The Islamic State released a video on Sunday showing British Prime Minister David Cameron with cross hairs on his face, as well as nine militants whom they claim were those who carried out the Paris attacks on November 13. The video begins with shots of the Paris attacks, including major venues and the terrorists themselves. It then goes on to name the attackers one by one, including Bilal Hadfi, Samy Amimour and suspected ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud, in what is purportedly Iraq and Syria some time before the bombings.

The attackers are shown carrying out beheadings and participating in target practice. This suggests that they had previously trained in ISIS’ methods, and were not only influenced by them, but also trained by the group in its Iraqi and Syrian strongholds, The Guardian reported. While the footage could not be independently verified, it bore striking resemblance to other ISIS videos circulated in the past. Towards the end, the video also threatens Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, in addition to Cameron, and shows major London sights.

A spokesman for the UK government said: “We are currently examining this latest Daesh [ISIS] propaganda video – another desperate move from an appalling terrorist group that is clearly in decline.”