Prime Minister Narendra Modi is becoming more powerful because of the indecisiveness of the Congress, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee claimed on Saturday, according to ANI.

Banerjee said the Congress was not interested in politics. She was responding to a question on whether she will consider an alliance with the Congress for the Goa Assembly elections.

“Because of the Congress, Modi ji will become more powerful,” Banerjee said, according to ANI. “Why should the country suffer because someone can’t make a decision?”

The West Bengal chief minister said the Congress had failed to recognise the need for a united Opposition, NDTV reported. “Congress had chance,” Banerjee said, according to ANI. “Rather than fighting the BJP, they ran against me in my home state [in the Assembly polls],” she added.

The Congress had allied with Left parties and the Indian Secular Front for the Assembly elections held in West Bengal in March and April. Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress party had won the polls.

For the Goa Assembly elections, scheduled to take place in 2022, the Trinamool Congress is discussing a tie-up with the Goa Forward Party, a former BJP ally. Banerjee met the party’s president Vijai Sardesai earlier in the day.

“We discussed the matter that let’s walk together to fight against BJP,” Banerjee said, according to ANI. “So it’s their decision to decide. We want to avoid division of votes. So want regional parties that can walk together to fight against BJP.”

The Trinamool Congress president added that she wants regional parties to be powerful. “We want the federal government to be well-structured,” Banerjee said, according to ANI. “We should strengthen states because if states are strong, the Centre will be strong as well. Enough is enough, we don’t want Delhi’s bullying.”