End of match: Harshal Patel and Mohammed Siraj help RCB finish off the innings comfortably. Virat Kohli and Co will leave unbeaten! First time in the franchise’s history they win the first 3 matches of a IPL season.

End of 20 overs, KKR 166/8: RCB WIN BY 38 RUNS! Played 3, won 3, lost 0. RCB’s perfect start to the season continues.

KKR 162/7 after 19 overs: What an over by Siraj to DreRuss!

18.1: Dot
18.2: Dot
18.3: Dot
18.4: Dot
18.5: Dot
18.6: Single

Russell didn’t want the singles, but Siraj does brilliantly to keep the allrounder quiet. What an over.

TOSS IN MUMBAI: Rishabh Pant has won the toss and DC will BOWL first. Jalaj Saxena will make his debut for Punjab, while Steve Smith is set to play for Delhi.

IPL 2021, Delhi Capitals vs Punjab Kings: Live score, updates, commentary, stats of DC vs PBKS

Over 17.6: WICKET! Six and out! Pat Cummins drives one down the ground for a massive six but is out soon after caught behind. Couple of sixes in that Jamieson over, but a couple of wickets too. KKR need 44 from 12 balls.

Over 17.4: WICKET! Not quite the player that RCB wanted to see the back of, but Jamieson dismisses Shakib al Hasan and with that, a dot ball too. The Bangladesh allrounder moved over to the offside, and the Kiwi pacer hits the stumps. 50 needed off 14 balls, after DreRuss hit a six earlier in the over.

After 16 overs, KKR: 146/5: MASSIVE OVER FOR KKR! DreRuss goes 6-4-4-4 as Chahal concedes 20 runs in his 4th over. Game on in Chennai? 4-0-34-2 for Chahal.

After 15 overs, KKR: 126/5: Another good over from Harshal Patel. KKR need 79 off last 4.

After 15 overs, KKR: 121/5: (Required rate 16.80) KKR need 84 from 30 balls. Can’t say impossible, but the pitch really is behaving like how we have seen Chennai pitches behave so far. Gripping, slowing down. Shot-making not easy. Can DreRuss do an ABD?

After 14 overs, KKR 115/5: Three singles and a wicket. Dream over for RCB and Harshal Patel.

Over 13.4: WICKET! A couple of deliveries after Chahal-Siraj miss a catch due to miscommunication, captain Morgan does depart. Harshal Patel strikes with change of pace, no control on the shot from the KKR captain. Kohli with the catch. All eyes on DreRuss now.

After 13 overs, KKR 112/4: Big over for KKR! Just what they needed, and keeps them with the scoring rate as Shakib and Morgan hit a six each off Maxwell. The over ends with a half chance for stumping but it was almost yorking ABD. No way even he could gather that.

KKR need 107 from 48 balls. Not over, of course, but KKR need some magic from Morgan and later DreRuss.

After 12 overs, KKR 98/4: RCB’s death overs specialist Harshal Patel comes on. He can be pleased with a 5-run over at this stage.

After 11 overs, KKR 93/4: A six for Morgan as he takes on Maxi, down the ground. Next ball, he is beaten by a ball that bounced shoulder high from good length! Great take by ABD.

Indeed. Maxi time.

After 10 overs, KKR 83/4: Shakib and Morgan in the middle. Tidy over from Washington. Will we see Maxwell bowl tonight?

After 9 overs, KKR 75/4: The ball’s coming out beautifully from Chahal’s hand at the moment. The first ball to Shakib was a delight, as he was beaten on the outside edge with a similar ball that got rid of DK. Great to see.

WICKET! DK GONE! Waited for a couple of matches to get his first wicket, and just like that, another comes along for Chahal. This is a quicker one from the back of the hand that skids through, and DK is beaten all ends up. Out LBW, he almost walked for that. That’s how plumb that was.

After 8 overs, KKR 73/3: DK and Morgan in the middle much earlier than they would have liked. An over of consolidation there as Washi goes for six runs.

After 7 overs, KKR 67/3: WICKET! Not going KKR’s way at the moment. Just when Rana was starting to gain some momentum, he has picked out the fielder in the deep. Gill, Tripathi and Rana all get dismissed just as they started to get going. Into the third match of the tournament, the first wicket for Yuzi Chahal. After conceding a couple of boundaries, he takes the wicket of in-form Rana.

