The family of 17-year-old Miram Taron, who went missing earlier this month from Arunachal Pradesh and was handed over by the Chinese Army on January 27, have said he was beaten up and given electric shocks by soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army, The Indian Express reported on Tuesday.

“My son was kicked several times,” Opang Taron was quoted as saying. “They also gave electric shock to him twice.” The torture stopped once the news of his abduction hit the headlines, according to Opang Taron.

According to Taron’s friend Jonny Yaying, the two were part of hunting party and were near Lungta Jor, which is close to the Line of Actual Control, when Chinese soldiers abducted the teenager at gunpoint on January 18, said The Indian Express.

According to Opang Taron, his son scratched some soldiers while he was trying to run from the spot. “One of those soldiers kicked my son several times,” he said, according to The Indian Express.

The Chinese soldiers took Miram Taron to a camp where they questioned him in Tibetan but he could not understand them. Miram tried speaking to them in Adi, his mother tongue, and Hindi. When he was unable to understand the soldiers, they got angry and later electrocuted him, Opang Taron alleged, according to The Indian Express.

Opang Taron said his son was provided enough food during his captivity but he was kept blindfolded most of the time. He added that his son was still in pain but that Indian Army officials have said they will help with his treatment.

On January 19, Bharatiya Janata Party parliamentarian Tapir Gao had claimed that the Chinese Army had abducted 17-year-old Miram Taron from Indian territory. Gao, who represents Arunachal East in the Lok Sabha, had said that Taron had been abducted from Upper Siang district of the state on January 18.

On January 23, the Chinese Army had said that it had found a missing boy from Arunachal Pradesh. However, it was not confirmed then if the boy was Taron. On January 26, Union Minister and parliamentarian from Arunachal Pradesh Kiren Rijiju confirmed that the Indian Army had sought assistance from the People’s Liberation Army on January 19. The teenager was subsequently handed over to the Indian Army on January 27.