The Central Industrial Security Force on Friday apologised to dancer Sudhaa Chandran after she said in a video that airport security officials often ask her to remove her prosthetic limb.

On Thursday, Chandran said in a video posted on Instagram that she requests security officials to conduct an ETD (Explosive Test Detector) scan on her prosthetic limb every time she takes needs to take a flight.

“They [CISF officers] still want me to remove my artificial limb and show it to them,” Chandran said. “Is this the respect that a woman gives another woman?”

She urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the central government and the state governments to look into the matter.

In a tweet on Friday, the CISF said that it was “extremely sorry” about the inconvenience caused to the actor. The security agency added that according to the protocol, prosthetics are to be removed for security checks only in exceptional cases.

“We will examine why the lady personnel concerned requested Ms. Sudhaa Chandran to remove the prosthetics,” the CISF said. “We assure Ms.Sudhaa Chandran that all our personnel will be sensitised again on the protocols so that no inconvenience is caused to travelling passengers.”

Chandran’s leg was amputated in 1981 after she was injured in a road accident near Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu. However, she went on to become an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and actor.