WICKET! Into the third match of the tournament, the first wicket for Yuzi Chahal. After conceding a couple of boundaries, he takes the wicket of in-form Nitish Rana.

Nitish Rana faced just 7 deliveries in the powerplay, incidentally.

Over 5.6: WICKET! Washington Sundar strikes with the last ball of the powerplay. Rahul Tripathi was looking in decent touch, but he is out on 25 off 20 balls. Siraj takes actually what would have been a tough catch, did not look to be balanced underneath that skier, he hold on. KKR 57/2 in 6 overs.

KKR 45/1 after 5 overs: Tripathi trying to up the tempo in the powerplay for KKR, with a couple of boundaries in Siraj’s over, one behind the wicket and one over mid-on.

KKR 36/1 after 4 overs: A boundary for Tripathi as Washington gets an over in the powerplay, 7 runs from that over.

End of 3 overs, KKR 29/1: Chahal comes on and bowls a tidy over. Just 2 runs off it.

OVER 1.5: WICKET! SIX-SIX-OUT! Shubman Gill started off brilliantly racing to 21 off just 8 balls but Kyle Jamieson gets the wicket as Dan Christian takes a superb diving catch at mid-on. The KKR opener was looking in some mood, striking the ball cleanly. DanC, on the field as a sub, ends what could have been a fiery knock.

Some numbers from the ABD (and Maxi) show:

After 1 over, KKR 7/0: Gill gets going with a boundary through the offside as Siraj starts off. KKR will need a strong start. The pitch certainly looks to be the best we have had in Chennai so far and DreRuss is due a big one.

Innings break: Is there a word left in the dictionary to praise AB de Villiers? How good was this!

RCB in the last five overs of this innings: 70/1 (14.00)

End of 20 overs: RCB 204/4

AB DE VILLIERS MAGIC IN CHENNAI! He finishes with a quite ridiculous 34-ball 76.

After 19 overs, RCB 183/4: Harbhajan Singh bowling the 19th over did not go to plan. A four and six for Jamieson and then ABD got to his fifty with a sensational six over long off.

HALF CENTURY! AB de Villiers is doing AB de Villiers things and Virat Kohli’s reaction says it all.

After 18 overs RCB 165/4: DreRuss comes on and ABD just plays some logic-defying shots. 6-4-2-4 in that over! That last four was a late adjustment to a short ball and ramped past the keeper. Amazing.

WICKET! End of a fantastic innings by Glenn Maxwell. He looks absolutely knackered at the end of it, but a brilliant 49-ball 78 in the Chennai heat. He is now the leading run-scorer of this season as well. 148/4 after 17 overs. A brilliant over from Cummins too, bent his back and made it hard for the well set batsmen.

After 16 overs, RCB 145/3: Another big over for RCB. Two boundaries for ABD off Prasidh Krishna, making it look easy as he punches through the line either side of the wicket.

After 15 overs, RCB 134/3: BIG OVER! First two boundaries for ABD, the second a brutal hit down the ground. And then Maxwell plays a sensational reverse hit for six. Varun’s day started so well, but it finishes 4-0-39-2.

After 14 overs, RCB 117/3: Smart batting! Cummins tries to go wide of offstump as Maxwell keeps clearing his front leg to target straight or leg side. But the Aussie batsman cuts one over third man for four.

After 13 overs, RCB 106/3: No risks taken in that Varun over, as Maxwell and ABD get to the second timeout.

After 12 overs, RCB 101/3: Maxwell and ABD in the middle. Fireworks on the cards? Not been easy in the second half of innings, mind you.

Over 11.1: WICKET! Devdutt Padikkal never quite going and just as he was starting to find some momentum, he finds the fielder in the deep. Prasidh with the wicket. Out for 25 off 28 balls. No offence to the youngster, but that is not the worst outcome for RCB. ABD walks in.

After 11 overs, RCB 95/2: At least some urgency from Padikkal now. A reverse sweep off Bhajji for four. Another boundary for Maxwell too.

After 10 overs, RCB 84/2: Halfway stage, RCB have recovered brilliantly. But they would want Padikkal to get a move on. Another boundary for Maxwell in that Prasidh over.

