The post-mortem report of the businessman who died on Tuesday during a raid by the Uttar Pradesh Police on a hotel in Gorakhpur city, has cited “coma due to injuries” as the cause of death, NDTV reported on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the wife of property dealer Manish Kumar Gupta had alleged that he died due to an assault by the police after he objected to their actions. In her complaint, she had named six policemen for allegedly murdering her husband.

The police had claimed that Gupta died after he fell and injured himself in his hotel room. Six policemen have been suspended for negligence during the raid, ANI reported, quoting Gorakhpur Senior Superintendent of Police Vipin Tada.

However, there were conflicting reports about the charges filed against them. On Wednesday, PTI reported that six policemen had been booked for murder. However, on Thursday NDTV reported that only three of them have been charged with the crime.

The post-mortem report listed a number of injuries that Gupta suffered. The body had a swelling in the middle of its head, a cut above the elbow joint and injuries to the upper lip, according to NDTV.

Meanwhile in a video that was widely circulated on social media on Wednesday evening, two persons, including a police officer, can be seen trying to persuade a group of people not to file a case in the matter.

The two people reportedly were Gorakhpur District Magistrate Vijay Kiran Anand and Senior Superintendent of Police Vipin Tada, and they were speaking to family members of Gupta, according to NDTV. could not verify the identity of those who could be seen in the video.

“I am requesting you like an elder brother...After a court case, you will not believe, it takes years in court,” the man identified as Anand says in the video.

Meanwhile, the person identified as Tada says: “They did not have any prior enmity. You asked for them to be suspended and I did that. They will not be reinstated till they get a clean chit.”

To this, a woman’s voice could be heard saying: “I want them dismissed from their jobs.”

The incident

Gupta, a resident of Kanpur, was at the Krishna Palace Hotel in Gorakhpur on Tuesday along with two other people identified as Harveer Singh and Pradeep Kumar.

Harveer Singh told the media that they were in Gorakhpur to meet a friend. Singh said that five to seven policemen went to their room at around 12.30 am and asked for their identity documents.

He added that the policemen threatened Gupta when he asked them why they were being disturbed late at night. Singh said that the policemen appeared drunk, they slapped him and took him outside.

Singh said, a while later, he saw Gupta being dragged out of the room by the cops and that his face was covered in blood.

Meanwhile, Tada said that the officers were suspicious about the three men as they had come from different cities.