana and Punam Raut who are practically opening the batting again.

India 57/1 after 10 overs: Heart-in-mouth moment for Mandhana. She goes for a backfoot punch off a length ball but it is just wide of the fielder at short cover but once it went past the fielder, no stopping it. Follows that up with a controlled pull shot for four.

Sekhukhune, for the first in this series, with her right-arm medium pace.

India 45/1 after 9 overs: From 14 off 12 balls, Punam Raut is now 21 off 35 balls. A couple of four leg byes in her innings so far, but this is still a bit of a rollercoaster. But to be fair to her, she has looked to score today more often just has not been able to connect. A maiden over to start off by Khaka, played out by Raut.

India 45/1 after 8 overs: Another expensive over from Ismail but it looked like Raut got some bat on the glance. It is four, but given leg byes so gets added to neither the batter nor the bowler. Mandhana then plays another delightful shot, this time a square drive off Kapp for a four.

India 35/1 after 6 overs: Another boundary for Raut, the first conceded by Kapp. Off drive down the ground. Smriti Mandhana and Punam Raut picking up from where they left off in the last match as India stay at almost run a ball.

India 28/1 after 5 overs: Kapp is keeping a cap on the run-scoring from her end. A largely full length, but not overpitching. Just a single in her over. In the next, Mandhana gets going with a sensational cover drive for four.

India 21/1 after 3 overs: A much better over for India as Punam Raut hits three boundaries off Shabnil Ismail. What a start for Punam Raut. Three boundaries, including one delightful cover drive. The second was a streaky inside edge but closes the over out with a well-placed glance. Strike rate, what strike rate. (It is something we spoke about in the previous match, addressing her slow starts and the need for another gear. She has certainly found that here early.)

India 5/1 after 2 overs: A boundary down the leg side for India (leg byes) as Kapp errs in line to Raut.

Shabnim Ismail starts off with a maiden-wicket. What a start for South Africa. India 0/1.

0.2: WICKET! Jemimah Rodrigues’ poor run with the bat continues as she is caught behind on the second ball of the match Shabnil Ismail strikes early with an outswinger, went full and reaped the reward.

9.00 am: Smriti Mandhana and Jemimah Rodrigues (in need of runs) walk out to the middle, Shabnim Ismail starts off.

Watch Smriti Mandhana’s pre-match press conference here.

Team news from India: Mithali Raj and Co are unchanged from the 2nd ODI.

India: Mithali Raj (captain), Smriti Mandhana, Jemimah Rodrigues, Punam Raut, Harmanpreet Kaur, Deepti Sharma, Sushma Verma (wicket-keeper), Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Jhulan Goswami, Mansi Joshi, Poonam Yadav.

Team news from CSA: Sekhukhune, Bosch, Shangase and Jafta are in. Mlaba, de Klerk, Luus (illness) and Chetty (injury in warm-up) miss out.

South Africa XI: Ayabonga Khaka, Shabnim Ismail, Laura Wolvaardt (C), Sinalo Jafta, Marizanne Kapp, Nondumiso Shangase, Lizelle Lee, Anneke Bosch, Mignon du Preez, Lara Goodall, Tumi Sekhukhune.

Team news: Big update from the South African camp is that the visitors are without their captain Sune Luus today. Laura Wolvaardt is leading the side.

TOSS: South Africa have won the toss and will be bowling first, just as in the first ODI. India will have their task cut out to put up a better total on board. (Update via Cricket South Africa)

In the meantime, you can watch the second match highlights here.

We should have the toss update soon from Lucknow.

08.25 am: Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of the second One Day International between India and South Africa in Lucknow. The series is level 1-1 after two rather one-sided wins for the respective sides.

With South Africa making the most of India’s rustiness in the first ODI to register a 8-wicket win, the tables were almost exactly reversed on Tuesday. India bounced back to register a 9-wicket win. In both matches, the team winning the toss and opting to bowl controlled the proceedings at Ekana Stadium. From a neutral perspective, it can be said that both teams have not played their best cricket simultaneously and once that happens, the contest will be a close one.

Before we look ahead, here’s how the second ODI unfolded.

Second ODI as it happened: Smriti Mandhana, Punam Raut take hosts to 9-wicket win