Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday spoke out against the rising prices of fuel and other essential commodities in the country, adding that he wished the government was sensitive towards the people.

“It is Diwali. Inflation is at its peak,” Gandhi said in a tweet. “It is not a joke. I wish the Modi government had a sensitive heart for the public.”

The Opposition has repeatedly criticised the government for the rising prices of fuel and other essential items.

The price of one litre of petrol has crossed the Rs 100 in most of the big cities in India. Diesel has breached the Rs 100-mark in more than 18 states and Union Territories.

On Tuesday, the petrol price in Delhi hit Rs 110.04 per litre. In Mumbai, one litre of petrol now costs Rs 115.85.

The rise in fuel prices has contributed to an increases in cost of vegetables, the Hindustan Times had reported in October, citing trade data.

The price of commercial liquefied petroleum gas cylinders had been increased by Rs 266 from November 1. The revision pushed the price of one 19-kg cylinder to Rs 2,000 in Delhi, The Hindu reported.

Leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party have defended the steep rise in prices of essential commodities.

Madhya Pradesh minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia had on Sunday said that people should be practical and accept a little inflation since their income is also rising.

“The government cannot give everything for free,” Sisodia had added. “This is where the government gets its revenue from. This is what drives all government schemes.”

Earlier in October, Uttar Pradesh minister Upendra Tiwari had claimed that only a handful of Indians who drive four-wheelers need petrol.

Meanwhile, Union minister Rameswar Teli said that fuel prices in the country were high because the government spent money to provide free Covid-19 vaccines to citizens.