Indians across the country celebrated the festival of Holi on Friday. The festival of colours had been rather mellow last year as coronavirus cases in the second wave of the pandemic had started to rise by the end of March. This year, however, the number of daily Covid-19 cases have remained low in the lead up to the festival.

Police have stepped up security measures to prevent incidents of harassment and drunk driving in check.

Here is a glimpse of how people celebrated the festival in various parts of the country:

Devotees play Holi inside the Lord Jagannath Temple during Holi festival, in Ahmedabad on Friday. (PTI Photo)
People play with colours, to celebrate the festival of Holi, in Mandi on Thursday. (PTI Photo)
Indian Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers play with colours and dance to celebrate the festival of Holi at the India-Pakistan border of Golpattan, in Jammu on Thursday. (PTI Photo)
Hindu devotees dance during Holi celebrations inside a temple in Ahmedabad. Photo credit: Amit Dave/Reuters
Holi celebrations in Ahmedabad. Photo credit: Amit Dave/Reuters
Hindu devotees walk around a bonfire during a ritual known as "Holika Dahan", on outskirts of Ahmedabad. Photo credit: Amit Dave/Reuters
Women play with dry colours as they pose for photographs during Holi festival, in Dhanbad on Friday. (PTI Photo)
Students smear dry colours on each other to celebrate Dol Yatra Utsav in Kolkata on Friday. (PTI Photo)