The police on Saturday said that they have arrested a man in Jaipur after he confessed to killing his aunt and chopping her body into pieces, reported NDTV

The man, identified as Anuj Sharma, murdered his 64-year-old aunt named Saroj Sharma last week after she refused to let him go to Delhi to attend an event.

On December 11, both of them were alone at home as Anuj Sharma’s father and sister had gone to Indore. After the nephew and aunt got into an argument, he hit her on the head with a hammer while she was making tea, the police said, reported the news channel.

The 32-year-old accused then cut his aunt’s body into 10 pieces with a marble cutter and stuffed them into a suitcase and a bucket. He dumped the body parts along the Jaipur-Delhi highway, reported India Today.

The station house officer of the Vidyadhar Nagar police station, Virendra Kulin, said that Sharma used Google Maps to dispose of the body, according to ANI.

After executing the crime, Anuj Sharma reported his aunt as missing at the police station and also started looking for her along with other relatives. However, a CCTV footage showed him leaving his house with a suitcase and a bucket.

After being confronted, Anuj Sharma confessed that he had killed his aunt using a hammer, according to the police.

“The killer is intelligent and educated,” Jaipur Police Commissioner Anand Srivastav told NDTV. “He appears to have psychopathic tendencies. The police suspected him as he filed a missing complaint, but CCTV footage did not show the aunt leaving the house, in fact, the CCTV showed him carrying bucket and a suitcase out of the house.”