Indian on Friday abstained from voting on a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution to set up an international commission to investigate the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

A resolution to investigate human rights violations and possible war crimes was adopted by the Geneva-based council with 32 votes in favour. Russia and Eritrea voted against it.

Thirteen nations, including India, China and Pakistan, abstained from voting on the resolution. Countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany and Nepal voted in favour.

Ukraine’s ambassador Yevheniia Filipenko said those from Russia should pay attention as they would be held to account, according to Reuters.

Moscow’s delegate Evgeny Ustinov, however, said that those backing the resolution will “use any means to blame Russia for the events in Ukraine”.

The international inquiry commission will have a year to produce a report due early 2023. It will work with an existing 60-member team of the United Nations for Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian ambassador Filipenko, the inquiry commission will work with the International Court of Justice based in The Hague.

A team of the International Court of Justice has already been sent to Ukraine to investigate possible war crimes by all parties.

This was the fourth time that India has abstained from voting against Russia at the United Nations. On March 2, India abstained from voting on resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly deploring the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

TS Trimurti, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, in an explanation of the vote said that the country decided to abstain “keeping in view the totality of the evolving situation”.

On February 27, India had abstained from voting on a United Nations Security Council resolution on holding the special emergency session in the General Assembly.

On February 25, the United Nations Security Council had voted for a resolution that deplored Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. India had abstained from voting on that resolution as well.