MI skipper Rohit Sharma: Great effort from the bowling unit, we knew it was not going to be easy. When you have a pitch like that and the bowlers execute, it makes it easy for a captain. I thought we had a good score for this pitch. You saw both the teams capitalising on the Powerplay. Having said that, we can do better in the middle overs. All the players are experienced enough to do that. But I don’t want to take credit away from them, when you have guys like Rashid and Mujeeb bowling it’s not easy... You need one set batsman at the end, just need some intelligent batting. I thought our fielding was good today, that’s something we take pride in, we want to be the best unit in the tournament.

SRH skipper Warner: I don’t know how to take that. Two of us got set, my run out, Jonny stepping on his wickets, and false shots in the middle proved that if you don’t have two guys at the end, you don’t win. These scores are very chaseable, it’s just poor batting. If you get a partnership and have one guy at the end, you can chase down 150 easily. You just need smart cricket in the middle, we aren’t doing that

SRH 137 all out after 19.4 overs: MI win by 13 runs. SRH have played 6 matches at Chennai and they have never won. The unwanted streak continues. Boult finishes with 3/28. That Pollard innings made such a big difference for MI – he showed that he is so much more than just the big shots.

SRH 135/9 after 19.1 overs: WICKET! Boult strikes again. What a wonderful spell... MI have been superb under pressure while SRH have wilted once again.

SRH 134/8 after 18.5 overs: WICKET! Bumrah strikes, Vijay Shankar walking back. SRH now need 17 runs in 7 balls.

SRH 130/7 after 18 overs: WICKET! Boult send Rashid Khan back for a first-ball duck. Lovely, full delivery trapped the Afghan LBW. The review didn’t help. SRH need 21 runs in 12 balls.

SRH 129/6 after 17.4 overs: RUN OUT! Hardik Pandya hits the stumps again. He is two for two from the field today. Another direct hit. Samad (7 off 8) walking back. SRH need 22 runs in 14 balls.

SRH 124/5 after 17 overs: Sunrisers Hyderabad need 27 runs in 18 balls.

SRH 118/5 after 16 overs: Big over for SRH as Vijay Shankar hammered Krunal Pandya for two sixes in the over. 16 runs from the over. SRH need 31 runs in 24 balls

SRH 104/5 after 14.5 overs: Chahar gets another wicket. His third of the innings. SRH in a bit of trouble now. MI will feel they have the edge now. To win, SRH need 47 off 31 balls.

SRH 102/4 after 14.1 overs: Virat Singh doesn’t do much with his opportunity. Finds the fielder in the deep. Tough conditions for batsmen but someone needs to stand up and be counted for SRH... as Pollard did for MI.

SRH 102/3 after 14 overs: Sunrisers Hyderabad need 49 runs in 36 balls. Can they get it? Can they time this chase right?

SRH 96/3 after 13 overs: MI also slowed down but SRH need to keep wickets in hand and they need to target the right bowlers too. The wicket of Warner hurts SRH in more ways than one.

SRH 90/3 after 11.2 overs: RUN OUT!!! A direct hit from Hardik Pandya catches David Warner short of his ground. Exactly what MI needed. Big, big wicket this.

SRH 85/2 after 11 overs: Warner stepping up now. He has led SRH from the front as skipper so many times and he seems determined to do it again. A lovely six off Chahar showing that he isn’t going to leave it all for the end. 11 runs from the over.

SRH 74/2 after 10 overs: Steady over by Pollard. MI were 75/2 after 10 overs. SRH are 74/2. Nothing to choose between the two sides. Are we headed for another thriller?

SRH 71/2 after 9 overs: Pandey’s mis-hit finds the fielder in the deep and Rahul Chahar has a wicket in his first over. It was nicely tossed up but here comes the slowdown. SRH have seen it happen before... have they learned anything?

SRH 67/1 after 7.2 overs: HIT WICKET! Bairstow (43 off 22) just backed into his stumps there. He was already standing very deep in his crease. Krunal gets the breakthrough. MI needed this wicket.

SRH 57/0 after 6 overs: 2 runs off the Bumrah over. The Powerplay is done. SRH have done very well. 5 runs off the first two overs, 2 off the sixth. In between, a lot of madness.

SRH 55/0 after 5 overs: Bairstow (40 off 15) has found a different gear here and he is making sure SRH will have a chance going into the back end of the innings. Another six for the Englishman. Warner (14 off 15 balls) is starting to hit a few shots as well.

SRH 42/0 after 4 overs: Adam Milne gets punished in his first over. 19 runs added to the SRH total with Bairstow once again doing the damage. The right-hander has scored 33 off 12 balls and after two quiet overs to start the innings, SRH have put the pressure right back on MI.

SRH 23/0 after 3 overs: 4-4-6-4! 18 runs off the first four balls and Bairstow has got the SRH chase up and running. Boult got it wrong there and he was punished.

SRH 5/0 after 2 overs: Brilliant over from Bumrah. Cut Bairstow into half with the first ball and MI reviewed the caught behind call as well but it didn’t help. Rest of the over was right on the mark too. Just 3 runs off it.

Bumrah is into the attack early today.

SRH 2/0 after 1 over: Just two runs from the first over from Boult. SRH need to make the most of the Powerplay overs given how difficult scoring becomes in the second half.

SRH begin their chase and they know exactly what they need to do. We are in for an exciting chase. 151 to win.

49 runs in the final 5 overs for MI. Of those 29, 28 runs came off two overs from Bhuvneshwar.

