The Delhi government on Thursday told schools in the city to check with students everyday if they have coronavirus symptoms and to ensure thermal screening of all the persons who enter the premises.

In a circular addressed to the heads of schools in the city, the Director of Education, Himanshu Gupta, noted that the rise Covid-19 test positivity rate in Delhi “has raised a serious concern about the health of our school students and staff”.

Covid-19 cases have been increasing in Delhi in the past two weeks, after having remained at low levels for the last two months. On Wednesday, the Capital recorded 1,009 new Covid-19 cases, which was the highest number since February 10. On Friday, the city logged 965 infections at a test positivity rate of 4.71%.

The guidelines issued on Friday stated that no student, staff member or visitor should be allowed to enter school premises without thermal scanning. They also advised that parents should not send children to school if they, or any other members in their homes have symptoms of Covid-19.

The standard operating procedure also stated that during morning attendance, teachers should ask students every day if they have coronavirus symptoms.

In a separate order, the Delhi government also announced on Friday that a fine of Rs 500 will be imposed on commuters for not wearing masks while travelling together in private vehicles, PTI reported.

Following are some of the other guidelines for schools in Delhi:

  • If a student or staff members show Covid-19 symptoms at school, they should be isolated from others and taken to a well-ventilated space or quarantine room. Teachers need to inform the head of the school if a student is found to have coronavirus symptoms.
  • Coronavirus cases in schools also have to be reported to zonal or district authorities. The concerned wing of the school may be temporarily closed or cordoned off.
  • Hand sanitisation will be mandatory at the school entrance, classroooms and laboratories.
  • Students should be asked not to share food, books and stationery items with their classmates.
  • Heads of schools should ensure that all students, staff members and visitors wear masks properly.
  • School heads should hold a meeting with the school management committee or parent teacher associations to discuss ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The management committees and parent teacher associations should encourage vaccination among students and parents.