The Canadian Police on Sunday said that they have arrested and charged a man in connection with a “hate-motivated incident” at a mosque in the province of Ontario.

The incident took place in Markham city on Thursday and the suspect, 28-year-old Sharan Krunakaran, was arrested from Toronto the next day.

The Islamic Society of Markham in a statement on Saturday said that an individual had entered the mosque and allegedly desecrated the Quran. He also “began a racist and Islamophobic rant directed towards the worshippers” and then tried to ram them with his vehicle, the statement added.

The Islamic Society of Markham said it is deeply troubled by the incident, which happened during the month of Ramadan when many Muslims attend prayers at mosques.

“Our security and logistics team have taken additional steps to keep worshippers safe in the next days of Ramadan,” the Islamic Society of Markham said.

On Sunday, the York Regional Police said that they have charged Krunakaran with uttering threats, assault with a weapon and dangerous driving. The police statement did not mention the alleged desecration of the Quran.

The suspect will be presented at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket for a bail hearing on April 11.

Trade Minister Mary Ng criticised the incident, saying that it has no place in Canadian society.

“During Ramadan, mosques are places of community and peace – and everyone should feel safe in their place of worship,” she said. “This violence and Islamophobia has no place in our communities or in Canada.”

Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti described the incident as “an act of hatred”, according to CBC News.

“The night before this incident I joined other leaders to break fast with the Muslim community,” he said in a tweet. “I thanked them for all their contributions. Markham strongly condemns Islamophobia and we stand in solidarity with the Markham Muslim community.”

The National Council of Canadian Muslims, the largest Muslim advocacy organisation in the country, also said it is “greatly distressed” by the incident.