Every recipe holds within a thousand stories. It narrates histories. It echoes tales of migrations and merging traditions. Above all, it speaks of human relationships.

We want to preserve these recipes and the stories behind them from all over India – but it won’t be possible without you.

Send us your recipes and we will host them on Scroll Food.

The recipe can be for anything: a simple dal, a complex chicken curry, a formidable dessert or a two-ingredient drink. There are no taboos. No restrictions on tastes or ingredients.

Each submission must be sent in our prescribed format using this Google Form. For clarity on the format, please refer to the the recipes on the section. Please also note that the contributions will be gratis – there will be no compensation for the submissions.

How do I submit?

  • Send your recipe using this Google Form.  
  • Please do not omit any field. Make sure the photographs you upload clearly show the prepared dish.  
  • Be precise when listing ingredients and preparation method. An ambiguous or incomplete list will render the submission unusable.
  • Exact measurements (for example: grams, litres and tablespoons) are preferred to approximations (for example: a handful of, a pinch of).  
  • Recipes will be edited in consultation with the contributor, so do not use a pseudonym and share only an active email address.  

We will try to respond to every submission within 15 days, though times may vary.