Another Russian was found dead in Odisha on Tuesday within a fortnight of the deaths of two other tourists from the country, reported The Times of India.

The police have identified the deceased as 51-year-old engineer Sergy Milyakov. He was found dead onboard a cargo ship docked at Paradip port in Jagatsinghpur district.

“The cause of his death would be known only after the post mortem,” Superintendent of Police Akhilesvhar Singh The Times of India. “As per our preliminary investigation, he suddenly collapsed onboard the ship. He might have died of heart attack.”

The incident came days after the mysterious death of Russian meat tycoon and politician Pavel Antov on December 25. Antov, who had expressed his disapproval of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, died after he fell from a window in a hotel in Rayagada district where he was staying.

On December 22, Antov’s friend, Vladimir Bidenov had died of a heart attack at the same hotel.

On Tuesday, the police said that they would do a video recording of Milyakov’s post mortem examination and preserve his visceral samples as well as his body. The police had faced flak for not preserving Pavel’s viscera or videographing his autopsy, according to The Times of India.

The bodies of Pavel and Bydanov have been cremated.

Meanwhile, another Russian was detained on December 31 at the Bhubaneswar railway station after he was spotted with a placard displaying a message criticising Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On the same day, the Odisha Police Crime Investigation Department, which is looking into the deaths of Pavel and Bydanov, had seized their burnt remains from the cremation ground at Rayagada for forensic examination.