The Bharatiya Janata Party has declared a donation of Rs 4.80 lakh from the Amravati Municipal Corporation during the financial year 2019-’20, the Association for Democratic Reforms said in a report on Wednesday, PTI reported.

“No details of address, bank name, PAN, among others, have been provided by the party against this donation,” the election rights group said. “A casual search on the internet shows that the aforesaid donor is a government of Maharashtra local body (as mentioned on their website). It raises questions on the legality of the contribution made by a municipal corporation which is a governing body (whose mayor and deputy mayor are from BJP) to a political party.”

The BJP’s declaration also included land received from at least three donors worth Rs 1.516 crore. “The three donations are from Jhanjharpur in Bihar worth Rs 36.80 lakh, Rs 50 lakh and Rs 64.88 lakh,” the Association for Democratic Reforms report said.

It added that the saffron party has not provided the donors’ addresses and PAN card information and disclosed whether the land was agricultural or commercial.

A BJP spokesperson said the money received from the Amravati Municipal Corporation was a voluntary contribution from corporators from their salary for flood relief in Maharashtra, The Indian Express reported.

“The corporators requested the municipal corporation/government to deduct a small amount from their salary and collectively transfer the money to BJP on their behalf,” he added. “This amount of Rs 4,80,000 pertains to those small donations (below Rs 20,000) that were collected from the corporators but transferred directly to the party by the Amravati Municipal Corporation.”