Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday asked his country’s military to enhance troop training and combat preparedness, state-run news agency Xinhua reported.

“The entire military should devote all its energy to and carry out all its work for combat readiness, enhance its capability to fight and win, and effectively fulfil its missions and tasks in the new era,” Xi said.

He also stressed that China’s national security was facing “increased instability and uncertainty”.

Xi made the remarks during a visit to the joint operations command centre of the Central Military Commission in Beijing. This was his first visit to the centre since his re-election as the general secretary of the Communist Party of China for a record third term on October 23.

The visit also comes amid tensions between China and Taiwan.

Beijing considers Taiwan, a self-ruled island, as a province that is to be unified with the Chinese mainland. On the other hand, Taiwan maintains that it is an independent country.

On October 16, Xi had said that China will not renounce the right to use force in Taiwan and added that the issue was an internal matter of China.

The United States, an ally of Taiwan, however, had said that it would use its army to defend Taiwan if China invades.

During Tuesday’s visit, Xi also instructed the People’s Liberation Army to “resolutely safeguard” the sovereignty, security and interests of China.

“The command centre…is of great importance and shoulders heavy responsibilities,” said Xi, according to Xinhua. “It should make new and greater contributions to boosting military training and combat preparedness, effectively fulfilling all missions and tasks in the new era.”

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