The Delhi Police on Saturday said that they have arrested five persons, including the father of a 24-year-old man accused of killing his live-in partner and stuffing her body in a fridge at his family restaurant, ANI reported.

The police had on Tuesday arrested Sahil Gehlot, who lived with Nikki Yadav for five years before allegedly killing her for pressuring him to marry her while his family found him another match.

The police on Saturday alleged that Gehlot’s father Virender Singh knew about the murder but got his son to marry someone else hours after the crime. “He has been booked under 120B [criminal conspiracy] of IPC [Indian Penal Code],” Special Commissioner (crime) Ravinder Yadav told ANI.

Along with Singh, the police have arrested two cousins and two close friends of Gehlot in connection with the murder.

The police also said that Gehlot and the victim got married in October 2020 at a temple in Noida.

“Sahil’s family was unhappy with this marriage,” unidentified officials told ANI. “The police have also recovered the marriage certificates of Sahil and Nikki.”

When Gehlot could not convince Yadav to allow him to marry another woman, he hatched a plan to kill her and roped in others, the special commissioner told PTI.

“Accordingly, Sahil Gehlot executed the plan and murdered her and informed the other co-accused persons about it on the same day ie February 10 and then all of them went ahead with the marriage ceremony,” the officer said.

The allegations in this case are similar to those pertaining to the killing of a woman named Shraddha Walkar last year. The Delhi Police alleged that Walkar’s live-in partner Aftab Poonawala murdered her and chopped her body into several pieces before throwing the body parts at different places in the city over several days.

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