Glenn Maxwell 55(32)

Devdutt Padikkal 19 (23)

Glenn Maxwell in IPL

Matches Half centuries
Overall 85 8
2021 3 2
2020 13 0
2018 12 0
2017 14 0
2016 11 2
2015 11 0
2014 16 4
2013 3 0
2012 2 0

HALF CENTURY FOR GLENN MAXWELL! No fifties in 2017, 2018, 2020... and now back-to-back in 2021. Gets there off 28 balls, that’s even more ridiculous given how everyone has struggled in Chennai (even Padikkal struggling at the other end). Another four for him in that Cummins over. 78/2 after 11 overs.

After 8 overs RCB 67/2: The Glenn Maxwell show continues in Chennai. He is into the 40s. Varun comes back, bowls a no ball. And the free hit is once again costly for KKR. They are paying for indiscipline. Next ball is a well-placed four.

After 7 overs RCB 53/2: Maxwell continues to score at a good tempo, and he is helped here by a no ball by Prasidh. Frees his arms for the free hit and smacks a four past point.

After 6 overs, RCB 45/2: Seventeen runs! Glenn Maxwell continues to look in superb touch in Chennai. A six and four in the 6th over, as he takes on Shakib al Hasan. The six over midwicket, followed by a reverse sweep that actually looked like a six at first glance. Padikkal hits a boundary too as RCB recover from 2 early blows.

After 5 overs, RCB 28/2: First sign of pace and it is Pat Cummins. A good old french cut for four as Maxi gets an inside edge and it misses the stumps.

After 4 overs RCB 19/2: Morgan persists with spin as Shakib comes on. Maxwell hits a four to start the over, but not much else on offer in that over.

After 3 overs, 12/2: Harbhajan gets another over with Padikkal still in the middle. Probing over, just a wide and couple of singles.

Over 1.6: WICKET! Well, well. Varun Chakravarthy is off to some start in Chennai today. Two wickets in his first over, as Rajat Patidar is bowled. RCB 9/2. Sensational start for Morgan’s men.

Over 1.2: WICKET! Virat Kohli out for 5 in the 2nd over! Varun strikes. Superb from Rahul Tripathi as he runs back and completes the catch. Kohli just threw his hands at that, despite not getting close to the pitch.

After 1 over, RCB 6/0: A no ball from Harbhajan, and the free hit sneaks past DK for a four off the outside edge. Good over otherwise though from the veteran.

Unchanged KKR. Only three overseas players for RCB. Harbhajan Singh starts off against Virat Kohli. We are all set in Chennai.

3.23 pm: Last match for both teams in Chennai. Four matches so far have been won by side batting first in this tournament at the venue. Batting has gotten difficult progressively, but won’t be easy to bat in this heat either for RCB who have opted to bat first.

Royal Challengers Bangalore XI: Virat Kohli, Devdutt Padikkal, Rajat Patidar, Glenn Maxwell, AB de Villiers, Washington Sundar, Shahbaz Ahmed, Kyle Jamieson, Harshal Patel, Md Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

Kolkata Knight Riders XI: Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Rahul Tripathi, Eoin Morgan, Dinesh Karthik, Shakib Al Hasan, Andre Russell, Pat Cummins, Harbhajan Singh, Varun Chakaravarthy, Prasidh Krishna

Team news: RCB are playing just three overseas players today. Rajat Patidar comes in for Dan Christian. (Once again, the franchise is showing smart planning. There is no reason to play an overseas player in Chennai just to make up the quota, especially given bowling options that Kohli has. An Indian batsman does make more sense.) KKR, despite their disappointing defeat, have stuck to their guns. No changes.

TOSS: RCB win toss (Virat Kohli points out he finally wins the toss against Eoin Morgan!) and opts to bat first in Chennai.

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of match No 10 in the Indian Premier League. Royal Challengers Bangalore take on Kolkata Knight Riders, exactly on the anniversary of the first ever match in the IPL when these two locked horns against each other in 2008.

RCB are the only unbeaten side in the tournament so far, having won both their matches. KKR look to bounce back from a tough defeat against MI.

IPL points table

Team Pld Won Lost Net RR Pts
 Mumbai Indians 3 2 1 +0.367 4
 Royal Challengers Bangalore 2 2 0 +0.175 4
 Chennai Super Kings 2 1 1 +0.616 2
 Delhi Capitals 2 1 1 +0.195 2
 Rajasthan Royals 2 1 1 +0.052 2
 Kolkata Knight Riders 2 1 1 +0.000 2
 Punjab Kings 2 1 1 -0.909 2
 Sunrisers Hyderabad 3 0 3 -0.483 0