Russia’s Federal Security Service on Monday said that it has detained a suicide bomber, a member of the Islamic State, who was allegedly plotting a terrorist attack against one of the “representatives ruling circles of India”, Russia news agency Sputnik reported.

“His indoctrination was carried out remotely through the accounts of the messenger ‘Telegram’ and during personal meetings in Istanbul by a representative of the terrorist organisation,” the Federal Security Service said in a statement.

In a video of his interrogation released by the Federal Security Service’s Centre for Public Relations, the detained suicide bomber identified himself as Azamov Mashahont, adding that he swore allegiance to the Islamic State in April, PTI reported.

He took special training and was to reach India through Russia, Mashahont said.

“I was supposed to be given things there to commit a terrorist attack at the behest of the IS for insulting the Prophet Muhammad,” he said.

In June, India saw many protests because of disparaging remarks made by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma during a debate on Times Now television channel. Men were also killed in Amravati and Udaipur for allegedly supporting Sharma.