There are no survivors in the China Eastern flight that crashed in South China earlier this week with 132 people on board, Reuters reported on Saturday, citing officials.

“A total of 120 people have been identified from DNA samples taken from the site,” said Zheng Xi, head of the fire and rescue department of China’s Guangxi region.

The Boeing 737 plane carrying 132 passengers and operated by China Eastern Airlines crashed in the rural locality near Wuzhou city of the Guangxi region on Monday. There was no sign of any survivors from the crash. This is one of the worst aeroplane crashes in China in 30 years.

One of the flight recorders from the aircraft was recovered on March 23. The recorder is reported to be badly damaged. Authorities are yet to find the second black box from the plane.

The plane had rapidly lost speed and stopped transmitting data southwest of Wuzhou city, at around 2.22 pm local time. Recovering the data from the black box will help determine what transpired during the crash.

China Eastern Airlines had said on March 21 that it deeply mourns the deaths of passengers and crew members. It did not, however, state how many persons were killed.

Boeing has said that it was prepared to assist the Chinese airline, and was also in contact with transport safety regulators in the United States about the crash. Boeing is a United States-based airline.