A Delhi court on Saturday directed singer Honey Singh to appear before it on September 3 in connection with a domestic violence case by his wife Shalini Talwar, Live Law reported.

The singer, whose real name is Hirdesh Singh, did not appear before the court on Saturday, citing poor health.

Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh criticised Singh, saying that she was surprised to see how the case was “being taken lightly”, according to PTI.

“No is above the law,” the magistrate added.

The court also noted that Singh’s lawyer had not yet submitted his income affidavit, and was not prepared with arguments in the case. The magistrate gave Singh a final warning to appear before the court, and asked him not to repeat such conduct again.

Talwar has filed an application under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act and sought an interim compensation of Rs 10 crore from Singh and his family, according to Live Law. She has also demanded that the singer should pay her house rent of Rs 5 lakh every month.

Talwar’s application seeks that Singh and his family should be restrained from selling her matrimonial home and her streedhan. As per Hindu personal law, streedhan refers to movable and immovable property that a woman receives before marriage, during marriage, at childbirth and widowhood. The woman has complete right over her streedhan.

She also alleged that she was living in constant fear as Singh and his family had threatened to physically harm her.

Talwar claimed that the singer has a history of intimidation and violence towards people who do not agree to his demands.

Singh’s lawyer Ishan Mukherjee, in his reply, has told the court that Talwar has already taken her valuables, including jewellery, with her. He said that she can come to live at her in-laws’ house in Noida after 15 days.

“We are ready to accommodate her,” PTI quoted Mukherjee as saying. “We will build a wall. It can be provided to her in 15 days.”

Singh and Talwar got married on January 23, 2011.