At least 15 citizens were killed in a series of blasts in Afghanistan on Thursday, health authorities and police official said.

Eleven people were killed in the blast at a Shiite mosque in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, said Zia Zendani, the spokesperson for the provincial health authority, reported Reuters. He added that 32 others have been wounded.

Dr Ghawsuddin Anwari, the head of Abu Ali Sina-e-Balkhi District Hospital, said the explosion took place at the Sai Doken mosque when worshippers were praying, reported the Associated Press.

Another blast happened in Kunduz city. A police spokesperson told BBC that four people died and 18 others were injured.

An Interior Ministry spokesperson said the roadside blast in Kunduz targeted a van of military mechanics. He added that school students were among the wounded.

The third blast took place in the capital of Kabul in which three citizens, including a children, were injured, the spokesperson said.

An Islamic State-affiliated group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, reported AFP.

The Shiite community, which is a religious minority in Afghanistan, is frequently targeted by Sunni militant groups, including the Islamic State.

Thursday’s explosions came two days after another series of blasts hit Kabul.

At least six citizens were killed in three explosions at the Abdul Rahim Shahid High School in the western area of the capital. Another blast occurred near the high school.

Witnesses had said that the blasts took place when the students were leaving their classes.

Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Hind General Secretary Maulana Kalbe Jawad had said that the Shias were unsafe in Afghanistan, The Times of India reported.

“All governments in Afghanistan have failed to safeguard Shias,” Jawad had said. “It is concerning that terrorists are now targeting educational institutions and public gatherings.”