During a visit to the flood-hit regions of the Dima Hasao district on Tuesday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that incessant rains have destroyed the infrastructure that had been set up in the region in the last five to ten years, PTI reported.

“Roads are badly affected and it seems that reconstruction of roads will be difficult in many places,” Sarma told reporters. “Irrigation and water supply infrastructure, power facilities and bridges have been damaged. Almost all developmental work that was done in the district in last five to 10 years has been damaged.”

The lives of more than nine lakh residents across 33 out of 35 districts of the state have been disrupted because of floods, according to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority. The state has received 62% above normal rainfall from March to May, the highest in 10 years, according to data from the Indian Meteorological Department.

Last week, at least four persons had died and landslides were reported in several parts of the Dima Hasao district. Large chunks of hillside were gouged out and railway lines swept away due to the rains. A total of 24 citizens have died due to the flooding.

On Tuesday, the chief minister assured residents of Dima Hasao that the state government and the Centre will offer assistance to redevelop the damaged infrastructure and build alternative communication links to restore connectivity in the district, PTI reported.

“Along with leaders and officials, held a meeting with Dima Hasao District Administration to review the preliminary destruction caused due to landslide,” the chief minister wrote in a tweet. “Stressed on immediate resumption of full-scale transportation. Also laid emphasis on restoration of damaged roads.”

The state and Centre will support the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council with funds to mitigate the flooding, Sarma also said. Dima Hasao was known as North Cachar Hills district in the past.

The damaged roads are likely to be restored within the next few weeks and train movement connecting Dima Hasao and Barak Valley of Assam with the rest of the country is expected to resume from July, an unidentified official told PTI.