Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that he is facing a dilemma over whether he should represent Wayanad in Kerala or Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli as an MP in the Lok Sabha.

In the recently-concluded general elections, Gandhi won the Wayanad constituency by a margin of 3.6 lakh votes. He defeated the Communist Party of India’s Annie Raja.

The Congress leader also won from Rae Bareli against the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Dinesh Pratap Singh, with a margin of 3.9 lakh votes.

While addressing a public meeting at Malappuram district of Kerala on Wednesday, Gandhi said that both the constituencies will be happy with whatever decision he takes. “I commit to you that you will be happy with my decision to further our collective resolve to democratic progress,” he said.

The Opposition leader said that unlike Prime Minister Narendra Modi he is “not guided by god”. The Congress leader was referring to Modi’s interview to Network 18 Group in which the prime minister claimed that he was not biological but was “sent by god”.

On Wednesday, Gandhi alleged that Modi’s “god” tells him to take “all the decisions in favour of [Mukesh] Ambani and [Gautam] Adani”. This god directs the prime minister to handover airports and power plants to these businessmen, he added.

“Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of receiving instructions from god,” the Congress leader said. “My god is the poor people of India, the people of Wayanad. I go and talk to those people and my god tells me what to do.”

This is the second time that Gandhi has been elected from Wayanad in the Lok Sabha. He represented the constituency from 2019 to 2024.

On the other hand, Rae Bareli is seen as a bastion of the Congress and the Gandhi family.

In the 2019 general elections, senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, who had represented the seat since 2004, defeated Singh by a margin of 1.5 lakh votes.

This time, the 77-year-old politician decided not to fight the Lok Sabha elections due to her age and health concerns, paving the way for her son to contest from the seat.

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