The district court complex in Chandigarh was vacated on Tuesday after authorities received information about explosives in the premises from an anonymous caller, PTI reported.

“We got information from the control room that there may be a bomb inside the court complex,” the news agency quoted an unidentified police official as saying. “After this, a massive search operation was launched.”

Judges, advocates, clerical staff and visitors were asked to leave at least 30 courtrooms in the wake of the call, according to The Indian Express.

Advocate Harish Bhardwaj told the newspaper that more than 100 police personnel were involved in the search operation.

Senior Superintendent of Police Manisha Chowdhary said that a bag containing a tiffin box and bottle was found during the search, ANI reported.

“We are not sure if the recovered items are part of an explosive device,” Chowdhary said. “The same could be ascertained only after the Army personnel and bomb experts inspect the items.”

Chowdhary also added that efforts are underway to trace the caller.