MI 150/5 after 20 overs: Two sixes by Pollard (35 off 22) to end the innings show why you should never give him a life. Just what MI needed and it takes them to 150. A challenging total on this wicket. 17 runs from the last over and that could prove to be the difference. Still, SRH know what they need to come out and do.

MI 131/5 after 18.4 overs: WICKET! Vijay Shankar dropped Pollard and then off the next ball, Virat Singh took a good catch to send back Hardik Pandya (7 off 5). Khaleel strikes.

MI 125/4 after 18 overs: Good over for MI. A streaky four for Hardik in it but the 11-run Bhuvneshwar over helps. Every run counts.

MI 114/4 after 16.5 overs: WICKET! Brilliant catch by Bairstow, down the leg side, send Ishan Kishan (12 off 21 balls) back. Mujeeb gets another wicket. Pollard, on 10, is at the crease and he will be joined by Hardik Pandya.

MI 107/3 after 16 overs: Rashid finishes his quota of 4 overs, MI got 23 runs off them but didn’t give him a wicket either. Last four overs coming up.

MI 101/3 after 15 overs: Just three runs from the Khaleel over as we go into a strategic timeout. What total should MI be looking at? Pollard and Ishan can change things in one over but will they get that over?

MI 98/3 after 13.5 overs: WICKET! QdK (40 off 39) tried to hit his way out of trouble but only found the fielder in the deep. Mujeeb gets the wickets. MI need to be careful here.

MI 94/2 after 13 overs: Five runs from the Vijay Shankar over. QdK is struggling a bit – he has 38 off 36 balls but MI will want him to stay there till the end if possible. Very difficult for new batsmen to come in and get going.

MI 89/2 after 12 overs: Nine runs from the Rashid over and by his usual standards, that is a big over for MI. He got his line wrong a little. First target for MI should be to get their total past 150.

MI 80/2 after 11 overs: Mujeeb bowls a tight over too. Five runs from it. SRH need a few wickets in this period though.

MI 75/2 after 10 overs: The batsmen can’t read Rashid’s googly and that sees them get just three runs from the over. MI have had a good first half, they need to play smart now.

MI 71/2 after 8.3 overs: One ball after hitting a remarkable six, Suryakumar Yadav (10 off 6) is walking back to the dressing him. This time he hit it straight back to the bowler and Vijay Shankar has his second wicket.

MI 64/1 after 8 overs: Four dot balls, a four and a single from Rashid’s first over.

Rashid into the attack. How will MI play him?

MI 55/1 after 6.3 overs: WICKET! Rohit Sharma (32 off 25) went for another big shot and finds the fielder in the deep. Vijay Shankar gets the wicket.

MI 53/0 after 6 overs: Abhishek Sharma into the attack and he gives away just 5 runs. A steady over.

MI 48/0 after 5 overs: Rohit (27 off 19) is looking to play his shots but QdK after those fours in the first over had been relatively quiet. But he got a four off the last ball to show that he is ready to get started too. SRH’s bowling has not been at its best so far.

MI 38/0 after 4 overs: Rohit Sharma is in the mood today. Just marginally short from Bhuvneshwar and it ends up in the stands. His 217th six in the IPL – most for an Indian player, goes past Dhoni. MI are doing this very well.

A change of ends for Bhuvneshwar.

MI 29/0 after 3 overs: MI won’t allow Mujeeb to settle. He gets his length wrong to MI skipper Rohit Sharma and the right-hander him for a four in the midwicket region and then pulls him for a six. A flying start for MI. They know the slow down comes later in the innings and will look to take advantage of the first 10 overs.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman replaces Bhuvneshwar in the attack.

MI 16/0 after 2 overs: Khaleel Ahmed comes on from the other end and he didn’t help himself by bowling a no-ball on his second delivery. Rohit Sharma got a four off the free hit. But Khaleel came back well after that – working up a good pace and the natural left-armer’s angle helped too.

MI 8/0 after 1 over: Quinton de Kock gets off the mark with a superb drive down the ground off the first ball. But then Bhuvi came right back with three dot balls. A Vijay Shankar misfield gave de Kock another four before another dot ball.

The players are taking the field and we are all set for the game to begin. SRH will have to bowl very well.

19.12 pm: SRH have made four changes today!

IN: Khaleel Ahmed, Abhishek Sharma, Virat Singh & Mujeeb Ur Rahman

OUT: Wriddhiman Saha, Jason Holder, T Natarajan & Shahbaz Nadeem


Sunrisers Hyderabad playing XI: D Warner, J Bairstow, M Pandey, V Singh, A Samad, V Shankar, A Sharma, R Khan, B Kumar, M Ur Rahman, K Ahmed

Mumbai Indians playing XI: R Sharma, Q de Kock, S Yadav, I Kishan, H Pandya, K Pollard, K Pandya, A Milne, R Chahar, J Bumrah, T Boult

19.01 pm: Rohit Sharma wins the toss and Mumbai Indians are going to bat first.

18.52 pm: Adam Milne is all set to make his MI debut today.

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the game between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai India. The David Warner-led SRH will look to bounce back from consecutive defeats and get their first points of the season when they take on defending champions Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League in Chennai today.

Batting will be a concern for Hyderabad going into their third match of the season after their inability to chase down 149 in their previous game against Royal Challengers Bangalore. But chasing has proved to be tricky in Chennai and sides winning the toss might just look to bat first and then defend the target.